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Benefits Enrollment                                             Guide

                  ROEL Construction Company

What’s New?......

Medical – Aetna
Effective May 1, 2008, ROEL Construction Company is pleased to announce that
we will be moving our group medical coverage from our current plans (which
vary by state) to coverage with Aetna. Employees in all states can choose
between the High Alternate HMO Plan and the OAMC Medium Option Plan (a
PPO-style plan), both with Aetna. ROEL will continue to pay 100% of the
employee’s HMO coverage and 50% of dependent coverage. Detailed Benefit
Summaries of all plans will be available in your Open Enrollment Packet. To
verify providers, prescription drugs, wellness programs etc. please visit Aetna’s
website at or go to and click on the HR
page for specific web links.

Employee Contributions to Medical Premiums

Effective 5/1/08 your new weekly rates for medical insurance will be as follows:

                         HMO     PPO
   Employee Only             $0 $26.20
   Employee + Child(ren) $26.29 $70.83
   Employee + Spouse     $44.70 $102.07
   Employee + Family     $73.99 $151.80

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
ROEL provides you the opportunity to pay for out-of-pocket medical, dental,
vision, and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars through the Flexible
Spending Account. UnionBanc Insurance Services will continue to be the
Administrator for our Flex plan. You must enroll in the plan to participate
in the new plan year, May 1, 2008 to April 30, 2009. You can save
approximately 25% of each dollar spent on these expenses when you participate
in the FSA. Health Reimbursement Account expenses are limited to $3,000.00
per plan year; Dependent Care Reimbursement Account expenses are limited to
$5,000 per plan year, or $2,500, if married and filing separately.

The following chart will help you calculate your annual reimbursable expenses
for the upcoming plan year.
                               Health Reimbursement Account Expenses
             Medical                  Vision                        Dental                      Dependent Care
     Deductibles       $    Exams                  $      Routine Exam             $          Children              $
     Copays            $    Eye Surgery            $      Fillings/Crowns          $          Adults                $
     Prescriptions     $    Lenses/Frames          $      Orthodontics             $
     Other             $    Contacts/Solutions     $      Other                    $
        Total          $            Total          $              Total            $                Total           $

    E st ima ted An nu al Ex pen ses & Ta x S a vin gs

    Total Medical + Vision + Dental Expenses     $____                           Ta x Es t i ma te Ta b le
    Total Dependent Care Expenses                +____         Annual Household Earnings             Estimated Tax Rate
    Total Expenses                               $____
    Tax Bracket Percentage (see right)           X____                 < $30,000                             25%
    Annual Tax Savings                           $____             $30,000 - $40,000                         29%
    Number of Pay Periods                        / ____            $40,000 - $70,000                         31%
    Estimated Savings Amount Per Paycheck        $____
                                                                       > $70,000                             33%
                                                             *Based on Social Security, federal, and state income taxes.
                                                             Rates are estimates based on national averages and may
                                                             not reflect your actual tax rate.

    Dental – Premier Access
    We are pleased to announce that effective April 1, 2008 we will be moving our
    dental coverage to Premier Access. Employees can choose between two
    different PPO Plans. A Low Option Plan (Plus Plan #2) and a High Option Plan
    (PPO Plan 2/115). ROEL will now pay 100% of employee coverage on the low-
    option plan. Detailed Benefit Summaries of all plans will be available in your
    Open Enrollment Packet. To verify providers please visit Premier Access’
    website at

    Employee Contributions to Dental Premiums

    Effective 4/1/08 your new weekly rates for dental insurance will be as follows:

                             Low Option High Option
       Employee Only                 $0       $4.42
       Employee + Child(ren)      $3.14      $15.70
       Employee + Spouse          $3.61      $11.79
       Employee + Family          $6.59      $23.25

    New Holiday!
    As a new benefit this year, starting April 1, 2008 employees will be eligible to
    take their birthday off! By coordinating with your supervisor, you can take your
    birthday, or any other work day within 2 weeks of your birthday, off with pay! If
    your birthday falls before April 1, 2008 you will have to wait until next year as
    this new benefit will begin on April 1. This is not an accrued vacation day so be
    sure to take a day off within 2 weeks of your birthday or you will lose the
    benefit. Enjoy your free day!
2                                                                                             2008 Benefits Enrollment Guide
                                    Questions & Answers

    Change s tha t can be made effe ctive Ap ril 1, 2008 & Ma y 1,
    2008 :
             April 1st – Enroll or decline individual and/or dependent coverage in the dental
             May 1st - Enroll or decline individual and/or dependent coverage in the medical
             May 1st - Enroll in the Flexible Spending Account Plan.
             May 1st - Enroll in the Pre-Tax Insurance Premium Plan.

    What Forms MUST be completed?
            Aetna & Premier Access Enrollment Forms to either enroll in or waive
             coverage for medical and dental.
            Section 125 Flexible Benefits Plan Enrollment Form  This form must be
             completed by everyone, regardless of your election. Use this form to confirm
             your pre-tax insurance elections and to enroll, re-enroll, or waive enrollment in
             the flexible spending account plan for the new plan year May 1, 2008 thru April
             30, 2009.

        There may be waiting periods applied to dental coverage if you did not
        enroll in the plan when you were first eligible. Please contact Amy Hoxsey
        for details.

    Whe re d o I find the se form s?
            Enrollment materials will be distributed at the following on-site meetings:

             San Diego: Tuesday, March 18th at 9 a.m. or at 3 p.m. in the Training Room
             Palm Desert: Wednesday, March 19th at the Agua jobsite at 11 a.m.
             Las Vegas: Thursday, March 20th at noon in the conference room.
             Orange County: Friday, March 14th at 10 a.m. in the Alliant U. meeting room

    When a re the form s d ue a nd whe re d o I return them ?
            Monday, March 24th by 10:00 a.m., to Amy Hoxsey or Stefanie Corona.

        Forms must be turned in by this date to avoid a delay in processing.
        If forms are not turned in by this date coverage delays can occur.

    Who d o I conta ct wi th que sti ons?
            Contact Amy Hoxsey (x 106) or Stefanie Corona (x 104) at at the main office
             with any questions.

    Othe r Informa ti on:
            New elections must be made to the Flexible Spending Account to continue
    The information in this Enrollment Guide is presented for illustrative purposes and is based on information provided by
    the employer. The text contained in this Guide was taken from various summary plan descriptions and benefit
    information. While every effort was taken to accurately report your benefits, discrepancies, or errors are always
    possible. In case of discrepancy between the Guide and the actual plan documents the actual plan documents will
    prevail. All information is confidential, pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. If
    you have any questions about your Guide, contact Human Resources.

3                                                                                                          2008 Benefits Enrollment Guide

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