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					      Aspen ZGreen Events Resource Guide

 The following provides some Resources and Information/Instructions to help make your
   event be a ZGreen Event – this is a partial list. If you are a business, or know of a
  business, that supplies materials or offers services that could help events be ZGreen,
               PLEASE contact us so we can add the business to this guide.

For more information on becoming a ZGreen Event please view the ZGreen Event Manual
    and ZGreen Event Checklist – – go to the ―Event‖ section.

                      Calla Ostrander – (970)-429-1831 –
                      Sarah Laverty – (970)-429-1798 –

Environmental Policy
                              Sample Environmental Policy
We will address environmental considerations at every stage and include environmental factors
in every decision to purchase a product or contract a service. We will minimize the meeting’s
                     waste, water, energy consumption, and air emissions.

Green Procurement Policy
                          Sample Procurement Policy Statement
 This organization will give preference to products and services identified as “environmentally
superior”. “Environmental superiority” will be recognized based on efficient use of energy and
natural resources, potential for hazardous and solid waste reduction, and safe means of disposal.
 Preference will be given to products and services certified by Aspen ZGreen, Fair Trade, and
Green Seal. (Include in your bid information on how your product/company is “environmentally
        superior”- what green practices do you as a company or your product employ?)

Formal baseline by conducting an audit
   More info coming soon – please contact ZGreen Staff at (970)-429-1831

Review Energy Use of facility
   More info coming soon – please contact ZGreen Staff at (970)-429-1831

Materials and Supplies
Canvas bags – gift bags
More info coming soon

Earthwise Bags

Basalt, CO
Bags made out of old signs and banners

EnviroTextiles LLC – hemp bags ($2.85 per bag with bulk order)

tel. (970) 945-5986
fax (970) 945-4456
3214 South Grand Ave
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Chico Bag

Clockwork Green - reusable grocery/tote bag:
Danny Tamez Creative Director (970) 710—9648

      All natural materials: hemp or 100% organic cotton fabrics.
      Option for a higher end product: Made in the USA from 100% organic cotton
       fabrics from US farms.
      Manufactured locally.
      The company will donate a percentage of profits to environmental causes
       (possibly local).
      Unique, fashionable designs to increase awareness/use of reusable bags.
      Designs featured on the bags from local artists.


Reusable bottles or mugs
   Kleen Kanteen -
   Swiss Sigg -
Water jug suppliers
Dream Time

Signs and Banners
AI contact

Paper suppliers (agenda book, posters, name badges, etc)
                                 Sample Criteria
          Vendor should supply 100% post consumer recycled content paper

Local vendors. .. .

Transportation service
If possible arrange so people can walk to venue
Use RFTA as much as possible
Use shuttles

Criteria for Sponsors
In general look for sponsors that can supply environmentally conscious products and/or
services. Things to look for are:
     Durable
     Recycled content
     Recyclable or compostable
     Locally, sustainably, organically produced
     Bulk supplies and bulk packaging

Locally-grown (within 500 miles) and/or organic produce, food, and beverages
   More info coming soon – please contact ZGreen Staff at (970)-429-1798

Compostable/Recyclable supplies
[For more details on how to compost at your event, contact ZGreen staff]

      Only #1 and #2 plastic bottles are recyclable – plastic cups, plastic plates, plastic
       utensils are NOT recyclable.
      It may be possible to find plastic flatware that is made from recycled products,
       (i.e. has recycled content), these are better than typical plastic ware, but are NOT
      Various vendors sell compostable (also referred to as biodegradable) products.
       Any paper based product can be composted - regular paper plates are fine.

Green Spot
Carbondale, CO on Hwy 131

Earthware Biodegradables (Non-GMO, wheat-based cutlery; corn-based cutlery;
plates; cups, etc.)
Phone: (800) 211-6747


NAT-UR, Inc. (Cutlery, hot and cold cups, plates, straws, bin liners, bags)
Phone: (310) 491-3465
Small quantity ordering:

NatureWorks LLC

Simply Biodegradable (Utensils plates, cups, bowls, trays, hinged lid clamshells,
packing material, bags)
Phone: (866) 782-2371


World Centric Fair Trade/Ecostore (compostable plastics and sugarcane fiber
Phone: 650-283-3797
Online Store email:
Compostable cutlery and bags:
Sugarcane fiber tableware:

Water Options
(For large events, will most likely need to take advantage of all of these techniques)
    Provide pitchers of water and glasses for participants to use (this will require more
       staff and dishwashing, but is more environmentally responsible than bottled water)
      Have water stations where 5 gallon jugs of water are available for participants to
       fill up their own water bottles (if providing water bottles, look for ones with wide
       mouths for easier pouring) and/or glasses set out
      Encourage people to bring their own water bottle with them during the day