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        The Schools-Computers Wide Area Network Project

                                                   K. Mustafa Toure’,
                                                   (GOB/MoEYS Schools-
                                                   Computers Wide Area
                                                   Network Task Force)
         Using Information Technology (IT) for
              Sustainable Development”
MoEYS               Ministry of Education, Youth &
                         Sports (MoEYS). 2002
   PROLOGUE…The New Industrial Revolution
    “The world is on the threshold of a new
      industrial revolution. A revolution
      which promises to be at least as
      significant as that which has brought
      most of the growth of the world’s
      economy in the past two centuries, a
      revolution with global reach. At the
      epicenter are Information Technology
      and Telecommunications”
    International Telecommunications Union 1999 Publication

                            Ministry of Education, Youth &    2
MoEYS                          Sports (MoEYS). 2002
 I.     BACKGROUND: The IT Industry
        1. Global & Regional Perspectives

   • Epicenter of the new Industrial
     Revolution is Telecommunications
     and Information Technology!

   • Ability to use IT effectively will be
     among the determining factors in
     separating leaders from laggards
     in the world economy!

                  Ministry of Education, Youth &   3
MoEYS                Sports (MoEYS). 2002
 I.      BACKGROUND: The IT Industry
         2. Policy & Development Uses of IT

      • Instrument to make existing
        Productive Sectors more Efficient
      • Area of Economic Activity in its
        own right
      • Tool of Training and Education

                   Ministry of Education, Youth &   4
MoEYS                 Sports (MoEYS). 2002
  I.     BACKGROUND: The IT Industry
         3. Telecommunications Reform Key

   • “Virtually all developing countries are
     undertaking structural reforms of some
     kind to enhance economic efficiency as
     a prerequisite toward increasing
     national welfare. The range and impact
     of telecommunications reform and the
     introduction of a sound IT sector are
     intrinsically linked to this broader
     reform agenda.”
   World Bank Report on Telecommunications Reform.

                   Ministry of Education, Youth &    5
MoEYS                 Sports (MoEYS). 2002
          To Harness Information and Telecommunication
          Technology for Enhancing Education, Improving
          National Welfare & Securing Belize’s Place in the
          New Global Economy!
    – WHAT?: To provide computers and unlimited internet access
      for all primary, secondary, and tertiary level schools, all
      libraries and other educational institutions in Belize.

    – HOW?: To establish a wireless & fiber-optics based Wide
      Area Network (WAN) linking all government offices and
      other governmental institutions, e.g. schools, libraries,
      hospitals, police stations, etc.

    – HOW MUCH?: By using the wide area network to provide
      Government with all the telecommunications services it
      presently obtains, substantial savings can be achieved.

                       Ministry of Education, Youth &           6
MoEYS                     Sports (MoEYS). 2002
   II. Meeting National IT Infrastructure
   • Data Communication Backbone for
     Government owned Virtual Private
     Network (VPN)
   • Internet Diffusion for Social Sector
     Reforms (Education, Health)
   • Supporting National Poverty Elimination
     Strategy to Provide IT Access for Poor &
     Rural communities
   • Strengthening of Tourism & Financial
   • Development of IT and Services Sector
                  Ministry of Education, Youth &   7
MoEYS                Sports (MoEYS). 2002
  III. Expected Benefits: Nationally

   • Established links to all major population
     areas nationally
   • Established country-wide Computer
     networking framework for government
   • High-speed internet access supported
     country-wide for schools and other
     distance learning programs
   • Any locale allowed to be used for IT
     services, development and products

                  Ministry of Education, Youth &   8
MoEYS                Sports (MoEYS). 2002
 III. Expected Benefits: Education Sector

   • Compliments existing IT initiatives in
     the Education sector
   • Schools will get hardware & unlimited
     internet access at no cost
   • NGO’s and Civil Society receive
     hardware plus unlimited Internet access
     at low monthly per unit user fees.

                 Ministry of Education, Youth &   9
MoEYS               Sports (MoEYS). 2002
 • Embracing IT – Using IT for sustainable
   development in Belize
 • Making IT Happen - Putting the necessary infra-
   structure in place
 • Teaching IT - Updating the educational curriculum,
   teacher training and student access
 • Marketing IT – To local entrepreneurs, investors,
   students, and professionals.
 • LET’S Get With IT!…….

                    Ministry of Education, Youth &   10
MoEYS                  Sports (MoEYS). 2002
        Thank you for your

             Ministry of Education, Youth &   11
MoEYS           Sports (MoEYS). 2002

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