Stain Painting
Combine Painting
Shaped Canvas
Abstract Expressionism
Soft Sculpture
“The Ashcan School”

Describe Jackson Pollock’s drip-painting method.

                       Pollock placed his canvas on the floor, and carrying a can of paint, he
moved about the canvas, dripping spilling and throwing colors with apparent abandon.

What was the Harlem Renaissance? Name an artist that was involved with this movement.
The Harlem Renaissance was a rebirth of the arts in Harlem in the 1920s and 1930s. Jacob
Lawrence was one visual artist who was involved in this movement.

Name the artist and the title of the piece. What subjects did he paint?

                                 Jacob Lawrence
“One of the largest race riots occurred in East St. Louis."
African-American experiences.

Why did so many European artists move to New York City during the late 1930’s and early
1940’s? What style did these artists begin in the United States?
European artists were fleeing Hitler’s Germany and other totalitarian regimes. They introduced
Abstract Expressionism to the United States.
Describe how this work conveys a sense of loneliness in a city in his painting. What is the title of
this painting? Name of the artist?

The large open spaces suggest emptiness and loneliness. The strong light is garish and piercing,
making the people look exposed -- as if they were under a glaring spotlight. The people do not
seem to connect with each other emotionally.
Edward Hopper

Describe how Duane Hanson creates his sculptures.
How are his sculptures like and different from George Segal’s?

Hanson makes plaster casts of people, then creates polyester and fiber glass models from the
casts. He tints these models in neutral colors so that his sculptures seem real. Segal wraps people
in plaster too, but he leaves his sculptures as white plaster gauze, so his creations don’t appear as
life-like as Hanson’s.

What do most of Roy Lichtenstein’s paintings resemble?
How are they different from his source of inspiration?

Lichtenstein’s paintings resemble comics, but they are much larger than ordinary newspaper
Name the title of the piece and the name of the artist.
What cause does the artist support in this art?

                                The Dinner Party
Judy Chicago
Chicago recognizes great women who often are not mentioned in Western history. She is
supporting the feminist cause of recognizing the contributions of women.

What is Op Art?
How did Op Art artists create a sense of movement within their paintings?

                     Op Art is a short term for Optical Art, a style in which a sense of
movement is created by the use of scientific principles and optical illusions.

Name the artist, title of the piece and style of art.
What did this piece represent?

                                  -Nam June Paik
-Electronic Super Highway
-Electronic Art
-It celebrates the cultural differences of the United States.

List three Abstract Expressionists.
Willem de Kooning
Jackson Pollock
Robert Motherwell
Hans Hofmann
Franz Kline
Lee Krasner
Mark Rothko
Richard Diebenkorn
Describe the mood of Georgia O’Keeffe’s painting below.

How did the Pop Art movement get its name?
List two of the leaders of this movement.

                            The subjects of this art --Coke bottles, soup cans, comic-strip
characters and hamburgers--were drawn from popular culture, hence, this movement was labeled
Pop Art. Some of the leaders of the Pop Art movement were Claes Oldenberg, Robert
Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and George Segal.

What event in Joseph Beuys’ life motivated him to be concerned about the future of humanity?

                 Beuys was hot down as a Nazi pilot in a remote region and saved.

Describe the method that Segal used to produce the figures in Walk, Don’t Walk.
What are the people doing in this sculpture?

                    Segal wrapped people in gauze strips soaked in plaster. In Walk, Don’t
Walk, the people are standing by a traffic signal waiting to cross the street.
How do the Color Field painters cause viewers to notice their paintings and then to react to them?
Color Field paintings are so large that they fill the viewer’s field of vision or environment,
drawing the viewer into active visual participation in the work. By leaving portions of the canvas
neutral or white, the artist opens up space in the work in which the viewer can abandon him or
herself. Some artists put three or four huge canvases together creating total environments.
What is the point in Minimal Art?
What is the artist trying to get the viewer to see?
Minimal Art wants the viewer to look at the art and see only the art itself. The artist does not want
the viewer to see any suggestive subject matter or geometrical organization.

What were American Social Realist artists trying to achieve in their art?
Social realists attacked the dehumanization of industrial and urban life. They tried to influence
the course of the government with their art to correct injustices imposed on ordinary people by an
uncaring society.

Name the artist and the title of the piece.

Name the artist, title of the piece, location and the type of art.
What did the this work symbolize?

-The Gates
-Central Park, New York City
-Environmental Art
-The saffron-colored panels billowed in the wind, symbolizing the organic design of the park,
while the rectangular poles upon which the fabric was hung represented the grid pattern of New
York’s streets.
Why was de Kooning know as an Action Painter?

                    In de Kooning’s art, the act of painting became an important part of the
subject matter.

How did Alfred Stieglitz encourage American Abstractionists during the first part of the twentieth
century? Stieglitz showed the work of American Abstractionists in his New York studio.

What are some questions the viewer should consider when approaching contemporary art?
What is it?
How was it made?
What does it mean to me?
Did the artist have a different intention?

What type of sculpture is Calder’s Lobster Trap and Fish Tails?

What style did Arshile Gorky develop?

What region of the United States provided Frederic Remington subjects to paint and sculpt?

From what medium is Alexander Calder’s sculpture made?

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