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					Downtown Focus                                                                                              
March/April 2009
Volume 17, Number 4                                                                                                                A publication of Downtown
                                                                                                                                   Mesa Association promoting

                       Downtown Unique Style
                                                                                                                                          the artful downtown
                                                                                                                                                    square mile

                            Square Mile                   a                               of                                                          FREE

 EvErything Art                                                                                               The Symphony of the Southwest provides
                                                                                                              entertaining and thought-provoking cham-
                                                                                                              ber and orchestral experiences to public

       Downtown MEsA
                                                                                                              and private audiences at Mesa Arts Center
 in                                                                                                           and other venues throughout the region.
                                                                                                              Photo courtesy Symphony of the Southwest.
    With a world-class arts center, award-
 winning museums, a number of private
 galleries, large permanent sculpture collection,
 ongoing art and cultural festival and much
 more, downtown Mesa is beginning to make
 its mark as a hub of the arts. It’s already the
 place to watch a play, hear a symphony, see a
 concert, learn a craft, take music lessons and
 view all types of fine visual art, and downtown’s
 future looks even more…well…artistic!
    Please see page 16 to learn about
 downtown’s growing arts scene and the many          ▲ The   Guild Gallery at 101
 businesses, organizations and public facilities       features paintings, photography,
                                                       sculpture and more by members
 that contribute to it.                                of the East Valley Art Guild.
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                                                                                                it’s whAt’s
                                                                                                insiDE thAt
                                                                                                AnD you CAn Count on
                                                                                                FinDing uniquE BuilDing
                                                                                                intEriors in Downtown MEsA
                                                                                                   If it’s what’s inside that counts, then down-
                                                                                                town Mesa really is a "Square Mile of Unique
                                                                                                Style." Venture inside downtown businesses,
                                                                                                churches and public facilities and you’ll see
                                                                                                mammoths, large trees, giant musical instru-
                                                                                                ments, a city made of art, characters from
                                                                                                fairytales and other wonders. Please see page 24
                                                                                                for a photographic tour of some of downtown’s
                                                                                                most interesting building interiors.

                                                                                                                                        Continued on Page 24

                                                                                               Dining under the ol' oak tree at Pier de Orleans (see page 24).
Page 2                                                                                                                                   March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

                                            Focus on The FuTure:
          whAt’s                            lEt's MAkE              A    CoMMunity rEsolution                                    to     BEttEr Downtown
          insiDE                                                                                                 As a community, we need to resolve to start working togeth-
                                                                                                              er to build on the strengths which already exist. Be it the Cubs,
 nEw BusinEssEs                                                                                               the Mesa Arts Center, the coming light rail, the wonderful
                              pages   3-4                                            By Scott Smith           shops, museums and restaurants located up and down Main
                                                                                     City of Mesa Mayor Street, we must work together to not only attract more visitors,
 Downtown nEws                                                                       (480) 644-2388           but to keep the ones who already come.
                              pages   5-8                                                                        Those coming for a show at MAC should want to stay for
                                                                                                              dinner. Baseball fanatics visiting Hohokam Stadium for a Cubs
 Downtown EvEnts                                                                                              game should want to turn left out of the parking lot after the
                             pages   9-15                                                                     game, and not right. Families visiting one of our wonderful
                                                                                                              museums should want to stroll along Main Street looking for
 EvErything Art                                                                                               the perfect gift for a special occasion.
 in Downtown MEsA                                                                                                Why do I think these are all possible? Because here in
 (CovEr   story ContinuED)                                                                                    Downtown Mesa we have a unique urban setting which is
                         pages   16-23                                                                        incredibly conducive to these types of economic activities.
                                                                                                              Downtown is the core, the heart of our City. Its design is made
 it's whAt's insiDE                                                                                           for high traffic and high volume. We have world-class entertain-
 thAt Counts                                                                                                  ment venues and some of the region’s best places to grab a
 (cover   story continued)                                                                                    quick bite or sit down for a wonderful meal. With the coming
                                               It’s a brand new year. Now is the time when people make
                         pages   24-28                                                                        light rail extension, we will have the infrastructure to accom-
                                            New Year’s resolutions to better their lives or themselves. With
                                                                                                              modate visitors from all over the Valley.
                                            the economic challenges we now face, it is the perfect time for
 Downtown’s thE PlACE!                      the City of Mesa and its residents to seriously consider where
                                                                                                                 My vision for downtown is not only to keep the visitors we
 Directory of "Walk-in" Businesses                                                                            already have. I want families to come not because they have a
                                            we want to lead our community.
 for shopping, Dining & More                                                                                  set agenda for the day, but because they know they will find a
                                               Albert Einstein once said, “We can’t solve problems by using
                         center insert                                                                        great place to shop, eat and be entertained or educated. We
                                            the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
                                                                                                              have it all going on in Downtown Mesa, and we need to resolve
                                            When it comes to bringing out the best of our City’s downtown,
                                                                                                              to work together to make sure everyone knows that this is a
                                            we must look for innovative ways to attract businesses and bod-
                                                                                                              great destination point for people of all ages.
                                            ies to the area. We need to make a resolution to change the
                                                                                                                 I know there are challenges we must overcome to turn our
                                            way we think about how we do business.
                                                                                                              wonderful downtown into a regional destination for tourists
                                               For the City’s part, I believe we need to stop viewing the
                                                                                                              from all places, local and far. But I also know that we have a
                                            city’s land in downtown as potential real estate transactions.
                                                                                                              strong foundation, one which I truly believe stands above all the
                                            Instead, it should be viewed as economic opportunities not only
                                                                                                              rest. It’s a new year, so we must make a resolution together to
                                            for the City, but also for the existing businesses located in the
                                                                                                              start building on our strengths in order to reap the benefits
                                            downtown area. Our resolution will be to look for the right
                                                                                                              Downtown Mesa truly deserves.
                                            people, with the right vision, at the right time.

       Downtown FoCus:                voluME 17, nuMBEr 4              Downtown Mesa Association (DMA)                                         Ex Officio Members
                                                                             Board of Directors                                       Virginia Mitten Berg       Susan Cook
    The Downtown Focus is a publication of Downtown                                Crystal Russell, Chair                             Howard Erenberg            Roger Foote
 Mesa Association (DMA) and is designed to keep the                              Freddy Curry, Vice Chair                             Kyle Jones                 Jeff Naylor
 public informed on the progress of programs, events and                         Craig Prouty, Past Chair                             Debbie Poulsen-McRae
 activities, and issues affecting downtown.                               Alisa Petterson-Dangelo, Finance Chair
    The Downtown Focus is published every two or three
 months (depending on the season) with an average print                                                                            Tom Verploegen: President/Board Secretary
 circulation of 14,000 to offices, business centers, com-               Jeff Blaugrund           Dan Brock                          Sharon Winter: Vice President/Treasurer
                                                                        Brian Bunker             Samuel Bueler
 mercial property owners, customers and residents of                    Dave Collins             Tawnya Christensen
 downtown and Mesa. It is also online at www.                           Philip French            Kathy Hay                                           Staff                                                      Kirk Hofmann             Jason Hogue                   Mary Beth Bracken        Administrative Assistant
    DMA is a nonprofit organization that promotes the                   Rodney Holmes            Jeff Howard                   Darrell Collins          Clean Sweep Ambassador
 economic and business development of downtown Mesa,                    Bill Jaffa               Chris Johnson                 Randy King               Clean Sweep Ambassador
 the city’ original square mile. The corporation provides               Neil Lannuier            Kyle Lenhart                  Will Mills               Clean Sweep Ambassador
                                                                        Harry Luge               David Ly                      Lyn Lynch                Field Operations Coord.
 extensive business development, promotion, cleanliness,                                                                       Jerry Prokopec           Clean Sweep Ambassador
 and parking services.                                                  Teresa Peña              Magdalena Schwartz
                                                                        Brandt Seegmiller        Anita Stapleton               Dave Wilson              Communications Coord.
    Contact DMA for advertising information. We welcome
                                                                        Deanna Villanueva-Saucedo
 ideas, suggestions, and participation of individuals and orga-
 nizations involved in the downtown Mesa community. Views
 expressed within are not necessarily those of DMA.                                                           Downtown Mesa Association
                                                         58 West Main Street, Mesa AZ 85201, Ph: (480) 890-2613, Fax: (480) 890-2702
Page 3: New Businesses                                                                                                                March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

hABAnos torrEs CigAr FACtory Brings CuBAn trADitions Downtown
   Centuries of traditional Cuban cigar making found its
way to downtown Mesa when Habanos Torres Cigar
Factory moved to 48 S. Robson St., #101.                        Right: Timothy
   Owner Timothy Torres blends his own tobacco and             Torres savors the
rolls his own cigars, an art he learned in Cuba from          aroma of a fresh-
his father and grandfather, who learned it from their         rolled cigar made
fathers and grandfathers. Customers can choose from              with the finest
30 or 40 types of cigars in Timothy’s humidor (humid-
                                                             Far right: Timothy
ity controlled case) or have him make a fresh “Puro”          prepares 30-year-
on the spot using a traditional chaveta (roller’s knife),       old tobacco for
wooden mold and press.                                             rolling in the
   Habanos Torres Cigar Factory also provides a                       traditional
comfortable, lounge-like atmosphere where custom-                   Cuban way.
ers – including many “regulars” from around the
Valley – can relax, socialize and have a smoke.
Timothy compares enjoying a cigar at his place to
wine tasting with friends.                                  substitute for time.”
   “There are many drinkers out there, but few people           People planning special events can order quantities of
really appreciate a fine wine. Similarly, there are         cigars from Timothy with a custom blend. He can also
many smokers out there, but few of them appreciate          design, print and die cut personalized cigar labels with
a fine cigar. I only deal with fine smokers,” he said.      any text or photo. He’ll even attend an event in person
   Timothy buys only the best tobacco, mainly from          and entertain guests by hand-rolling cigars for them.
Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.                 Before moving to downtown Mesa, Habanos
And just as Orson Welles will sell no wine before its       Torres Cigar Factory was at Southern Avenue and
time, none of Timothy’s tobacco gets rolled until it’s      Extension Road. Timothy has operated the cigar fac-
old. Cigar manufacturers typically age their tobacco        tory for five years but the self-proclaimed “electronics
two or three years, he said. The pre-rolled cigars at       geek” makes a living as an electronic engineer for
Habanos Torres Cigar Factory are made with tobacco          Ikon Office Solutions.
eight years or older, and the ones Timothy rolls on             “The cigar factory is not a business, it’s a passion.
demand are made with 30-year-old tobacco.                   It just makes me happy to do this,” he said.
   “One of the toughest qualities to achieve with               If you also have a passion for cigars, stop by
tobacco is smoothness. To get that, it has to be prop-      Habanos Torres Cigar Factory. Current hours of
erly fermented and cured, and that takes years. You         operation are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to
can do other things to add flavor and create a nice         7 p.m. For more information call (480) 833-0087
draw, but if you want a cigar that’s smooth, there’s no     or visit

 Don’t Just CruisE MAin strEEt, CruisE into JoE’s hotroD shoP
                                                                                                        Over the past year or so, Downtown Mesa has become a destina-
                                                                                                     tion for organized car cruising with large crowds turning out for events
                                                                                                     like Memories On Main Street and Hotrods, Hotdogs and
                                                                                                        Now, with the opening of Joe’s Hotrod Shop at 48 S. Robson
                                                                                                     St., #103, downtown has also become a better place than ever to
                                                                                                     have hotrods, street rods and muscle cars serviced, repaired and cus-
                                                                                                        Owner Joe Dahl puts his 42 years of experience to good use work-
                                                                                                     ing on engines, transmissions, chassis, electrical systems and just
                                                                                                     about everything else except paint and interiors.
                                                                                                        “I can do everything from a simple tune-up to a frame-off,” he said,
                                                                                                     meaning he can do a complete restoration by taking the frame off a
                                                                                                     vehicle, stripping it down to nothing, then building it back up again.
                                                                                                        Joe said his latest specialty is putting state-of-the-art fuel-injected
                                                                                                     engines and transmissions into older cars. He also specializes in fabri-
                                                                                                     cation. “People are used to buying parts from magazines or online,
                                                                                                     but if it’s not available I can build it,” he said.
                                                                                                        Joe’s clean, spacious shop is filled with sleek American cars from
                                                                                                     past decades. He only works on domestic vehicles, but what year they
                                                                                                     were made isn’t much of an issue. “The oldest car I ever worked on
                                                                                                     was a 1916 Model T, and the latest was a 2006 pickup.”
                                                                                                        So don’t just cruise Main Street, cruise into Joe’s Hotrod Shop, just
                                                                                                     one block south of Main on Robson Street. For more information call
 Joe Dahl in his shop with an immaculate ’68 Camaro.                                                 Joe at (480) 215-7474.
Page 4: New Businesses                                                                                                                  March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

