Community Engagement

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					Community Engagement:

   Tactics & Strategies for
Understanding your Community

1. Why Community Engagement?
2. Who are Community Partners?
3. How to engage with the Community?
4. Planning for Community Engagement
Why have community engagement when
      planning a Charter School?

 Understanding the needs of the Community
 Learning from your Community
 Collaborating with your Community
 Aligning Core Beliefs/Mission of the school with
  the Community
 Gathering and Analyzing the information will
  help better serve their children
      Who are your Community Partners?

 Families/Parents
 Libraries & Community Centers
 Local Businesses & Business Leader
 Elected Leaders
 Not for Profits
 How to engage with community partners?

 Know your Community

    Community

    Schools:

      What it take to start a Charter School in MNPS:
      Schools Listed by Cluster:
      Map of Schools:
      School Matters:
 How to engage with community partners?

 Types of Activities:
  Focus Groups
  Other Ideas
   Planning for Community Engagement

 Preparation:
   Establish Purpose
   Establish Objectives/Questions
   Identify Participants
   Identify Location
   Outline for the Engagement
   Spread the Word
   Planning for Community Engagement

 Example: Focus Group Outline
           Ground Rules
  Ask Questions & Record Answers
  Share Next Steps

 Let’s Start Planning