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Diamantina Shire Council Newslet

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									                                                                                             Diamantina Shire Council

                                    Desert Yarns
                                        May 2008       Distributed Free to all residents       Volume 4 Issue 8
        Up coming Community
               Events                    Message from the Mayor
    •       Bronco Branding
                                           With the announcement of the broadband infrastructure plan on July 25,
            May 10 and 11
                                           we have not got much time left to convince the Labor Government of our
    •       SES Meeting May 11
                                           issues. Please put in any submissions to highlight your “part of life” where
    •       Mother’s Day                   telecommunications need improving.
            May 11
                                           Council will have one last go at highlighting our shire and regional
    •       RFDS Week                      restrictions to good communications. Even if this may mean that we have
            May 12-18
                                           to go to Canberra to ensure all Telco's have us in their submission. It
    •       Youth Council                  looks as though there may be a consortium of Telco's calling themselves
            Meeting May 16                 the G9 competing against Telstra which may result in having only the two
    •       Bank 2 Bank May 24             tenders.
                                           The drought continues, the roads are becoming very dry and large
Message from the Mayor
                                    1      numbers of Territory cattle coming through Bedourie heading East. This
Works Report                               is putting more pressure on our workforce, especially with a big job like
     Mayors Message
Shire News
                                1          the Bedourie aerodrome reconstruction and lengthening underway. All
                                           the machinery including contractors are “flat” out.
Positions Vacant
     Housing News               4
Community Profiles                         Good luck to the organisers of the Birdsville Bronco Branding on May 9
     Library News               4
                                           and 10 and to all the competitors. Have a great week-end.
     Positions Vacant           46
Rural Fire Training
                                           Mayor Cr Robbie Dare
Community News
   Fundraising Walk from Gulf     8
     2 Gulf
Bankto Bank                     5
                                  9         Pictured are Councillors taking their
     Health News                6           Declaration of Office.
Growing Great Gardens           10          From left to right Deputy Mayor Cr Barry
     Community Notice Board     7
Birdsville Gift Race            11          Gaffney, Cr Garth Tully, Mayor Cr Robbie
                                            Dare, CEO Scott Mason, Cr Joyce Crombie
                                            and Cr Geoff Shrader

    Diamantina Shire Council                                                               07 4746 1202
    Herbert Street                                                                         07 4746 1272
    Bedourie QLD 4829                                                                      admin@diamantina.qld.gov.au
Page 2                                                                                                         Desert Yarns
                                                         Works Report
 This is my first report since the council elections and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the elected
 councillors and Mayor. These elected members are a very progressive crew and I know this Shire will progress ahead with
 the help of the productive workforce that we have in place.
 The Waddi’s realignment and seal project is complete and I congratulate Roger Warren and his crew for the quality of the
 job and the timeframe that it was constructed in.
                                    Work has commenced on the Bedourie aerodrome upgrade and is progressing well at
                                    this stage. The Cluny airstrip has had a face lift with grading, rolling, painting of the
                                    cones and emergency lighting is in place also. This airstrip is available for light aircraft and
                                    Royal Flying Doctor Service.
                                    The Birdsville to Betoota road has had a trim to the shire boundary, these two patrol
                                    graders are now on the Birdsville to Bedourie road. Due to the water being a little
                                    scarce, it is unfortunate that we are not able to put a water truck with these graders.

Work in Progress on Bedourie aerodrome
 There is a grader working on the Bedourie to Windorah road at present. This road is
 going to bulldust due to heavy road transport of cattle and very dry conditions.
 Anthony Girdler’s crew will be gravelling bulldust sections in the next couple of weeks.
 This crew will be carting gravel onto the Sandringham to Ethabuka road this coming
 fortnight then out onto the Monkira Road.
                                                                                                  Stabilizer pushing Cyril’s truck

