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A Special Meeting of the Planning Commission was for June 22, 2004 was called to
order at 6:35 PM. The Special Meeting was called for Special Use Request for Woody’s
Smoke Shop, Inc. at 368 S Schuyler Ave. The property is currently zoned for

All Planning Commission members were present along with Village Attorney Alan
Smietanski. Also present were Trustees Bob Redmond and Lori Gadbois from the
Village. Representing Woody’s Smoke Shop Inc. were Greg Letloff and Richard

Mr. Letloff initially purchased this property with the thought of remodeling the building
for KCTC to use for additional offices. KCTC did not rent the space.

Mr. Letloff started cleaning, painting, and dry walling the property to rent or sell. While
working on the property he received a notice to stop work as no permit has been applied
for, and there were signs in the window indicating a business was preparing to open. The
stop work order was posted on June 4, 2004.

Mr. Letloff addressed the Planning Commission stating that since the mid 60”s this
property has operated as a retail shop to 10 different retail shops (a list of which is
attached) and he was unaware this was a manufacturing zone.

Village Attorney Alan Smietanski explained that this is zoned manufacturing and a
commercial use requires a Special Use Permit.

Intended business owner Richard Woodruff addressed the Planning Commission and
stating that his intention is to sell Tobacco products, possibly putting a Humidor in for
Cigars, lighters, Soft Drinks, chips, The Daily Journal, The Sun Times, and the Chicago
Tribune. Business hours from 9AM to 9PM seven days a week.

The commission inquired about Mr. Woodruff’s intent on licensed amusement machines.
At this time Mr. Woodruff stated he was not intending to put them in.

Mr. Letloff inquired about the availability of licenses for amusement machines. It was
explained to him that the Planning Commission does not have anything to do with
licenses. Village Attorney Alan Smietanski explained that matter was handled by a
different committee and the Planning Commission would not have any way of knowing if
any licenses were available.

Lori Hebert inquired about parking. Mr. Woodruff stated that there was parking on the
street for five to six cars.
Mr. Woodruff stated that if a Special Use Permit was granted for this Smoke Shop it
would then be a Special Use for him for any retail as if the Smoke Shop does not generate
enough revenue he should be able to retail additional merchandise with this Special Use.

The Planning Commission explained to Mr. Woodruff that it is important to outline what
the business would be when requesting a Special Use as that is what is put into the public
notice and voted on. A Special Use permit can have restrictions and specific outlines of
what has been presented and voted on.

Business owner Mr. Woodruff stated that he would not accept any restrictions on his
retail Special Use Permit. If he decided to change the business to sell Cell Phones he
should be allowed as he had obtained this Special Use Permit.

A request was made to amend the Special Use request to include amusement machines.

This would require the request to be resubmitted and a new mailing and public notice to
be completed.

Mr. Letloff then inquired if that would cost another $800.00 to apply and asked how
many times they would have to apply.

 Public comments were asked for at this time and Mr. Frank Spina of Bradley stated that
he did not have any problem with the business as outlined here but would definitely be
opposed to any pornographically materials being sold. Then he asked the Planning
Commission why the papers couldn’t be amended now to add the amusement machines?

Eric Allen inquired if the mailing or public notice mentioned anything about amusement
machines. The idea of the public notice and mailing are to inform the neighbors of what
is intended to be provided in a Special Use. The neighbors must be notified in order to
allow a public hearing such as this.

Mr. Letloff and Mr. Woodruff started again to explain that the Corporate papers have
been received from the State, the lease for the building has been signed since May 20,
2004 and other business in the area have amusement machines. Why should they have to
spend this time and money when no other business in the area had to?

A motion was made by John Ross to deny the request for the Smoke and Tobacco Shop
at 363 S Schuyler as it seems the business intended does not coincide with the business
presented in the public notice. This motion was second by Mike Smith.

A vote was taken and Joan McGinnis and Lilli Cheever voted no with clarification of yes
to deny the request. Jim Guiss obtained from the vote and all others voted yes to deny
the request for this business.
Village Attorney Alan Smietanski requested clarification of the vote and it was stated
seven in favor of denying the request and one obstained.

As the Planning Commission is a recommending board the decision will be presented to
the Village Board at the next meeting June 28, 2004 at 6:30

Motion to adjourn was made by Lori Hebert and second by Jim Guiss.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lillian M. Cheever