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Audi cars embody our commitment to "Vorsprung durch Technik." Owning an Audi means you benefit from the philosophy of giving everything to achieve only the best. And it's
only cars made in that spirit that bear the Audi name and logo. The products in the Audi collection all demonstrate the same exceptional standards of quality, technology, work-
manship and design. And that's why they bear the Audi brand name.
More Audi: the Audi collection enjoy it.

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      Classics      simply timeless.

      What we consider today to be a thing of the past was once the future. In the history of automotive development Auto Union cars were always milestones of innovation and technology
      that bore the four rings emblem. Each new generation of the DKW, Horch, Wanderer, NSU and Audi brands represented a step into the future, as continues to be the case today. These
      classic accessories are an expression of this great automotive past and of the values to which Audi is committed in the future.


      Boules game

      Boules is cult. This game from France can be played
      wherever there is a free square or park and these cult
      balls for the cult game bear the historic sign of the
      Auto Union brands. The six boules balls are made from
      hardened carbonated steel, chrome-plated with a satin
      finish, have a diameter of 7.4 cm and weigh 700 g. The
      leather case has the classic accessories look and is in
      itself a summons: Come play the game!

Horch chronograph

A homage to the tradition of the legendary company,
which began with the name Horch and to a unique
sports cabriolet. In honour of that Horch 853, we
present 853 exclusive chronograph watches. Each one
is a gem of hand-crafted skills   refined by an abun-
dance of loving details and reminders of the masterful
cockpit of that forefather of automotive history.
The hour and minute hands, for instance, have the
same shape and colour as the historic clock and
speedometer in the legendary Horch 853 sports
cabriolet. The Swiss chronograph movement ETA 7750
Valjoux with incabloc shock protection and a power
reserve of 42 hours represents a triumph over time and
its vagaries. The bossed sapphire glass is extra
scratchproof while the chronograph base is made from
mineral glass and the Horch logo has been embossed
onto the stainless steel crown. The face is silver-plated
with appliqué numbers. A true masterpiece      manufac-
tured by the traditional family company Mühle
Glashütte , which also supplied speedometers for
the Horch model back in the 1930s.

Cigar case

Enjoying a good cigar starts with stylish storage.
Made with cedar wood, this cigar case preserves the
aroma of two to three cigars. The luxury cowhide
leather is embossed with the historic Horch logo.
Dimensions: 6.6 x 14.6 x 2.8 cm

Travel humidor

Being on the road in an Audi is a pleasure and the
Horch travel humidor will make your arrival even
sweeter. Look forward to a slim Pantela or a Gran
Corona stored at the right temperature and a relative
humidity of 68 % to 75 % in a shock resistant case of
leather covered aluminium with integrated air
humidifier and various compartment sizes.
Dimensions: 22 cm height; Diameter: 6 cm

      Horch leather accessories

      The discreet charm of less is more lies in the ability
      ultimately to be more. These handmade wallets and
      purses, which focus on the essentials, serve as good
      examples of that philosophy. Classic medium brown
      cowhide leather on the outside and cream coloured
      leather on the inside, with white decorative seams and
      first-class craftsmanship    now that s more.

      Men s wallet

      Coin pocket, two note compartments, various card
      holders, special pocket for driving license, embossed
      with the Horch emblem.
      Dimensions: 12 x 15 x 3 cm

      Mini wallet

      Coin and note compartment, three card holders,
      embossed with the Horch emblem.
      Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 3.5 cm

Women s purse

Ladies first class. The counterpart to the men s wallet,
likewise made from pit-tanned and extra refined cow-
hide leather with cream-coloured leather on the inside
and white decorative seam, embossed with the Horch
emblem. Ideal division with coin and change pocket,
a subcompartment for notes and various card com-
Dimensions: 22.5 x 16 x 3.5 cm

Card holder

Colour and material specially designed for storage of
credit cards, business cards, tickets, passport photos
and other important documents. Order is a must      but
it s better with style.
Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 3.5 cm

