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					                                                                      WINTER 2005-2006 EDITION

Looking Back On The Past Year... A Letter From Daddy Jim.
• Our year began with a legislative battle in Annapolis.       Finnie has never golfed!). He saw her organizational
  With an intense presentation in hand, Finnie                 skills at Smoke on the Water, but he never could have
  challenged the proposed smoking ban once again. The          imagined the Pecunes sisters, Doreen, Finne and Angie,
  ban did not pass, however; be assured that we will have      could create a truly memorable and successful event!
  to do it all over again in 2006. Thanks to the RTDA          The respect that Adalius has from his teammates, fans,
  and many loyal customers who contacted their                 friends and family were truly visible throughout the
  representatives, your support was critical and will be       tournament. Quite a testimonial to one of our more
  next year too.                                               professional athletes. It turned out to be a great day of
• Our tastings on the second Friday of each month have         golf and fun with the Greek Girls.
  become an established tradition at The Humidour.           • We participated in cigar dinners and golf tournaments
  Enclosed is our first ever Humidour Events                   at Hillendale Country Club, Country Club of Maryland
  Calendar (for 2006). Posted in this calendar are:            and Country Club of York and were honored to meet
  Monthly Tastings, Smoke on the Water, Our Ninth Year         some really fine people.
  Anniversario Party, Cigars and Bars, etc.
                                                             • In September we celebrated our Eight Year Anniversario
• Smoke on the Water at the Baltimore Museum of                with Aylin of CAO International. Customer response
  Industry SOLD OUT weeks prior to our event! Thanks           was huge and they were truly rewarded with a ton of
  to all the participating vendors, they agreed to have an     give-aways from CAO International and The Humidour.
  additional 50 cigars on hand. We sold those 50 tickets       It really is hard to believe that eight years have passed
  in a few hours! The affair was “phenomenal”! Check           since we opened our doors. There are some signs on
  out over 300 pictures from the evening on our website,       how old we are. Those fabulous old leather chairs were We donated $10,000 to the
                                                               auctioned for the Hurricane Victims. The new recliners
  Adalius Thomas S.L.A.S.H. Fund and $5,000 to Survivor
                                                               are in the up mode most of the time. Cabinets too
  Diver. As for next year, save the date (May 18, 2006)
                                                               small to hold our selection of humidors have been
  and get your tickets early!!!
                                                               replaced with open shelves to accommodate over 30
• This year, Baltimore Raven Adalius Thomas #96, has           different styles of humidors. A new cabinet humidor
  truly learned what Greeks are all about. At his request,     has been added to hold our special and limited edition
  Adalius asked Finnie to be the chairperson for his           cigars. More improvements are scheduled after the
  Annual Charity Golf Tournament (reminding you -              holidays.

 Great Accessories                                             HOTTEST, NEW CIGARS
 For The Holidays                                              INTRODUCED THIS YEAR
                                                               Ashton ESG (spring ‘06), Bolivar, Camacho
  • Over 30 different styles of humidors
                                                               Coyolar, CAO Cx2, Cohiba Extra Viejo, Davidoff
  • New lighters from Colibri, Lotus and Xikar,                Limited Edition 2005, Java by Drew Estate,
    plus an expanded line of Zippo
                                                               K. Hansotia Symphony, La Aurora 1495 Series,
  • New torch flame insert for Zippo lighters                  La Flor Dominicana Cabinet Ligero, La Fontana
  • Four different style Cigar Indians – the                   Consigliere, La Gloria Cubana Reserva
    perfect size for your home bar                             Figurados, Litto Gomez, Medalist, Nu by
  • Expanded line of travel humidors from                      Cojimar, Oliva Master Blends 2, Oliveros XL
    Xikar, Extreme, and Craftsman’s Bench                      Corojo, Partagas LR Decadas, PG 15th
  • Cigar related golf items                                   Anniversary, Pryme Limited Edition, RP Old
  • Marble ashtrays                                            World, Sauza Tequilla, Savinelli 2004 Special
  • Large assortment of new pipes and                          Selection, Savinelli Liga Especial, Sopranos
    accessories                                                Edition by CAO, Sweet Daddies, The Edge Lite,
  • Lampe Berger Lamps - The hottest new                       Torano Decadencia, Torano Virtuoso, Vista de
    item to purify the air                                     Cuba, and more...

