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									            Save the date!
               St. Vincent de Paul Center’s
     14th Annual Fleur de Lis Ball
                Chicago Hilton and Towers
    Honoring                                     Cocktails, dinner,
Fr. Mike Boland                                dancing, & auction
Mike Flannery &                                 February 23, 2008
Mary Beth Malone                               6:00pm - Midnight
     Advanced tickets and tables may be purchased at
St. Vincent de Paul Center
2145 N. Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60614
                  Fleur de Lis Patrons                                      St. Vincent de Paul Center
                          Pat and Vince Foglia
                                                                            The Daughters of Charity
                   Honorary Co-Chairs
                                                                                   request the pleasure of
                         Susan and Bob Wislow
                         Joyce and Matt Walsh                                         your company at
                Fleur de Lis Co-Chairs                                        The Thirteenth Annual
                            Fran and Jim Casey
                         Dorothy and Jack Jiganti
                          JoAnn and Bill Kunkel                             Fleur de Lis Ball
       Advisory and Development Board                                                      Honoring
                     President: Kenneth W. O’Keefe
                       Vice President: Lynn Siegel
                                                                              Dorothy Jiganti
                     Secretary: Michael J. Condron

Elizabeth C. Brunsvold   Kevin M. Hinton            Martin T. Murray, Jr.
                                                                            Patty and Dan Walsh
Kristen Cabanban         Frederic G. Hogan          Thomas O’Brien          Saturday, the Twenty-Fourth of February
Fran Casey               Dorothy Jiganti            Mary O’Rourke
                                                                                  Chicago Hilton and Towers
David Cooney             JoAnn Kunkel               Lynne McKinzie-
                                                                                  720 South Michigan Avenue
Ald. Vi Daley            Mary Beth Malone             Pallesen
Peter J. DeBerge         Lawrence P. Marshall       Lynne Penrith
Kevin Donnellon          Timothy J. McEnery         Jack Raba                  Cocktails and Silent Auction at Six
Paula Fusco              Martin McFadden            Peggy Roth                     Dinner at Half Past Seven
Matthew Galo             James D. McKinney          Michael Sturch                 The City Lights Orchestra
Margie Gipson            Eileen Wrenn Mitchell      Marie Villanueva                       Black Tie
Darby Hills              Barrett Murphy             Kevin P. Waco
Fleur de Lis Ball

 February 24, 2007
          Saturday, February 24, 2007                      1st Prize      $1500
                                                           2nd Prize      $1000
                                                           3rd Prize       $500
                                                      Tickets: $25 each or five for $100
City                      State         Zip   Checks made payable to: St. Vincent de Paul Center
                                                2145 North Halsted Street, Chicago IL 60614

        Fleur de Lis Ball Raffle                Fleur de Lis Ball Raffle Prizes
          Saturday, February 24, 2007                      1st Prize      $1500
                                                           2nd Prize      $1000
                                                           3rd Prize       $500
Address                                               Tickets: $25 each or five for $100
City                      State         Zip   Checks made payable to: St. Vincent de Paul Center
                                                2145 North Halsted Street, Chicago IL 60614

        Fleur de Lis Ball Raffle                Fleur de Lis Ball Raffle Prizes
          Saturday, February 24, 2007                      1st Prize      $1500
                                                           2nd Prize      $1000
                                                           3rd Prize       $500
                                                      Tickets: $25 each or five for $100
City                      State         Zip   Checks made payable to: St. Vincent de Paul Center
                                                2145 North Halsted Street, Chicago IL 60614

        Fleur de Lis Ball Raffle                Fleur de Lis Ball Raffle Prizes
          Saturday, February 24, 2007                      1st Prize      $1500
                                                           2nd Prize      $1000
                                                           3rd Prize       $500
                                                      Tickets: $25 each or five for $100
City                      State         Zip   Checks made payable to: St. Vincent de Paul Center
                                                2145 North Halsted Street, Chicago IL 60614

        Fleur de Lis Ball Raffle                Fleur de Lis Ball Raffle Prizes
          Saturday, February 24, 2007                      1st Prize      $1500
                                                           2nd Prize      $1000
                                                           3rd Prize       $500
                                                      Tickets: $25 each or five for $100
City                      State         Zip   Checks made payable to: St. Vincent de Paul Center
                  Fleur de Lis Ball
Enclosed is my check for $
        Seraphim Table of 10 at $15,000
        Cherubim Table of 10 at $10,000
        Angel Table of 10 at $5,000
        Table of 10 at $2,500
        Ticket(s) at $250 per person
        Associate Ticket(s) (under age 30) at $200 per person
        I am unable to attend. Enclosed is my gift.
        Please do not acknowledge my gift in the program.
        Please email me the silent auction list.
My email is

Please make checks payable to St. Vincent de Paul Center.

City                                State             Zip
Daytime phone
                Please respond by February 12, 2007
               Reservations will be held at the door.
     All contributions are tax–deductible as permitted by law.
             For information call 312-943-6776 x 2219
         Please list your guests or the
   people with whom you wish to be seated.
            Name                                      Phone Number

Please charge my      Visa       Mastercard
Cardholder Name (print)
Account Number
Exp. Date            Signature
City, State, Zip
                   Tables seat ten. If no preference is indicated,
                             seating will be arranged.
Daughters of Charity Ministries of Chicago
                Mission Statement
       The mission of the Daughters of Charity
Ministries of Chicago is to provide for those in
need, strengthen and preserve family life and serve
the community with dignity and respect.
       We commit ourselves as individuals to live out
these values in our daily work, as we serve the needs
of others.
St. Vincent de Paul Center
         13th Annual
    Fleur de Lis
St. Vincent de Paul Center
    2145 N. Halsted St.
    Chicago, IL 60614
   St. Vincent de Paul Center
        Mission Statement

As stewards of the Vincentian spirit, the
mission of the Daughters of Charity
Ministries of Chicago is to provide for
those in need, strengthen and preserve
family life, and serve the community
with dignity and respect.

We commit ourselves as individuals to
live out these values in our daily work,
as we serve the needs of others.
Dear Friends,                                   Dear Friends,

Welcome to the 13th annual Fleur de Lis         I am delighted to be a part of St. Vincent de
Ball. Over the past year, I have become         Paul Center and the wonderful team who
acquainted with many of you. The out-           works diligently to serve our children,
pouring of support for St. Vincent de Paul      families, seniors, and homeless clients.
Center and Marillac Social Center and the
wonderful work each agency does have            In our Child Care program, we continue to
been so inspiring to me. It is gratifying to    serve Chicago's struggling families, who
hear the stories of those individuals and       are working or attending school, many of
families who were served in some way and        whom are single-parent households. We
who are now returning to help others.           provide children from 4 months to 13 years
                                                with early education and socialization
The three individuals being honored this        activities.
year-Patty Walsh, Dan Walsh and Dorothy
Jiganti-are truly examples of people who        We are enhancing the quality of our pro-
give of their time, talent and resources so     gram by increasing the early childhood
that others can realize their dreams for        education and professional development of
their children and themselves. It is an         our teachers. Additionally, we are always
honor for us to recognize them this             evaluating new opportunities to meet the
evening.                                        needs of our children and families.

Thank you for assisting all the staff in this   We also continue to provide essential serv-
endeavor by your generosity and presence.       ices for our homeless and senior clients.
God has truly blessed the work of the
Daughters of Charity Ministries of              I am overwhelmed by the support of our
Chicago.                                        many volunteers, who generously give of
                                                their time. I would like to thank the Fleur
Sincerely,                                      de Lis committee, who has worked very
                                                hard to create this wonderful night.
Sister Renee Rose, D.C.
Chief Executive Officer                         The success of our programs is dependent
Daughters of Charity Ministries of Chicago      on the support we receive from friends like
                                                you. Thank you for joining us tonight and
                                                for your continued generosity.

                                                Carrie Oliver, MA
                                                Executive Director
                                                St. Vincent de Paul Center
There are over 450 children between the ages of four months and 13 years
enrolled at the Center. Staff provides these children with emotional, social,
intellectual, physical and developmentally age-appropriate activities.

                            Clinical Services
Clinical Services recognizes and believes in the inherent worth of all
individuals. Guided by professional social work standards, staff strive to
promote dignity, integrity and well-being of the whole family.