signsXtrA ProviDEs quAlity, CustoMEr sErviCE                                                                         AnD      sPEED
    SignsXtra recently began providing signs with             tion – much faster.”
Xtra quality, Xtra customer service and Xtra fast turn-          SignsXtra also makes a point of returning cus-
around from its new office at 12 N. Center St.                tomers’ phone calls, keeping them up-to-date,
    SignsXtra designs, fabricates and installs custom         giving prompt quotes and doing whatever else it
building signs and freestanding monument signs. The           takes to keep them happy. “With other sign com-
company uses the latest in signage and computer               panies, it’s not unusual for customers to wait two
technologies to make indoor and outdoor business ID           to four weeks for a quote. We give quotes in two                This freestanding
signs, neon signs, LED signs, building directory signs,       to four days,” Jared said, adding that customers                 ground sign and
entrance monuments, freestanding ground signs,                will find their prices very competitive.                    illuminated building
illuminated signs, architectural signs, sign plaques             After a job gets going, SignsXtra will submit               sign are examples
and more.                                                     the proper materials for a sign permit to the                of quality work pro-
    But again, all of these fall under the specific catego-   appropriate municipal office. “This service is               vided by SignsXtra.
ries of building signs and freestanding monument              complimentary, as a little thank you to our cus-
signs, which sets SignsXtra apart from most other sign        tomers for choosing SignsXtra. Besides, we have
companies. “Other sign companies do a little of every-        dealt with every city in the Valley. We know the
thing,” said owner Jared Payne. “I’ve found that when         permitting process well, so why put the customer
you do a little bit of everything, everything gets done       through it?”
with a little bit of quality. So we specialize only in           Quality, customer service and speed are sure
building signs and monument signs. That way we can            signs of a good sign company. For more informa-
not only provide higher quality, we can run signs             tion on SignsXtra call (602) 283-3791 or visit
through the entire process – from design to installa-

 lingEriE MADE so wEll you CAn’t EvEn sEE it
    Lingerie is like the cosmetic foundation beneath a           MySkins sells only its own brand of bras and
 woman’s blush and eyeliner. If it’s applied well, you        underwear, each available in three styles. What sets
 don’t even see it.                                           the company apart from other lingerie makers is
    MySkins, which recently opened at 29 W. Main              that everything comes in 20 different skin tones.
 St. and is online at, makes                     “Traditionally, women could choose between three
 lingerie that serves as an all-but-invisible “founda-        basic lingerie colors: Caucasian, African-American and
 tion” beneath a woman’s clothing, so people see her          Hispanic. If it didn’t closely match the woman’s skin
 gown, jeans or T-shirt, not her bra and underwear.           tone, the lingerie would show through the clothing.
                                                                      With MySkins lingerie available in a much wider
                                                                       range of skin tones, we’re able to minimize that
                                                                       sort of color transfer,” said Jon Richards who
                                                                       owns MySkins with his wife Marla.
                                                                           While developing its product line, MySkins
                                                                       surveyed nearly 700 women on ASU’s cam-
                                                                       pus, matching each woman’s skin tone to a
                                                                       color card. The company actually discovered
                                                                       37 distinct skin tones but eventually nar-
                                                                       rowed it down to 20 that cover 95 percent of
                                                                       the population.
                                                                           MySkins lingerie is also molded, not sewn,
                                                                       so it’s literally seamless. That means bra and
                                                                       panty lines don’t show through clothing.
                                                                           “With lingerie that’s both seamless and
                                                                       matched to a woman’s skin tone, others see
                                                                       their clothing, not their underwear. Ultimately
                                                                       it’s about women dressing well and feeling
                                                                       good about themselves throughout the entire
                                                                       day,” Jon said.
                                                                           MySkins does most of its business online.
                                                                       Before making a purchase, customers receive
                                                                       color cards by mail for determining their own
                                                                       skin tone. Walk-in customers can also buy
                                                                       lingerie at 29 W. Main St. and get assistance
                                                                       with matching their skin tone to lingerie.
                                                                           For more information, visit www.myskins.
                                                                       com or stop by the new store. MySkins can
                                                                       also be reached at (480) 464-0200.
Page 5: Downtown News                                                                                                            March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

DiAMonD’s sPorts grillE: A PlACE For All sEAsons
   The sports bar/restaurant at 161 N. Centennial         and I want to bring them back.”
Way remains a haven for Chicago Cubs fans, but the           To ensure locals enjoy Diamond’s Sports Grille
new owner has made improvements aimed at enticing         year-round, Jamie is bringing back many classic menu
more local customers to enjoy great food and fun          items that were popular even before the Sluggo’s era
year-round.                                               from 1998 to 2008. Items like the Friday Night Fish
   Jamie Strain recently purchased Sluggo’s Sports        Fry, Spinach Dips, Seafood Entrée, Chicken Alfredo
Grill, changed the name to Diamond’s Sports               and Mozzarella Steaks were hits in the late 1980s and
Grille and spruced up the place with new paint, new       early 90s when the business was called Harry &
flooring, new plasma TVs and more. One thing he left      Steve’s Chicago Grill, after its original owners
intact, however, are the interior murals of Chicago       announcer Harry Caray and Major League pitcher
Cubs baseball players.                                    Steve Stone. “We’re returning the food to the quality
   “We realize this is a Cubs bar in March, and it will   people remember from those days,” Jamie said.
remain that way,” he said.                                   Jamie is also keeping most of the existing staff
   During Cactus League Spring Training the bar/          including employees customers know by name like Epi
restaurant will continue to provide its own busses for    Luna who has been a server for 30 years. Fermin
shuttling customers to and from HoHoKam Stadium           Villagran who was the cook for 24 years left for a       The owner of Diamonds Sports Grille brings a fresh
for Cubs games. As always, there will be food and         short time but recently returned to work for Jamie.      face to the bar/restaurant although customers will rec-
drink specials on Cubs game days, and the outside            Sports fans or anyone seeking a great place for       ognize most of the staff from the business formerly
seating area will be expanded.                            lunch or dinner can stop by Diamond’s Sports Grille      called Sluggo’s. From left: Epi Luna who has served
   While baseball may be on customers’ minds in           – any time of year – from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. every day    food there for 30 years, bartender Emy Garcia, owner
March, locals can enjoy Diamond’s Sports Grille well      of the week, except Sunday evenings when it some-        Jamie Strain, and Fermin Villagran who has been the
                                                          times closes earlier. For more information call (480)    cook for 24 years.
beyond Spring Training. “This is not just a Cubs bar
for Cubs season. I’m here the whole year, 24/7. This      844-3888. Also watch for their new website at
place used to be filled all the time with people from
Brown & Brown Chevrolet and other local businesses

                                                                                        uniquE ‘loFts At thE DrEw’ now
                                                                                        oFFEring wEEkly, nightly stAys
                                                                                            Chicago Cubs fans, corporate travelers and other visitors to Mesa who want
                                                                                        to experience upscale urban living in the heart of downtown will enjoy staying
                                                                                        at Lofts at the Drew, 39 W. Main St.
                                                                                            In March, about a half-dozen of the building’s nine executive loft suites will
                                                                                        become available for daily and weekly stays. Located above retail stores in a
                                                                                        neocolonial 1920s building, these immaculate studio and one-bedroom lofts
                                                                                        feature full kitchens, 10-foot ceilings and original maple floors. Each loft is indi-
                                                                                        vidually furnished and decorated, and some reflect the building’s historic charac-
                                                                                        ter with exposed red brick.
                                                                                            Other amenities include daily maid service and wireless Internet access, and
                                                                                        all guests appreciate the common laundry facility and business center with com-
                                                                                        puter and fax machine. Great downtown shopping and dining is right outside the
                                                                                        building’s front door, the beautiful Mesa Arts Center is just a half-block away,
                                                                                        and Chicago Cubs spring training is only 1.5 miles north.
                                                                                            For more information on The Lofts at the Drew, call (480) 969-1454 or visit
                                                                               Guests who mention this Downtown Focus article will get
                                                                                        half-off the price of their first night’s stay.

                                                                                             The Sonoma
                                                                                        Suite exudes the
                                                                                            feeling of the
                                                                                         California wine
                                                                                          country. Other
                                                                                        suites are equal-
                                                                                         ly beautiful but
                                                                                        furnished differ-
                                                                                        ently to create a
                                                                                        variety of attrac-
                                                                                          tive looks such
                                                                                           as a New York
                                                                                           loft or a home
                                                                                          in the country.
Page 6: Downtown News                                                                                      March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

 MurAlt’s JEwElErs oFFEring FAMous sunkEn trEAsurE                                            Downtown MEsA
                                         In 1622, the Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de
                                         Atocha sank near Key West, Florida during a hur-
                                                                                              AssoCiAtion CElEBrAtEs
                                         ricane. In 1985, treasure hunter Mel Fisher made
                                         headlines around the world when he discovered        25th AnnivErsAry with
                                         the ship along with 40 tons of gold and silver,
                                         including more than 100,000 silver coins known
                                         as "Pieces of Eight.” In 2009, a handful of those
                                                                                              APril 23 oPEn housE
                                                                                                 Downtown Mesa Association (DMA) will cele-
                                         Spanish silver coins found their way into Muralt’s   brate 25 years of service by hosting an Open House
                                         Custom Jewelers, 130 W. Main St. in downtown         for downtown stakeholders on April 23 from 4 to 7
                                         Mesa. The store also has coins from the Atocha’s     p.m. at the DMA office at 58 W. Main St.
                                         sister galleon, the Santa Margarita, which also         Business owners, property owners, former DMA
                                         sank near Florida in 1622. These coins are not       board members, City of Mesa officials and staff, and
                                         only centuries old, they are truly unique, having    other stakeholders within the downtown square mile
                                         been minted specifically for the ships that car-     (bounded by Country Club Drive, Mesa Drive, University
                                         ried them and the Spanish monarch at the time.       Drive and Broadway Road) are invited to informally
                                         You can see the coins at Muralt’s Custom             learn more about DMA, the services it has provided for
                                         Jewelers along with many other treasures creat-      a quarter century, and what the private, non-profit
                                         ed by owner Matt Muralt who makes rings,             corporation is doing today. Open House attendees will
                                         bracelets, pendants and such out of gold, silver     also enjoy mingling with other downtown stakeholders
                                         and platinum. Muralt’s Custom Jewelers is open       at this casual yet informative event.
                                         Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5:30              Those wishing to attend DMA’s Open House are
                                         p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The         asked to please RSVP by April 16 by calling DMA at
                                         shop can also be reached at (480) 969-4653.          (480) 890-2613 or emailing to MaryBeth@
                                                                                                 We’ll see you there!

                                                                               lAw oFFiCEs    oF   MArk A. winsor, PlC BECoMEs
                                                                                       winsor & MArCo, PlC

                              By Tess

             Accounting and Tax Services
           Individual and Small Businesses
         Accurate, Affordable and Dependable

 · PERSONAL                           · QUICK BOOKS SET UP
                               Prepare Your Taxes Online at
                                                                        The law firm at 1 N. Macdonald St., Suite 507, inside the One
                                                                        Macdonald Center building announced that the Law Offices of
                                                                        Mark A. Winsor, PLC has changed its name to Winsor & Marco,
                  251 N. Morris St. · Mesa, AZ 85201                    PLC. Daniel J. Marco recently joined as partner in the capacity of
                         Located in downtown Mesa since 2000,           Sr. Partner of Administration. He brings many years of experience
                        just off University Dr. & Country Club Dr.      in personal injury, criminal defense, product liability and civil
                                                                        litigation to the firm. The law firm is already known for its bank-
                   (480) 649-3665 ·                  ruptcy law expertise and its large immigration practice. For more
                    Call to schedule your confidential appointment      information call (480) 505-7044 or visit
Page 7: Downtown News                                                                                                                    March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

PEtE's Fish & ChiPs thAnks CustoMErs                                                          For      62 yEArs                oF        suCCEss
    Pete's Fish & Chips, which has a downtown
Mesa location at 22 S. Mesa Dr., is celebrating 62
years of serving "the fastest fish in the Valley" and will
thank its customers by giving many of them prizes.
    On Monday, March 23, Pete's Fish & Chips will offer
44 ounce sodas for just 62 cents. Also, throughout the
day random receipts will be marked for free give-aways
such as T-shirts, hats, beanies, sports bottles, sodas, and
coupons for free burgers and fish and chips. Additionally,
customers can fill out an entry form to win a family-of-
four pass to Golfland Sunsplash, a $20 Pete’s gift cer-
tificate and Pete’s T-shirts for the family.

siXty-two yEArs         oF history
   In the 1940s, the late Pete Grant traveled quite a bit.
While attending the British Open in England he got a
taste of fish and chips, which greatly impressed him.
During WWII, while serving as a PT Boat captain in the
Philippines, he got something less impressive – malaria.                      THEN                                                    NOW
   Pete’s doctor recommended he move to a dry cli-            An employee stands in front of the       Employee Jennifer Court stands in front of the Pete’s Fish & Chips that
                                                              first Pete’s Fish & Chips location,      opened in 1953 in downtown Mesa and is still serving great food at
mate, like Egypt or Arizona. “Hell, I can’t speak             which opened in 1947 in a portable       great prices.
Egyptian, so I looked up Arizona on the map,” Pete            wooden building in Phoenix.
told the Mesa Tribune decades ago.
   Pete arrived in Phoenix on Christmas Day, 1946                "When he made a $12 profit for one day, he knew he      $2.30. No, that price is not from 1947, it’s the price
with a pregnant wife and $900 to his name. He had             was on to something," said Pete’s daughter, Kathy Adams.   today. A five-piece fish and chips costs only $7.80.
lined up a job as a high school shop teacher, but his            The business was so successful, in fact, that Pete         Of course, the restaurant’s tasty Icelandic cod fillets
taste for teaching was outweighed by his memory of            opened eight additional locations, including the open-     come with Pete’s special sauce. The recipe for the
English fish and chips. So he changed his plans and           ing in 1953 of the restaurant in downtown Mesa. His        spicy red concoction is a closely guarded secret. All we
used all of his cash to buy used restaurant equipment         formula for success revolved around three simple con-      know is that it’s made fresh daily, and it’s so good
and a bit of food including some frozen cod fillets. In       cepts – price, quality and service.                        customers buy it in separate containers to take home.
March 1947, Pete’s Fish & Chips opened in a small                Prices at Pete’s Fish & Chips are indeed remark-           “People even call us from California and want us to
portable wood building on Van Buren Street.                   able. A one-piece order of fish and chips costs only       Fed-Ex them some sauce,” Kathy said.
                                                                                                                            Want ketchup? Pete’s doesn’t serve it. Too bland.
                                                                                                                         Everything on the menu tastes better with the special

                                                                                                                         sauce including the shrimp, scallops, oysters, crabettes,
                                                                                                                         chicken tenders, burritos, corn dogs and hot dogs.
                                                                                                                         Customers also love the sauce on burgers, including
                                                                                                                         the third-pound Monsterburger named after Pete's
                                                                                                                         daughters, whom he called his "little monsters."

    AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE CENTER                                                                                               In 1987, Pete Grant was tragically killed in his
                                                                                                                         apartment by a robber. His restaurant’s formula for
                                                                                                                         success, however, has been kept alive by Pete’s
                                                                                                                         daughters Kathy Adams, Pat Foster, Ginnie Grant and
                          For All Mesa Residents                                                                         Barbara Sanders who continue to provide high quality,
                                                                                                                         low prices and great service.

                                                                                                                            Stop by this long-established family-owned restau-
                                                                                                                         rant and discover why so many people are, as they
                                                                                                                         say, "addicted to Pete's Fish and Chips". While you're
                                                                                                                         there, say "Happy 62nd" to the friendly people who
                                                                                                                         serve you. If you're lucky, you may even win a prize!
                                                                                                                            For more information on Pete's Fish & Chips, call (480)
                         Catering to Downtown Mesa                                                                       964-7242 or visit

             Full Automotive Repair
     Full Maintenance • Free Brake Check
    Free Alignment • Check Fleet Accounts

        104 E. Main St. • (480) 649-0839                                                                         · High-Speed Internet

                  Monday thru Saturday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Page 8: Downtown News                                                                                                        March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

Downtown CoMMErCiAl ProPErtiEs                                                               toDAy’s lEsson: whErE to FinD
oFFEr EXCiting oPPortunitiEs                                                                 AFForDABlE, FrEsh-BrEwED
   Even with today’s economy, downtown         the information in the Downtown Mesa
Mesa can be a profitable place to work,
invest and do business. One reason for this
                                               Commercial Property Availability Report.
                                               This free report is posted at www.            CoFFEE in thE Morning
is downtown has such a diversity of com- and is also available
mercial properties for sale and lease in a     directly from DMA at:
wide range of prices. Whether you’re seek-
ing a small affordable space, a large high-         Downtown Mesa Association
end space or anything in between, down-                58 West Main Street
town’s the place to find it.                            Mesa, AZ 85201
   There are more than 70 commercial                     (480) 890-2613
properties for sale and/or lease through-
out downtown Mesa, which comprise a               Additionally, if you communicate your
small part of the total 1,475 commercial       future space needs to DMA now, we may
parcels within the square-mile district.       be able to match you with a vacancy cre-
These include office spaces and buildings,     ated by a future relocation. DMA regularly
retail and commercial spaces and build-        helps prospective owners and tenants as
ings, and industrial properties that range     far out as one year. Feel free to contact
from a few hundred square feet to more         Tom Verploegen, DMA President, at (480)
than 40,000 square feet.                       890-2613 or
   Whatever your budget or business plan,         Below are just a few samples of com-
one of these spaces may be just right for      mercial properties for sale or lease. Many
you. DMA tracks them all and publishes         others are available.
                                                                                                 At Mesa Public Schools, ABC stands for Always Brewing Coffee.
                                                                                                 Well not always, but Mesa Public Schools (MPS) does brew
                                                                                              coffee every day that school is in session. They serve it to the public
                                                                                              from 6:30 to 9 a.m. at their coffee bar in the lobby of the Mesa Bank
                                                                                              Building, 63 E. Main St.
                                                                                                 A fresh-brewed 12-ounce cup of regular, decaf, hazelnut or French
                                                                                              vanilla coffee costs only $1.25. The bar is self-serve so you can add
                                                                                              just the right amount of milk, half-and-half, sugar, cinnamon, flavored
                                                                                              syrup, chocolate, caramel or pumpkin pie spice. You can also grab
                                                                                              whichever muffin, bagel, crescent or breakfast bar looks tastiest.
                                                                                                 Sales benefit MPS’ Food and Nutrition Department.
                                                                                                 The coffee bar, which opened in September, is an extension of
                                                                                              MPS’ cafeteria on the 8th floor of the Mesa Bank Building, which is
                                                                                              also open to the public. A number of MPS offices, including the office
                                                                                              of the superintendent, are also in the building.
                                                                                                 Public parking spaces on Main and Sirrine Streets allow customers
                                                                                              to pull right up to the Mesa Bank Building so they can quickly and
                                                                                              easily buy their morning cup of coffee.
                                                                                                 For more information on Mesa Public Schools visit
 Four office suites are available at 12 N. Center St. They range from
 about 100 to 130 square feet, with lease rates from $299 to $390 per

                                                                                            60 Anniversary
 month. Amenities include 24/7 building access, receptionist/office man-
 ager, conference room usage, T1 High Speed Internet Line, Nortel Phone
 Line, and janitorial service.

             This                                                                             60% Off All Diamonds, Pearls
foot commercial
  property at 52
                                                                                                Gemstones and 14k Gold
 S. Mesa Dr. is
   for lease. The
   building has a
 drive-thru area,
 large storefront                                                           Tues. - Fri.
  windows, light-
                                                                            9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.                              54 W. Main St., Downtown Mesa
      ed sign and
12-foot ceilings.
                                                                            10 a.m. to 3 p.m.                                              (480) 964-5822
Page 9: Downtown Events                                                                                                         March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

                                                      MACFEst Artist sPotlight
 thE CuBs                                             By Denise Currier
                                                         Every Saturday MACFest, Mesa Arts and Culture
    ArE BACk in town!                                 Festival, is a community-owned “Made by Me” quality arts
                                                      and crafts festival featuring artist exhibition spaces on
                                                      Main and Center Streets in downtown Mesa. This shop-
                                                      ping opportunity is free to the public, and at each week’s
                                                      event a MACFest Blue Ribbon Winner is presented.
                                                         “Exhibitors create and sell wonderful handmade art
                                                      and each has a story to tell. I am enticed to ask the
                                                      winners a few questions. This is an example interview
                                                      from one of these fine artists,” said MACFest Volunteer
                                                      Committee Member, Denise A. Currier.
                                                         For this issue of the Downtown Focus paper,
                                                      Denise profiled Sienna Morris. The artist and her
                                                      husband moved to Phoenix after two-and-a-half years
                                                      in Southern China. Sienna uses pen and pencil in her
                                                      "Perpetual Motion" series and is also a painter and a

                                                      When did you start your art work or creative
                                                      I started this series about five months ago during a                 Artist Sienna Morris. Photo by Denise Currier
    Chicago Cubs fans can enjoy 19 Cactus League      very difficult time. I've been painting and drawing
 home spring training games at HoHoKam Park,          for as long as I remember. My families are all artists       Sienna’s statement about her artwork:
 located just a baseball’s throw from downtown        in one form or another, so I was supported from              We're constantly moving in one of four directions.
 Mesa at 1235 N. Center St. The 2009 game             early on to pursue.                                          Even if we choose to do nothing at all, we are still
 schedule is as follows. All games begin at 1:05                                                                   moving through time. Every frame, there is a new
 p.m. unless indicated otherwise.                     Do you have an actual art studio within your                 "you", fully formed in the present , built on our past
                                                      home and/or location in which you create?                    and hoping for the future, but only existing now.
 ·   Wed., Feb. 25: vs. Los Angeles Dodgers           I don't! I had a great home studio when I was living
 ·   Thurs., Feb. 26: vs. Milwaukee Brewers           in China, and everything was either tile or stone in            Following are other recent “MACFest Blue Ribbon
 ·   Sat. Feb. 28: vs. Chicago White Sox              the house, so I could splash paint around without            2008- 2009 season weekly winners. Come see their
 ·   Mon., March 2: vs. Arizona                       having to worry about it. Now that I'm back in the           creative arts and crafts at MACFest!” Juston Daniels,
     Diamondbacks                                     world of carpet and wood, I have to be careful               Glass; Ken Poppe, Wood Creations; JoAnne and
 ·   Tues., March 3: vs. Oakland A’s                  again. Fortunately, I'm mostly working in pencil             Barry Reifman, Jewelry By Jo; Viola Burke, Who
 ·   Fri., March 6: vs. Los Angeles Dodgers           and pen now.                                                 are you Creations; George Wimsatt, Leather by
 ·   Sun., March 8: vs. Texas Rangers                                                                              George; Tom Janca, Photographer and Potter;
 ·   Mon., March 9: vs. Kansas City Royals            What is it that makes you aspire to create your              Kevin Horace Quannie, Sand Painter and Mono
 ·   Thurs., March 12: World Baseball Classic         art work?                                                    Printer; Brian Billings, Abstract Art; Dick Rambo,
 ·   Fri., March 13: vs. Seattle Mariners             The focus of this series, Perpetual Motion, is time          Ceramics.
 ·   Sat. March 14: vs. L.A. Angels of                and the idea of living in the moment, being that
     Anaheim                                          there's really nothing else. That's not easy for me.            MACFest is being held every Saturday from 10
 ·   Weds., March 18: vs. San Francisco               I'm constantly in the future, planning or worrying           a.m. to 4 p.m. through May. For more information
     Giants                                           about it, or in the past, regretting or daydreaming          visit
 ·   Fri., March 20: vs. San Diego Padres             about it. Maybe I'm trying
 ·   Sun., March 22: vs. Seattle Mariners             to impart wisdom, but I'm
 ·   Tues., March 24: vs. Colorado Rockies            trying to get it through my
 ·   Fri., March 27: vs. Chicago White Sox            head too.
 ·   Sun., March 29: vs. Cleveland Indians
 ·   Tues., March 31: vs. L.A. Angels of              What is your greatest
     Anaheim                                          art accomplishment?
 ·   Thurs., April 2: vs. Cleveland Indians           This series, hands down.
    Hotel packages are available with premium         It's the first important
 seats at Cubs games. Participating hotels include,   thing I've done as an art-
 among others, the Best Western Mezona Inn,           ist. This is the first time I
 250 W. Main St. For details call (480) 834-9233      feel that my work is speak-
 or visit                          ing for others and not just
                                                      myself and my personal               Come see our working studio and display area in one
    For a free Cubs hotel package brochure, stop by
 the Mesa Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, 120 N.     battles.                             of the original blacksmith shops in Downtown Mesa.
 Center St., or call (480) 827-4700 or 1(800)
 283-MESA, or visit                                                    48 S. Robson, Suite 102                    Hours by Appointment
    Tickets can be ordered at (800) 905-3315,                                             Mesa, Arizona                                      602-617-0997, or
 at the Hohokam Stadium box office.                                                                                  
Page 10: Downtown Events                                                                                                      March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

                          ZiMBABwEAn stonE sCulPturEs, rECyClED Art
 Downtown MErChAnts PrEsEnt

            sEConD FriDAy CStone sculptures and recycledriZonA MusEuM For youth
                            ontinuE At A
                                                         art are
                                                           among the many things to enjoy in March
                                                           and April at the Arizona Museum for
                                                           Youth, 35 N. Robson St.

                                                           stonE sCulPturEs
                                                              Through March 29, museum visitors
                                                           can enjoy the internationally renowned
                                                           stone sculptures of one of Zimbabwe’s
                                                           national treasures, Dominic Benhura.
                                                              From depictions of a charging elephant
                                                           and menacing king cobra to adoring fami-
                                                           lies and children at play, these sculptures
                                                           enthrall visitors with glimpses of Benhura’s
                                                           homeland while eloquently bridging cul-
                                                           tural and geographical divides.
                                                              Along with the sculptures, hands-on art                            A stone elephant by Dominic Benhura
                                                           activities help the local community connect
                                                           with the fantastic people, animals and artis-
                                                           tic world of Benhura, the love of his family and the   useless junk into artistic expressions of hope for a
                                                           natural resources of Zimbabwe.                         sustainable future.

                                                           Full CirClE: rECyClED        into Art                     The Arizona Museum for Youth is open Tuesday
                                                              Full Circle: Recycled into Art has been extended    through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sunday
 Second Friday attendees got into the swing of things      through May. This exhibition features activities and   from noon to 4 p.m. Admission is $5.50 for everyone
 on Feb. 13 when the theme was "Sock Hop On Main."         workshops that allow children to transform seemingly   over the age of one and free for members and those
 Special activities included free swing dance lessons in                                                          under one. For more information, visit www.arizona-
 front of OneOhOne Gallery, 101 W. Main St.                                                              or call (480) 644-2467.

