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									                                   BidBridge Getting Started Guide
This document is designed to guide you through your first BidBridge procurement event.
Achieving the true market value for your purchases is only a few easy steps away!

Congratulations! Now that you have heard about all of the advantages of procurement through the BidBridge Electronic Sealed
Bid Process, you’re ready to get started!

           Step          Buyer Registration.

            1            If you have not yet registered, go to and register as a Buyer. It’s fast and easy!
                         Registering as a BidBridge Buyer opens the door to providing you with all of the rewards of an
                         efficient procurement process.

           Step          Submit an event profile and Specifications.

            2            You can submit your event profile at An event profile is a brief, on-line
                         questionnaire that provides basic information about your bid event. An event profile includes
                         questions regarding item descriptions, preferred bid dates, award dates, budgeted values, status
                         of funding and specifications, advertising requirements, and your recommended suppliers.
                         After you submit your event profile, BidBridge goes to work on your specifications review.
                         A BidBridge specifications review is an in-depth analysis of your event profile by a BidBridge
                         team of experienced procurement professionals. Not all procurement events are appropriate as
                         a BidBridge electronic sealed bid event. The objective of a specifications review is to determine if
                         BidBridge can increase the efficiency and competition of your event.

           Step          Approve your BidBridge bid package.

            3            With every BidBridge event, YOU are in control of every step of the process, including:
                         	 • Documentation

                         	 • The date and time of the auction

                         	 •		 The list of suppliers

                         	 •		 Final specifications

                         After you approve your BidBridge bid package, we will release the bid electronically according
                         to your required guidelines.

           Step          Approve responses to your BidBridge bid package.

            4            After your bid is released, you will receive specifications responses that are once again, subject
                         to your approval. In this stage of the bid process, you will validate compliance with your
                         specifications and then submit a list of approved suppliers to BidBridge.

           Step          Watch your live, on-line BidBridge electronic Sealed Bid event!

            5            Watch in real time how BidBridge increases competition, rewards efficiencies and provides
                         true market value.

           Step          Award the bid.

            6            From start to finish, you are in complete control of the bid process. You award the bid according
                         to the criteria that is most important to you: price, value, supplier qualifications, etc. BidBridge
                         helps you streamline the award process by making instant documentation and bid tabulations
                         immediately available.
What to expect from us

BidBridge Solutions are designed with operational efficiency in mind and deliver a broad range of benefits versus that of the
traditional paper bid. You can expect Team BidBridge to help fuel increased competition for your purchase by delivering solutions
in strategic sourcing, compliance, a transparent purchasing environment and instant bid tabulations. These valuable features are
used by purchasing professionals nationwide to gain streamlined operations and the peace of mind that they have achieved true
market value for their purchase. Simplicity, exceptional service and valuable savings are what you can expect from BidBridge.

BidBridge Solutions
BidBridge presents a resource comprised of web-based procurement tools, backed by purchasing expertise. Our solutions enable
our customers to recognize maximum efficiency in the exchange of goods and services. Our extensive services, insight and simple
to use platform allows purchasing professionals to achieve instantly recognizable benefits. Your assigned BidBridge team invests an
average of 22 hours into reviewing specifications, sourcing suppliers, and educating those suppliers on the details of your purchase.

                                               Here is what happens at BidBridge with your bidding event:
                                               BidBridge Specifications Review assesses the ability of your purchase to attract a pool
                                               of suppliers capable of creating a competitive environment and achieving true market
                                               value for your purchase. Some purchases are not a good fit for reverse auctions.
  A reverse auction gets to the
 absolute lowest price a supplier              BidBridge Strategic Sourcing follows the guidelines established by your bid document.
    will offer, as opposed to a                In addition to working with suppliers already known to you, BidBridge invests time into
                                               informing suppliers who may otherwise not have known about your RFP opportunity.
       bid price that might
                                               Driven by your needs, our sourcing efforts concentrate locally, nationally or within a
  not be the bottom line price.                radius defined by your instruction. As a result, our sourcing exceeds that of traditional
                                               public advertising and results in greater competition for your business.
                          – Bruce Charon
         Acquisition Management Specialist
       State of Minnesota Materials Division
                                               training and process Management alerts the supplier pool of your upcoming purchase
                                               and instructs them on engaging your opportunity via BidBridge. We achieve enhanced,
                                               targeted visibility of your transaction through a single point of contact with each supplier.
                                               BidBridge provides tutorials to educate suppliers on your bid process and additional
                                               support is also available for pre-bid meetings.