This program offers the homeless a drop-in facility where showers,
laundry, clothing, job and housing referrals and other services are available.

                             Senior Services
Support services are provided to low-income, frail, older adults in the
Lincoln Park and Lakeview areas. Senior Services staff work with their
clients to ensure elders’ independence, dignity and self-esteem. Programs
include case management, elderly outreach, Labouré House and Senior

                             Labouré House
A supportive and caring residence offering seniors a lifestyle of rich
experiences with people of other ages and cultures, providing relief from
the expense, burden and isolation of living alone.
                 The Fleur de Lis Award
        During the 17th century, Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac
looked upon the world with eyes of compassion for the suffering. They had
ears to hear the cries of the poor, the destitute, the downtrodden and the
 victims of violence and injustice. This drove them into action.
        In 1617, Vincent de Paul founded the Ladies of Charity, lay
women in the parishes to help in the mission of serving the poor. In 1633,
together with Louise de Marillac, the Daughters of Charity were founded
to serve the poor in the spirit of humility, simplicity and charity.
        The Fleur de Lis is a symbol of French nobility. St. Vincent de Paul
Center has chosen the Fleur de Lis because it is a symbol of our founder’s
homeland as well as Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac’s ability to
procure the funds and resources of the French nobility to serve the poor.
        The recipients of the award personify the mission of “serving the
poor in the spirit of humility, simplicity and charity.”

                        Past Recipients
1995   Mr. Yra Harris and Mrs. Josephine Leonardo
1996   Mr. Michael Sturch and Ms. Kristina Reser
1997   His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Bernadin
1998   Sister Mary Brian Costello, R.S.M. and Ms. Mary MacKenzie
1999   Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Foglia and
       St. Vincent de Paul Auxiliary and Nearly New Shop Ladies
2000   Sister Janet Budde, D.C.
2001   Alderman Vi Daley
2002   The Walsh Construction Team
2003   Susie Greenwald and Elm Place Middle School and
       Dr. Richard Spangler
2004   Most Reverend Edwin M. Conway and Sister Dorothea Huber, D.C.
2005   Lee Casty, Howard and Annie Klapman, Randy McKay,
       Terry and Donna McKay and Barbara and Chuck Reader
2006   Sister Catherine Mary Norris, D.C. (Sister Katie)
             2007 Honorees
                          Patty and Dan Walsh

Dorothy Jiganti
This year, St. Vincent de Paul Center gratefully acknowledges long-time
friends, Dorothy Jiganti and Patty and Dan Walsh whose dedication to St.
Vincent's clients personifies the mission of the Daughters of Charity
Ministries of Chicago. Their generosity and tireless service to others has
made it possible for St. Vincent's to continue to provide vital services to
those in need.

Dorothy Jiganti is being honored for her commitment to the Center for
over 10 years, serving on the Advisory and Development Board, Co-
Chairing the Fleur de Lis Ball and working with children in the class-

Patty and Dan Walsh have been involved with the Center for over 15
years. Dan has led the Center's Advisory and Development Board as
Chairperson throughout that time, and Patty has been actively involved
with the social services programs, as well as serving on the Fleur de Lis

Tonight, we recognize them for their unfaltering and long-term commit-
ment to the needs of community. Their philanthropic efforts on behalf of
St. Vincent de Paul Center serve as a role model for others to emulate.
                    Board of Trustees
                 Mr. Douglass G. Hewitt, Chairperson
                  Ms. Karen Kane, Vice-Chairperson
                 Sister Sheila Carney, D.C., Treasurer
                  Sister Brenda Fritz, D.C., Secretary
                      Fr. Thomas M. Croak, C.M.
                      Fr. Patrick V. Harrity, C.M.
                       Mr. Timothy McCormick
                       Ms. Margaret McDermott
                      Sister Marsha Tierney, D.C.
                           Mr. Walter Ousley
                     Sister Mary Kay Tyrell, D.C.

       Advisory and Development Board
                   Kenneth W. O’Keefe, President
                    Lynn Siegel, Vice-President
                   Michael J. Condron, Secretary

Elizabeth C. Brunsvold   Frederic G. Hogan       Thomas O’Brien
Kristen Cabanban         Dorothy Jiganti         Mary O’Rourke
Fran Casey               JoAnn Kunkel            Lynne McKinzie
David Cooney             May Beth Malone         Pallesen
Ald. Vi Daley            Lawrence P. Marshall    Lynne Penrith
Peter J. DeBerge         Marc McDonald           Jack Raba
Kevin Donnellon          Timothy J. McEnery      Peggy Roth
Paula Fusco              Martin McFadden         Michael Sturch
Matthew Galo             James D. McKinney       Marie Villanueva
Margie Gipson            Eileen Wrenn Mitchell   Kevin P. Waco
Darby Hills              Barrett Murphy
Kevin Hinton             Martin T. Murray, Jr.
Fleur de Lis Ball Patrons
          Pat and Vince Foglia

   Pat and Vince Foglia underwriters of the
         Fleur de Lis Ball since 1998.

     Honorary Co-Chairs
           Susan and Bob Wislow
           Joyce and Matt Walsh

   Fleur de Lis Co-Chairs
            Fran and Jim Casy
          Dorothy and Jack Jiganti
          JoAnn and Bill Kunkel
         Fleur de Lis Sponsorships
Beecken Petty O’Keefe & Co. LLC             Walsh Construction
   Kubasiak, Fylstra, Reizen &               Walsh Foundation
         Rotunno, P.C.               Walter Peyton Power Equip. LLC.
         LaSalle Bank                   & Mantiwoc Crane Group
        Marquette Bank

     Aldridge Electric Inc.               McGuire Engineers Inc.
       AMLI Residential                      Related Midwest
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Buck RL                RJS Associates, Ltd.
    Development Company                   Solomon Cordell Buenz
 Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP                  UBS Investment Bank
      K-Five Construction                    Walsh Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Kunkel         W.E. O’Neil Construction Co.
Madden, Jiganti, Moore & Sinars       William Blair & Co. Foundation

 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Carley         Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Malone
      Ms. Ellen Carnahan &               Midland Metal Products Co.
       Mr. William Daniels                Mr. Barrett B. Murphy &
      Citizens for Houlihan              Ms. Lynn Lockwood Murphy
       Mr. Michael Daley                     U. S. Equities Realty
   Dowdle Family Foundation                 VOA Associates, Inc.
  Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Foglia                 Walsh Foundation
   Hills Capital Management
    Katten Muchin Rosenman
         Foundation Inc.

Due to the printing deadline, we apologize for any omissions. Thank you.
               Silent Auction Committee
Habby Bauer                            JoAnn Kunkel
Betty Brooks                           Kerry Long
Libby Brunsvold                        Margaret McDermott
Fran Casey                             Martha McNicholas-Lowry
Zada Clarke                            Kathi Miller
Paula Fusco                            Maggie Packo
Gerry Gainer                           Lynne Penrith
Margie Gipson                          Lynn Siegel
Darby Hills                            Christine Topf
Mary Beth Hogan                        Marie Villanueva
Cathy Ipema                            Joyce Walsh
Dorothy Jiganti                        Patty Walsh
Barb Keeley

The Fleur de Lis Ball Committee thanks the members of the Silent
Auction Committee, as well as the Associate Board and all the volunteers
and staff of St. Vincent de Paul Center for so generously giving of their
time, talents and energy to make this evening a success.

Special thanks to Patricia J. Hurley, President of PJH & Associates, Inc.,
for offering her professional expertise to assist us in securing additional
support for this year's Fleur de Lis Ball.
                        Fleur de Lis Ball
                        Saturday, February 24, 2007
                        Chicago Hilton and Towers

                                     6:00 p.m.
                  Silent Auction and Raffle Tickets
                     Cocktails & Hors d'oeuvres

                                     7:30 p.m.
                             Ballroom Opens

                                Mike Flannery

                        Rev. Thomas M. Croak, C.M.