  410-666-3212 •                •   Padonia Village Shopping Center • Timonium, Maryland
                                                                                     WINTER 2005-2006 EDITION

The Humidour Family Pages...
Daddy Jim and Mama P.                            now been given the title of “Public Relations     Nia
Between the hours at the shoppe and his          for The Humidour Cigar Shoppe”. The               Nia joined The Humidour Family a year ago
real estate career, his golf game has really     shoppe has not been the same ever since.          and already is loved by all. She is finishing
taken a back position this year. When time       Marilyn is the soccer diva of Sparks. Stevie is   up her last year at Mount St. Mary’s
permits, he truly enjoys taking off in his       also very active in sports and still trying to    University and will be graduating in May
motor home with Mama P. If only he could         convince his mom into letting him play            with a Bachelor in Science (Biology and
just get her into golf and combine the two.      football. Someday he wants to be on the           Psychology). She is playing a final season
Mama P’s full time duties with her “13”          Ravens (beating the Steelers). Trina and
                                                                                                   for the Mount Women’s Lacrosse team, who
grandchildren keep her moving all the time.      Demi are the dress-up princesses and can
                                                                                                   hopes to make their third consecutive visit
She has also spent considerable time with        shake their booty to any beat.
                                                                                                   to the NCAA tournament.
her family in Detroit this year, leaving
Daddy Jim home alone. This leaves Doreen         Mike, Krissa, Harry, Zachary                      George
and Finnie to do his laundry since Angie         Mike’s construction company has grown             George, when not working at the shoppe,
won’t touch dirty socks.                         beyond his wildest dreams. He also is busy        remains a passionate Ravens fan and hopes to
                                                 praying for many blizzards this winter to         someday be a sports agent for some of the
Dean, Laura and Jacob                            help pay off his new snowplow. Krissa             players. He continues to take classes at Essex
Dean (AKA CEO of Ravens Tailgating)              continues to deliver babies at John’s             Community College, with aspirations of
continues to tailgate for every Ravens game      Hopkins. They recently purchased a motor          transferring to West Virginia University next
no matter how the team is doing. Following       home to travel around the globe with Daddy
football season, he gears up for the Jimmy                                                         year.
                                                 Jim and Mama P. Harry is the Valedictorian
Buffet concerts and golf. Laura continues        of Pre-school and loves his fire trucks. Zach     Reggie
part-time at the shoppe. She also keeps busy     (AKA Trouble) with his spiked blonde hair is      Reggie started an accounting firm right here
working on crafts so she can participate in      the coolest kid on the neighborhood block.        in Timonium. We wish him much success.
craft shows –she is “The Crafty Mama”.                                                             He also has discovered the joys of tequila, in
Taking after his father, Jacob has become a      Chris and Finnie                                  addition to his cigars. You can spot him
computer genius too. Jacob is in his last
                                                 Another mixed marriage (Ravens/Eagles) in         dancing the night away at the Havana Club.
year of middle school and still playing the
                                                 this family, Chris and Finnie enjoy spending      If you see him there, make sure you ask him
trumpet (at least he carries it back and forth
to school).                                      time in front of their big screen watching        for a cigar from our humidor locker.
                                                 the games on Sunday. Chris continues to
Ben, Andrea and Family                           build beautiful houses in Worthington             Ron
Ben has had a very successful year with his      Valley for Columbia Builders. He also travels     Ron spends a lot of time in the car traveling
painting business. His cigars, Biker’s Blend,    back to Philadelphia to be with family and        back and forth to work in Annapolis. He
have also smoked in sales, so stop by to light   friends. Finnie continues to enjoy planning       still enjoys helping out at the shoppe
one up. He continues to coach his boys in        events for the shoppe. She also has been          whenever there is a family function.
soccer and lacrosse. Andrea sure is the busy     appointed to the Executive Board of the
mommy not only to their six children, but
                                                 Retail Tobacco Dealers of America.                Bill
also as a daycare provider to many others.
                                                                                                   Bill is the newest edition to the shoppe
Dimitri, Yianni, Nicholas, Alecsander, and       Angie and Matt                                    helping out part-time in the evenings. He
Madeline all participate in after school         With the soaring real estate prices over the
                                                                                                   really knows his cigars so do not hesitate to
sports and continue to improve                   past three years, Matt and Angie became real
academically and athletically each year.                                                           ask for his advice.
                                                 estate tycoons and purchased a new condo
Isabella has become the energizer bunny –        in Bel Air. The deal is that Matt lives there
she keeps going and going and going.             and Angie only visits per Daddy Jim’s strict
Tony, Doreen and Family                          instruction. Look for Matt driving the big
The mixed marriage (Ravens/Steelers) has         brown truck! Don’t forget to tell him how
become a big part of this family. Tony           much you love his UPS shorts. Look for
continues his long days at The Barron in         Angie driving a brand new VW bug
Lexington Market. His catering has been          convertible to all the sunny beaches.
quite the hit both at Smoke on the Water         During the week, she can be seen in her                  To all of our customers,
and our monthly tasting events. Doreen has       Nanny SUV’s with kids of all ages.
                                                                                                            friends, family, and
               Humidour Holiday Hours:                                                                     May the spirit of the
     December 24th and 31st – Closing at 4:00 pm                                                           holiday season bring
       December 25th and January 1st – Closed                                                             you joy and happiness.

  410-666-3212 •                         •   Padonia Village Shopping Center • Timonium, Maryland

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