    Unique shopping, great dining, live entertainment,
 fun activities and classic car cruises continue during

                                                                           Grandma’s Kitchen
 Second Friday, the merchant-coordinated event held
 the second Friday of every month from 6 to 10 p.m.
 on and around West Main Street in downtown Mesa.
    Every Second Friday has a different theme. Here’s
 what you can look forward to in the coming months:
       March 13: Spring Training on Main
          Baseball theme during Chicago
              Cubs Spring Training!
                                                                                       Breakfast & Lunch
                                                                       Homemade Quiche, Cobblers & Soups
          April 10: Spring Fling on Main
                    Seasonal fun!
    Many downtown businesses stay open late for
 Second Friday to offer great shopping and dining,
                                                                                           Yogurt & Soft-Serve Ice Cream
 and a number of them host activities including live
 music and classic car cruises. Mesa Arts Center                             Party Trays Available
 and the Arizona Museum of Natural History are                                 for All Occasions!
 also regular participants with their own special
 activities. Additionally, vendors selling arts and
 crafts line the sidewalks of West Main Street.                           Breakfast Served All Day!
    For the most updated information on Second
 Friday, check Artists                                     Kid Friendly!
 and others wishing to have their own 10 x 10 foot
 vendor space can also download an application
                                                                       19 N. Robson St.
    As mentioned, Second Friday is coordinated by                     Downtown Mesa, just north of Main Street
 downtown merchants. For more information con-
 tact Suzanne Woodford, owner, OneOhOne                                       (480) 969-7219
 Gallery, 101 W. Main St., (602) 690-6071, the-                       MONDAY THRU SATURDAY or contact Anita Stapleton, owner,
 Jersey Girl Café, 218 W. Main St., (480) 924-7887,
                                                                          7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Page 11: Downtown Events                                                                                                         March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

EXPlorE MArs                    At    AZ MusEuM                    oF     nAturAl history                             tAkE A grEAt wAlk Downtown
   Experience the red planet in the Mars! exhibition at   Rover and quarter-scale model of a Mars Lander. A           Any tiME oF yEAr to sEE
the Arizona Museum of Natural History, 53 N.              dune machine demonstrates how dunes are created
Macdonald St. While you’re there, you can also            on Mars, a dust devil generator shows the form and          MEsA’s PErMAnEnt
catch the ongoing exhibition PSI: Poop Scene              characteristics of Martian dust devils, and a special
Investigation.                                            scale lets people see what they would weigh on the          sCulPturE CollECtion
                                                          smaller-than-Earth planet. Visitors can also ponder the
MArs!                                                     possibility of life on Mars, learn about Martian myths,
  Recent explorations of Mars by satellite, landers and   explore a Martian volcano as big as Arizona, and
rovers have greatly increased knowledge of the planet.    much more.
The Mars! exhibition is based on spectacular new dis-        The Mars! exhibition continues through summer.
coveries and the technology that made them possible.
  Museum visitors can see a full-size model of a Mars     Psi: PooP sCEnE invEstigAtion
                                                             The exhibition PSI: Poop Scene Investigation
                                                          offers several unusual but fascinating displays.
                                                             The poopetrators in this exhibition are modern and
                                                          extinct animals. Every museum visitor can become a
                                                          PSI (Poop Scene Investigator) to see “who dung it.”
                                                          Investigators use a research lab with different speci-
                                                          mens to determine who did the “odoriferous deed.” A
                                                          number of additional displays are as interesting as they
                                                          are informative.                                            Scrap Book Boy by Tom Bollinger of Tempe
                                                             PSI: Poop Scene Investigation continues through May.
                                                                                                                      With 36 diverse pieces, Mesa’s Permanent
                                                            Museum hours are Tuesday through Friday from 10           Sculpture Collection provides an oppor-
                                                          a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and        tunity to take a great “art walk” down-
                                                          Sunday 1 to 5 p.m. The museum is closed Mondays             town any time of year. The collection has
                                                          and holidays. Admission is: $9 for adults, $5 for chil-     grown to include historical figures, charm-
                                                          dren 3-12, $8 for seniors 65 and older, $7 for stu-         ing children, whimsical characters, ele-
                                                          dents 13 and older with ID, and free for children 2         gant wildlife and intriguing abstractions.
                                                          and younger. For general museum information, call           Most of the sculptures are displayed out-
                                                          (480) 644-2230 or visit                      doors on and around Main Street between
                                                                                                                      Mesa Drive and Country Club Drive. The
                                                                                                                      public can take free self-guided walking
                                                                                                                      tours any day or night at any time. For
                                                                                                                      more      information       visit     www.
                                                                                                             or call Downtown
                                                                                                                      Mesa Association at (480) 890-2613.
                                                                                                                      (also see page 18).

                                                                                                                     sPring hAs sPrung       At thE

                                                                                                                     MEsA CoMMunity
                                                                                                                     FArMEr’s MArkEt
                                                                                                                 Spring is in the air, and there’s no better time to
                                                                                                             buy fresh produce. And there’s no better place to find
                                                          Mars rover                                         it than the Mesa Community Farmer's Market, which
                                                                                                                           continues every Friday from 9 a.m. to 1
                                                                                                                           p.m. This outdoor event is held in front of
                                                                         Security Guards & Patrol Service                  the Mesa Convention Center, on Center
                                                                                 "Serving Arizona for over 73 years" Street just south of University Drive.
                                                                                                                              The Farmer's Market features fresh
                                                                                        · Residential   · Office           produce from local growers, plus a variety
                                                                                                                           of handmade arts and crafts such as jew-
                                                                                        · Industrial      Buildings        elry, wooden toys and wall hangings.
                                                                                        · Construction  · Special             For more information visit www.
                                                                                          Sites           Events  or call
                                                                                        · Schools                          Patricia McNaught Foster at (480)
                                                                                                        · Bonded &         603-6306.
                                                                                         · Hospitals             Insured
                                                           (480) 964-8009
                                                           30-A S. Macdonald
                                                                                         · Shopping            · DPS
                                                           Mesa, Az 85210                  Centers               Licensed
                                                           Fax: (480) 964-4960           · Banks               Job Opportunity
Page 12: Downtown Events                                                                                             March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

PErForMAnCEs                     At     MEsA Arts CEntEr                                                  MEsA Arts CEntEr
    From improv troupes and Afro-Cuban groups to           Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Irish tunes and guys with bassoons (like in symphonies),
a wide range of performances are coming to the four
                                                           Theater League
                                                           March 17-18, multiple show times               sErving FrEE ‘out                        to
state-of-the-art theaters at Mesa Arts Center, 1 E.
Main St. Following are just some highlights for
March and April. For more details, including ticket
                                                           March Off The Cuff
                                                                                                          lunCh’ ConCErts
information and the latest additions to the performance    Friday, March 20 at 7:30 p.m.                    Mesa Arts Center, 1 E.
schedule, visit or call                                                            Main St., is offering free Out to
the box office at (480) 644-6500.                          Classical Music's Greatest Hits Continued      Lunch outdoor concerts on
                                                           Symphony of the Southwest                      Thursdays from 12:30 to 1:30
Arabian Nights                                             Saturday, March 21 at 8 p.m.                   p.m. in the Wells Fargo Garden
The Phoenix Symphony                                                                                      on the Shadow Walk.
Sunday, March 1 at 2 p.m.                                  Footloose: The Musical                           Chairs and lawn seating are
                                                           Mesa Encore Theatre                            available; however, guests are
Juan de Marcos and the Afro-Cuban All-Stars                March 27 to April 5, multiple show times       encouraged to bring stadium cushions and blan-
Tuesday, March 3 at 8 p.m.                                                                                kets. Brown bags and picnic baskets are welcome
                                                           Angelique Kidjo                                and nearby restaurants offer take-out service. All
Tartuffe                                                   Friday, March 27 at 8 p.m.                     Out to Lunch concerts are FREE and open to the
Southwest Shakespeare Company                                                                             public.
March 5-21, multiple show times                            The Merchant of Venice                           This series began in February. The remaining
                                                           Southwest Shakespeare Company                  schedule for March is as follows:
Sir James Galway and Christopher O'Riley                   April 2-18, multiple show times
Friday, March 6 at 8 p.m.                                                                                 · March 5: Desert City Six plays Dixieland
                                                           The Emperor's New Clothes                        and more
Spring Performance and Art Show                            Stageworks                                     · March 12: Liam Mackey and Tim Sadow
Arizona Chinese Arts Academy                               April 17 to May 3, multiple show times           play traditional and original Irish tunes
Saturday, March 7 at 6:30 p.m.                                                                            · March 19: Back Porch Bandits play
                                                           Three Mo' Tenors                                 bluegrass
Dangerous Encounters                                       Saturday, April 18 at 8 p.m.
National Geographic Live                                                                                     For more information call (480) 644-6500 or
Wednesday, March 11 at 7:30 p.m.                           Metropolitan Youth Symphony Concert III        visit
                                                           Tuesday, April 21 at 7 p.m.
The 5 Browns
Friday, March 13 at 8 p.m.

The Irish Rovers
Saturday, March 14 at 8 p.m.

inDEPEnDEnt FilM ‘EvEry
DAy DAnCErs’ to show At
onEohonE gAllEry
    OneOhOne Gallery, 101 W. Main St., will host a view-
ing of the independent film “Divertissement: Every Day Dancers
Stories” by Ed Lippman on March 21 at 8 p.m.
    This documentary follows five amateur ballet dancers ranging                                                Gift
in age from 40 to 61 as they prepare for then take part in a
grueling, adults-only ballet intensive in 2005. Similar to what                                                Cards
aspiring dancers would experience as part of a pre-professional                                               Available
ballet program, these adults who began ballet at an age when
most professional dancers are retiring overcome significant
obstacles to pursue their dreams. How they confront emotional,
social and physical obstacles and how their lives change
becomes a statement that anyone in mid-life or confronting a
life change can understand.
    Mr. Lippman will attend the screening and answer questions
    Admission to “Divertissement: Every Day Dancers Stories”
will be $7, with $1 off for those with student I.D. For more
information visit or contact
Suzanne Woodford at (602) 318-5689 or Steve Weiss at steve@
Page 13: Downtown Events                                                                                                         March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

EXhiBitions               At    MEsA ContEMPorAry Arts                                                               3     For         FrEE!
   Visitors can enjoy a number of intriguing exhibi-     iMPrints: A survEy oF CErAMiCs
tions in March and April at Mesa Contemporary Arts,
                                                         FACulty AnD guEst Artists                                   Downtown Arts AnD CulturAl
the five-gallery complex at Mesa Arts Center, 1 E.
Main St.                                                    Imprints showcases art by current and former fac-        FACilitiEs ArE FrEE thE First sunDAy
                                                         ulty, resident artists and guest artists who contributed    oF EvEry Month
30th AnnuAl ContEMPorAry CrAFts                          to the exceptional ceramics tradition at Mesa Arts
                                                         Center over the last 20 years.                                 Downtown Mesa’s three major arts and cultural
   See the finest in contemporary crafts from 39 art-
                                                            Imprints continues through April 19.                     facilities are FREE to the general public on the first
ists around the country who work in ceramics, fibers,
                                                                                                                     Sunday of each month from noon to 5 p.m.
basketry, metals, wood, glass, jewelry, papermaking
and book arts.                                           AnDrogyny:                                                  through September. This “3 for Free” program
                                                                                                                     includes admission and special engagements at:
   Contemporary Crafts continues through March 15.       nEw work By sErgEi isuPov
                                                            Born and raised in Russia, Isupov’s eastern                 • Mesa Contemporary Arts
BEnEAth thE skin:                                        European upbringing provides him with a unique pro-              at Mesa Arts Center, 1 E. Main St.
Artwork insPirED By tAttoos                              spective of the world that translates in his ceramics,           (see article at left)
   Beneath the Skin: Artwork Inspired by Tattoos         drawings and prints, including 20 large-scale heads
features national contemporary visual artists whose      with hidden, dream-like vignettes at their bottoms.            • Arizona Museum of Natural History
works are inspired by the art and culture of tattoos –      Androgyny runs from April 10 to Aug. 2.                       53 N. Macdonald St.
from revealing portraits of tattoo artists to tattoo                                                                      (see article on page 11)
embroidered-dolls.                                          Mesa Contemporary Arts hours
   Beneath the Skin has been extended until March        are: Tuesday and Wednesday from                                • Arizona Museum for Youth
22.                                                      10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Thursday                                      35 N. Robson St.
                                                         through Saturday from 10 a.m. to                                 (see article on page 10)
                                                         8 p.m.; and Sunday from noon to
systEMiC AutonoMy: JEssE ArMstrong                       5 p.m. Admission is $3.50, and                                The “3 for Free” program is made possible by
   In his mixed media ceramic sculptures, Jesse          children 7 and under are free.                              generous funding from Target.
Armstrong contrasts elements found in both natural       Admission is free on Thursdays.
and urban environments in order to exploit their         For more information, call (480)
diverse but increasingly interrelated content.
   Systemic Autonomy continues through April 12.
                                                         644-6500 or visit www.
                                                                                       MEsA ConvEntion
                                                                  Tattoo art by Don Ed Hardy▲                       CEntEr CAlEnDAr
                                                                                                                    oF EvEnts
                                                                                                                       A diverse range of events are coming to the Mesa
                                                                                                                    Convention Center, 263 N. Center St. The facil-
                                                                                                                    ity includes Mesa Centennial Conference Center,
                                                                                                                    Centennial Hall, Mesa Amphitheatre and other areas.
                                                                                                            w          Following are just some highlights of major events
                                                                                                                    for the general public in the coming months. There
                                                                                                            w       are many more events for specific groups, and the
                                                                                                            .       calendar is continually being updated. For the most
                                                                                                                    updated and comprehensive information, visit www.
                                                                                                            D ,                    www.
                                                                                                           O or any websites listed with
                                                                                                           W        the following events.
                                                                                                                    March 7-8: Rubber Stamp Show
                                                                                                           T        Information:
                                                                                                           W        March 12-14: Arizona Quilters Guild 2009 Show
                                                                                                           N        Information:
                                                                                                           E        April 3: Fall Out Boys
                                                                                                           S        Information:
                                                                                                            .       April 17-18: Arizona Scrapbook Association
                                                                                                           o        April 26-28: Arizona Apparel Show
                                                                                                           m        Information:

                                                                                                                    May 1-3: 9th Annual AZ Tattoo Expo
Page 14: Calendar of Events
                                                                            March 2009                                          March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