                    St. Vincent de Paul Video &
                 Fleur de Lis Awards Presentations
                            Sr. Renee Rose, D.C.
                              Kenneth O'Keefe

                              Dorothy Jiganti
                            Dan and Patty Walsh


Jeffery McHale Video Producitons*
        After Dinner

           Live Auction
             Jeff Brown
           Ace Auctioneers

           JoAnn Kunkel
             Fran Casey

 Dancing to City Lights Orchestra
             10:00 p.m.
Silent Auction Tables Begin Closing
             10:30 p.m.
 Last Silent Auction Table to Close
             11:00 p.m.
     Auction Checkout Begins
                     First Course
           Beggar's Purse of Gorgonzola and Pear
                   Sage Cream Reduction

                     Main Course
    Slow Braised Short Rib of Beef in Rich Red Wine Sauce
Topped with Balsamic and Thyme Roasted Red Onion Marmalade
                and served in combination with
             Roasted "Conrad" Breast of Chicken
             Rustic Skin on Smashed Red Potatoes
     Bundled Asparagus and Fire Roasted Pepper Garnish
    Artisan Dinner Rolls and Flatbreads with Sweet Butter

                   Dessert Trilogy
                 Demitasse of Creme Brulee
                    Sour Cherry Tartlet
                 Flourless Chocolate Cake
             Fresh Berries and Raspberry Coulis

                   Coffee and Tea Service

                    Wine Pairings
                  Chardonnay and Merlot
               Robert Mondavi Private Select

Madden, Jiganti,
Moore & Sinars
  Attorneys At Law

  Dorothy Jiganti
Dan and Patty Walsh
Dan Walsh, Patty Walsh,
 and Dorothy Jiganti!

The Krug family proudly
     salutes you!

      13769 Main Street
      Lemont, IL 60439
Dorothy, Dan, and Patty

   Thanks for
 believing in the
          JoAnn and Bill Kunkel
Congratulations Dorothy!

   You are a great asset to St.
   Vincent’s, and a wonderful
          friend to us.

Your Many Friends

    Congratulations to the Honree’s

    Dorothy Jiganti
 Patty and Dan Walsh

      Nancy and Michael Daley
        Welcome to the Auction…Silent Auction Rules
                              Bid Numbers
Upon arrival you received a place card with your table number, which
includes your bid number. Please use this bid number to place a bid on
the Silent Auction items of your choice.
                           Auction Procedure
Bid sheets are displayed near each item. Opening bid amounts and
minimum bid increases are given on the bid sheet. The bidder writes
his/her bid number and the amount of the bid on the bid sheet. IF YOU
TEER FOR HELP. Each succeeding bid must equal or exceed the
required minimum increase to be valid. All bids must be in round dollar
amounts. Bidders are not to hold onto the pens or bid sheets, nor may
they block another party from bidding at any time.
Closing times for each table are listed in the Auction Book and will be
announced. No bidding will be allowed after each category is closed. An
Auction Committee member will circle the highest bid at closing time. In
the event of a dispute, the Committee shall have sole and final discretion
in determining the winning bid. The winning bids will be posted on
boards near the auction tables.
                                Check Out
Bidders should proceed to the Check Out Area to pay for items purchased.
Cash, checks (payable to St. Vincent de Paul Center), Visa or MasterCard
will be accepted. Upon obtaining a receipt from the Cashier, bidders may
claim their merchandise or gift certificate at the Gift Collection Area. As a
courtesy to our generous donors, absolutely no refunds, exchanges or
substitutes will be made.
Gifts must be collected and paid for by March 31, 2007. This includes
an initial call for vacations and sporting events for which tickets may
     not yet be printed. Gifts expire 02/08 unless otherwise noted.
                           Tax Deductibility
Your purchase is tax-deductible to the extent that the purchase price
exceeds the fair market value of the item purchased. Values set forth for
Silent Auction items are a good faith estimate of the fair market value of
these items. The fair market value of “one of a kind” items is set by the
auction bidding.

A1     3 Nights at Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida, and Airfare
Enjoy 3 nights at the Ritz Carlton in beautiful Naples, Florida, in a deluxe
ocean view room, includes roundtrip airfare for 2 from Chicago.
Timothy McEnery

A2     Chicago White Sox Bat Boy or Girl
An exciting opportunity to be the "Honorary" Bat Boy or Girl for the
Chicago White Sox - 2005 World Series Champs.
Game Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2007. Game Time: TBD.
Randy McKay

A3     One Week Stay at Bay Whisper Villa
One week stay at a luxurious private villa on the sandy white beaches of
Negril, Jamaica. This 5 bedroom, 5-1/2 bath home will accommodate up
to 10 people. The home comes complete with 24-hour security, cook,
housekeeper, stereo system, satellite TV, swimming pool and Jacuzzi.
Stay from Sat. to Sat or Sun. to Sun., available from 5/1/07- 11/15/07 -
dates to be mutually determined by bidder and owner. (transfers, meals
& gratuities responsibility of the bidder)
Randy McKay

A4     Dinner Party on Norris Porch with Sr. Renee Rose, D.C.
Enjoy a casual evening with good food, great wine and wonderful compa-
ny on the Norris Porch overlooking lovely Oz Park. Limited to 20 guests;
date to be mutually determined. Must be used by 10/01/07. Hosted by Sr.
Renee Rose, D.C., Penriths, Caseys, Jigantis and Kunkels.
                          (bidding ends at 10:30)
V1      Three Nights at Great Exuma at Emerald Bay
Enjoy a three night stay at Four Seasons Great Exuma at Emerald Bay -
offers an idyllic Bahamian get-a-way on one of the secluded out-
islands. Valid May 1st. to December 15, 2007, based on availability.

V3      Deer Valley, Utah
Enjoy a 7 day stay in a 3 bedroom plus loft, 2.5 bath Ridgepoint Condo
in Deer Valley, Utah. Condo features ski-in access. Sleeps 6-8 comfort-
ably. Dates to be mutually determined, excludes holidays. Must be
used by March 1, 2008.
Jim & Jann Thompson

V4      Two-night stay in Galena Townhouse
Relax and enjoy a two-night stay in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse in
Eagle Ridge, Galena's premier resort. Package includes bright red duffle
and two bottles of wine. Dates to be mutually determined.
Dan & Dorothy Fusco and Kerry Long

V5      Ski Deer Valley, Utah
Three bedroom, three bath, 2200 square foot, ski-out condo at base of
mountain. Sleeps 8 - 10 people. Available May 2007 - May 2008.
Date to be mutually agreed upon by owner and bidder. Contact by July
1, 2007, to schedule.
John Penrith

V6      DeSoto House and Pathfinder Trolley Suitcase
Enjoy a one-night, mid-week (Sunday - Thursday) stay in Galena at the
DeSoto House Hotel, Illinois' oldest operating hotel, and pack your
overnight clothes in this Pathfinder 22" expandable trolley case.
DeSoto House, Bill and JoAnn Kunkel

V8      Going To Scottsdale?
If you're planning a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona, this gift certificate for a
one-night stay with breakfast at the Scottsdale Marriott at McDowell
Mountains is just for you. (based on availability - exp. 02/08)
Scottsdale Marriott at McDowell Mountains
                  Gifts, Gadgets and More
                         (bidding ends at 10:15)
G1     Walter E. Smithe Furniture Gift Certificate
$1,000 gift certificate to use towards the purchase of Walter E. Smithe
Custom Furniture.
Walter E. Smithe Furniture

G2     Insignia 20" LCD TV
This Insignia 20" flatscreen television is just perfect for your den or a
Bob & Betty Brooks

G3     Hand-Colored Etching by Austrian, Josef Eidenberger
Beautifully framed, hand-colored Austrian scene by painter and etcher,
Josef Eidenberger, born in Linz, Austria in 1898.
Horst Abrahams

G4     Jelly Belly Candy Machine and Assorted Jelly Beans
A wonderful gift for gadget lovers. Pop in a coin, turn the crank and
out come the Jelly Belly beans. Great for den or office.
Jelly Belly Candy Company

G5 Barb Levant Photo Session and Framed 11 x 14
This will keep those memories fresh. A 12 pose session and beautifully
framed 11 x 14 photo. (exp. 02/28/08)
Barb Levant

G6     Watercolor House Portrait
Old Town artist, Julie Skoda, will create an 11x14 watercolor house
portrait from a photo supplied by homeowner.
Julie Skoda

