Basic Skills Interactive Guide by guy21


									         Basic Skills Interactive Software Guide
            This program for ABE learners targets six content areas: reading,
            grammar and writing, social studies, science, literature and math.

          Adding a Teacher: To register as a teacher, choose the TEACHER button
         on the first screen. Use the Administrator’s ID of 99999999 the first time you
         log on. Click the Add Teacher button, and enter your name and personal ID
         number. This is the name and ID you will use to access your class and student

         Click the RESTART button, and log back into the program with your ID number.

          Creating a Class:      To create a class, click the Add New Class button and
         enter your class name. This is the name that students will select when logging
         onto the program.

          Adding Students: To enroll students, first click on the Class Name, then
         click the Add Student button. Enter the student name and ID. This is the ID the
         student will use to log into the program.

          Using the Program: Students will log onto the program by first selecting
         their class name from the list, then entering their ID number. Students can view
         their progress by clicking on the Records button.

         Main Menu – Students choose one of the six content areas.

         Navigating the Program:
         At the right of each activity screen are these three tabs:
              main menu – return to the main consonant activity menu
              glossary- interactive glossary of letter sounds and words
              exit – exit the program.
         At the bottom of each activity screen are these icons:
              forward arrow- go to next screen
              repeat button- repeat the word or sentence
              help – repeat the instructions for the activity

         (NOTE: the icons must be ‘active’ before they can be clicked. some screens or
         activities process slowly, and the buttons remain inactive for several seconds)

         Using the Audio: Sound is used throughout the program, including the
         instructions for completing activities. Plug the headphones into the back of the
         hard drive. Students can adjust the sound on the wire control.

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