 Two Patrol graders will be starting at Monkira and working their way to the Barcoo Shire boundary next fortnight.
 We have taken delivery of the new RM 500 Caterpillar Stabiliser and this machine is doing well.
 Two new mobile camps have been picked up from Brisbane and delivered to Longreach to be fitted to two flat top trailers
 ready for work on arrival. These camps will go into the Gravel Crew.
 The shire has dry hired in two more graders from Hastings Deering, a new M series and a new H Series. The M Series will
 go in the Super Camp and the H Series will do patrol work around Monkira to the Barcoo Shire boundary with Leon
 Girdler’s grader.
 The new bitumen job on the Bedourie to Boulia road is going well. This job is being constructed by Road Tech from
 Mr Neil Stephens who is currently working in the Birdsville Parks and Gardens Crew will be taking on the Town Foreman
 position in Bedourie as from May 13 and I wish him well in this new role.
 Birdsville town is looking great at the moment with just a little more work required on the clean up at the Industrial Estate.
 Bedourie town is starting to take shape and the clean up of the K-mart and dump area is about to commence.
 Nigel Gilby’s crew will be working on the Sandringham to Ethabuka road installing pipes and constructing head walls on the
 Work is about to commence on the replacement of all the box culverts throughout the
 Diamantina Channels at Monkira. This section of road will be under detour for most of the
 I ask travelers to take extra care on the gravel roads in the shire as they are becoming very
 loose with bull dust patches throughout due to the dry conditions and heavy transport.

 Kevin Barr
                                         Photoes taken by Kev Barr                            Resealing Birdsville town streets
 Director of Works
Page 3                                                                                                         Desert Yarns
                                                      Animal Control

Council advises all residents of the Diamantina Shire that the new animal management fees and charges approved
at Council’s meeting held March 10 regarding dogs and cats, will be enforced from June 1, 2008. Animals found
wandering at large will be impounded and owners will be requested to pay a fee for release otherwise the animal
may be destroyed.
For those residents that have not yet done so please ensure that you have your animals secured and registered by
this date to prevent further action taken by Council.
If you require further information or assistance please contact the Bedourie Shire office.

                                      OQTA Board Meeting Held in Bedourie

Outback Queensland Tourism Association
held their Board meeting in Bedourie on
April 15. The Board meets twice a year in an
Outback location with the remainder of the
meetings held in Brisbane. Last year one of
the meetings were held in Birdsville and the
other in Boulia, this year Bedourie and
Windorah are the chosen hosts.
OQTA covers almost 60% of Queensland
and over 45 towns and regions. The area
extends from Hebel on the NSW/QLD
                                                                 Pictured from left to right: Alex Sticher - DSC, Jodie Sweeney - OQTA,
border through Bollon, Roma, Cararvon
                                                                 Bruce Wallace - QANTAS, Ron McGlinchey - Boulia Shire Council, Rob
Gorge, Jericho, Aramac, inland from                              Levers - Chairman OQTA, Rob Chandler - Mayor Barcaldine Regional
Charters Towers, Burke & Wills, Lawn Hill                        Council, Tony Edwards - Tourism Queensland, Barbie Walker - DSC, Bill
                                                                 Tatchell General Manager OQTA.
National Park, down the Northern Territory
                                                                 Absent: Jane Morgan - Charleville, Allan Smith - Longreach
border to Birdsville and across to
                                                                 Photo taken at Lake MacChattie by Brian Mooney of the participants
                                                                 enjoying the hospitality of the Diamantina Shire Council

                                                       Library Training

                                                                Barbie Walker attended the Country Lending Service
                                                                Administration Library course at Cannon Hill between
                                                                April 28 to May 1 2008.
                                                                Topics covered at the course were: Amalgamation,
                                                                Book Exchanges, Dispatch Routines, Selecting Stock,
                                                                Book Clubs, Aurora and State Library Training.
                                                                This included a visit to QLD State Library’s many
                                                                services including the John Oxley Library.
                                                                Barbie strongly recommends that if you are visiting
                                                                Brisbane to do a tour of the State Library which is an
 Barbie receiving her certificate from the Director of Public   excellent library and well worth your time.
Library Services Tania Paull
Page 4                                                                                             Desert Yarns
                                                 Positions Vacant

Based in Birdsville, the successful applicant will demonstrate strong team and networking skills with the ability to es-
tablish and maintain cooperative working relationships with both internal and external stakeholders, be responsible
for all operational and services of the busy Wirrarri Visitor Information Centre, providing information to an estimated
50,000 visitors annually, including assisting and maintaining the operations of the library and ability to communicate
to local residents on Council related matters.
Salary: Level 2 – 3 (Officers Award) $35,085 - $ 37,900 per annum
Closing Date: 4.30pm on Friday, May 23, 2008