G7     For Grey's Anatomy Fans
An 8 x 10 Autographed Photo of the Grey's Anatomy Cast, plus "Dream
a little McDreamy" in these Grey's Anatomy pajamas while sipping
cocoa from the Grey's Anatomy mugs.
Maggie Packo
                  Gifts, Gadgets and More
                         (bidding ends at 10:15)
G8     Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure
"Zoom" into a movie star smile with this tooth whitening procedure by
Dr. Daniel Haskins in his Evergreen Park office.
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Haskins

G9     Vintage Pine Gift Certificate
$300 gift certificate to Vintage Pine.
Vintage Pine

G10 Chiropractic or Acupuncture
Just what the doctor ordered. Five Chiropractic or Acupuncture office
visits with Dr. Randall Kertz in Niles, IL. Includes office services and
examinations. Does not include outside services, such as XRAY or
MRI. (exp. 01/24/08)
Randall Kertz, D.C., Health Care Specialists LTD

G11 Here Comes the Bride
Help your bride-to-be with her to do list. Order a custom made bridal
veil and have up to 200 invitations addressed in beautiful calligraphy, to
prepare for the big event (exp. 02/08), 3 private or 2 group dance les-
sons at the Arthur Murray Dance Center (must be a new student - exp.
05/24/06) and a $25 gift certificate to Lori's shoes. (exp. 02/08)
Dorothy Jiganti, Nancy Kratzer, Lori's Shoes and Arthur Murray

G12 Lithograph Print of "Alta Vista Street"
A beautifully framed, signed and numbered 18 x 24 Lithograph print by
Chicago artist, Josh Moulton, is a reproduction of an original water
color depicting Chicago's landmark Alta Vista Terrace District. Built
from 1900 - 1904, the one-block street is one of the last real estate
developments of Londoner, Samuel Eberly Gross.
Josh Moulton
                  Gifts, Gadgets and More
                         (bidding ends at 10:15)
G13 Vera Bradley Travel Bags
Leaving for the weekend! Everything will fit in the large and small
duffle plus carry on in the red Nantucket pattern.
Lynn & Ray Siegel

G14 Tea for Two
The most complete tea basket a person could want, includes a book
about tea, a variety of teas to brew and a charming tea pot. It's all here.
Tamara Michel

G15 Shades of Blue
Ladies, you won't feel blue in these stunning Patricia Lock earrings and
carrying one of these snazzy purses.
Bob & Betty Brooks, Margie Gipson, Eye on Design and Maggie Packo

G16 WHOOO would believe it?
A stunning Swarovski Crystal Owl in an impressive carrying case. It
comes with special gloves for extra special handling of this amazing

G17 Indulge Your Inner Diva
This basket, filled with purple and gold goodies, includes a bejeweled,
hand-crafted boot for your dressing table, a "Nile" edition purse, scent-
ed candle and delicious box of chocolates.
Vi Daley, Bob & Betty Brooks and Fleur de Lis Committee

G18 Ten Months and Counting
This beautiful Christmas basket has all those special finishing touches
to make your holiday bright.
Ray & Lynn Siegel, John & Paula Fusco and Fleur de Lis Committee

G19 "Brighten" Your Day
Lovely sterling silver jewelry complements this fun purse perfectly.
Maggie Packo and Kathi Miller
                 Gifts, Gadgets and More
                        (bidding ends at 10:15)
G20 Top Chef
This awesome basket has it all, from classes at the Chopping Block to
professional knives. It is chock-full of what you need to become Top
Chopping Block, Loopie Doop, JoAnn Kunkel, Maggie Packo and Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Russo

G21 Asian Tea Time
Antique tea set purchased in China by a Daughter of Charity. This spe-
cial piece will bring you joy each time you use it.
Daughters of Charity

G22 Gardener's Delight
This lovely basket makes spring seem so close - includes garden tools,
plaque for our garden and six lovely Portmeirion placemats that brings
the garden indoors.
Lynn Siegel, Paula Fusco and Fleur de Lis Committee

G23 Luck o' the Irish
So many lovely items in the basket from dinner for two at O'Briens
($75 value) to Shamrock serving platters for your corned beef - things
to make your St. Patty's day great.
O'Brien's Restaurant, JoAnn Kunkel, Lynn Siegel and Fleur de Lis

G24 Christmas Whimsy
The darling miniature tea set and lovely Radko ornament are just a few
of the items in this great basket. The DVD of the "Polar Express" cap-
tures the essence of the magic of this special time of year.
Lynn Siegel, JoAnn Kunkel, Paula Fusco and the Fleur de Lis
                 Gifts, Gadgets and More
                         (bidding ends at 10:15)
G25 It's All about Me!!!
Spilling out of this French hat box is everything a woman needs to
pamper herself from the Laura Ashley spa set to a loofa and gel mask
and much more. This basket will pamper and delight.
Maggie Packo, John & Paula Fusco, Kerry Long, Lynn Siegel, Helene
Gelman & Salon 1800 and the Fleur de Lis Committee

G26 Saucy Girl
No worries as to what to wear out shopping. Just throw on this faux-fur
jacket and grab this gorgeous purse and you're good to go.
Margie Gipson and Fleur de Lis Committee

G27 Americana Basket
This gorgeous book of America's Parks is a wonderful coffee table addi-
tion. Plus, sit back and watch the DVD of America's Western Parks.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Russo

G28 Southern Hospitality
Celebrate with the Paula Dean autographed cookbook and prepare
something yummy that you can serve from this incredible Crate and
Barrel platter. Everything for real down-home hospitality.
Libby Brunsvold and Fleur de Lis Committee

G29 Do you feel Lucky?
Have dinner at Club Lucky ($75 gift certificate, not valid on Sat., exp.
05/31/07) then call your friends over for a friendly game of chance.
With this poker set and fun glasses you're guaranteed lots of fun.
Club Lucky and Fleur de Lis Committee

G30 Chef Sandra Suria - Gourmet Dinner for 6 in Your Home
Gourmet dinner for 6 cooked in your home by Chef Sandra Suria and
her staff. Chef Suria is the executive chef for the American Pavilion
during the Cannes Film Festival and founder of Worldwide Flavors
LLC, an exclusive private chef company for special events in your
home or office. (exp. 02/08)
Chef Sandra Suria and Peggy Deaton
                  Gifts, Gadgets and More
                         (bidding ends at 10:15)
G31 Original Artwork by Keith Skogstrom
You are sure to appreciate the detail in this torn paper collage of Jerry
Garcia created by Keith Skogstrom.
Keith Skogstrom

G32 Shopping Spree - $500 Mall Card
Treat yourself to something special with this $500 Mall Card (exp.
Bob & Betty Brooks

G33 Charles Ifergan Salon
This Charles Ifergan Salon's gift card for a haircut/style, manicure and
eye make-up application and gift card for a signature scent creation at
aroma workshop. (exp. 02/08)
Charles Ifergan Salons

G34 Costello Jewelry - Naperville
If you're looking for a special something, Costello Jewelry might just
be the place to find it with this $100 gift certificate. (exp. 05/24/07)
Costello Jewelry

G35 Celebrity Chair by Nicholas Cage & Oliver Stone
and Fallen Hero's Jacket
This celebrity chair was designed and autographed by Nicholas Cage
and Oliver Stone to commemorate 9-11 and comes with a Fallen Hero's
bomber jacket, POW flag, and shadow box with flag signed by Our
Wounded Heroes from Afghanistan and Iraq. Jacket may be changed
for another size or a different branch of the Armed Services.
Marie Villanueva & Ross Christianson and Wounded Heroes
                 Gifts, Gadgets and More
                         (bidding ends at 10:15)
G36 Original Work from Artist Anne O'Malley
An original stone carving from artist Anne O'Malley in the Cahpungu
style entitled "Time Reflection." Ms. O'Malley is a student of world-
renowned artist, Joseph Muzondo, a master stone-carver from
Anne O'Malley

G37 Lunch with the Author
Join New York Times best selling author, Brad Thor, for lunch at
Tavern on Rush, where he will personally autograph 5 of his nationally
best selling novels for you to keep. Novels include "The Lions of
Lucerne," "Path of the Assassin," "State of the Union," "Blowback,"
and "Takedown." Dan Brown, author of the DaVinci Code says," Brad
Thor is as current as tomorrow's headlines."
Brad Thor and Tavern on Rush