     SUNDAY                     MONDAY                TUESDAY                WEDNESDAY             THURSDAY                    FRIDAY                  SATURDAY

 Mesa's Permanent
                                                                                                                                                6                        7
                                                                        3                    4
                                                                                                  Out to Lunch 5
                                                                                                  Free Concert
 Sculpture Collection                                                                            The Desert City Six
                                                                                                   plays Dixieland
                                                                                                       March 5
 Downtown • Year rounD • 30 Plus sculPtures
                                                                                                  12:30 - 1:30 p.m.
 (see pages 16 and 18)
                                                                                                 Wells Fargo Garden
                                                                                                 at Mesa Arts Center
                                                                                                    (see page 12)
                                                                                                        MAC                                                      MACFest
                                                                                                                                                           Mesa Arts &
                         8                     9                       10                  11                       12                         13       Culture Fesival
                                                                                                  Out to Lunch                                       Every Saturday from
             Chicago Cubs                          Full Circle:                                                                                        10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
                                                                                                  Free Concert
             Spring Training                    Recycled Into Art                                 Liam Mackey & Tim            March 13                 West Main Street
                                                                                                                                                       (see pages 9 and 18)
                                                                                                 Sadow play Irish tunes
                   19 Cactus
                League games
                                                   Kids can transform
                                                     junk into artistic                                March 12
                                                                                                                          Second Friday
              Throughout March                     expressions of hope                             12:30 - 1:30 p.m.      This month’s theme:
              (last game April 2)                        Thru May                                 Wells Fargo Garden       “Spring Training
              at HoHoKam Park                          (see page 10)                              at Mesa Arts Center           on Main”
                (see page 9 for                                                                      (see page 12)           (see page 10)
              complete schedule)                                                                         MAC
                                             16                        17                  18                                                  20       Every Day 21
                    15                                                                            Out to Lunch19
                             Mesa Arts Center Theaters                                            Free Concert                                           Dancers
                             March 1: Arabian Nights                                                                                                    Independent
                                                                                                 Back Porch Bandits
                             March 3: Juan de Marcos and the                                                                                         documentary film
                                                                                                    play bluegrass                                  about five amateur
                                        Afro-Cuban All-Stars                                           March 19                                       ballet dancers,
                             March 5-21: Tartuffe                                                 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.                                  all 40-plus in age
                             March 6: Sir James Galway and                                       Wells Fargo Garden                                 March 21 at 8 p.m.
                                        Christopher O'Riley                                      at Mesa Arts Center                                OneOhOne Gallery,
                             March 7: Arizona Chinese Arts                                           (see page 12)                                    101 W. Main St.
                                        Academy                                                         MAC                                             (see page 12)
                             March 11: Dangerous Encounters
                    22       March 13: The 523  Browns            24                        25                   Mesa Contemporary Arts                                 28
                             March 14: The Irish Rovers                                                                 Thru March 15
 Mars!                       March 17-18: Joseph and The Amazing                                              30th Annual Contemporary Crafts
 Exhibition based                           Technicolor Dreamcoat                                                       Thru March 22
 on spectaular               March 20: Off The Cuff                                                    Beneath the Skin: Artwork Inspired by Tattoos
 new discoveries             March 21: Classical Music's Greatest
 about the                               Hits Continued                                                                  Thru April 12
 red planet                  March 27: Footloose - The Musical                                              Systemic Automomy: Jesse Armstrong
 Thru Summer                 March 27: Angelique Kidjo                                                                   Thru April 19
 (see page 11)               (see page 12)                                                        Imprints: A Survey of Ceramics Faculty and Guest Artists
 AMNH                        MAC                                                                                      (see page 13) MCA
                    29                       30                        31                                                                                               31
                                                                             Zimbabwean                                   Mesa
                                                                                Stone                                     Community
                                                                              Sculptures                                  Farmers Market
                                                                                  Enjoy the                               Fresh produce from local
                              PSI: Poop Scene Investigation                    internationally                            growers, plus arts and crafts
                             Unusual but fascinating displays of the         renowned artwork                             Every Friday from 9 a.m. to noon
                              science behind animal “number two”            of Dominic Benhura                            on North Center Street, just south
                                            Thru May                           Thru March 29                              of University Drive, in front of the
                                           (see page 11)                        (see page 10)                             Mesa Convention Center
                                            AMNH                                  AMY                                     (see page 11)

     AMNH                Arizona Museum of Natural History                  53 North Macdonald Street                                         (480)     644-2230
     AMP                 Mesa Amphitheatre                                  University Drive & Center Street Box Office                       (480)     644-2560
     AMY                 Arizona Museum for Youth                           35 North Robson Street                                            (480)     644-2467
     LIB                 Mesa Public Library                                64 East First Street                                              (480)     644-2207
Page 15: Calendar of Events
                                                                    April 2009                                   March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

     SUNDAY                  MONDAY            TUESDAY               WEDNESDAY           THURSDAY               FRIDAY                  SATURDAY
                                                                                                       2                          3                       4

 Mesa's Permanent                                                             Full Circle:
 Sculpture Collection                                                      Recycled Into Art
                                                                            Kids can transform
                                                                              junk into artistic
 Downtown • Year rounD • 30 Plus sculPtures
 (see pages 16 and 18)                                                      expressions of hope
                                                                                  Thru May
                                                                                (see page 10)
                                                                                   AMY                                                        MACFest
                                         6                                                                                                  Mesa Arts &
                         5                                      7                                      9                        10       Culture Fesival
                                                                                                                                      Every Saturday from
                                                  Mars!                                                                                 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
                                             Exhibition based                                                    April 10                West Main Street
                                                                                                                                       (see pages 9 and 18)
                                              on spectaular
                                             new discoveries
                                                                                                           Second Friday
                                                                                                           This month’s theme:
                                                 about the
                                                                                                              “Spring Fling
                                                red planet
                                                                                                                 on Main”
                                               Thru Summer
                                                                                                              (see page 10)
                                               (see page 11)
                     12                 13                   14                   15                  16                        17                      18
                                                                                       Mesa Arts Center Theaters
                                                                                       April 2-18: The Merchant of Venice
                                                                                       April 17: The Emperor's New Clothes
                                                                                       April 18: Three Mo' Tenors
                                                                                       April 21: Metropolitan Youth Symphony Concert III
                                                                                       (see page 12)

                     19                 20                    21                  22

      Mesa Contemporary Arts
               Thru April 12
            Systemic Automomy:
              Jesse Armstrong
              Thru April 19
     Imprints: A Survey of Ceramics
       Faculty and Guest Artists
           April 10 to Aug. 2
              Androgyny:                27                   28                   29                  30
        New Work by Sergei Isupov
                 (see page 13)
                                                                                                           Farmers Market
                     MCA                                                                                   Fresh produce from local
                                             PSI: Poop Scene Investigation                                 growers, plus arts and crafts
                                             Unusual but fascinating displays of the                       Every Friday from 9 a.m. to noon
                                              science behind animal “number two”                           on North Center Street, just south
                                                            Thru May                                       of University Drive, in front of the
                                                           (see page 11)                                   Mesa Convention Center
                                                            AMNH                                           (see page 11)

     MAC                 Mesa Arts Center                           1 East Main Street                                         (480)    644-6500
     MCA                 Mesa Contemporary Arts                     1 East Main Street                                         (480)    644-6500
     MCV                 Mesa Convention Center                     263 North Center Street                                    (480)    644-2178
     MMC                 Mesa Multigenerational Center              247 North Macdonald Street                                 (480)    962-5612
Page 16: Everything Art                                                                                                            March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

EvErything Art                                               ADorn stylE loungE
                                                             160 w. MAin st.
                                                             (480) 491-7773
in Downtown MEsA                                             www.ADornstylEloungE.CoM
                                                                Among its many other offerings, Adorn Style
                                                             Lounge has original artwork.
Continued From Page 1
                                                                This includes acrylics and gouaches by Mesa Art
                                                             League member Sharon Sieben. “To learn a secret
   Like many downtowns across America, downtown              that is hidden in plain sight, to discover something
Mesa has struggled in recent years to develop a dis-         new that has always been there; these revelations are
tinct identity. Ask 10 people what downtown is or            what I try to capture in my sketches and paintings,”
should be and you’ll probably get 10 different answers.      Sieben said.
However, one thing is for sure – downtown is making             Adorn Style Lounge also offers full salon services,
great progress in its quest to find itself.                  hair care products, lotions, soaps, jewelry, clothing
   “Mesa has started a very exciting journey of re-          and more.
branding itself. It is not based on some slick marketing
plan, or on snobbish ambitions, or on keeping up with
the Jones'. It is based on a grassroots aspiration for
                                                             AntiquE PlAZA
something better. The ultimate vision is directly linked     114 AnD 120 w. MAin st.
to the honest ambition this community is willing to          (480) 833-4844
pursue. I am seeing encouraging and exciting signs of            Other than the fact that it’s all antique or collectible,
a community that wants to dream again, and a com-            the artwork at the Antique Plaza defies categorization.
munity that does not want to focus on the "impossi-          You’ll find everything from 19th century original oil
ble,” but on the possible. Downtown Mesa will be a           paintings, to mid-century Native American watercol-
mirror of these dreams,” said Johann Zietsman.               ors, to prints by Patrick Nagel who created art deco
   It is fitting that this quote comes from the Director     illustrations of women before he died of a heart attack
of the City of Mesa Arts & Culture Department, for           in 1984 right after attending a fundraiser for the
whatever dream downtown achieves, the arts will cer-         American Heart Association.
tainly be a key part of it. Just as shops, restaurants and       All-in-all, Antique Plaza probably has hundreds of
offices are critical to a vibrant downtown, so are galler-   artworks. It’s an eclectic, often curious collection
ies, performing groups and arts educators needed to          that’s fun to look at as you stroll the enormous store
create a unique, diverse and flourishing city center.        admiring the abundance of jewelry, furniture, glass,
   Fortunately, downtown’s arts scene is already off to      appliances, toys and other antiques and collectibles.
a great start. In fact, a couple of brand new private
galleries have opened downtown in the past six               AriZonA Arts CollECtivE
months or so. “We are very excited to be in downtown
Mesa, especially right across from Mesa Arts Center,”        EAst vAllEy gAllEry
said Margaret “Midge” White who recently opened              12 w. MAin st.
the Arizona Arts Collective East Valley Gallery, 12 W.       (480) 844-7520
Main St. “We believe there is a great potential to revi-        The Arizona Arts Collective East Valley Gallery
talize downtown Mesa through the arts. We are seeing         features an intriguing collection of paintings, draw-
more people in our gallery, especially on Saturdays          ings, jewelry, mixed media and poetry by a half-dozen
during MACFest.”                                             artists with exceptional talent.
   Ron Floyd, co-founder and president of the East              All of the artists have Downs syndrome, cerebral
Valley Art Guild, echoed the same sentiments in              palsy, multiple sclerosis or other cognitive or physical The Arizona Museum for Youth is showing the interna-
October when his organization opened The Guild               disabilities. By showing and selling their work, the gal- tionally renowned stone sculptures of Dominic Benhura
Gallery at 101, located at 101 W. Main St. “We feel          lery helps them market and sell their art, put them on of Zimbabwe (see next page).
downtown is at a tipping point, on the verge of              a path toward self-sufficien-
becoming a great arts district. We also feel the City of     cy, and boost their self-con-
Mesa and the local businesses are buying into the            fidence.                           Complete line of polishes,
program. The merchants coordinate Second Friday,                The        Arizona     Arts     laCes and aCCessories
and the whole community is involved with MACFest.            Collective East Valley Gallery
You can see a creative culture emerging.”                    rotates shows periodically
   C.J. Rider, president of Mesa Art League, is also         and is seeking more artists.
optimistic. "It's so good to see arts activity emerging in   The gallery takes a 20 per-
downtown Mesa! Dreams are coming true, as can be             cent commission on sales –
witnessed by simply walking down Main Street and             about half of what most
seeing all of the new art spaces."                           other galleries retain.
   Again, downtown’s arts scene is already off to a great                                         28 SOUTH MACDONALD
start. If you’d like to experience what’s happening now,           Continued on Next Page
                                                                                                  MESA, ARIZONA 85210
here’s your guide to everything art in downtown Mesa.                                             DOWNTOWN MESA

visuAl Artsinformation listed for each
Please use the contact
                                                                                                  PHONE: (480) 969-0275
                                                                                                  HOURS: 9 - 5:30 Tues. Fri.                                 owner
business and facility for days and hours of operation                                                    9 - 1 Sat.                               fabian de la rosa
as well as any applicable prices or admission fees.
Page 17: Everything Art                                                                                                                March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

