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					                       A-Z GUIDE FOR TOWN SERVICES AND
                            COMMUNITY INFORMATION
                                TOWN OF BERLIN

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Absentee Ballots:

Absentee Ballot applications and Absentee Ballots are available in the Town Clerk’s Office.
An application can be sent by mail upon request. Please call (860) 828-7035

Abutting Property Owner Information:
Assessor’s Office – Telephone (860) 828-7105)

Adult Education:
Berlin High School – For information call (860) 828-8135.

Aerial Maps:
Available in the Assessor’s Office.

Affordable Housing:
Contact: Social Services Department
         Berlin Town Hall – Phone: (860) 828-7007

All Boards and Commissions’ meeting agendas are posted in the Town Clerk’s Office.

American Legion:
American Legion –154 Porters Pass – (860) 828-9102


Hunters Ambulance Service Inc. – 222 Mill Street – Berlin – (860) 828-8909
For Emergency calls dial 911.

Animal Control Facility:
Animal Control Officer – Jan Lund – Physical Services Complex – 59 Town Farm Lane
Phone: (860) 828-7055.
Appeal of Property Assessment and Real Property Tax:
Contact Assessor’s Office – Phone: (860) 828-7105


Berlin Fair:
Website: www.lionwap.org/berlinfairct

Birth Certificates:
Birth Certificates are available in the Town Clerk’s Office where the birth occurred, the town
where the parents were residing at the time of the birth, or:
       Department of Public Health
       Vital Records Office
       410 Capitol Avenue MS #11VRS
       PO Box 340308
       Hartford, CT 06134-0308
       Phone: (860) 509-7700

Berlin Historical Society:
Located at 305 Main Street, Kensington, CT 06037 – (860) 828-5114
     Mailing Address:      PO Box 8192 – Kensington, CT 06037
Kate Kearns, President Website: www.berlincthistorical.org/

Berlin Lions Club:
Berlin Lions Club – PO Box 23 – Berlin – 1-877-828-0063
Website: www.berlinlions.org/

Berlin Polish Political Club:
581 Farmington Avenue – (860) 828-9166

Boards and Commissions:
An Application to serve on Town Boards or Commissions is available on the Town’s website:

Board of Education:

Berlin Board of Education – 238 Kensington Road – Phone: (860) 828-6581
Website: www.berlinschools.org/BOE/
School Closings – call: (860) 828-8594 or
Website: www.berlinschools.org/emergency_closing.asp

Building Permits:
To obtain a building permit contact the Building Department. (860) 828-7012.


   Wilcox Cemetery – Berlin Street (860) 828-3365
   Maple Cemetery – Worthington Ridge (860) 828-1868 or 828-9558
   West Lane Cemetery – High Road (860) 828-5547 or Board of Directors (860) 828-9558
   South Burying Grounds – Southington Road
   Beckley Cemetery – Deming Road
   Hall Cemetery – Berlin Turnpike
   Dennison or Bridge Cemetery – Farmington Avenue
   Dunham Cemetery – Norton Road
   Christian Lane Cemetery – Christian Lane
   Ledge Cemetery – Cashman Place

Certificate of Occupancy:
A Certificate of Occupancy (“CO”) is available from the Building Department –
Phone: (860) 828-7012. No new structure may be used and no addition or building be
occupied until a “CO” is issued.

Chamber of Commerce:
Berlin Chamber of Commerce
40 Chamberlain Highway
Phone: (860) 829-1033
Fax: (860) 829-1243
Website: www.berlinctchamber.org

The Town Charter is located on the Town’s Website: www.town.berlin.ct.us under the Town
Clerk’s link.

Citizen Service Requests:
Berlin Website: www.berlin.town.ct.us
          General           Property Maintenance          Snow Removal           Trash
          Mailbox Damage    Recycling                     Stop Signs             Trees
          Pot Holes         Sidewalks                     Street Lights

Civil Preparedness:
(Check with Steve Waznia)

Civil Union:
Civil Union licenses are available in the Town Clerk’s Office. A civil union license may be
obtained in the town of residence or occurrence. Fee - $30.00

Closing of Schools:
Administration Office – Phone: (860)-828-8594
Website: www.berlinschools.org/emergency_closing.asp

Community Art League:
218 Kensington Road – (860) 828-6794

Community Center:
Berlin Community Center – 230 Kensington Road – Phone: (860) 828-7056
Community Center Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
                          Friday – 8:30 to 1:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
                          Saturday – 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

See Citizen Service Requests


Directions to Town Complex:
Berlin Website: www.town.berlin.ct.us
(Town Hall Information link on home page)

Dog Licenses:

Dog licenses run from June through the following May and can be obtained at the Town
Clerk’s Office. A rabies certificate and proof of neutering or spaying must be provided to
obtain a license. All dogs 6 months and older must be licensed and the cost to license a dog is
as follows: Altered Dogs: $8.00 – Unaltered Dogs: $19.00.

Dog Pound (Animal Control Facility):
The Dog Pound (Animal Control Facility) is located at the Physical Services Complex –
59 Town Farm Lane. Phone: (860) 828-7055.

To report a clogged storm drain or for information about storm water drainage projects, please
call Public Works – Phone: (860) 828-7022.


Economic Development:
Economic Development Department – Berlin Town Hall – Phone: (860) 828-7005
Website: www.town.berlin.ct.us

Elderly Homeowners and Disabled Applications:
Available in the Assessor’s Office.
Election Date: Held on Tuesday following the first Monday in November. For information
call the Registrars of Voters (860 828-7020 or 7021) or Town Clerk’s Office
(860 828-7035). Website: www.town.berlin.ct.us

Electrical Permits:

Contact Building Department – Berlin Town Hall – Phone: (860) 828-7012.

Employment Opportunities (Berlin):
Town website: www.town.berlin.ct.us or contact the Town Manager’s Office at
(860) 828-7003.

Energy Assistance:
(See Fuel Assistance)


Field Cards:
Available in the Assessor’s Office. (860) 828-7105 or on the following website:

Fire Departments:

Berlin Fire Dept.       Kensington Fire Dept.   East Berlin Fire Dept. So. Kensington Fire Dept.
1657 Berlin Turnpike    880 Farmington Ave.     Main Street            1952 Chamberlain Hwy.
Berlin, CT              Kensington, CT          East Berlin, CT        Kensington, CT

Fire Districts:
Kensington Fire District       Worthington Fire District       Water Control Comm.
460 New Britain Road           930 Worthington Ridge           Berlin Town Hall
Phone: (860) 828-1782          Phone: (860) 828-5630           (860) 828-7065

Fire Marshals:
Fire Marshal: Steven Waznia                     Deputy Fire Marshals: Matthew Odishoo
              Berlin Town Hall                                        Joseph Delconte
              Phone: (860) 828-7053             Fire Investigator:    Richard Cop

Fishing Licenses:

Available in the Town Clerk’s Office – Cost - $20.00
Anyone under the age of 16 does not require a fishing license
Over 65 – Fishing license is free

Flu Clinics:
Berlin VNA – (860) 828-7030

Food Pantry:
Contact: Department of Social Services
         Berlin Town Hall - Phone: (860) 828-7007

Food Vendors:
Contact the Health Department – Berlin Town Hall – Phone: (860) 828-7017

Fuel Assistance:
Contact: Social Services Department
         Phone: (860) 828-7007
Applications available for programs offered by CL&P and CNG.


Garbage Collection:
(See Trash Collection)

Golf Course:

Timberlin Golf Course – 300-330 Southington Road – (860) 828-3228.
Golf Rates: www.town.berlin.ct.us (Click on the Timberlin Golf Course link)
Golf Pro Shop – (860) 828-3228.

Gun & Pistol Permits:
Contact: Berlin Police Department – Phone: (860) 828-7080 for gun and pistol applications.


Hazardous Waste Collection:
TROC Announces Household Hazardous Waste Collections for 2006.
Collections are held from 9:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. For collection sites and dates, visit the TROC
website at www.brrfoc.org

Hiking Trails:

Contact: Parks & Recreation Department – 230 Kensington Road - Phone (860) 828-7056
Brochure available on www.town.berlin.ct.us Parks & Recreation link.

Historic District:
Website: www.town.berlin.ct.us
(Boards & Commissions (A-M) Historic District Commission link)
Historic Sites:    Worthington Meetinghouse
                   723 Worthington Ridge
                   Berlin Historical Museum
                   305 Main Street
                   Civil War Monument
                   312 Percival Avenue
                   Christian Lane Cemetery
                   Christian Lane
                   Berlin Congregational Church
                   878 Worthington Ridge

Historical Society:
Berlin Historical Society
350 Main Street
Kensington, CT 06037 Telephone: 860 828-1891
Kate Kearns, President
Website: www.berlincthistorical.org/

House Numbering:
See Reflective Address Signs.

Housing Authority:
Marjorie Moore Village – 250 Kensington Road – Community Center Room
Phone: (860) 828-4500.
Website: www.town.berlin.ct.us (Boards & Commissions (A-M) link)

Hungerford Outdoor Center:
191 Farmington Avenue – Kensington – (860) 827-9064

Hunting Licenses:
Hunting licenses are available in the Town Clerk’s Office – Cost $14.00
Must have a previous resident hunting license issued within the last five years or Connecticut
Firearms Hunting Course certificate or equivalent.



Call the Parks and Recreation Department for information on ice-skating at (860) 828-7100.

Inland/Wetlands Regulations:
Regulations are available in the Engineering Department. (860) 828-7022.

Italian Independent Political Club:
16 Harding Street – (860) 828-9010

Justices of the Peace:
A list of the Justices of the Peace is available on the Town’s Website: www.town.berlin.ct.us
(Click on the Town Clerk’s link) or obtain one in the Town Clerk’s office.


Kiwanis Club:
For information contact Len Zielinski at (860) 828-7132.


Leaf Collection:

Town website: www.town.berlin.ct.us (Check under “News” link)

League of Women Voters of Berlin:
Website: www.lwvct.org/lwvnba


 Berlin Peck Memorial Library
Phone: (860) 828-7125
 Berlin Free Library
Phone: (860) 828-3344
 East Berlin Library
Phone: (860) 828-3123


Mailbox Damage:

If a mailbox is damaged by direct contact from a Town plow, the Town will reimburse the
owner $15.00 for the box and $25.00 for the post, as applicable. Damage to mailbox should
be reported to the Town’s Public Works Department at (860) 828-7069.
For more information: www.town.berlin.ct.us (Click on Public Works Department)

Survey Maps and Subdivision Maps are available in the Town Clerk’s office.
Marjorie Moore Foundation
Bank of America – Trustee
Contact Person: Kate Kerchaert
                Telephone: (860) 952-7405 (Hartford, CT)

Marriage License:
Marriage Licenses are available in the Town Clerk’s office. A marriage license may be
obtained from the town of residence or town of occurrence.
Fee - $30.00

Meeting Rooms:
The Community Center – Parks and Recreation Department. It is located at the Town Hall
Complex below the Berlin Peck Memorial Library. (860) 828-7010.

Mill Rate:
The mill rate for 2005/2006 is 22.69

Berlin Historical Society Museum – 305 Main Street (860) 828-1891.


Notary Public:
Notary Public services are available in the Town Clerk’s Office.



The Berlin Town Clerk’s Office is a Passport Acceptance Agency.
To obtain a passport you must bring the following items with you to the Town Clerk’s Office:
1. Certified Birth certificate or previous passport (under 16 years of age a full-size certified
    birth certificate)
2. Driver’s License
3. A check to send to the Passport Facility and a check or cash for the Town Clerk’s fee of
    $25.00 per application
4. Two passport pictures (The Town Clerk’s office does passport pictures)
For further information call the Town Clerk’s Office at (860) 828-7035.

Plot Plans:
Plot Plans are available in the Building Department. (860) 828-7012.

Post Offices:
 Kensington Post Office – 62 Kensington Road – (860) 828-4768
 Berlin Post Office – 780 Worthington Ridge – (860) 829-4277
 East Berlin Post Office – 115 Main Street – (860) 828-3618

Probate Court:
Probate Court – One Liberty Square – PO Box 400 – New Britain, CT -(860) 828-2696.

Property Ownership Questions:
Contact the Assessor’s Office at (860) 828-7039.



Radon Kits:
Can be obtained in the Town Manager’s Office at a cost of $8.00


1. Rinse all containers
2. Put newspaper, magazines, phone books, etc. in brown paper bags
3. Flatten all corrugated boxes to 2’X3’
For more information: www.town.berlin.ct.us (Click on Public Works Dept.)
To obtain recycling bins contact the Engineering Department (860) 828-7022.

Reflective Address Signs:
To order reflective blue address signs call (860) 828-3447.

Refuse Collection:
See Trash Collection.

Renters Rebate Program:
Contact the Senior Center – 33 Colonial Drive – (860) 828-7006.


Emma Hart Willard School           Mary E. Griswold School          Richard D. Hubbard School
1088 Norton Road                   133 Heather Lane                 139 Grove Street
Berlin, CT 06037                   Kensington, CT 06037             East Berlin, CT 06023
(860) 828-4151                     (860) 828-6336                   (860) 828-4119

Catherine M. McGee Middle School                   Berlin High School
899 Norton Road                               139 Patterson Way
Berlin, CT 06037                              Berlin, CT 06037
(860) 828-0323                                (860) 828-6581

Senior Center:
The Berlin Senior Center – 33 Colonial Drive – Berlin (860) 828-7006.
All Berlin residents, age 60 and older, are welcome to join the center at no cost, non-residents
fee is $24.00 annually.

Sporting Licenses:
Sporting Licenses (fishing, hunting and trapping) are available in the Town Clerk’s Office.

Superintendent of Schools:
Mr. Michael Cicchetti – (860) 828-6581 – Board of Education

Svea Social Club:
999 Kensington Road – (860) 828-9447


Tax Payments:
Tax Collector’s Office – Town Hall – Room 22 – Telephone: (860) 828-7024

Timberlin Golf Course Pro Shop:
330 Southington Road – (860) 828-3228.

Town Hall:
Berlin Town Hall – 240 Kensington Road – (860) 828-7003.

Trade Name Certificates:
Trade Name Certificates are available in the Town Clerk’s Office for any new business.
Trade Name Certificate forms on available on the Town’s website: www.town.berlin.ct.us
(Under the Town Clerk’s link)

Trash Collection:

All refuse must be placed in a waterproof container (35 gallon maximum) made of metal or
plastic. A complete listing of refuse and recycling rules and regulations are available in the
Public Works Department – (860) 828-7022.

Items that are too large or cannot be put out with regular trash call Trash-Away at
(860) 225-1206.


Variances or Special Permits:
Planning and Zoning Office – Telephone: (860) 828-7066.

Vendor’s Permit:

Contact the Police Department for all permits.
Also contact the Health Department if it is a food permit.

Veterans’ Information:
Copies of DD-214 – http://www.archives.gov/st-louis/military-personnel/standard-form-

Department of Veterans’ Affairs: http://www.ct.gov/ctva/site/default.asp

Voter Registration:
Register to vote in the Registrar of Voters Office. Voter registration cards are also available
in the Town Clerk’s Office.


Walking Trails:
 Sage Park
 Bicentennial Park
 Timberlin Park
 Hungerford Park
 Berlin High School Track

Water & Sewer Questions or Payments:
Contact the Water & Sewer Department at (860) 8287016.



Y.M.C.A. (Berlin/Kensington):

Youth Services:
Youth Services Department – (860) 828-7059


Zoning Board of Appeals Applications:
Available from the Zoning Enforcement Officer at (860) 828-7008 or the Planning and
Zoning Department.
Rev. 2/27/2006

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