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									Climbing Workout Adapted from Eric J. Horst Training for Climbing by Cambria Ortega

Flexibility for Climbing Asana Practice
Wrist Bending (Pawanmuktasana)
Wrist Crank (Pawanmuktasana)
Cow Face
Down Dog
Up Dog/Seal (Reverse Chattaranga)
Locuts (3 sets, optional interlace finger for a shoulder stretch)
Plank (Variation Low Plank hold for 30 sec.-1 min.)
Side Plank
Chattaranga Push Ups (3 sets of 10, optional raise one leg)
Crane/Crow (Jump back to Plank to come into Swan)
Swan/Sleeping Swan
Abs: Boat (3), Bicycles (20), Leg Lifts (10-20)
Dips: Purvottanasana (Inclined Plank, can also be practiced on a chair)
Straddle Split
Seated Spinal Twist (or reclined twist of your choice)
Reclined Cobbler (Variation Bound Ankle Pose)
Wall Split
Handstand (Optional: Handstand Pushups)
Leg Lock Pose (Optional Pawanmuktasana 2)

Pull Ups
5 sets to failure, 3 min. rest 3x wk
4 a min. until failure
30 sec. (10 sec. up/20 sec. down)
Power Up, lower for 3 sec. 1/3 sets 6-8 reps
Frenchies 2/3 sets of lock off 5 sec., ½ 5 sec., and 120 for 5 sec.

Chattaranga Push Ups (2/3 sets of 20 2x wk, one leg optional)
More Abs (Boat, Bicycles, Leg Lifts)
Dips (Purvottanasana on a chair or bench, 2/3 sets of 20 2x wk)
Sit Ups (3 sets of 50, rest 2 minutes)

Straight Arm Hang (5 sets, rest five minutes)
Hanging Knee Lift (2 sets of 20)

Weights (Antagonist Muscles)
Wrist Curl/Reverse (2/3 sets of 20)
Shoulder Press (15 lbs. 2/3 sets of 20)
Lat Pull-Downs (3/5 sets of 3-10 at max. weight)
Balancing Series: Start on your more flexible side, find your drishti, and do all poses on that
side without setting your foot down. Then switch to the other side, ending in Mountain.

Extended Hand to Toe
Reverse Hand to Toe
Half Moon
Standing Splits
Warrior III

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