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									                           UNION VALE MIDDLE SCHOOL – KIDNASTICS RUBRIC

Members _______________________________________________________________________


                                      6                          8                          9                        10
UNISON                     Skills not done in         2 or less skills done in    More than 1-2 skills       All skills done in
                           unison                     unison                      done in unison             unison

                                                                                  A good class demo          An exemplary class
COMPOSITION                Absence of 2               Absence of 1                Presence of all 4          Thorough
representation of a        Kidnastic themes           Kidnastic them              Kidnastic themes           representation of all 4
dramatic ending,                                                                                             kidnastics themes.
rolling, jumping,
balancing, arm                                                                                               More than just the low
supportive or flipping                                                                                       level moves
CREATIVITY                 Shows only standard        General lack of             Demonstrates some          Shows exemplary
                           skills                     creativity                  creative thought           creativity or
                           No creative ideas          Shows only one              More than 1 unique
                                                      unique combo                combo or new               Unique combos of
                                                                                  connective idea            connective ideas
SKILL SELECTION            Skill selection not        1-2 skills appropriate      Skills appropriate to      Appropriate skills
                           challenging                to group skill level        skill level                done well

FLASHY ENDING              No recognizable                                        Recognizable ending        Obvious well thought
                           ending                                                                            out ending

Total Points _________________                                Grade___________________________
         Within a group of 3 – 5
         Develop a sequence 7 skills long
With a beginning group balance, five skills in the middle, and an ending group balance
         Must have one skill from each area: Rolling, Jumping, Balance, and Arm Supportive and Flipping activities
         Must try to work in unison
         Must have a flashy ending

Starting group balance (draw picture)

Skill 1 _________________________________________

Skill 2 _________________________________________

Skill 3 _________________________________________

Skill 4 _________________________________________

Skill 5 _________________________________________

Ending group balance – flashy ending (draw picture)
Forward roll                        Forward straddle roll             Back extension roll
Backward roll                       Back extension roll
Dive roll
Shoulder roll
Back straddle roll
Forward roll/leg extension
Log roll

Knee scale                          Two point stance                  L sit
Airplane scale                      Headstand
Partner “V”                         V-sit / N sit                     Creative group balances
Tripod                              Creative group balances
                                    (see pictures on the wall)

Straight jump                       Bottom slapper                    Straddle toe touch
Tuck jump                           Heal kicker                       Pike jump
¼ or ½ turn                         Straddle jump                     Add a creative jump
                                    Add a creative jump

Wheeling                            Round off                         Aerial
Cartwheel                           Handstand                         Front walkover
Switch a roo                        Walking handstand                 Back walkover
                                    Kip up                            Back handspring
                                    1 arm cartwheel                   Front flip
                                    1 arm round off                   Back flip
                                                                      Round off / back handspring

                 1                                 2                                  3
Student is not putting any effort    Student could put more effort      Student is participating to the
        into the activity                  into participating               Best or his/her ability
              &/or                                &/or                                 &
    Student is not following          Student is doing the activity        Student is following all
           directions                      but not correctly               directions and is doing
              &/or                                                        all the activities correctly
   Student is fooling around
  Student is standing around

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