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					bigWebDesk User Guide

   Easy to use
   Maintain
   Fully web-based
   Efficient

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Three Ways to Generate a new service request

 Via Email
 Contacting a help desk administrator
 Logging in through the web
Submitting request via email

Through email parsing, users
   will be able to send support
   request through their normal
   email platforms. Email
   support strings will be
   provide by the system

Once an email has been sent, a
  technician will be notified,
  and the user will
  automatically receive
  notification and a ticket ID.
 Contacting a help desk

First the Help Desk administrator
will ask for the user’s name.
  Users who have access to call-in
       support ask are able to
Next they will staffthe user for contact
       a helpdesk administrator via
additional information that will be
       phone aid the organization’s
necessary toto log service requests.
support staff.
  The Help Desk administrator will
        the ask is user a series
Once thenticketthesubmitted, theof
technician assigned to the request
       questions to help direct the call
       to user requesting will
and the the correct technician.
automatically receive notification
that the ticket has been issued.
Logging in through the Web
To access bigWebDesk users will
    need to open up their Internet
    browser and logon to

Remember there is no ‘www’ listed
  before the address.

Users will then be prompted to enter
   in their email and password. If a
   user has forgotten their password
   they will be able to retrieve it by
   selecting the ‘Forgot password?’
User Home Page

Once a users is logged in they
  will then have the ability to;

   Update their profile
   Create a New Ticket
   Review current open tickets
   Review previously closed
   Search a knowledgebase

       We keep the user side as simple as possible!
User are always able to review
previously closed out requests

    By accessing ‘My closed
     tickets’ on the user’s home
     screen, users the
By opening one ofwill have the
‘Closed’ tickets users will be
     ability to review previously
able to ‘Reopen Ticket’
     submitted work requests.
issues to an ‘Open’ status
alerting the technician to
revisit the request.
User Entering a New Ticket

User will then be presented a
   ticket that has been
   designed by their help
   desk staff. Certain fields
   may be required before the
   user is able to submit the
                                  User then will
Once the ticket is completely     receive notification
  filled out the user will need   that their ticket was
  to hit the ‘Submit this         created successfully.
  Ticket’ link.
User will always stay attached to their

At any time during the lifecycle of
    the ticket users are able to log
    on and review the status of all
    their open tickets.

By selecting a ticket number users
   can see a detailed version of
   the ticket as well as send a
   message to their technician.

                                       Enter new message here
        Then click send message
Help Desk software made easy!

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                           additional information.

BigWebDesk allows user to easily
submit, track, and monitor their support request.