G38 Opal Ring with Diamond Accent
You're sure to like this charming opal ring set in yellow gold with a dia-
mond accent.
Heather A. Bauer

G39 Ultimate Skin Care
Hair removal, microdermabrasion, chemical peel, creams and more.
Perfect for a man or a woman. Incredible value in this basket.
Advanced Laser Clinics of Lincoln Park and Heather A. Bauer

G40 Take Me Home - Male Golden Retreiver Puppy
This adorable, pedigreed Golden Retreiver puppy is waiting for you to
give him a good home.
Donna McKay
                     Hotels & Restaurants
                         (bidding ends at 10:00)
R1     Dinner for 6 at Francesca's on Bryn Mawr
Dinner for a party of six at Francesca's Bryn Mawr in Chicago. This
off-shoot of the original Francesca's features the same fine Italian menu.
Francesca Restaurants

R2     Too Tired to Cook?
Here is a group of suburban restaurant certificates for those nights when
you are too tired to cook. Courtright's Restaurant in Willow Springs -
$100 gift certificate (not valid on Sat. - exp. 01/16/08), Mongolian BBQ
in Naperville 2 - $10 gift certificates (exp. 02/24/08), Braxton Seafood
Grill in Oak Brook - $30 gift certificate (exp. 01/19/08) and Heaven on
Seven in Naperville - $35 gift certificate (exp. 12/12/07).
Courtright's Restaurant, Mongolian BBQ, Braxton Seafood Grill and
Heaven on Seven

R3     The Joffrey Ballet and Via Carducci Restaurant
Two tickets to a Joffrey Ballet performance of "Light Rain" (valid
04/25/07 - 05/06/07) and enjoy dinner at Via Carducci with this $100
gift certificate.
The Joffrey Ballet and Via Carducci Restaurant

R4     Bounce Back at the Chicago Hilton and Taratino's
Hilton Bounce Back Package for two, which includes a one-night stay
and continental breakfast (exp. 02/24/08) and $100 gift certificate to
Taratino's Restaurant, located on Armitage Ave..
Chicago Hilton and Taratino's Restaurant

R5     Mia Francesca - Dinner for 12
Have your next dinner party or family affair at the popular Mia
Francesca on Clark Street in Lakeview. This bustling eatery, housed in
an old candy store, is one of the city's most authentic Italian restaurants.
Francesca Restaurants
                    Hotels & Restaurants
                         (bidding ends at 10:00)
R6     Auditorium Theatre and Hilton Chicago
Enjoy an Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre performance on Friday,
March 30, 2007 at 8:00 pm at the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt
University with 2 orchestra seats and enjoy a one-night Bounce Back
package for two at the Chicago Hilton, which includes a one-night stay
and continental breakfast.
Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University and the Chicago Hilton

R7     Dinner for 12 at La Sorella
Dinner for 12 at La Sorella De Francesca in Naperville. The Sun Times
proclaims, "La Sorella has, without question, the best Italian food in the
western suburbs."
Francesca Restaurants

R8     Affinia Hotel and Bruna's Ristorante
Here is a chance to enjoy a one-night stay at the beautiful Affinia
Chicago Hotel (expires 09/25/07) and enjoy dinner at Bruna's
Ristorante at 2424 S. Oakley. (expires 02/08)
Affinia Hotel and Bruna's Ristorante

R9     Carmichael's Steak House
You can enjoy a mouth-watering steak with this $200 gift certificate
from Carmichael's Steak House, located at 1052 W. Monroe St. (exp.
Carmichael's Steak House

R10 Dinner for 6 at Francesca's Fortunato
Delicious Italian dinner for 6 at Fortunato in Frankfort. A casually
sophisticated trattoria serving cuisine of Rome, Tuscany, Umbria and
Francesca Restaurants
                       Sports & Fitness
                        (bidding ends at 10:00)
S1     Two Tickets to Chicago Bulls Game & Autographed
       Team Pennant
You and a friend will enjoy watching the Bulls from these two club
level seats in Section 217 and an autographed 2006 - 2007 team pen-
nant. Date to be mutually determined.
Russ & Laura Karlins

S2     Golf for 3 at Exmoor Country Club
Play a round of golf with member, Larry Marshall, at Exmoor Country
Club in scenic Highland Park and then enjoy a delicious lunch in th
clubhouse. Caddie or cart included. (must use in 2007 season)
Sheila & Larry Marshall

S3     4 Box Seats to Chicago White Sox Game
Enjoy a Chicago White Sox Game with these 4 lower level box seats in
section 148. Includes parking pass. Date to be mutually determined.
Russ & Laura Karlins

S4     Two Games - Two Box Seat Tickets to Chicago
       Bulls Game
You and a guest can see two Chicago Bulls games, with two 5th Row,
Box Seats for each game - at the free throw line! Date to be mutually
determined upon availability. (2007 season)
Randy McKay

S5     Twenty-five Box Seats to a Chicago White Sox
Chance of a Lifetime!! Twenty-five lower level box seats at U.S.
Cellular Field to see the World Champion Chicago White Sox in
Summer 2007. All seats together. Date of tickets to be mutually deter-
Randy McKay
                       Sports & Fitness
                        (bidding ends at 10:00)
S6     Threesome with Member at the Dunes Club
Named the "Best 9 hole Course in the Country" by Golf Digest, this
course will challenge any golfer. Located near New Buffalo, Michigan,
the Dunes Club is a private golf-only gem where you can hear the
waves of the lake. Walking course only, no carts - caddies not included.
Date to be mutually determined.
Ellen Carnahan & Bill Daniels

S7     4 Tickets to Chicago Bulls Game
Four great seats to a Chicago Bulls game on Friday, March 2, 2007 at
7:30 pm. Section 212, Row 1, Seats 9 - 12, with parking pass.
Midland Metal Products

S8     4 Stadium Seats to 2007 Cubs Game
Get out and cheer on the Chicago Cubs with these 4 stadium seat tick-
AT & T Illinois

S9     Gleneagles Country Club Foursome
Weekday foursome with 2 gas carts at Gleneagles Country Club in
Lemont. Date to be mutually determined. Must use in 2007 season.
Gleneagles Country Club

S10    Autographed Photo of Bear's Brian Urlacher
This is really something special for you Bears' fans. High-quality, lim-
ited-edition, autographed photo of Brian Urlacher.
Keith Claunch Photography

S11    Autographed Photo Montage of Kerry Wood
This framed, autographed photo montage of Kerry Wood will look great
in your office or den. Features player's authentic signature and not
available in stores.
Chicago Cubs
                       Sports & Fitness
                        (bidding ends at 10:00)
S13    Chicago Cubs Jersey Autographed by Scott Eyre,
       Game Tickets & Tour
This is a Cubs Fans dream package. Includes a Cubs' jersey auto-
graphed by relief pitcher Scott Eyre, a guided tour of Wrigley Field,
which includes field and locker room (locker room tour for men over
12 only) and 4 of Scott's behind home plate game tickets. Date of tick-
ets to be mutually determined.
Scott Eyre

S14 2 Tickets to see the Chicago Bears
Here is your chance to see the amazing Chicago Bears in action. Two
tickets at the 35 yard-line for a Bears home game. Date to be mutually
agreed upon. Must contact donor before August 1, 2007 to schedule.
Gary Penrith

S15    Arlington Park Racecourse
And they're off - Clubhouse box seat package for party of six at
Arlington Park Racecourse during 2007 racing season. May use May 4
- June 16 (Thursday - Sunday), June 17 - September 16 (Wednesday -
Sunday with exception of Opening Weekend, Belmont Day,
Independence Day, International Festival of Racing, Arlington Million
weekend and Labor Day.)
Arlington Park Racecourse

S16    Martial Arts at Degerberg Academy for Two
Take a friend or your spouse and enjoy three months of weekly classes.
Includes two black belt uniforms. Must call to schedule first
appointment before 12/01/07. Located at 4717 N. Lincoln Ave. or 3596
N. Milwaukee Ave.
Degerberg Academy of Martial Arts