Continued From Previous Page                             Zimbabwe (see the photo on the opposite page, and                  Art On Main’s website at offers
                                                         the article on page 10)                                         over 30,000 pieces of reproduction artwork, most of
                                                            Also see "Art Supplies, Services & Classes"                  which are available in eight different formats, to both
AriZonA MusEuM          For youth
                                                                                                                         retail clients and qualified resellers.
35 n. roBson st.                                                                                                            Also see "Art Supplies, Services and Classes”
(480) 644-2467                                           AriZonA MusEuM            oF nAturAl history
www.AriZonAMusEuMForyouth.CoM                            53 n. MACDonAlD st.
   The Arizona Museum for Youth features art exhibi-     (480) 644-2230                                                  CrEAtivE hEAling works
tions and hands-on activities that introduce basic art                                                   258 w. sEConD st.,
elements to children between birth and 12 years old         The Arizona Highways Magazine Gallery at the                 (602) 791-6136
and their families.                                      Arizona Museum of Natural History showcases dozens              www.CrEAtivEhEAlingworks.CoM
   In Artville, the museum’s miniature city made of      of large, colorful images by some of the state’s leading           This gallery and self-healing studio combines artwork
art, children under 5 have fun while gaining aware-      landscape photographers. It’s a great place to behold           with a variety of healing modalities to create a place of
ness of color, line, shape and texture (see photo on     the beauty of Arizona, from the Grand Canyon and                discovery, growth, transformation and balance.
back cover). The museum also has a great gift shop       Monument Valley to the Chiricahua Mts. and San                     As an artist, owner Joan Marie McWhirter works in
and offers many classes and workshops.                   Francisco Peaks.                                                oil, pastel and acrylics, although her favorite works are
   Current exhibitions include the internationally                        Of course, the Arizona Museum of               collages that combine sculpture, objects and text.
renowned stone sculptures of Dominic Benhura of                        Natural History is even better known as              Creative Healing Works also has a beautiful selec-
                                                                       the state’s premier museum of cultural and        tion of crystals, pendulums, spheres and wands.
                                                                       natural history. Visitors can enjoy dino-            As a facilitator of self-healing, Joan Marie assists
                                                                       saur exhibits, a Native People’s Gallery,         her clients with Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Energetic DNA
                                                                       Spanish Mission, real territorial jail, History   Healing and EFT.
                                                                       Courtyard where visitors pan for gold, the
                                                                       Walk Through Time covering everything             FAith hArvEst ChristiAn BookstorE
                                                                       from the origins of the universe to the first
                                                                                                                         105 w. MAin st.
                                                                       animals to fly, and more. Also see page
                                                                       11 for information on the museum’s cur-           (480) 962-0682
                                                                       rent Mars! exhibition.                            www.FAithhArvEstChurCh.nEt
                                                                                                                            Mark Hillis is not only Pastor of Faith Harvest
                                                                                                                         Christian Church, he is a graduate of the Ringling
                                                                        Art on MAin                                      School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Fla. and a for-
                                                                        48 w. MAin st.                                   mer art teacher. Today, you can see many of his pas-
                                                                        (480) 649-7400                                   tels and oil paintings at Faith Harvest Christian
                                                                        www.logsArt.CoM                                  Bookstore. And people don’t just admire his still lifes,
                                                                           The storefront gallery at Art On Main         landscapes and such, they buy them. “I sold 10 paint-

                                                                        features quality reproduction art. You’ll        ings before Christmas,” Mark said, adding that his
                                                                        find everything from classic movie post-         current display of about a half-dozen artworks will
                                                                        ers to artwork by the world’s foremost           continue to grow.
                                                                        painters and photographers.
   "We Service All Makes & Models"                                                                                                                        Continued on Next Page

            ARIZONA RV, 310 E. MAIN ST.
           MESA, AZ 85201 (480) 968-1634

   $79/Hour SERVICE
       Full Service Including • Brakes/Bearings
        Canopy & Slide Out Repairs • Plumbing
    Counters • Carpet • Upholstery • Windshields
  Rear-View Cameras • Minor Exterior Damage Repair
            Fiberglass Repair and Re-paint
        Rubber Roof Repairs • Locksmith, etc.


   $19.95 OIL CHANGE
              (Restrictions apply for a limited time)

      CALL (480) 461-0023 FOR DETAILS                                   The four state-of-the-art theaters at Mesa Arts Center host a wide range of performances. Juan de
                                                                        Marcos and the Afro-Cuban All-Stars will play in the Ikeda Theater on March 3.
Page 18: Everything Art                                                                                                               March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

EvErything Art                                               phy, sculpture, woodcarvings, tile mosaics, fiber art
                                                             and much more. It’s all original work, and all of the
                                                             artists are on hand to answer questions – or just talk

in Downtown MEsA                                             art! Collectively, the large number of participating art-
                                                             ists and their displays make for a fun, colorful event
                                                             the whole family will enjoy.
Continued From Previous Page                                    The event’s website at
                                                             has more information for downtown visitors, artists
                                                             wishing to participate, and volunteers who would like
thE guilD gAllEry               At   101                     to help out with this fun weekly event.
101 w. MAin st.
(480) 206-5895
                                                             MEsA Art lEAguE
                                                             vArious Downtown vEnus
   The Guild Gallery at 101 is a venue of the East
Valley Art Guild, one of Arizona’s premier arts orga-
                                                                Mesa Art League has been promoting the arts in
nizations with over 200 juried members and as many
                                                             Mesa since 1936. In addition to showing its members’
affiliate artists.
                                                             art at a variety of shows and special events such as        ‘Purple Eagle Majesty’ by Jenny White is part of the
   The gallery has rotating shows featuring its mem-                                                                     fine collection at the Arizona Arts Collective East
                                                             MACFest and 2nd Friday, the league has two fine art
bers’ paintings, photography, sculpture and more.                                                                        Valley Gallery (information on page 16).
                                                             galleries within the square mile of downtown Mesa (oth-
The eclectic, professional-quality displays can be seen
                                                             ers are located beyond downtown). The following ven-
on regular business days. However, some of the most
                                                             ues at the Mesa Multigenerational Center and Center         exhibitions for March and April.
popular times to visit are during 2nd Fridays and
                                                             Against Family Violence feature displays of paintings,
MACFest because the gallery’s location at the south-
                                                             drawings, photography and other media that rotate           • Beneath the Skin: Artwork Inspired by Tattoos
west corner of Main and Macdonald Streets is often a
                                                             every two or three months. All artwork is for sale.           Through March 22
hub of activity during these events, with other groups
providing live music and special happenings.                                                                             • Imprints: A Survey of Ceramics Faculty and
                                                                  ZIA Fine Arts                                            Guest Artists
   The East Valley Art Guild is representative of all arts        at Mesa Multigenerational Center
and provides a forum for members to network, col-                                                                          Through April 19
                                                                  247 N. Macdonald St., (480) 962-5612                   • 30th Annual Contemporary Crafts
laborate, polish creative skills and showcase the rich  
artistic life of the East Valley through exhibits, work-                                                                   Through March 15
shops and educational endeavors.                                  Center Against Family Violence                         • Systemic Autonomy: Jesse Armstrong
                                                                  225 E. First St., Ste. 102, (480) 644-4075               Through April 12
                                                                                                 • Androgyny: New Work by Sergei Isupov
MACFEst                                                                                                                    April 10 to Aug. 2
wEst Downtown MAin strEEt
                                                             MEsA ContEMPorAry Arts                                        For more information on these exhibitions please
   MACFest, the community-owned “made by me”                 At MEsA Arts CEntEr, onE E. MAin st.                        see page 13 or visit the Mesa Arts Center’s website.
arts and cultural festival, continues every Saturday         (480) 644-6560
from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the sidewalks of West Main         www.MEsAArtsCEntEr.CoM
Street in downtown Mesa.                                        Mesa Contemporary Arts features curated and jur-
                                                                                                                         MEsA’s PErMAnEnt sCulPturE CollECtion
                                                             ied exhibitions and installations by emerging and           PriMArily on AnD ArounD Downtown MAin strEEt
   Artists from across the Valley offer paintings,
                                                             internationally recognized artists. Following are the       www.DowntownMEsA.CoM
ceramics, fused and blown glass, jewelry, photogra-
                                                                                                                            With 36 diverse pieces, Mesa’s Permanent Sculpture
                                                                                                                         Collection provides an opportunity to take a great “art
                                                                                                                         walk” any time of year in downtown Mesa. From
                                                                                                                         Humpty Dumpty, polar bears and children at play to
                                                                                                                         a bell people can actually ring and prominent locals
                                                                                                                         who constructed many buildings in Mesa, there’s
All types of artists turn out                                                                                            something for everyone in Mesa’s Permanent Sculpture
on Main Street every                                                                                                     Collection.
Saturday to sell their origi-                                                                                               Most of the sculptures are displayed outdoors on
nal creations at MACFest.                                                                                                and around Main Street between Mesa Drive and
                                                                                                                         Country Club Drive. The public can take free self-
                                                                                                                         guided walking tours any day or night at any time.
                                                                                                                            A printed guide to Mesa’s Permanent Sculpture
                                                                                                                         Collection is available at various downtown locations
                                                                                                                         including major public facilities (museums, library,
                                                                                                                         etc.), and from Downtown Mesa Association (DMA)
                                                                                                                         by emailing to or stop-
                                                                                                                         ping by DMA’s office at 58 W. Main St. The guide is
                                                                                                                         also downloadable from
                                                                                                                         Additionally, the website has a regular webpage with
                                                                                                                         photos and information on all 36 pieces in Mesa’s
                                                                                                                         Permanent Sculpture Collection.

                                                                                                                                                         Continued on Next Page
Page 19: Everything Art                                                                                                             March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

Continued From Previous Page                                • Kathleen Doherty of Carefree who creates                thE PiCniC CoMPAny
                                                              sculpted, fused and carved glassworks.                  (480) 649-3537
                                                            • David Vogt of Scottsdale whose glassworks
MEsA PuBliC sChools’ CrEAtivE AnD                             include flowers, beads and paperweights.
                                                                                                                         The Picnic Company Gourmet Café is currently
PErForMing Arts rEsourCE CEntEr                             • Newt Grover of Scottsdale whose glass creations         showcasing about 20 original artworks by Janice
155 n. CEntEr st.                                             include everything from vases and bowls to              Genevois. In addition to painting on canvas, the
(480) 308-7350                                                sculpture and chandeliers.                              Arizona native paints on antique windows and doors                                               • Lyn Creighton of Ventura, Calif., whose bronze          to create works with “a childlike innocence and naïve
   The big hallway that runs the length of Mesa Public        sculptures celebrate femininity.                        sort of charm that is hard to resist.”
Schools’ (MPS) Creative and Performing Arts Resource        • Tom Baldwin, Navajo master silversmith.                    The artwork is for sale, as are the delicious sand-
Center is filled with artwork by elementary students.       • Dave Wilson of Phoenix who takes a highly               wiches, soups, salads and more that make the Picnic
The sculptures, drawings, paintings and such come             interpretive approach to nature and landscape           Company a popular place to dine.
together to a form fun, colorful display. The artwork         photography.
is among the best student pieces chosen annually for
art shows that travel to each of the elementary             onEohonE gAllEry                                          quEEn's PiZZEriA
schools, and to the downtown Resource Center.               101 w. MAin st.                                           125 w. MAin st.
   In addition to student works, the hallway at the         (602) 690-6071                                            (480) 964-1609
Resource Center features artwork by MPS staff.              www.onEohonE101.CoM                                          Queen Pizzeria raises breakfast and lunch to an
Commercial art and artifacts from cultures around              OneOhOne Gallery offers "A Space for the Arts, a       artform, so it’s fitting that the restaurant decorates its
the world are on display as well, as part of a larger       Place for You!" The gallery features a different show     walls with fine visual art. Stop by for pizza, a sand-
collection at the Resource Center available to MPS          each month, with the opening of each show during          wich, bagel or other fare and you’ll also be treated to
teachers for checkout.                                      2nd Friday (for details on 2nd Friday see page 10).       vibrant contemporary works by local artists.
                                                               OneOhOne Gallery also holds classes, lectures and         In March, the pizzeria will continue showcasing the
MurAlt’s CustoM JEwElErs                                    events on a daily basis. On March 21, the gallery will    colorful urban art of Queen Creek resident Melody
(480) 969-4653                                              host the independent documentary film “Divertissement:    Smith whose collection includes large format acrylics,
                                                            Every Day Dancers Stories” by Ed Lippman (see page        watercolors and uniquely crafted shadow box pieces.
130 w. MAin st.
   Muralt’s Custom Jewelers is best known for the           12 for details). Something exciting is always happening
gold, silver and platinum jewelry made by owner Matt        at OneOhOne Gallery, so check their website                                                Continued on Next Page
Muralt. However, Matt has also been adding original         periodically!
works by a variety of artists, enabling his jewelry store
to double as a gallery. These artists include:
• John Kimball Westbrook of Mesa who sculpts
  Native American “visions in stone.”

       Electrical Repair

                                                   on most
 One Year, 12,000 Mile Warranty                    parts & labor

   (480) 835-0036 - No Appointment Necessary
          66 W. Broadway Rd., Mesa, AZ 85210                               The Big Pink Chair, currently located on the sidewalk in front of 218 W. Main St., remains one of
                                                                           the most popular sculptures on downtown Main Street. It is on loan from Erenberg Brothers and
        Open: Mon-Fri 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sat. by appointment
                                                                           mixed in with more than 30 pieces belonging to Mesa’s Permanent Sculpture Collection.
Page 20: Everything Art                                                                                                               March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

EvErything Art                                             MusiC & thEAtEr listed for each
                                                           Please use the contact information
                                                           business and facility for days and hours of operation
in Downtown MEsA                                           as well as any applicable prices or admission fees.

