Wooden Chessboard With Inlay Work In Floral Design by bigindiastore


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									                             Chess Sets
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                             If you are a player of the game of the kings, then you are sure to
                             love this stunning chess set, which is fit for luxuriant indulgence.
                            This wooden chessboard is handmade and can be folded from the
                            centre for storage. The pegs are designed in brown and black color
                              with intricate carvings. Sandalwood is used in the making of the
                            brown colored pegs. The check boxes are painted in the traditional
                                  colors of black and white. All the 36 pieces are beautifully
                              handcrafted making chess even more fun. The pegs come in a
                              separate box, which is lined with velvet cloth and has separate
                                 resting places for each of them. It is a plush gift item for all

More Details:
     *   The wooden chessboard is handmade.
     *   Each peg is intricately carved.
     *   It is a plush gift item for all occasions.
     *   The brown colored pegs are made of Sandalwood.


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