                                               BidBridge electronic Sealed Bid with a Reverse Auction creates a dynamic,
                                               competitive pricing environment for your purchase. The traditional paper process only
      Reverse Auctions have                    offers the “one-price per supplier” format. Reverse auctions deliver true market value by
                                               enabling your suppliers to place multiple, sealed bids in an effort to earn your business.
     proven one of the most
      effective e-commerce                     Instant Bid tabulation & Audit trails enable you to award faster and with the
    technologies at delivering                 confidence of a transparent purchasing environment. BidBridge delivers detailed
                                               documentation immediately following your live event and each bid has been time
           lowered costs
                                               and date stamped for your compliance records. BidBridge expedites Buyer-Supplier
     and increased value for                   communications to achieve shorter cycle times and enhanced compliance.
         buyers of all sizes
                                               Increased efficiencies, true market value for your purchases, compliance, confidence;
                  – Forrester Research         rewards that BidBridge can offer that are not realized in the traditional paper bid
                                               process. Go to today and become a registered BidBridge Buyer.
                                               It’s easy and there is no direct cost to you!
                 Q A                     Frequently asked questions

    How much does this      There is no direct cost to the buyer. A small transaction fee is paid
         service cost?      by the winning bidder.

  Is a buyer obligated to   No, each buyer may evaluate the online bids against their own
  accept the lowest bid?    criteria for value, price and supplier qualifications.

Is the buyer obligated to   No, if the buyer is not satisfied with the bids, they are free to
          award the bid?    reject all bids and there is no cost to anyone.

    Do suppliers have to    No, they are required to submit their bids online by the deadline
       lower their bids?    but are under no obligation to lower their bids.

        Who invites and     The buyer provides a preferred supplier list. However, BidBridge
     approves suppliers?    offers the buyer the option to supplement the list with additional
                            suppliers from the BidBridge database and those that result from
                            our sourcing efforts. The buyer ultimately approves all suppliers
                            that are invited to bid.

 What if problems occur     During the training of all suppliers, a toll free telephone number
during the online event?    is provided allowing for “off site” assistance, up to and including
                            suspension of the event until corrections are made.

  What if the prospective   Since the entire BidBridge bidding process utilizes the internet, the
 supplier’s company does    supplier can access the bid package from libraries, schools, home
not have internet access?   or anywhere internet access is offered.

What is the length of the   The buyer determines the length of the event. Most events are
        BidBridge event?    planned to run 30 minutes long and extensions are allowed as
                            competive bidding continues.

  Where is the BidBridge    Just as sealed bids are opened in a public venue, BidBridge
         event viewed?      Electronic Sealed Bid events are viewed in a public setting
                            determined by the buyer.

If you still have questions about how we can improve your procurement process,
please contact us. Visit or call us toll free: 877.245.8880
Look at how the BidBridge process rewarded these organizations with InCReASeD
CoMpetItIon, eFFICIenCIeS, and tRue MARket vALue for their purchases.

                         Buyer:    Louisville, KY Metro Government
                         Asset:    1,000 Digital Cameras
                     Suppliers:    7 – six sourced by BidBridge
            Approved Budget:       $168,000
                 Length of Bid:    1 hr 5 mins
                     Total Bids:   120
          First Place Turnovers:   33
                    Final Price:   119,990

            Savings vs Budget:     48,010 or 28.5%

                         Buyer:    Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC Schools
                         Asset:    Modular Classroom Units
                     Suppliers:    6 – four sourced by BidBridge
            Approved Budget:       4,500,000

                 Length of Bid:    3hrs 3min
                     Total Bids:   409
          First Place Turnovers:   40
                    Final Price:   4,172,570

            Savings vs Budget:     327,430 or 7.2%

                         Buyer:    Warren County, Kentucky
                         Asset:    5 Pumper Trucks
                     Suppliers:    8 – seven sourced by BidBridge
            Approved Budget:       1,100,000

                 Length of Bid:    38 minutes
                     Total Bids:   91
          First Place Turnovers:   2
                    Final Price:   898,230

            Savings vs Budget:     201,770 or 18.3%

The distance between buyers and suppliers is getting smaller.

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