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									Audition Guide for Applicants (BA (Hons) Music)

Auditions are an opportunity for applicants to demonstrate their performance
skills in support of their application to Leeds College of Music for the BA
(Hons) Music course.

We expect applicants to display good technical control, accurate intonation
and rhythmic awareness.

Applicants are invited to perform two contrasting pieces, which display
musicality, technical proficiency and an understanding of style.

The chosen pieces should be appropriate for entry onto an undergraduate
classical music programme. (i.e. Grade VIII or equivalent standard)

Applicants for the BA (Hons) Music course may (by prior arrangement) bring
an accompanist with them to the audition or alternatively request this from
the College in advance of the audition. (Please indicate your preference on the
attached letter)

Appropriate scales and arpeggios (i.e. major, melodic and harmonic minor,
etc.) may be requested from applicants during the audition and these should
be prepared in all keys.

Applicants may also be required to sight-read a short study during the

We look forward to meeting you at your audition and if you have any enquiries
relating to the audition process, please contact the Admissions team at Leeds
College of Music:

Peter Whitfield
Course Leader

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