Seven Sacraments

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					                    Study Guide – 5th grade Diocesan Religion Test
Corporal Works of Mercy            Spiritual works of Mercy                           Seven Sacraments                        Liturgical Year (in order)
Feed the hungry                    Share knowledge                                    Baptism                                 Advent
Give drink to the thirsty          Give advice to those who need it                   Reconciliation (Penance)                Christmas
Shelter the homeless               Comfort those who suffer                           Eucharist                               Ordinary Time
Clothe the naked                   Be patient with others                             Confirmation                            Lent
Care for the sick                  Forgive those who hurt you                         Matrimony                               Triduum
Help the imprisoned                Give correction to those who need it               Holy Orders                             Easter Time
Bury the dead                      Pray for the living and the dead                   Anointing of the Sick                   Ordinary Time

                                 Holy Days of Obligation
                                 Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God (Jan. 1) All Saints Day (Nov. 1)
                                 Ascension (40 days after Easter) Immaculate Conception (Dec. 8)
                                 Assumption of Mary (August 15)               Christmas Day (Dec. 25)

  Vocabulary                 Chap.      Definition
  All Saints’ Day                       Feast honoring all those who have died and gone to heaven; celebrated Nov. 1
  Assumption                            Mary taken up body and soul into heaven; celebrated Aug. 15
  Immaculate Conception                 Mary was conceived without sin; celebrated Dec. 8
  Last Judgment                         Time when each person will be directed by God to heaven or hell
  Particular Judgment                   Each individual is sent to heaven, purgatory or hell
  Permanent character                   Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders impart this and these sacraments cannot be repeated
  Precepts of the Church                Positive laws meant to guarantee to the faithful the minimum in the spirit of prayer and moral effort; along with the Ten
                                        Commandments and Beatitudes, give us moral guidelines for facing social justice issues
  Solemnity of Mary,                    Holy Day honoring Mary as Mother of God; celebrated Jan 1
  Mother of God
  Triduum                               Time of liturgical year when we celebrate the suffering and death of Jesus; Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy
  Unity of the church                   Three visible signs are one faith, one liturgy and one unbroken line of succession firm Peter to today
  Grace                      2          Participation in the very life of God; free gift of God’s life
  Jesus                      2           Source of our salvation
  Liturgy                    2          Church’s public worship
  Rites                      2          Words and actions used in celebration a sacrament
  Sacraments                 2          Sacred signs in which we meet Jesus and receive from Him a share in God’s life; outward signs; powerful action of
                                        the Holy Spirit at work
  Sacraments of Initiation   2          Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist
  Candle                     3          Given at baptism as sign of the light of faith
  Deacon                     3          Step to becoming a priest (transitional); role of service in the church (permanent)
  RICA                       3          Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults; process that brings adults into the Catholic Church
  Sacrament of Baptism       3          Sacrament in which all sins, original and personal, and their punishment are forgiven; in an emergency anyone
                                        willing to do the Church’s will can baptize by pouring water on the person’s head and saying “I baptize you in the
                                        name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”
  Sacramentals               3          Words, actions, objects blessed or used by the church to bring us closer to God
  Water                      3          Sign of new life that is used in Baptism
  Sacrament of               4          Essential elements are anointing with the chrism on the forehead, laying on of hands and the words “Be sealed
  Confirmation                          with the gift of the Holy Spirit”; ordinary minister is the bishop; strengthens us with the gift of the Holy Spirit
  Chasuble                   5          Large outer vestment the priest wears at Mass
Mortal sin                 5    Sin we commit that cuts us off from God’s friendship completely
Sacrament of Eucharist     5    Sacrament in which we offer ourselves as a sacrifice with Jesus; is the body and blood of Christ; is the center of