Continued From Previous Page                               5 stAr D J CEntEr
                                                           210 w. MAin st.
sEConD FriDAy                                              (480) 962-4700
wEst Downtown MAin strEEt                                     Professional and amateur DJ's will find everything
                                                           they need at 5 Star D J Center including mixers, head-
   In addition to great shopping, dining and entertain-    phones, speakers, CD players and turntables. Musicians
ment, Second Friday includes sidewalk vendors selling      appreciate the amps, speaker stands, microphones,
arts and crafts. These include members of Mesa Art         equalizers and more.
League, members of the East Valley Art Guild, and
many other artists.                                        BJJ EvEnts & EntErtAinMEnt
   Second Friday is coordinated by downtown Mesa           30 w. First st., stE. D.
merchants and held the second Friday of every month        (480) 649-7146
from 6-10 p.m. on and around West Downtown Main               Among other things, these professionals provide
Street. For the most updated information visit www.        lessons in piano, violin, viola and cello. Instruction is Also see the article on page 10.         comprehensive and emphasizes a classical repertoire.

thE storE       At MEsA Arts CEntEr                        Flying BlAnkEt rECorDing
onE E. MAin st.                                            304 n. roBson st.
(480) 644-6515                                             (480) 390-0863
www.MEsAArtsCEntEr.CoM                                     www.FlyingBlAnkEt.CoM
   The Store at Mesa Arts Center offers original glass-       Flying Blanket Recording specializes in all-analog
works, ceramics, jewelry and more by local artists,        recording and mixing. Its fully-equipped studios fea-
national artists and Mesa Arts Center students and resi-   ture some of the best vintage gear available plus a         Twisted Sisters’ Designs offers stylish one-of-a-kind jewelry.
dents. The variety of colorful, one-of-a-kind creations    large collection of guitars, amps, drums and other          Debra McKee (shown above working with beads), Rita Offutt
make the store as interesting to visit as any gallery.     instruments. Out-of-town artists appreciate the loung-      and Mary Heldenbrand use their own designs and make
   The Store at Mesa Arts Center also has books,           es, kitchen and other facilities.                           most of their own materials (information on page 22).
CDs, greeting cards, art supplies, fun children's items,
and artistic novelties guaranteed to generate smiles.                        Continued on Next Page

   All purchases are free of sales tax, and proceeds
directly benefit Mesa Arts Center programs.

                                                                                                             Complete Car Care & Maintenance

                                                                                                                  133 S. Country Club Dr., Mesa
                                                                                                                         (480) 844-2552
                                                                                                             Emissions · Brakes · Exhaust · Alignment
                                                                                                             Fuel System Service · A/C · Chassis Dyno
                                                                                                                Fluid Exchange & Flush Equipment
                                                                                                                           Fleet Service

                                                                                                              $20 OFF ANY SERVICE
                                                                                                                                With This Ad

Mesa Public Schools’ (MPS) Creative and Performing Arts Resource Center is filled with artwork by
elementary students, artwork by MPS staff, and commercial art and artifacts from cultures around the
world (information on page 19).
Page 21: Everything Art                                                                                                             March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

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groovE hEADs EntErtAinMEnt
117 n. wilBur st.
(602) 402-6306
   Groove Heads will come to any social or corporate
event and use green screen technology to superim-
pose attendees’ heads onto professional dancers’ bod-
ies to create music videos with the original artist’s
music. Never mind if attendees can’t sing, dance or
play instruments, their videos are sure to make your
event a hit!
   Groove Heads also provides event photography
and full audio and video production services.

linton-MilAno MusiC – PiAnos
45 w. MAin st.
(480) 833-7238
   Arizona's oldest family music store is the place to
save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on like-new
pianos. Layaway is available, and Linton-Milano offers
a 10-year warranty on parts and labor. Rent or rent-
to-own, or bring in your own piano for cash or con-
   Also see Milano Music and Linton-Milano Music
at the bottom-right of this page.
                                                         Art Studios at Mesa Arts Center offers all types of classes in visual and performing arts. Above, students take a Master
                                                         Class with the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. Photo courtesy Mesa Arts Center
M-troniks EnginEEring
41 w. MAin st.                                           MEsA Arts CEntEr                                             MEtroPolitAn youth syMPhony
(480) 461-3194                                           onE E. MAin st.                                              223 n. Morris st.
www.Mtroniks.CoM                                         (480) 644-6500                                               (480) 456-9501
   M-Troniks Engineering has been providing profes-      www.MEsAArtsCEntEr.CoM                             
sional audio parts, sales and service since 1976.           With four state-of-the-art theaters and variety of           Metropolitan Youth Symphony (MYS) educates
M-Troniks can repair any musical instrument as well      outdoor entertainment areas, Mesa Arts Center is             instrumental musicians through the 9th grade in
as recording equipment, lighting equipment, amps,        bursting with performing arts events. Enjoy the              orchestral performance. MYS performs three times a
keyboards, PA and sound reinforcement, effects pro-      Performing Live series and Stageworks productions,           year in the world-class Ikeda Theater at Mesa Arts
cessors, microphones, and compressors. M-Troniks         as well as performances by Mesa Affiliate organiza-          Center.
works with everything from older analog equipment to     tions and Visiting Companies.                                   Upcoming performances include Metropolitan
state-of-the-art digital equipment.                         Performances in March and April include every-            Youth Symphony Concert III on April 21 at 7 p.m.
                                                         thing from Footloose: The Musical and The Merchant           For details see the MYS website or visit www.
MEsA AMPhithEAtrE                                        of Venice to the The Irish Rovers and Classical    
                                                         Music’s Greatest Hits by the Symphony of the
263 n. CEntEr st.                                        Southwest. See page 12 for a more complete perfor-
(480) 644-2178                                           mance schedule or visit Mesa Arts Center’s website.
                                                                                                                      MilAno MusiC CEntEr
www.MEsAAMPhithEAtrE.CoM                                                                                              AnD
                                                            Also see the Mesa Contemporary Arts listing
   With its tiered lawn big enough for great acts yet    under "Visual Arts" and the Art Studios listing              linton-MilAno MusiC
intimate enough for everyone to have a great view of     under "Art Supplies, Services & Classes"                     38 w. MAin st.
the stage, the City of Mesa's outdoor Mesa
                                                                                                                      (480) 833-7873
Amphitheatre is a premier venue for rock concerts
and other performances. In fact, Phoenix Magazine        MEsA violin stuDios                                          www.MilAnoMusiC.CoM

named the Mesa Amp “Best Concert Venue” in its           213 n. Morris st.                                               Milano Music Center has the largest display of full-
August 2007 issue.                                       (480) 833-5599                                               line musical instruments and accessories in the
   Upcoming concerts include the Fall Out Boys on        www.MEsAviolinstuDios.CoM
                                                                                                                      Southwest. Guitars, keyboards, drums, strings, brass…
Friday, April 3 at 5:30 p.m. See the Mesa                   Located in the historic Pomeroy House, Mesa               they have it all! Milano Music Center repairs instru-
Amphitheatre’s website for details on this and other     Violin Studios provides expert tutoring for violin and       ments too.
performances in March, April and beyond.                 viola. Instructors Patricia Cosand, William Magers and          For those wishing to take lessons, Linton-Milano
                                                         Cathy Worcester are highly accomplished and collec-          Music is Arizona's largest in-store music studio. They
                                                         tively have played with the St. Louis Symphony,              have the state’s largest selection of sheet music as
                                                         Arizona Opera, Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, Mesa              well.
    Shopping, dining, events and more                    Symphony Orchestra and other groups.                                                           Continued on Next Page
Page 22: Everything Art                                                                                                                  March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

EvErything Art                                                syMPhony
                                                              56 s. CEntEr st.
                                                              (480) 827-2143
                                                                             oF thE southwEst                              thE storE   At MEsA
                                                                                                                             See “Visual Arts”
                                                                                                                                                      Arts CEntEr

in Downtown MEsA                                    
                                                                 The Symphony of the Southwest (formerly Mesa
                                                                                                                           twistED sistErs’ DEsigns
                                                                                                                           48 s. roBson st.
                                                              Symphony Orchestra) is a regional orchestra that pro-        (602) 617-0997
Continued From Previous Page
                                                              vides entertaining and thought-provoking chamber and         www.twistEDsistErsDEsigns.nEt
                                                              orchestral experiences to public and private audiences           Debra McKee, Rita Offutt and Mary Heldenbrand
sAltMinE stuDio oAsis                                         in many venues. Community support and educational            design their own bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants,
48 s. MACDonAlD st.                                           outreach programs also make the Symphony of the              chains and chokers, and they make most of their own
(480) 892-6585                                                Southwest an integral part of Valley cultural life.          materials including silver and lampwork beads. Of
                                                                 Upcoming performances in downtown Mesa include            course, they also twist wire, which led to the name
   In addition to being the favorite studio of many local     Classical Music's Greatest Hits Continued on Saturday,       Twisted Sisters’ Designs. Additionally, they offer
musicians, the Saltmine is a popular recording hide-          March 21 at 8 p.m. at Mesa Arts Center. See the              bowls, dishes and such out of fused glass. It’s all fun,
away for prominent visiting artists and producers. In         symphony’s website for details on this and other per-        it’s all stylish, and you won’t find anything like it any-
fact, the Saltmine has attracted the likes of Sheryl          formances around the Valley.                                 where else! (see photo on page 20).
Crow, Trisha Yearwood, Cyni Lauper, Megadeth and
Tommy Shaw of Styx. The facility has four studios for
tracking, mixing and overdub/production/editing,
plus an outdoor live recording stage.                         CustoM hAnDMADE                                              Art suPPliEs,
southwEst shAkEsPEArE CoMPAny                                 JEwElry                                                      sErviCEs & ClAssEs
51 E. MAin st.                                                Please use the contact information listed for each           Please use the contact information listed for each
(480) 641-7039                                                business and facility for days and hours of opera-           business and facility for days and hours of opera-                                         tion as well as any applicable prices or fees.               tion as well as any applicable prices or class fees.
   The Southwest Shakespeare Company entertains,
educates, inspires and elevates the general public and        Art stuDios
educational communities of Arizona by performing
                                                                                                                           AriZonA MusEuM            For youth
                                                              At   MEsA Arts CEntEr                                        35 n. roBson st.
classical theatre.                                                 See “Art Services, Supplies and Classes”
   Upcoming performances in downtown Mesa include                                                                          (480) 644-2467
Tartuffe, a play by Moliere, on March 5-21. The                                                                            www.AriZonAMusEuMForyouth.CoM
Southwest Shakespeare Company will also perform               DiCkson’s JEwElErs                                              The Arizona Museum for Youth recognizes that
The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare on              54 w. MAin st.                                               creative, interactive play is key to neurological growth
April 2-18. Both performances will be at Mesa Arts            (480) 964-5822                                               and development. Through a variety of classes and
Center. For details see the Southwest Shakespeare                Longtime employee and watchmaker Ron Saldivar             workshops, the museum seeks to instill a lifelong pas-
Company’s website or visit            can custom make jewelry for anyone. Have him design          sion for art and learning into all of its visitors including
                                                              a piece for you, or bring in your own drawing of a ring,     children, teens and adults.
                                                              bracelet or pendant. Either way, Ron will do all the            Just a few examples of classes and workshops in
                                                              casting, stonecutting and setting needed to turn your        March and April include “Sculpt & Create,” “The
                                                              vision into reality. Of course, Dickson's also has a large   Color of Music: Painting to Music,” “Soap Carving:
                                    Left: Second Friday       selection of fine pre-made jewelry and watches.              African Images,” and “Mix it Up! Mixed-Media
                                    attendees on West                                                                      Collage.” See the museum’s website for details on
                                    Main Street (informa-                                                                  these and many other classes and workshops.
                                    tion on page 20).         gunnEll's JEwElry                                               Also see “Visual Art.”
                                                              113 w. MAin st.
                                                              (480) 964-5252
                                                                 In addition to all the beautiful rings, necklaces, pen-   Art on MAin
                                                              dants and watches on display in the store, Gunnell’s         48 w. MAin st.
                                                              Jewelry can create custom jewelry. One of their              (480) 649-7400
                                                              experts at casting, cutting and setting will design a           Art On Main offers custom digital printing, printing
                                                              piece of jewelry just for you or take your own design        to canvas, and gicleés. They can scan your photo-
                                                              and make it happen.                                          graphs and slides as well as touch-up and restore
                                                                                                                           work. Additionally, they do custom framing with con-
                                                                                                                           ventional frames and beautifully affordable alternatives
                                                              MurAlt’s CustoM JEwElErs                                     such as ArtPlaks made by mounting artwork to hard-
                                                              (480) 969-4653                                               board.
                                                              130 w. MAin st.                                                 Also see "Visual Art”
                                                                  Every piece of jewelry at Muralt’s Custom Jewelers is
                                                              an original work of art because every piece is handmade                                        Continued on Next Page
                                                              by the owner. Matt Muralt works in gold, platinum and
                                                              silver, and he incorporates all precious and semi-pre-
                                                              cious gemstones in his pieces. He can design a piece of
                                                              jewelry from scratch or modify an existing design.
Directly above: Second Friday attracts a variety of artists       A variety of sculptors, glass artists and others also        Shopping, dining, events and more
and vendors to Main Street sidewalks. Shown here is Holly     display their artwork at Muralt’s Custom Jewelers.
Fisher buying an item from Mike Putman of Jack & Cat              Also see “Visual Arts”                           
Curio. Mike also teaches classes at nearby Mystic Paper.
Page 23: Everything Art                                                                                                               March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