Based in Birdsville, the successful applicant will demonstrate knowledge and experience in relation to minor and ma-
jor sporting and other Council related events, including the Birdsville Races, the Simpson Desert Racing Carnival
and a range of major and civic events. A sound decision making capacity, including excellent analytical and concep-
tual skills and the capacity to provide advice and recommendations’ to resolve issues that arise are a must. An inno-
vative, enthusiastic and proactive approach to deal with the diversity, complexity and volume of work that will sea-
sonally arise is required. A professional approach in working to achieve identified outcomes and ability to manage
reporting and other professional work to obtain cooperation of stakeholders’ both internal and external, while enhanc-
ing the Councils corporate and tourism image is sought.
Salary: Level 6 – 7 (Officers Award) $46,380 - $50,224 per annum
Closing Date: 4.30pm on Friday, May 30, 2008

The preferred candidate will have detailed knowledge of controls and processing procedures in a creditors and rates
department, excellent communication and computer skills, flexibility, enthusiasm and ability to work in a team. Local
government experience is preferred but not essential.
Salary: Level 3 – 4 (Officers Award) $37,900 - $ 40,694 per annum
Closing Date: 4.30pm on Friday, May 23, 2008

To apply for any of these positions please contact Ms Carrie Gall to obtain an application package.

This opportunity involves maintaining and constructing roads to Council’s standards and Department of Main Roads
specifications, maintaining plant, equipment and facilities to achieve a safe workplace for all employees and the gen-
eral public.
Applicants should possess the following:
  Grader Ticket.
  Good practices in operating, checking and maintaining all plant and equipment.
  Working knowledge and previous experience in road construction and maintenance.
Salary: Level 7 (State Award) $34.522.80 per annum
Closing Date: 4.30pm on Friday, May 23, 2008

 Due to Councils work cycle employees have significant overtime opportunities. At present a Level 7 operator grosses
                                        approximately $53,000 per annum

This opportunity involves General Town Services’ maintenance duties which may include cleaning council buildings,
rubbish collection and maintenance of outdoor public facilities and gardens. Applicants must posses the ability to
work unsupervised.
Salary: Level 6 (State Award) $34,441.20 per annum
Closing Date: 4.30pm on Friday, May 23, 2008
Page 5                                                                                        Desert Yarns

     Birdsville Community Profile                                  Bedourie Community Profile

Name: Lynton Crombie (Blue)                               Name: Shai Booth (Boizey)
Family History: Grandson of Elder Linda Crombie           Family History: Eldest son of Teresa Booth, has two
from the Wangkangurru/Yarluyandi people. Eldest of        younger sisters and three younger brothers.
one brother Michael, two sisters Lyndell and Taylah,      Place of Origin: Birdsville has always been my home
and a large amount of family members which includes       town, although I am currently sharing a unit in Bedourie.
uncles, aunts and cousins.
                                                          Occupation: Grader Operator of the new M Series
Place of Origin: Lives with partner Kate in               grader for Diamantina Shire Council.
Birdsville, where I have lived most of my life. Have no   What do you like most about living in the shire?
plans on moving anywhere anytime soon.                    Having the opportunity to gain experience in my working
                                                          career and being able to socialize with family and friends.
                                                          I also enjoy being able to assist at social functions.
                                                          What has kept you connected to the community?
                                                          Family and work has kept connected to the community.
                                                          I also like the open spaces and being independent.
                                                          What improvements or changes would you like
                                                          to see happen in the shire?
                                                          Would like to see a motor cross track developed so that
                                                          I can brush up on my motorcycling skills.
Occupation: Truck driver for Diamantina Shire             More sporting and recreation activities on work days off
Council.                                                  and also would like to see a fitness centre in the shire.
What do you like most about living in the                 Dreams/Hopes:
                                                          To one day purchase my own house and be able to
Having the chance to gain the experience in operating
                                                          fluently and confidently operate a truck.
machinery. The freedom of traffic and my love for the
Outback.                                                  Hobbies and Interests:

What has kept you connected to the                        Riding motor bikes, socializing with my friends, playing
community?                                                pool, attending social events, gymkhanas, races, etc.
Would definitely be family and friends and the great
connection you can have with everyone by living in a
small community.
What improvements or changes would you like
to see happen in the shire?
Would like to see more facilities so that the younger
generation are able to do more activities.
Dreams/Hopes: To one day own and operate my
own trucking business.
Hobbies and Interests: Hobbies would be playing
or watching cricket and rugby league. I am interested
in anything to do with machinery and have lately
developed an interest in gardening.
Page 6                                                                                    Desert Yarns