                                Christian life; the word means “Thanksgiving”; includes and expresses all forms of prayer
Advent                     7    Time of the joyful expectation to prepare for the coming of Jesus; the 4 weeks before Christmas; ends on Christmas
Christmas                  7    When Jesus was born; Feast of the Incarnation; celebrated Dec. 25
Christmastime              7    Time of liturgical year to celebrate the birth of Jesus or God becoming man; From Christmas Eve to the Baptism of
                                Our Lord
Church                     7    The Body of Christ
Easter time                7    Time of liturgical year when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus; form Easter to Pentecost
Gloria                     7    (Glory to God) Prayer of praise in the Introductory Rites of the Mass
Incarnation                7    God became human; Jesus is both human and divine; celebrated Dec. 25
Introductory Rites         7    Preparation for listening to God’s word and celebration the Eucharist
Lent                       7    Time of the liturgical year to prepare to celebrate the resurrection; Ash Wednesday to the Mass to the Lord’s
                                Supper on Holy Thursday
Mass                       7    Rite in which bread and wine really and truly become Jesus; celebrates the Paschal Mystery (life, death and
                                resurrection of Jesus
Ordinary Time              7    Two times during the liturgical year when we reflect on the events of Jesus’ life other that birth, death and
                                resurrection; “not seasonal” time
Reconciliation             7    To restore friendship
Sacramentary               7    Book with prayers for Mass
Creed                      8    Prayer that states our beliefs
Lectionary                 8    Book with readings for Mass
Liturgy of the Word        8    1st the 2 main parts of the Mass
Amen                       9    Most important oral response of the Mass
Eucharistic Prayer         9    Prayer of the Mass during which the bread and wine become Jesus
Preparation of the gifts   9    Beginning of the liturgy of the Eucharist
Communion                  10   Receiving the body and blood of Christ; unites us with the community and the Trinity
Liturgy of the Eucharist   10   2nd major part of the Mass
Our Father                 10   Prayer before Communion in which we ask for our daily bread
Ascension                  11   Jesus going to His Father in heaven; celebrated 40 days after Easter
Concluding Rites           11   Part of the Mass in which we are blessed and sent to love and serve
Stewardship                11   Taking care of the gifts of the earth; responsibility of all people
Beatitudes                 13   Moral guidelines, along with the Ten Commandments and the Precepts of the Church for use in facing social justice
Choices                    13   We are responsible for the choices we make
Conscience                 13   Power to judge right and wrong; shaped by reason, informed by education and aided by the witness and teachings
                                of the church
Death                      13   Consequence of original sin; has been transformed by Christ’s dying and rising
Healing sacraments         13   Reconciliation (Penance) and Anointing of the Sick
Ten Commandments           13   Along with the Precepts of the Church and Beatitudes are moral guidelines for use in facing social justice issues
Absolution                 14   Forgiveness of sin
Contrition                 14   True sorrow for sin; most important act of penitent
Penance                    14   Words/action the priest give us to show we want to make up for our sins
Restitution                14   Act of making up for the loss of or damage to another’ property
Sacrament of               14   Sacrament in which sins committed after baptism are forgiven by Jesus; effects are restoring friendship with both
Reconciliation                  God and the Church (Penance)
Sacr’t of Anointing of     15   Received by the elderly who are weak or anyone who is dangerously ill; is communal no matter how many people
the Sick                      are present or where it is administered
Single life              17   Those called by God to stay unmarried; separated, divorced, widowed
Vocation                 17   Special way of life to which God calls each person: married, religious, single, bishop, priest or deacon
Vows                     17   Public promises made to God by religious
Sacrament of Matrimony   18   Man and woman confer the sacrament on each other through the vows; only married people have the right to sex.
Ministry                 19   Work of service one does for the church
Sacr’t of Holy Orders    19   Essential rite is imposition of hand and prayer of consecration
Mary                     22   Mother of God; we pray in communion with her
Passions/Emotions        22   Feelings that are not of themselves good or evil; it’s what we choose to do with them that is good or evil
Lying                    24   Not telling the truth; forbidden by the 8th commandment
Works of mercy           25   Ways that help people in need