How To Rehumidify a Humidor by fjzhangweiqun


									How To Rehumidify a Humidor
When most people get their new humidor home, they are anxious to fill it up with their collection of smokes. If you do this
without first re-humidifying the wood, you may ruin your cigars. Why? The wood has not had a chance to reach its
equilibrium. So when you put your cigars in, the wood will absorb their moisture and you will be left with dry useless cigars.
Not exactly the reason you bought a humidor, huh? To solve this problem, all humidors should be re-humidified before their
first use.

Re-humidifying your humidor is easy, just follow these simple steps:

          Place a shallow container filled with distilled water in the humidor
          Place calibrated hygrometer inside humidor
          Charge your humidification device
          Place humidification device inside humidor

You have to check the relative humidity every day. Depending on a number of factors this can take a few days to a few
weeks. When you get in the 70 range it is safe to store you smokes inside. As long as you constantly recharge your
humidification device you will never have to wait to store your cigars again.

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