      Combination case

      Premium quality, first-class workmanship and choice
      materials are distinctive features of the classic range
      of accessories. Another distinct feature is that these
      qualities are combined with intelligent functionality.
      The combination case is an outstanding example of
      this, keeping things which belong together in one
      place: glasses and pens. This two-in-one case is made
      from fine cowhide leather with an embossed Horch
      emblem and has characteristic white decorative
      Dimensions: 10 x 18 x 4 cm

Writing case

In these times of SMS and email, writing letters has
become uncommon. But a letter written by hand on
fine paper placed in the appropriate envelope is some-
thing very special indeed: thoughts set down on paper
and a very personal dialogue. This writing case pro-
vides the special framework required for this. Made
from pit-tanned cowhide leather with storage compart-
ments for envelopes, fountain pens and writing paper.
Contains 24 sheets of cream-coloured Horch writing
paper with a watermark and 12 inner-lined envelopes.
And for refilling there s a set with 48 sheets of DIN A4
writing paper and 24 envelopes.
Dimensions: 27 x 35.5 cm                              Writing case                                  Refill set

      Auto Union umbrella

      With the right accessories, there's no such thing as bad
      weather. An example of this is this Auto Union beige
      portable umbrella with classic wooden circular hooked
      handle. A stylish accessory for keeping you or your
      no doubt highly impressed companion dry till you re
      indoors in cavalier style.
      Material: Water-resistant cotton-polyester mix
      fabric, wooden stem.
      Diameter: 135 cm*

      *Available from end of May 2008


Each set of keys is unique and a keyholder makes a
certain kind of personal statement. Leather covered
keyholders with the Auto Union emblem mark out
lovers of historic cars.
Horch colour: Medium brown
Colour for DKW, Wanderer, Audi 1: Dark brown                                  Horch                                   DKW                               Wanderer                                  Audi 1

      Horch women s scarf

      Cashmere is one of the most valuable natural textiles
      available. Its incomparable feel and warmth is created
      for people who know how to appreciate material in its
      most pure and beautiful form. This women s scarf is
      made from 100% cashmere, has a schematic represen-
      tation of a Horch vehicle with signatures from the first
      Horch order, a woven Horch emblem, and is machine-
      rolled by hand. As added protection, this scarf comes
      with a cream-coloured silk bag with a stitched Horch
      emblem for stowage in handbags.
      Dimensions: 65 x 185 cm                                        Sand

      Horch scarf

      The scarf is one of those accessories that is both
      timelessly fashionable and indispensable while at the
      same time being useful and essential. Look forward to
      autumn or winter and the pleasant feel of choice silk
      and luxury cashmere with this Horch scarf.
      Colours: Dark brown or dark grey
      Dimensions: 55 x 180 cm                              Dark brown                                 Dark grey

      Size tables

      Men s outerwear                     Women s textiles                               Gloves

       Inter-     D       F       GB/I/    Inter-        D       F       I       GB/      Inter-     D
       national                   USA      national                              USA      national

       XS         44      44      34       XS            34      36      38      8        S          7,5 8

       S          46      46      36       S             36      38      40      10       M          8,5 9

       M          48/50   48/50   38/40    M             38/40   40/42   42/44   12/14    L          9,5 10

       L          52      52      42       L             42/44   44/46   46/48   16/18

       XL         54/56   54/56   44/46    XL            46/48   48/50   50/52   20/22

       XXL        58      58      48       XXL           50      52      54      24

       XXXL       60      60      50

      Men s trousers                      Children s textiles                            Gloves
       Inter-     D       F       GB/I/    Inter-        D       F       I       GB/      Inter-     D
       national                   USA      national                              USA      national

       XS         44      36      34       9    12 m     74      72      72      0        S          6,5

       S          46      40      36       12     18 m   86      84      84      1        M          7 7,5

       M          48      42      38       2y            92      92 96   92 96   2        L          8

       M          50      44      40       4y            104     108     108     4

       L          52      46      42       6y            116     116     116     6

       XL         54      48      44       8y            128     126     126     8

       XL         56      50      46       10 y          140     138     138     10

       XXL        58      54      48       12 y          152     150     150     12

                                           14 y          164     162     162     14

                                           16 y          176     162     162     16

                                                                                                              Any decorative items not mentioned
                                                                                                              in the product descriptions are not
                                                                                                              included with delivery.

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