S17    4 Tickets to Chicago Bulls Game
Great way to spend a Tuesday night with 4 tickets to a Chicago Bulls
game on March 20, 2007 at 7:30 pm, Section 212, Row 1, Seats 9 - 12.
Midland Metal Products
                       Sports & Fitness
                        (bidding ends at 10:00)
S18    Threesome at Beverly Country Club with Ken Hunt
Work on your golf game at Beverly Country Club with member, Ken
Hunt. Date to be mutually determined.
Ken Hunt

S19    4 Tickets to see the Blackhawks
1st Row - Great Seats! Four tickets to see the Blackhawks vs.
Columbus Blue Jackets on Friday, March 30, 2007, 7:30 p.m.
United Center

S20    4 Bulls Tickets with Parking Pass
Cheer on your favorite team with four tickets to a Chicago Bulls game
on Monday, March 26, 2007 at 7:30 pm. Section 220, Row 5, Seats 1 -
4 and parking pass.
Max & Kathi Miller

S21 East Bank and Fleet Feet
Get fit! Two guest passes to the East Bank Club, a $50 gift certificate
toward lunch or dinner in East Bank's restaurant (exp. 01/05/08) and
$75 gift certificate to Fleet Feet Sports. (exp. 05/31/07)
East Bank Club and Fleet Feet Sports

S22    Autographed Blackhawk Jersey
Blackhawk jersey autographed by Right Wing, Mark Havlat. In his
first season Havlat has 15 goals and 17 assists in 26 appearances.
Chicago Blackhawk Hockey Team, Inc.

S23    Golf for 4 at Geneva National
A foursome of golf at the prestigious Geneva National Golf Club, locat-
ed in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, on the Gary Player, Arnold Palmer or
Lee Trevino golf courses. Includes 18 holes and cart. (exp. 10/31/07)
Harry & Cathy Ipema
                       Sports & Fitness
                       (bidding ends at 10:00)
S24    2 Tickets to See the Chicago Cubs
Join the Cubs' fans at Wrigley Field during the 2007 Season. Two tick-
ets to a Cubs' Game. Date to be mutually determined.
Maggie Packo

S25    Martial Arts for Two at Degerberg Academy
Take a friend or your spouse and enjoy three months of weekly classes.
Includes two black belt uniforms. Must call to schedule first
appointment before 12/01/07. Located at 4717 N. Lincoln Ave. or 3596
N. Milwaukee Ave.
Degerberg Academy of Martial Arts

S26    Om on the Range Yoga Studio
It's hot and healthy. Try some Bikram and/or Baptiste Power Vinyasa
Yoga as part of the 5 class series.
Elizabeth Range Kiely

S27    Autographed Photo of White Sox's Tadahito Iguchi
Attention Sox Fans! Here is your opportunity to add an autographed
photo of Tadahito Iguchi to your sports memorabilia collection.
Chicago White Sox

S28    Blackhawks vs. LA Kings
Join the fun! Four tickets to see Chicago's Blackhawks play the LA
Kings on Friday, March 23, 2007, 7:30 p.m.
United Center

S29    10 Box Seats to a Chicago Wolves Game
Bring your friends! Ten box seats to the Chicago Wolves vs. Peoria on
Wednesday, March 14, 2007 at 7:00 p.m.
Don Storino
                        Sports & Fitness
                         (bidding ends at 10:00)
S30    Green to Tee Golf Training
Improve your golf game with a one hour private video training session,
and one Science In Motion S.A.M. putting evaluation session. (exp.
Green to Tee

S31    Talamore Resort at Pinehurst, North Carolina
Attention Golfers! This package includes a 2 night stay in a 2 bedroom
condo and unlimited golf for 3 days for a foursome at Talamore Resort
on either Talamore Golf Course or Mid-South Golf Club. Mid-South is
consistently voted one of the best golf courses in the Pinehurst area, and
Talamore is known for introducing the US to Lama Caddies.
Talamore Resort and Harry & Cathy Ipema
                     Gentlemen's Corner
                      (Bidding ends at 10:15 p.m.)
M1     Dinner at Ditka's and Cigar Basket
Enjoy dinner at Ditka's Restaurant with this $100 gift certificate and
bring one of your cigars from this selection of fine cigars. Includes a
travel humidor to keep your cigars fresh.
Kerry Long & Tom Manaher and Ditka's Restaurant

M2     Compact Disc Juke Box
This Rowe Compact Disc Juke Box holds up to 100 of your favorite
CDs and includes 20 CDs already installed. Home delivery is available
within 50 miles of Chicago.
Lynne & Gary Penrith

M3     One Great Day
The ultimate round of golf for 4 at Whittaker Woods. Share a glass or
two of Glenlivet scotch at the turn and toast the day with fine cognac.
Whittaker Woods, Jack Raba & Suzanne Muellman and Martin Murray

M4     The Well-Traveled Bar
Be the perfect host with a well stocked bar, representing far-flung
regions of the world, starting with Kentucky Whiskey and heading to
the moors of Scotland.
Matt & Molly Galo, Jack Raba & Suzanne Muellman

M5     Rain or Shine
If the day is sunny, grab this picnic basket chock full of fine wines and
head to the park. If the weather doesn't cooperate, head over to deVine
for an instructive tasting.
Matt & Molly Galo, Peg Cooney and Tim McEnery

M6     A Tasting of Napa Valley
Serve your fun selection of Napa Wines from this lovely Baccus wine
Barrett Murphy, Peggy Roth, and Peg Cooney
                     Gentlemen's Corner
                      (Bidding ends at 10:15 p.m.)
M7     Fall in Tuscany
You can almost feel the Tuscan Sun when you purchase this basket of
great Italian wines.
Tim McEnery and Barrett Murphy

M8     Sunday in the Park - Picnic Basket and Wine
A beautiful picnic basket stuffed with five fun wines for a lovely after-
noon at the park.
Cathy & Harry Ipema, Peg Cooney and Barrett Murphy

M9     Connoisseur's Basket
Our "Star" basket of five fine wines selected for those with a discerning
palate, highlighted with Star Waterford wine stoppers and two crystal
Tim McEnery

M10 Start Your Engines Please - Sports Car Racing in Nevada
You take the wheel at this three day Advanced Driving School at Spring
Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Nevada. You will enjoy an intense
three day adrenaline packed driving program on a 2.2 mile road course
in a late model Corvette 20-6 or C6751. (exp. 02/01/08)
Spring Mountain Advanced Driving School

M11 Beers of the World and Pizza
Ten bottles of beer from around the world, 4 pub glasses, sterling
church key and 3 pizza certificates for Nancy's Pizza.
Cathy & Harry Ipema and Nancy's Pizza

M12 Quintessential Reds
Who cares how long winter lasts? Snuggle up by the fire and open an
incredible bottle of red from this outstanding collection.
Tim McEnery and Barrett Murphy
                      Gentlemen's Corner
                      (Bidding ends at 10:15 p.m.)
M13 The Ultimate Scotch Lover's Basket
Simply stated, this basket is truly for the scotch aficionado. Four won-
derful bottles of scotch and the perfect tumblers to enjoy the acquisi-
Tim McEnery and John Raba & Suzanne Muellman

M14 For the Discerning Gentleman
Your valet will always be there to hold your keys or beverage on his
gold tray. Tonight, he is presenting you with a certificate for a haircut
and manicure at The Cuttingroom of Chicago, located at 1154 North
Dearborn. (exp. 02/08)
Gary & Lynne Penrith and The Cutting Room of Chicago

M15 Celebrate the Weekend
Celebrate the Weekend or Monday, or Tuesday - any reason is good
enough to enjoy a glass of bubbly from these gorgeous Champagnes.
Vi Daley and Tim McEnery

M16 Italy's Dream - Montesquieu Wines
You will truly enjoy these 4 Montesquieu Wines. Montesquieu brings
you the finest, handcrafted wine from the most revered boutique
vineyards in the world. They guarantee that you will not find the same
names and vintages anywhere else.
Dana Naab & Montesquieu Wines