The residents of Birdsville extended a warm welcome to members of the
173 Army Surveillance Squadron from Oakey and returned service men
and women from across most states of Australia, who attended and partici-
pated in the 2008 Anzac Day commemorations.
large numbers attended the Dawn Service followed by the traditional
march along Adelaide Street led by soldiers from 173 Surveillance Squad-
ron and returned veterans, followed by students from the Birdsville State
School and other members of the community.
Following the commemorative service a delicious morning tea was served
in the Birdsville Community Hall.
Dawn Service saw a number of residents arrive at Anzac Park for the
commemorations, this was then followed by the 9am service.
Congratulations to Geoff Murphy and Geoff Lewington, for the time taken
in the preparation to have a successful day.
The Dawn Service was followed by a ‘Barra Barbecue’ which was kindly
donated by Bill Knight. This was enjoyed with a few nips of rum with milk/
coffee donated by Simpson Desert Oasis.
The 9am service commenced with the school children marching to Anzac
Park, who then delivered readings on the ANZAC. The children also pro-
vided the crowd with the traditional Anzac biscuits that they had baked.
Following this service was another barbecue which included a meal of
pancakes and sausages provided by Diamantina Shire Council.
A special mention must also go to the Parks and Gardens crew for their
efforts in maintaining such a beautiful park.

                           Without the brave men and women who have served our country,
                                          Australia would not be the same.

                                           “Lest We Forget”
Page 7                                                                                          Desert Yarns
                                                SES Meeting

                      A SES meeting for the Bedourie Members will be held on May 11 at 3pm at the SES
                      shed. This meeting will be to familiarize members with what is in the Emergency
                      shed and to have a clean up and itemization of equipment that is already in stock.
                      The meeting will be followed by refreshments and a sausage sizzle.

                                Fire training held in Birdsville on Saturday
                                March 1 and Sunday March 2, involved 16 of
                                                                                            Geoff Lewington
                                the Rural Fire Service Members from Bedourie
                                and Birdsville.
                                Area Training and Support Officer Shane
                                Brumby, Brigade Training and Support Officer
                                Tony Stroud and EMQ Area Director Elliot
                                Dunn undertook the training. The training
                                included SM1 Training - Work in a Team, OHS,
                                Prevent Injuries, Respond to Wildfire, Operate
                                Communications, Equipment Maintenance and
                                the new CPR regulation and assessment
                                                                                      Shane Brumby & Nigel McIntyre
                                A special thank you to those Members who
   Barry Gaffney                were willing to share their uniforms.

    Paul Veal & Shane Brumby                                       Scott Mason, Holly & Dallas Sloan & Shane Brumby
Page 8                                                                                 Desert Yarns

Diamantina Steps it Out……….                                    Did You Know……...

Diamantina Shire Office and Wirrarri Staff have            •    The McDonald’s at Toronto’s ‘SkyDome’ is
completed the 10,000 Step Workplace Challenge                   the only McDonald’s location that sells
and walked a virtual circuit from Bedourie to Boulia,           hot dogs
Alice Springs, Uluru, Mt Dare, Poeppel’s Corner,           •    An ostrich egg would take four hours to
Birdsville (via Big Red) and returning to Bedourie.             hard boil
The Foot Falcons, captained by Nigel McIntyre,             •   The left leg of a chicken is more tender
defeated the Bedourie Boomerangs by completing                  than the right one
the 2,885 kilometre (3,606,250 steps) challenge in         •   A donkey will sink in quick sand, while a
approximately 4 weeks.                                         mule will not
                                                           •   The average speed of Heinz™ ketchup
A special mention goes to the top two steppers;                 leaving the bottle is 25 miles per year
Scott Mason (723,793 steps) and Lyn Rowlands               •    In an average day, a four year old child
                                                                will ask 437 questions
(702,908 steps), who put in an extraordinary effort
                                                           •   There are only 18 countries richer than
for their team.                                                 Bill Gates
                                                           •   Chickens can't swallow while they are up-
Members from the Foot Falcons and the Bedourie
                                                                side down
Boomerangs embarked on a 22 kilometre cross                •   There are more chickens in the world
country walk around the Bedourie Town Common                    than people
on April 12, 2008 and everyone who participated in         •   2,500 left handers die each year using
                                                               products designed for right handers
the expedition should be                                   •   The average life span of an umbrella is
very proud!!                                                    under two years.
                                                           •   The world’s most common noncontagious
                                                               disease is tooth-decay
                                                           •   The only words in the English language to
                                                               contain two "U’s" back to back are: vac-
                                                               uum, residuum, and continuum
                                                           •   The only word in the English language to
                                                               contain three back to back double letter
                                                               combinations is; Bookkeeper

                           EMPLOYER’S ARE YOU LOOKING FOR…
                           Hard working employees?
                Have you considered an Apprentice or Trainee???
    Golden West Employment Solutions has a large number of School- based applicants, interested
                   in undertaking a variety of apprenticeships and traineeships!