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                                                             FilM, viDEo
Art stuDios
At MEsA Art CEntEr, onE E. MAin st.
                                                             & the contact information for each business for days
(480) 644-6520                                               and hours of operation and any applicable prices.
   The 14 Art Studios at Mesa Arts Center offer
classes for children and adults that provide a wide          5  By 8 ProDuCtions
range of educational experiences and encourage the           101 w. MAin st.
development of creativity. Subjects include ceramics,        www.5By8.CoM
painting, jewelry making, glass, sculpture, photogra-           5 by 8 Productions is a collaborative that creates
phy, acting, dance, drama and many other visual and          unique and artistic films. Every aspect of production
performing arts taught by experienced, enthusiastic          from script writing to camera work to editing is shared
and professional instructors. See Mesa Arts Center’s         amongst the creative team of Trevor Allan, Heather
website for the class schedule.                              Hand, Rylan Brandon, Suzanne Zandra, Michael Ray,
                                                             Ben Forbes and Cassandra Haggard.
BlissFul living stuDio                                       Art stuDios
166 w. MAin st., #104
                                                             At   MEsA Arts CEntEr
(480) 733-5558
                                                                  See “Art Supplies, Services and Classes”
   As an extension of the popular retail store Domestic
Bliss, the Blissful Living Studio offers classes on every-   Big BrAin PiCturEs
thing from embroidery and wire wrap bracelets to             101 w. MAin st., suitEs 4 & 5
embellished candles and decorative pillows. Crafts,          (480) 458-7785
however, are just part of the story, as Blissful Living      vwww.BigBrAinPiCturEs.CoM
Studio has all types of classes, workshops, parties and         Award-winning independent filmmakers Dominic
other events aimed at enriching the lives of women           Ross, Joseph Drake and Gary Vaage handle all aspects
and their loved ones.                                        of production from writing, casting and scoring to
                                                             directing, shooting and editing. Big Brain Pictures has
                                                             completed, among other things, several feature films.
BrAnDt PhotogrAPhy
     See “Film, Video & Photography”                                                                                     Michael Neugent Photography specializes in weddings,
                                                             BrAnDt PhotogrAPhy                                          capturing candid moments so they may live forever in
                                                             156 s. MEsA Dr., #101                                       the memories of the bride and groom.
thE FiBEr FACtory                                            (480) 834-1400
216 w. MAin st.
(480) 969-4346                                                  Whether on location or in its state-of-the-art studio,   scapes, mainly on location. Their specialty, however,
www.FiBErFACtory.CoM                                                                                                     is weddings where they take a largely photojournalis-
                                                             Brandt Photography works with babies, children, high
   The Southwest's most complete yarn shop provides          school seniors, couples, families and others. Brandt        tic approach, capturing many candid moments so
yarn from a long list of companies, plus looms, spin-        also specializes in weddings and commercial photog-         they may live forever in the memories of the bride
ning wheels, knitting and crochet needles, books,            raphy as well as photo restoration/preservation.            and groom.
videos, patterns, tatting supplies, reed for basketry,
and more.
   The Fiber Factory also holds beginning, intermedi-        groovE hEADs EntErtAinMEnt
ate and advanced classes on knitting, crocheting, spin-
ning, weaving, etc. Call or see their website for the
                                                                  See “Music & Theater”
                                                                                                                         othEr Downtown
                                                             kiMBErly JArMAn PhotogrAPhy
class schedule.
                                                             166 w. MAin, # 204
                                                             (480) 203-1090
                                                                                                                         BThere are about 450with businesses in the
MystiC PAPEr                                                 www.kiMBErlyJArMAn.CoM                                      square mile of downtown Mesa. Many of them,
123 w. MAin st.                                                  Kimberly Jarman takes a journalistic approach to        including a variety of shops and restaurants, are not
(480) 834-0286                                               wedding photography to produce creative images that         galleries or art stores per se but have some type of art
www.MystiCPAPEr.CoM                                          move and come to life, with less posing and more            for decorating homes and businesses among their
   This scrapbooking and paper arts store has a huge         lifestyle. Kim also photographs babies, children, fami-     other offerings. Other downtown businesses provide
selection of 12 x 12 paper including the largest selec-      lies, high school seniors and others.                       services, such as printing and tape duplication, that
tion of Basic Gray and 7 Gypsies paper in the Valley.                                                                    may benefit some artists.
You'll also find rub-ons, ribbons, fibers, stamps, but-      MEsA ContEMPorAry Arts                                          About 150 retail and walk-in type businesses are
tons, embellishments, tools, book kits, etc.                 At   MEsA Arts CEntEr                                       listed in the Downtown's The Place! insert in the
   Mystic Paper also offers many fun classes and                  See “Visual Arts”                                      center of this paper. For a list of all downtown busi-
crops. Call or see their website for the class sched-                                                                    nesses of every type along with links to their websites
ule.                                                                                                                     (if available) visit
                                                             MiChAEl nEugEnt PhotogrAPhy                                     Of course, the best way to experience downtown is
                                                             40 n. MACDonAlD st., #4                                     in person, so come take a stroll in Mesa’s Square
onEohonE gAllEry                                             (602) 930-2833
     See “Visual Arts”                                                                                                   Mile of Unique Style and discover everything it has
                                                                              to offer, including everything art!
                                                                Michael Neugent Photography does everything
                                                             from portraits to commercial photography to art land-
Page 24: It's What's Inside That Counts                                                                                    March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

it's whAt's                                                                          PiEr  DE orlEAns
                                                                                     Visitors to Pier de Orleans, 61 E. University Dr., can dine under the
                                                                                     ol’ oak tree (see larger photo on page 1). The full-size faux oak com-

insiDE thAt
                                                                                     bines with other décor to create the perfect ambiance for enjoying
                                                                                     New Orleans style seafood, steaks, Cajun dishes, chicken, made-
                                                                                     from-scratch soups, and oysters on the half-shell. Pier de Orleans
                                                                                     also has a cocktail lounge with a full bar. Always in touch with New

Counts                                        Please see the larger version
                                                                                     Orleans culture, “the Pier” will celebrate Mardi Gras on Feb. 24
                                                                                     with entertainment by Mandrini the Magician. For more informa-
                                                                                     tion call (480) 844-7437 or visit
Continued From Page 1                         of this photo on the cover

A design and advertising firm as creative as
TunnelBravo couldn’t possibly have an ordinary                     Full Body

                                                                   Massage Therapy
office. Like the promotional pieces they create for
IBM, Microsoft, Hyundai and other clients, their
office at 166 W. Main St., Ste. 205 is distinctive,
makes a connection with people and revolves
around a single idea – in this case an eye-catching
circular structure in the center of the room with                  For Your Copay! Insurance Provider
comfortable seating and shelves holding industry
awards. TunnelBravo owners Stewart West and                                                                                        ▲ Dr. Hafkey (center) and his massage
John Johnson create ads, logos, brochures, web-                    In pain? Pay your copay for a treatment, and   therapists Nicole (right) and Vanessa
sites, displays and more. For more information call                also receive a full-body 1-hour massage with
(480) 649-1400 or visit
Photo courtesy TunnelBravo                                         qualifying insurance. The session includes a professional massage
                                                                   of your choice, a heated table, lotion, and one of our excellent
                                      Continued on Next Page
                                                                   licensed therapists, Nicole or Vanessa.

                                                                                                                    Massage by appointment only
                                                                     Across the
                                                                    street (south)
                                                                       from the
                                                                      Mesa Arts
                                                                                                                   (480) 668-8780
                                                                        Center                                         Hafkey Chiropractic, LLC

         · Specializing in CD/DVD Duplication
  · Home Movies, Slides, and Pictures to Video/DVD                      Dr. Michael Hafkey, R.N., B.S.N., D.C.
            · Serving the Valley Since 1977                                                47 E. 1st Ave., Mesa, AZ 85210-1446
        14 N. Robson St., Mesa, AZ 85201                                                  
                                          (480) 969-2956             Massage Therapy · Physiotherapy · Registered Nurse · Affordable Care · Auto & Work Injuries
Email:        Fax: 644-7707
Page 25: It's What's Inside That Counts           March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

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                           AriZonA MusEuM
                        oF nAturAl history
An American Mastadon (foreground) and
Columbian Mammoth greet visitors to the
Arizona Museum of Natural History, 53
N. Macdonald St. And that’s just what
lurks in the lobby. Venture further into
the musuem and you can experience
Dinosaur Hall featuring some of the
largest dinosaurs that ever lived and
Dinosaur Mountain where mechanical
dinosaurs roar as they sway to and fro.
Other highlights include a Native People’s
Gallery, Spanish Mission, real territorial
jail built in 1884, History Courtyard
where visitors pan for gold, and the Walk
Through Time covering everything from
the origins of the universe to the first
animals to fly. For more information call
(480) 644-2230 or visit
Also see page 11 for information on the
‘Mars!’ exhibition at the Arizona Museum
of Natural History.

                                             thE CEllAr PuB
                                             Beneath Sun Devil Liquors, 235 N.
                                             Country Club Dr., is a real wine
                                             cellar that also serves as a classy
                                             little bar. After 5 p.m., loyal patrons
                                             gather in The Cellar Pub for intimate
                                             conversation with good friends, and
                                             winemakers and brewmasters visit
                                             regularly with samples of their fine
                                             products for tasting. Shown above
                                             is just a small part of The Cellar
                                             Pub with a mural in the background.
                                             For more information call (480)

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Page 26: It's What's Inside That Counts                                                                 March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

it's whAt's insiDE
thAt Counts
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           First unitED MEthoDist ChurCh
Downtown Mesa may have the largest music
store in the Southwest, a business that sells
pianos and an arts center that attracts sym-
phonies from around the world, but the
award for largest musical instrument down-
town goes to First United Methodist Church,
15 E. First Ave. In fact, the giant instrument
in the church’s sanctuary is the largest track-
er organ (with mechanical key action) in
Arizona. The sanctuary also has a number of
stained glass windows that help create a
heavenly interior space. For general informa-
tion on First United Methodist Church call
(480) 969-5577 or visit

                                                           MEsA Arts CEntEr
 Mesa Arts Center, 1 E. Main St., has more breathtaking interior spaces than we could show in one article. Just a couple of areas that
 caught our eye were the large architectural “eye” called an oculus above the Tom & Janet Ikeda Theater (above left), and the
 beautiful Virginia G. Piper Repertory Theater . These are two of the four theaters at Mesa Arts Center that collectively provide venues
 for local, regional, national and international performances (see page 12 for the performance schedule). The largest arts center in
 Arizona is also home to the five visual arts galleries that comprise Mesa Contemporary Arts, the 14 Arts Studios where classes in
 visual and performing arts are held, and much more. For more information visit
 Images courtesy Mesa Arts Center.

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                                                               40 north CEntEr
                                                               At left: The office building at 40 N. Center St. has a spacious lobby with trees,
                                                               elegant staircase, large windows, high ceiling and fountain with a bronze sculp-
                                                               ture of little boy and girl. It’s a classy entrance for those visiting the Jackson
                                                               White law firm, attorney Doug Cook, attorneys Vernon and Kent Nicholas, M.
                                                               Paul Fischer Law Offices, Outlook Vision, Tennison Investments and the City of
                                                               Mesa Fire Administration. The building is owned by Pepper Mesa, L.L.C. whose
                                                               members include Eric Jackson and Richard White of Jackson White law firm.

       Yarn, accessories, equipment & classes for :
         Knitting, Weaving, Spinning, Crochet,
   Tatting, Basketry, Navajo Weaving, & Bobbin Lace
                                                                                                 MArriott MEsA hotEl
                                                      Above: We’re going to get a little liberal with our definition of “interiors” by including
                                                      courtyards, like the one with a fountain surrounded by palm trees in the center of the
                                                      Marriott Mesa Hotel, 200 N. Centennial Way. This is just one of many elegant spaces
                                                      found throughout the Marriott, which has 275 guest rooms, numerous meeting rooms,
                                                      upscale restaurant and lobby bar. For more information call
                                                      (480) 898-8300 or visit
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Page 28: It's What's Inside That Counts                                                                       March/April 2009 · Downtown Focus

 it's whAt's insiDE thAt Counts                                       Continued From Previous Page

                                                                                                           Mrs. Potts tEA PArty
                                                                                                           To enter Mrs. Potts Tea Party, 209
                                                                                                           W. First St., is to walk into a fairy
                                                                                                           tale. Characters from Cinderella
                                                                                                           and Beauty and the Beast are
                                                                                                           painted on the walls, along with
                                                                                                           amazingly      realistic    Victorian
                                                                                                           curtains, brick walls, architectural
                                                                                                           columns and such. It all provides
                                                                                                           an ideal atmosphere for children to
                                                                                                           enjoy dress-up English tea parties.
                                                                                                           A wardrobe allows girls to choose
                                                                                                           from hundreds of dresses, plus
                                                                                                           hats, gloves, jewelry and hairpieces.
                                                                                                           When the party begins, each guest
                                                                                                           is formally introduced, then maids
                                                                                                           serve     imported     tea,    finger
                                                                                                           sandwiches and the like on linen
                                                                                                           and real china. For more information,
                                                                                                           call (480) 827-0654 or visit www.

                       Address Service Requested

                                    Mesa, AZ 85201
    PERMIT #332                     58 West Main Street
      MESA, AZ                      Downtown Mesa Association
                                                                                              AriZonA MusEuM For youth
   This photo essay provides just a sampling of great downtown             The Arizona Museum for Youth, 35 N. Robson St., introduces
 building interiors. If we had more pages we could also show               children to the fine arts with an environment designed to spark the
 Regency Garden, Courtyard Towers, Muralt's Custom Jewelers,               imagination, stimulate the mind and captivate the eye. Shown
 Antique Wedding House, Inside The Bungalow and many other                 above are Mesa residents Kimberly and Stanton Curry in Artville,
 businesses, all of which are beautiful on the inside.                     the museum’s permanent miniature city made of art. The Arizona
   A slideshow featuring these photos and a number of others               Museum for Youth also has changing exhibitions featuring both fine
 is also online at Just click the                    art and hands-on activities, many classes and workshops, a great
 “Interiors” link on the home page. Or better yet, come                    gift shop, and more. For more information call (480) 644-2467 or
 downtown in person and check out the variety of shops,                    visit Also see page 10 for
 restaurants and other buildings and see first-hand that beauty            information on current exhibitions including the Stone Sculptures
 really is on the inside.                                                  of Dominic Benhura from Zimbabwe.

Shared By: