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Statement of Faith by taoyni


									                                   Statement of Faith
                                     Tim Harrison

   I believe in the Triune God; God who is Three and One; distinct, and yet in perfect
unity of person and purpose.
   I believe in God the Father; the Sovereign; the Creator; Fountain of Patience, Grace,
Justice and Mercy; The Holy One; the Captive-rescuer; the God of Israel.
   I believe in Jesus Christ; the Savior; the fullest expression of God’s grace and love;
Lord before whom every knee will bow and tongue confess; the Messiah; the Good
Shepherd; the Word made flesh; the Redeemer; fully God and fully human; the
Resurrected One; the One whose stripes have made us whole; the Lamb without blemish;
the Bridegroom of the Church. I trust in Jesus’ righteousness and atoning sacrifice for all
humankind, and for me. I believe that Christ’s sacrifice restores our relationship with
God and with one another.
   I believe in the Holy Spirit; in perfect unity with the Father and the Son; the Gift-
giver; the Spirit who calls, convicts, convinces and comforts; the Breath of Life for the
sacraments; the Originator of Faith.
   I believe the Church is a community, called-out to proclaim the Good News through
word and action. I affirm the Church “reformed and always reforming,” according to the
Word of God and the call of the Spirit. I affirm two sacraments given by Christ: Baptism
and the Lord’s Supper.
   I believe Baptism is a sign and a seal. It signifies the washing of sin, participation in
Christ’s death and resurrection, and rebirth in the Holy Spirit. Baptism begins a journey
of sanctification and a life of joyful ministry. Baptism gives us a new name and identity.
In baptism, I believe the Holy Spirit seals these same realities. All the baptized are
commissioned and equipped for God’s joyful and gracious ministry of reconciliation.
   I believe the Lord’s Supper invites us to proclaim and share in the benefits of Christ’s
atoning sacrifice, while giving us a foretaste of a future heavenly banquet. In the Lord’s
Supper, the faithful are spiritually nourished to do that which God calls them to do.
   I believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the authoritative and
infallible Word of God. Scripture is God-breathed and Spirit-illumined. I believe
Scripture is to be read and preached with understanding, faith and reverence.
   I believe in the Second Coming of Christ and the resurrection of the dead.

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