M17 Around the World Dinner Wine Collection
This is another 4 bottle collection from Montesquieu Wines, and in it
you will find a Premier Cru Champagne, a beautiful Chardonnay, an
Italian Brunello from one of the premier wine regions and a wonderful
Dana Naab & Montesquieu Wines
                     Gentlemen's Corner
                      (Bidding ends at 10:15 p.m.)
M18 After Dinner Delight
Montesquieu Wines presents you with two dangerously delicious after
dinner wines. The 2004 Chateau Marquis De Laguey Sauternes - the
nose on this gem is pure and intense with dried apricot and caramelized
orange fruit and the 2000 Broadbent Late Harvest Vintage Port with a
decadent flavor of chocolate covered cherries, blackberry liquor and
boysenberry syrup.
Dana Naab & Montesquieu Wines

M19 Romantic Interlude
Montesquieu has brought you two of the finest, handcrafted wines for
you to share with someone special. These distinctive wines and crystal
wine bucket will add just the right touch to your romantic evening.
Dana Naab & Montesquieu Wines

M20 Martini's Anyone?
Light your martini lamp and pour yourself a specialty martini made
with the ingredients found in this basket - comes chock-full of top-of-
the-line vodkas and more.
Gary & Lynne Penrith

M21 Demonstrate Your Patriotism
If you were a member of the Armed Services or have a loved one who
served, you will be certain to appreciate this Armed Forces bomber
jacket, POW flag and shadow box with flag signed by Our Wounded
Heroes from Afghanistan and Iraq. Jacket may be exchanged for anoth-
er size or a different branch of the Armed Forces.
Wounded Heroes Foundation, Inc.

M22 Golf Basket
This basket includes 4 guest passes for Sportsman's Country Club, a
Tiger Woods DVD set, club glasses and more.
Sportsman's Country Club and Fleur de Lis Committee

M23 Shaken not Stirred
You will have everything you need to mix up your next martini in this
basket containing premium vodka, gin, martini glasses and more.
John & Mary O'Rourke, Tim McEnery and Fleur de Lis Committee
                         (bidding ends at 10:00)
E1     Oprah Show!
Not only will you receive 4 tickets to see Oprah, but you will arrive in
style in your limo for the day! (Date TBD) The limo will pick-up you
and your friends, deliver you to the show, then chauffer you to lunch at
RL's. ($100 gift certificate). Following lunch, you will be driven home,
ending your day of VIP treatment. (Use before 02/24/08)
Libby Brunsvold, Delaware Cars and RL Restaurant

E2     Lizzie McNeill's Irish Pub Party
Enjoy appetizers and drinks for 10 people during a 2 hour period in
front of a crackling fire or at an outdoor table near the river at Lizzie
McNeill's Irish Pub, located at 400 N. McClurg Ct. - Sunday through
Thursday and Saturday. (Use before 02/24/08)
Lizzie McNeill's Irish Pub

E3     A Day at the French Pastry School
Love to bake or interested in learning how? You and 3 friends can
enjoy a "Day at the French Pastry School" with 4 gift certificates.
Includes a complete tour of our top-of-the-line facilities along with a 2
hour demonstration by a world-renowned chef in an intimate setting.
(exp. 02/24/08)
The French Pastry School at City College of Chicago

E4     Tall Ship Windy and Twin Anchors
Ahoy! You and a guest can take a 1-1/2 hour afternoon or evening sky-
line cruise on the Tall Ship Windy, docked at Navy Pier (exp.
09/15/07) and enjoy a dinner for two with a beverage at the Twin
Anchors Restaurant at 1655 N. Sedgwick (exp. 02/28/08).
Tall Ship Windy and Twin Anchors Restaurant

E5     Shannon Rovers
Shannon Rovers Pipe Band will play at your special occasion (wedding,
anniversary, etc.) A standard party performance of 4 pipers will be
accompanied by a snare-drummer and a bass drummer. (exp. 02/24/08)
Bill McTigue and Shannon Rovers
                        (bidding ends at 10:00)
E6     Lunch on Tower Crane
See Chicago like you have never seen it before. Lunch for two on
tower crane. Must be at least 18 years old to participate. Date to be
mutually determined.
Dan Walsh, Walsh Construction

E7     Frank Lloyd Wright & Glessner House Museum
Love architecture? This is for you. Four tour passes to the Landmark
Glessner House Museum, designed in 1885 by Boston architect, Henry
Hobson Richardson and filled with a veritable garden of earthly
delights for the appreciation and study of decorative arts (exp. 02/08),
two guest passes for a tour of the Frederick C. Robie House and two
guest passes for a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio.
(exp. 02/28/08)
Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust and Glessner House Museum

E8     Museum Package and Lincoln Park Zoo
Family Fun! Four VIP tickets to the Shedd Aquarium, giving you
immediate entry to the Aquarium, Oceanarium, Wild Reef and Lizards
and Komodo King exhibit (exp. 02/08), Zoologist membership to the
Lincoln Park Zoo, giving you such benefits as free parking, discounts
and invitations to exclusive zoo events (exp. 10/16/07) and one-year
family membership to the Notebaert Nature Museum (exp. 02/28/08)
Shedd Aquarium, Notebaert Nature Museum and Lincoln Park Zoo

E9     Dinner for 2 aboard the Odyssey
Step aboard and enjoy dinner for two on the Odyssey, with unmatched
views of the world-famous Chicago skyline. (Valid Sun - Thurs - no
holidays or specialty cruises. (exp. 12/30/07)
Odyssey Cruise Line
                         (bidding ends at 10:00)
E10 Catered Party for 12 on St. Vincent's Norris Porch
You and your guests will enjoy an elegant evening on the Norris Porch.
Catered party for 12 comes with a 1/2 case of exceptional wines for
your enjoyment. (Date to be mutually determined - must use by
10/01/07) St. Vincent de Paul Center, Francesca Restaurants and Dana
Naab/Montesquieu Wines

E11 Joel Hall Dancers and Tilli's Restaurant
You can dance up a storm with this gift certificate for three trial classes
in the adult division or four trial classes in the youth division (exp.
06/30/07) and, after dancing, have lunch or dinner at Tilli's Restaurant,
with a $50 gift certificate (exp. 02/24/08).
Joel Hall Dancers and Tilli's Restaurant

E12 Bespoke Cuisine
Admission for two to a Bespoke Cuisine "Mix It Up" Cooking Party.
This is a unique culinary combination of hands-on cooking lessons and
a pampered dinner party. Bespoke is located at 1358 W. Randolph
Street. (exp. 02/24/08)
Bespoke Cuisine

E13 Two tickets to the Theatre Building Performance & Erwin
Enjoy dinner and the theatre with two tickets to any Theatre Building
performance (exp. 11/30/07) and dinner for two at Erwin - An
American Café and Bar (exp. 02/24/08).
Theatre Building and Erwin American Café and Bar

E14 Tasting deVine Cellars in Naperville
Taste up to 7 wines at one scheduled wine tasting for a group of up to
10 adults (21+) between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (exp.
Tasting deVine Cellars
                        (bidding ends at 10:00)
E15 Comedy Sportz and Hugo's Frog Bar
You and 3 friends can enjoy an Improv performance at Comedy Sportz
Theatre (exp. 02/24/08) and then head over to Hugo's Frog Bar with an
$80 gift certificate for a late night drink (exp. 02/24/08).
Comedy Sportz and Hugo's Frog Bar.

