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									                         bike ms 2008
                         Team Captain Guide
                         VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1                      2008

                         You‘re up for the challenge     Minimum donation: $300       Bike ms stats
                         as a bike ms team captain-
                                                         Must be at least 12 yrs of   80% of our funds raised are
                         and ready for the ride of
                                                         age to participate           from teams
                         your life! Moving forward,
                         this Team Captain Guide                                      There were 33 teams in the
                         will help you keep your                                      2007 FedEx ―Rock-N-Roll‘
                         team organized and moti-                                     There were 67 teams in the
                         vated, as well as provide                                    2007 Jack Daniel‘s ―Bike to
                         some great tips for having      Jack Daniel’s “Bike to       Jack and Back‖
                         fun while fundraising.          Jack and Back” bike ms
                                                                                      2007 Total Teams: 100
                         GET YOUR TEAM &                 ride 2008
                                                                                      2008 Team Goal: 150
                         RIDE WITH US!                   October 4-5, 2008
                                                         Minimum dona-
                                                         tion: $300
                                                         Must be at least
Inside this
                                                         18 yrs of age to
                         FedEx “Rock-N-Roll”             participate
                         bike ms ride 2008
Start your team     2    September 13-14, 2008

Reminders           2

Raising $$ online   3   Where does the money go?
                        The National MS Society          Programs & Highlights           disbursements.
Goal Setting/       4
                        helped people affected by
                        MS by funding cutting edge           Hosted 3 Discovery          The Mid South Chapter
07 Top teams        5   research, driving change             ―relationship matter‖       is the only chapter to
                        through advocacy, facilitat-         weekends for couples        have education on tissue
Fundraising Tips    6   ing professional education,          dealing with MS.            donation for research as
                        and providing programs                                           part of our clinical advi-
                                                             Six people visited
Safety/Where does   7   and services to help people                                      sory committee.
the $ go?                                                    Washington, D.C. and
                        with MS and their families           met with every member        Continue to host self
Q&A                 8   move their lives forward,            of the TN delegation        help groups, teleconfer-
                        just look at the difference it       on issues important to      ences & local programs.
                        makes in your own commu-             people with MS.
                        nity:                                                            Hosting MS Journey
                                                             Given $50,000 to MS         Camps for kids affected
                        Mid South Chapter 08’                clients for emergency       by MS this summer.
    PAGE 2                                                                                        BIKE MS   2008

Moving Together: 3 Simple Steps to Starting a Team

As a part of the MS movement,           2. Raising Money                        3. Really Having Fun!
you and your team are commit-                Fundraising comes more                 Being a team captain is an
ted to a world free of MS. We‘re        naturally when you make it per-         opportunity to share a great ex-
committed to you and the suc-           sonal. If your team is cycling          perience with friends and family
cess of your team!                      for someone with MS, ask them           members, or co-workers-a com-
1. Recruiting                           if they would be willing to tell        munity coming together for a
                                        their story. Just be sure to fol-       common goal and the accom-
     Team members can be any-
                                        low that with a statement about         plishment of a unique personal
body-friends, families, co-
                                        how much progress we‘ve made            challenge! As a leader, it‘s up to
workers, or neighbors-and they
                                        in treating this disease.               you to remind your teammates
can all easily register as cyclists
                                                                                of why they registered. Bike ms
online at           Don‘t forget to ask everyone
                                                                                can be more than a fundraising
Whether you‘re a corporate team         who sponsors you if their em-
                                        ployer offers matching gifts!           event-it can be a joyous celebra-
or a team of family and friends,
                                                                                tion of how far we‘ve come to-
just be sure to ask everyone you

Team Captain Reminders
    Team weeks are a great opportunity to gather your team and get ready to
    ride! Team Captains can also win terrific prizes for their team such as bike
    shop gift certificates, team ―carb‖ party, ice cream social party, prime seat-
    ing at the Saturday night programs at the rides, team tents and MORE!
    Join in the fun and get ready for team week!
        Bike ms Team Week #1:           June 23-27, 2008         Theme: Team Captain Movement Week
        Bike ms Team Week #2:           August 4-8, 2008         Theme: Gearing Up Your Team

    Go to for the following:
        Bike ms rider manuals with all the answers               To register for the bike rides
        Training Information                                     Fundraising Tools & More!

    If you are riding in the FedEx ―Rock-N-Roll‖ make sure your team members complete the hotel form
    that is required by August 13, 2008.

    Encourage team members to be a V.I.B.E (Very Important Biking Entrepeneur). This revised club will
    be fun for all team members. Contact the Mid South Chapter office to see how we can help each team
    member raise the minimum V.I.B.E. $1000 donation.
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1                                                                                         PAGE 3

Raising Money has Never been Easier!
Ten Great Things about Our            7. Track your team members‘
Online Team Tools                        fundraising progress
1. Post your team pictures online     8. See your real time team fund-
                                         raising progress
2. Include your company logo
                                      9. Track and thank your team
3. Set up a simple URL for your
   team page
                                      10. Easily update your page and
4. Set a fundraising goal that
   everyone can see and support
5. Download your team roster
6. Email your entire team at once

Simple Steps to Online Success
Set up your Team Page-your            Create your team page URL              friends, family and colleagues, you
team page is your invitation to the   shortcut-By doing this you will be     can watch your up-to-the-minute
world to become involved in the       able to easily direct people to your   fundraising tracker. Our online
movement. We‘re here to help you      team page. Put a link to your fund-    tools make it simple for your sup-
reach your goals. Please let us       raising page in the signature of       porters to donate online to keep
know how we can help! By setting      your email.                            you moving towards your fundrais-
up a team page, you are setting up                                           ing goals-and a world free of MS.
your team for success. Here are a
few hints to help make your page      Recruit members online-No
one to remember:                      need to collect paper or spend         Encourage team members to
                                      hours on the phone. Your team          use their online personal pages-
                                      members can quickly and easily         Once you see what the tools can
Make it personal-Put in a picture     register themselves online. Have       do for you, encourage your team
of your or, your team. Write the      people join your team from your        members to see what the tools can
story of your team and how you        team page, or use the participant      do for them. Make it fun by giving
are moving together towards a         center tools to send a team regis-     incentives to your team members
world free of MS. While there is      tration link via email. You can        to fundraise online-a pair of movie
sample text available, nothing is     download your Outlook contact          tickets to the team members that
more compelling that your own         list in to the tool (This tool also    raised the most in a week, or a gift
words.                                can help you to track when emails      card to every team member who
                                      have been opened by a recipient.)      gets at least 5 gifts online. Be crea-
Change it often-Keep your page
                                                                             tive and ensure that your team can
current to generate interest. Pro-
                                                                             not only reach their goal, but has
vide updates on how your training
                                      Fundraising Online-Now for             fun along the way.
is going or how close you are to
                                      the fun part! After you send your
your goal.
                                      personalized email to all your
 PAGE 4                                                                                     BIKE MS   2008

Goal Setting: Who Has the Most Team Spirit?
Establishing a goal is an easy        Set a goal for team size as well   contact:
way to maintain motivation as         as collective fundraising. Re-     Nancy Laycook
well as give you and your team a      cruiting more team members
benchmark for success. We             can mean more substantial          Development Coordinator
encourage team captains to set        fundraising!                       FedEx ―Rock-N-Roll‖
goals for themselves and their            Don‘t keep your goal a se-
teams, while keeping these tips                                          901-755-0994
                                          cret! Use e-mail, team pages
in mind:                                                       
                                          and even internal company
    Goals should be realistic,            intranets and newsletters to   6655 Quince Road, Ste 114
    but significant; If it requires       communicate goals-and          Memphis, TN 38119
    hard work to attain, it will          how close your team is to
    be a source of pride for              attaining them.
    your team.                            If you are part of a large     Stacey Damken Irvine
    Set the goal with your team.          corporate team, have de-       Development Coordinator
    Having them believe in the            partments set their own
                                                                         Jack Daniel‘s ―Bike to Jack and
    goal from the word ―go‖               goals to create some fun
    will make your job as team            internal competition.
    captain much easier.                                                 615-690-5349
    Don‘t forget to set both                                   
                                      If you would like more sugges-
    personal and team fundrais-       tions and guidelines for goal      4219 Hillsboro Road, Ste 306
    ing goals. Lead by example.       setting or would like to request   Nashville, TN 37215
    Share your fundraising goal       goal setting worksheets, please

Team Awards
A little friendly competition among teams can build camaraderie and increase results. In fact, teams are
the fastest growing group of fundraisers in the MS movement. The difference they are making in the
lives of people with MS is nothing short of amazing. So who has the most team spirit? Who has the big-
gest team? And, most importantly, who will make the biggest impact to create a world free of MS. Here
are the top team titles up for grabs at the bike ms
   Most spirited
   Best jersey
   Most money raised
   Highest team pledge average
   Largest Team
   PAGE 5                                                                                 BIKE MS   2008

Top bike ms 2007 Teams

The National MS Society would not be able to fund cutting-edge research, pro-
vide services, host programs, or educate healthcare professionals and the public if
it were not for the extraordinary fundraising efforts of those who support our
bike ms events. Once again, we‘d like to show our appreciation to the bike ms
2007 teams who made a difference-together!

FedEx “Rock-N-Roll” 2007 Top Ten
MS Team FedEx -$114,805.18                             Team Captain – Sylvia Greene, Sam Gibson
                                                       & Martin Donnelly
Memphis Hightailers-$29,183.50                         Team Captain – Bob Pedan
Medtronic-$22,654.50                                   Team Captain – Stephen Franklin
CC Riders-$19,196.32                                   Team Captain – David Ingvardsen
Temple Israel Bike Club-$16,392.50                     Team Captain – Vic Butcher
Bad Dog Cycle Team-$15,780.01                          Team Captain – Stephanie Nadeau
Accredo-$10,875.00                                     Team Captain – Perrin Rowsey
Oxford Cycling-$9,030.23                               Team Captain – Andrea Townsend
Warfighters-$5,535                                     Team Captain – Charlie Williams
Hub City Blueprint‖ Broke Spokes‖-$5,477.50            Team Captain – Clint Murchison

Jack Daniel’s “Bike to Jack and Back” 2007 Top Ten
Harpeth Bike Club - $33,306.26                         Team Captain – Pat Clements
Team Trace Bikes $23,267                               Team Captain – Scott Turner
Spin Doctors - $18,376                                 Team Captain – Brandon Downs
KC's Cruisers - $18,025                                Team Captain – Lisa Ahrens
Sewanee Conglomerate - $12,727.68                      Team Captain – John Benson
URSlowriders - $12,225.06                              Team Captain – Craig Bernhoft
Amsouth-Jewelry Television - $12,124                   Team Captain – Roger Leitner
Southern Land Company - $ 11,806                       Team Captain – Melonee Hurt
Vanderbilt Eye Institute - $ 11,749.77                 Team Captain – Paul Sternberg
Jack Daniel‘s - $ 11,392                               Team Captain – Andy Coates
 PAGE 6                                                                                             BIKE MS   2008

 Fundraising Ideas Notepad
Listed below are some ideas from other team captains, but you should feel free to add your own-and share them
with other team captains!
    Offer to do something unusual (i.e. shave your head, sing karaoke in a costume of the team ‗s choice, etc) if
    your team reaches or exceeds it‘s fundraising goal.
    Set up a drawing for the team, with each $50 raised netting you another chance to win a prize (For friends:
    A special home cooked meal for the winner and their family; For employees: A day off.)
    For company teams, rewards the top fundraiser with lunch with the president. Give the person who re-
    cruits the most additional team members a reserved parking spot for a month.
    If you work somewhere with lots of foot traffic, ask about bike ms pin up sales-an easy way to quickly
    raise money for your team.
    Hold your own silent auction with food and entertainment.
    Clean out the attic and basement with a garage sales and donate the proceeds (we have seen a lot of success
    with this and bakes sales).
    Ask your favorite restaurant or bar to donate a percentage of one evening’s income to your team,
    possibly in return for sponsor privileges.
    Interested in selling coffee for your team? Sell the coffee for $12.00 and Buywell coffee will donate $5.00
    per bag to your team. Their coffee is all organic and fair trade. For more information on this great fundrais-
    ing opportunity, contact your local Development Coordinator.
    Host a Lunch-n-Learn
   A Lunch-n-Learn is a great opportunity to share the mission of the National MS Society and to encourage
   people to join the movement by signing up for your team. Lunch-n-Learns should be scheduled with enough
   time out from the bike ride to allow time to successfully set-up your team, recruit and plan team activities.
     What the National MS Society can provide you:
       · Weekly team rosters
       · Assist with helping host Team Rallies at your company
         or with your friends and family team
       · Help to guide your team members through the fund
         raising website
       · Offer tips to raising funds and educating team mem
         bers on where the money goes
       · We have professional staff that can come and meet
         with Team Captains and team members personally to
         help with fundraising.

Remember: A team is 4 or more people.
    VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1                                                                                                      PAGE 7

  Safety Starts With You!
Cyclists need to possess basic bike han-       All cyclists are responsible for keeping     Be mindful that our rides cater to all
dling skills and safety knowledge in order     their riding equipment in good working       types of cyclists from the beginner to
to keep themselves and others around           order, so get into the habit of checking     the experienced rider.
them safe, especially while participating in   your equipment before every ride. Small
                                                                                            For more information about riding
group cycling events and activities. Our       adjustments can make a significant differ-
                                                                                            safety for the bike ms rides, please visit
focus is to provide a high quality, safe       ence in your experience.
                                                                                   soon for a re-
and fun cycling experience.
                                               The Basic of Riding in a Group:              vised safety manual.
  Please remember to always carry:
                                               Group riding takes practice. Riding with     Remember: Training Rides
              Identification                   other cyclists all around you may cause      (sponsored by local bike shops, clubs
                                               you to feel trapped. Relax. It is most im-   and check the Mid South Chapter for
   Emergency contact information
                                               portant to create your own safety zone.      additional ride suggestions) are a good
             Insurance card                    This may vary depending on the speed         way to train for the bike ms ride. They
                                               and ability level of the people you are      also will get everyone feeling more com-
  Any important health information
                                               with, so be flexible. Let others know of     fortable out on the road.
*Headphones including Ipods, cell phones,      your anxiety-they may also be new at this.
                                                                                            Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
radios and similar radio devices are not
permitted while riding.

                                 Get to know “Rock”
                                 & “Jack” TODAY!

How your fundraising $ helps

The National MS Society helps people affected by MS by
funding cutting edge research, driving change through advo-
cacy, facilitating professional education, and providing pro-
grams and services designed to help people with MS and their
families move their lives forward.

   Will provide 25 clients with walkers                                                                    78%

   Will help pay for approximately 5 utility bills for shut-in                              Programs/Education/Research
   Will cover the expense of home delivered meals for 1
   month for 6 clients                                                                               22%
   Will underwrite 25 self help groups for MS clients                                            Fundraising
   Will pay for 100 hours of respite care                                                       Adminstration
   Will buy three batteries for motorized scooters
   Will provide ramps for five families
Questions and Answers

How do I turn in pledges I have received?
1. Mail or drop them off at the National MS Society Office:
        6655 Quince Road, Suite 114
        Memphis, TN 38119
        Office hours are 8:30 A.M.—5:00 P.M

        4219 Hillsboro Road, Suite 306
        Nashville, TN 37215
        Office hours are 8:30 A.M.—5:00 P.M
2. Attend Early Packet Pick-Up
        ―Rock-N-Roll‖                     August 26-29th
        ―Bike to Jack and Back‖           September 22-27th
3. At check-in the morning of the ride (arrive early!)
4. Enter your donations on-line then mail or bring them to the Mid South Chapter office.

If I mail in a donation, will the donor be credited on my participant page?
Donors will be credited on your participant page online. You can enter these donations yourself from
your participant center OR we can add them here at our office when we receive them.

When will my team photo be taken? Team photos will be taken at the start lines on Saturday morn-
ing. Sign up for a picture time at 901-755-0994 (ROCK) or 615-690-5349 (Jack).

I have more questions, what do I do?
    Check the Rider manual posted on the website (and you will be receiving a copy in the mail)
    Contact the ride Development Coordinator:
        FedEx “Rock-N-Roll” bike ms ride
                 Nancy Laycook: 901-755-0994 or
        Jack Danieil’s “Bike to Jack and Back” bike ms ride
                 Stacey Damken Irvine: 615-690-5349 or

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