     Golden West Employment Solutions take care of everything from arranging initial interviews to
         Successful Completion of the Apprenticeship or Traineeship, so take the hassle out of
                employing an apprentice or trainee, and contact Golden West TODAY!

                  Shiri Stringer                           Phone:     4658 1588
                                                           Mobile:    0428 889 913
 Page 9                                                                              Desert Yarns

                                    Diamantina Shire Youth
                                    Council invites you to Get
                                    Down and Dirty at Eyre
                                    Creek for the

       This Event will be held on Saturday
        May 24 commencing at 11.30 am
             Food and Refreshments will be
             provided by the Bedourie State
                School P & C Association
                                ON                      Loads of events for kids and adults!
                             ITI       n ds
                          ET      frie
                                                                    Tug of war
                                     ss        AM
                            fe ar l e AN T E e?
               AN        st          M        ac                  Wheelie bin race
      O NM          r mo IRON the p                be
  IR          f you r the take             T h en i s                Flag Race
         r o        nte    you kes?               ry
   t fou and e          an      a            En t
Ge t h e r         ! C      it t       rs!                      Bobbing for Apples
    ge        N GE what colou
 to     LLE         e       m                                   Lasso the Wild Cow
   C HA u hav r tea
         y o       o u
     Do         n y                                                Egg & spoon
          re i
      the                                                      Catch the Greasy pig
                                                                And much more!!!
     Bedourie Shire Hall
Tuesday 20th May, 9am to 3pm
  Contact details:

         Name                        Position                            Business Hours                   After Hours Contact

  •      Cr Robbie Dare              Mayor                               (07) 4746 1277                   (07) 4746 1205

  •      Cr Barry Gaffney            Deputy Mayor                        (07) 4656 3236                   (07) 4656 3236

  •      Cr Garth Tully              Councillor                          (07) 4746 1219                   (07) 4746 1219

  •      Cr Joyce Crombie            Councillor                          (07) 4746 1113                   (07) 4746 1045

  •      Cr Geoffrey                 Councillor                          (07) 4746 1254                   (07) 4746 1254
  •      Scott Mason                 Chief Executive Officer             (07) 4746 1202                   (07) 4746 1009

  •      Henry Wallace               Deputy Chief Executive              (07) 4746 1202                   (07) 4746 1190
  •      Kevin Barr                  Director of Works                   (07) 4746 1202                   (07) 4746 3686

  •      Brian Mooney                Tourism and Development (07) 4746 1202                               (07) 4746 1114
  •      Paul Veal                   Birdsville Town Foreman             (07) 4656 3350                   (07) 4656 3069

  •      Jessica Stewart             Bedourie Town Foreman               (07) 4746 1202                   (07) 4746 1141

  Shire Profile
  The Diamantina Shire is the second largest shire in Queensland, with an area of approximately 95,000 square kilometres and a population of
  350 people. The 95,000 square kilometres, includes three towns – Birdsville, Bedourie and Betoota. The shire is

  predominantly a beef producing area containing some of the best contaminant free natural fattening country in Australia.

  The Diamantina Shire shares borders with the Northern Territory and South Australia and lies within the region known as the Channel
  Country. The Diamantina and Georgina Rivers, Cooper and Eyre Creek are the main players of a network of western Queensland Rivers.
  These three great river systems draw water from an area of 556,000 square kilometres. In the regular dry periods these systems contain
  numerous waterholes that can vary in depth and length.

  Betoota                                         Birdsville                                      Bedourie
  •      Deon’s Lookout                           •        Big Red Sandhill                       •       Acquatic Centre

  •      Betoota Hotel                            •        Waddi Trees                            •       Mud Hut

  •      Browns Creek Camping Area                •        Simpson Desert National Park           •       Diamantina National Park

                                                  •        The Bilby Way                          •       Cuttaburra Crossing

                                                  •        Carcoory Ruins                         •       Historic Hotel

                                                  •        Burke & Wills Campsite

To add your name to the newsletter mailing/email list, or to change your contact details, please advise
Mrs Joanne Lewington on 07 4746 1202 or email community@diamantina.qld.gov.au. Alternatively, you may
elect to remove your name from the mailing list and access the newsletter via the Shire website at

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