E16 American Theatre Company Performance & O'Briens
Two tickets to any American Theatre Company show during the 2006 -
2007 season (exp. 05/27/07) and $75 gift certificate to O'Brien's
Restaurant (exp. 02/24/08).
American Theatre Company and O'Briens Restaurant

E17 Lifeline Theatre and The Twisted Lizard
A gift certificate for two admissions to a Lifeline Theatre Main Stage or
Kid Series performance (exp. 05/31/07) and a gift certificate for dinner
for two ($35 value) at the Twisted Lizard (exp. 08/07).
Lifeline Theatre and The Twisted Lizard

E18 Tony n' Tina's Wedding
Two tickets to Tony n' Tina's Wedding - Chicago's funniest wedding.
Interactive show and dinner. (Weds., Thurs., & Sun. shows only -
expires 02/04/08)
Tony n' Tina's Wedding
                        Children’s Room
                         (bidding ends at 10:30)
C1     Girl's Delight Gift Basket
Your little girl will love this beautiful basket of goodies, which includes
a $100 gift certificate for a party at Creative Café, located at 1837 W.
Grand Ave., Chicago. It includes a hand-painted box with lip glosses,
flower stand and much more.
Creative Café and Lynne Pallesen

C2     Pink Princess Pedal Car
Your little girl will feel like a princess when she takes this pedal car
"out for a spin."
Rosemary Day and Kay Callahan

C4     Tour of Walsh Construction Equipment Yard
Up to 4 young people and an adult chaperone will enjoy this opportuni-
ty to ride on construction vehicles - bulldozer, front-end loader and
excavator - with the operator and tour the Walsh Construction
Equipment yard. Box lunch included. Must be at least 8 years of age -
but a nice
gift for big boys too! Date to be mutually determined. (Exp. 02/08)
Dan Walsh, Walsh Construction

C5     Radio Flyer Boy's Bike with Training Wheels
Your little boy will get off to a good start with this Red Radio Flyer
two-wheeled bike with training wheels. Sturdy steel frame, chain drive
and adjustable seat. For 3 to 6 year olds.
Radio Flyer

C6     My First Schwinn Girl's Bike with Training Wheels
Your little girl is sure to love having her own little pink Schwinn.
Sturdy steel design, adjustable seat and training wheels. For 3 to 6 year
                       Children’s Room
                         (bidding ends at 10:30)
C7     Little Boy's Rug with Tooth Fairy Pillow
New prince in the family? "Thank Heaven for Little Boys" rug will
brighten that room. When it's time, his tooth fairy pillow will be right
Lynn & Ray Siegel

C8     Sippycupnation Photos
Save the moment with this children's or family portrait session in your
home or at an outdoor location. Includes the session fee and one 5 x 7
print. (exp. 02/24/08)
Chip Williams

C9     Victorian Doll House
A truly charming hand-crafted Victorian doll house with three floors
and seven rooms. Decorated and furnished. This item will be cher-
ished for a lifetime.
The Deaton Family

C10 First Communion Veil
Custom made First Communion veil for your special little girl. Made
to your specifications.
Dorothy Jiganti

C11 Children's Party in St. Vincent's Gym or on the
Plan your child's next birthday party with three hours of fun on a
Saturday or a week-night in St. Vincent's gym or on the playground -
you only need to bring the refreshments.
St. Vincent de Paul Center

C12 Boy's Silver Schwinn
Sure to please your son or grandson. He is going to feel special riding
his own silver Schwinn "Gremlin." Comes with training wheels and
Fleur de Lis Committee
                        Children’s Room
                          (bidding ends at 10:30)
C15 Edward Fox Photography
Cherish the moment with a family photo sitting and one 11 x 14 stan-
dard family portrait. (exp. 02/24/08)
Edward Fox Photography

C16 Child's Easy Cruise Motor Bike
Honk the horn, step on the pedal and go. Tyke sized battery operated
motor bike for your little "biker."
US Toy Company, Inc./Constructive Playthings

C17 Children's Art Lessons
Your child can learn how to draw and paint with watercolors, tempera
paint and oil pastels at these 4 children's art classes. Ages 5 - 10 years.
Diane's Art Studio - Diane Dreksler

C18 American Girl Doll & Much More
The young lady in your house will enjoy "playing house" with this
beautiful American Girl doll, her delightful wardrobe, salon chair and
accessories and custom made doll furniture, which includes a table, two
chairs and a hutch.
Jim Blaney, Barb Keeley, Dorothy Jiganti, Stacey & Eric Gerth

C19 Little Girl's Vanity with Chair and Accessories
She will feel like a princess decked out in her tiara and gloves and seat-
ed at her very own vanity - includes accessories.
Fleur de Lis Committee

C20 Hand-Painted Children's Table and Chair Set
Whether working on a special art project or having a "tea party" with
friends, your child will have hours of fun at this beautifully hand-paint-
ed children's table and chairs.
Sue Olofsson
                       Children’s Room
                        (bidding ends at 10:30)
C21 Baby's First Basket of Goodies and Big Wheel
Your baby girl or boy will be off to a good start with this basket of
goodies - includes three "My First Books," plush farm animal set, a
complete "Baby Einstein" DVD set, doggie back pack for overnight
trips to Grandma's, a tike's Big Wheel and more.
Fleur de Lis Committee

C22 Be A Star Basket
Your budding young star is sure to have hours of fun with the popular
American Idol, Screen Test and High School Musical Games.
Fleur de Lis Committee

C23 Overnight at Grandma's
Overnight at Grandma's has never been more fun than with this tote bag
loaded with goodies - includes Charlotte's Web and Ice Age and Ice Age
The Meltdown DVDs, Tic Tac Toe game, Sock Creatures Kit and Hot
Chocolate and a book of poems for bedtime.
Maggie Packo and Fleur de Lis Committee

C24 Little Diva Basket
Your little Diva will enjoy this basket of sparkles and spangles.
Includes craft and decoupage kits and glamorous items sure to delight.
Stacey & Eric Gerth and Fleur de Lis Committee

C25 "I'm a Big Boy Now"
A wagon load of fun for your "Big Boy!" Tucked inside you will find a
Pizza Pile-up game, Sequence for Kids game, Dinosaurs Action
Figures, Imaginext Dinosaur Figures, Fisher Price Red Roarin' Fire
Truck with siren, Fisher Price Geo Trax Workin' Town Railway, Woody
Click play sets and much more.
Red Wagon and Fleur de Lis Committee
                        Children’s Room
                         (bidding ends at 10:30)
C26 "Dora the Explorer" Basket
Here's something special for your "Dora" lover. Your little girl can sit
in her plush "Dora" chair and enjoy these Dora and Diego games and
books. Also includes her own stuffed monkey pajama bag with blanket.
Fleur de Lis Committee

C27 Hours of Reading Fun
This is an amazing collection of books guaranteed to ignite your young
lady's imagination. Includes "The Little Grey Men," CS Lewis 7 book
set, "Harry Potter" series, "The Farthest-away Mountain, "Anne of
Green Gables" 3 book series, "Aquamarine," autographed copy of
"Chasing Vermeer," autographed copy of "The Great American
Mousical" and more.
Stacey & Eric Gerth, Marie Villanueva & Ross Christianson and
Anderson's Book Store

C28 Boys Rule
A wagon full of treats for your young son or grandson. Includes
Yamaha All Terrain Radio Controlled Car, Tech Deck Skate Shop
Bonus Pack, Tech Deck Dude Magnetic Action 3 pack, Teck Deck
Dude Rider Deluxe Set, Ice Age DVD and much, much more.
Fleur de Lis Committee

C29 Snuggle Your Baby
This handcrafted, baby blanket and Disney sleeper will keep your baby
boy cozy in the winter months.
Cathy's Needle and Fleur de Lis Committee

C30 Girl's Delight
Any little girl will be delighted to receive this large collection of books,
games and toys. Includes a Princess Tea Set, Disney Roller Skates, an
amazing talking baby doll - says 30 different things, a stroller to take
her for a walk, and much, much more.
Stacy & Eric Gerth and Fleur de Lis Committee
                       Children’s Room
                         (bidding ends at 10:30)
C31 "Take Me to the Zoo"
Laughs and giggles will be on the agenda with this basket full of fun
for a young animal lover. Includes E.B. White 3 book collection,
Charlotte's Web DVD, Wind-up Triceratops Walker, Croaking Crooner,
Muc U Rappers - Birds & Monkeys and more.
Stacey & Eric Gerth, John & Paula Fusco and Fleur de Lis Committee

C32 Little Boy Blue Basket
A basket for your baby boy with cuddly blankets, memory book and
Fleur de Lis Committee

C33 A Wagon Load of Fun
This wagon is just bursting with games, toys, books and more than can
be listed here. Some of the items included: Pirates of the Caribbean
DVD Treasure Hunt, Tonka Fast Fire Trucks, Benji the Movie DVD,
My Space Tent Disney, Sky Divers and more.
Fleur de Lis Committee

C34 Bitty Baby from American Girl
This "Bitty Baby" comes with her own starter collection of clothes and
accessories, which are stored in her very own train case.
Barb Keeley and Dorothy Jiganti

C35 “I’m an Artist!”
This will provide your young artist with hours of fun. Includes arist’s
easel and a basket of goodies that is filled with art supplies, arts &
crafts sets and much more.
Fleur de Lis Committee
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