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					               Cheltenham Children and Young People Partnership

                                   Wednesday 23rd January 2008
                              3.30pm Pittville Room, Municipal Offices

In attendance:
Richard Gibson                                          Andrew Webster
Helen Price (item 2)                                    Alison Kelly
Lin Sargeant (item 2)                                   Kate Brett
Craig Mortiboys                                         Terry Pullen
Charles Welsh                                           David Brown
Cordell Ray                                             PCSO John Davis (item 6)
Hazel Rudge-Pickard

Edel Keating                                            Councillor Paul McLain
Tony Sutcliffe                                          Councillor Anne Regan

1      Welcome, introductions & apologies
       Apologies were received as above.

2.     Children’s centre clustering
       HP explained the background to the consultation on children’s centre clustering. The
       government has developed two models for the development of children’s centres.
       One is for centres based in the 30% most deprived communities and the other is for
       those in the remaining 70% of areas. It is clear that budget levels for centres in phase
       2 and 3 (70%) will not be sufficient to support the phase 1 (30%) model which
       consisted of a dedicated manager per centre and a team of staff.

       Therefore, consultation has been undertaken into possible clustering arrangements.
       The responses to the proposal to cluster Hesters Way, Rowanfield and Greatfield Park
       were mixed and therefore the issue was brought to this partnership for debate.

       It was felt that the centres in Hesters Way and Rowanfield each cover a small reach
       area and various other local projects and organisations cover both areas, for example
       the SACS project, and the Hesters Way CYP group. Connexions work in the area as
       a whole, using the schools as a basis and the issue of covering 2 meetings about
       extended services in those areas was raised. It may be easier for organisations to
       work with one manager for the 2 centres, who can replicate good practice between the
       2. It was felt that the centres should not lose their separate identities however. It was
       agreed that there was merit in the proposal and that there was no case for not going
       forward with it as there is natural crossover between the 2. However, there should be
       value added in combining the two.

       The neighbourhood policing structure which has identified 14 communities in

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     Cheltenham was discussed in terms of the children’s centres. The boundaries do not
     appear to fit well with the 7 centres in Cheltenham and health services are moving
     towards delivery through the centres and extended services.

     Action – send the neighbourhood policing maps to Lin and Helen                             HD

3.   Adoption of terms of reference and election of chair and representatives for CSP
     and District Network
     Minutes of the last meeting
     Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed. It was reported that Rachel Wigglesworth
     has taken the role of Public Health Manager for the PCT for Cheltenham.

     Action – invite Rachel to sit on the partnership                                           HD

     Terms of reference
     The template for the terms of reference is common to all 6 of the CSP’s thematic
     partnerships. DB circulated a diagram showing the Gloucestershire CYPSP
     governance structure.
     The following changes were agreed for the draft terms of reference:
         • Make reference to the GYPSP context and to the Gloucestershire sustainable
             community strategy (SCS) under Key Actions and Activities
         • Refer to the Gloucestershire SCS under Core Partnership Work
         • Under membership, change it to ’Gloucestershire County Council Youth
         • The maximum number of CBC officers to attend meetings was discussed and it
             was agreed that this would usually be a senior manager and the partnership
             support officer, with other relevant officers attending as and when necessary.
         • Under Exit Strategy, it was agreed that there would be one vote per agency
             rather than per member.

     It was decided to agree the terms of reference at the next meeting and the following
     work to be done:
         • GCC representation will be confirmed by the GCC CYPD
         • Clarify protocols under the last bullet of Operating Principles regarding treating
             information in confidence to assure overall openness.
         • Refer to the role of the partnership in terms of challenging and scrutinising
         • Link to the emerging 14-19 agenda representatives

     Chairing arrangements
     AW expressed interest in the role but felt that the timing was not right as the roles at
     Connexions are currently undergoing change. Charles Welsh agreed to act as interim
     chair, CSP representative and CYP Districts Network representative. Once the group
     has expanded to its full membership, this will be reviewed.

4.   LAA Refresh update
     RG circulated the indicators agreed by the Community Strategy Executive Board on
     20 December which will inform the revised local area agreement. The indicators are
     subject to confirmation by GOSW but there will be a formal duty to co-operate on
     public sector partners. KB explained that the national indicators are being included in
     the CYP Plan. A target will be set from the baseline on each indicator and funding will

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5    Action planning
     The draft action plan was reviewed, with a view to setting some priority projects for the
     partnership. DB had added to the version that was circulated prior to the meeting.
     Discussion under each heading took place but it was found that everything in the
     action plan was important.

     CR updated the group regarding the Domestic Abuse sub group of SAG. The sub
     group will propose to the Community Safety Partnership in February that it develops to
     become a domestic abuse forum like those in the other districts.

     New procedures around safeguarding will be coming out. Duncan Siret is manager of
     the safeguarding board.

     HRP reported that Sue Thompson is working on the parenting strategy.
     Action – put this on the next agenda & invite Sue Thompson to the next meeting              HD

     KB gave an update on the development of the CYP Plan refresh and explained that in
     terms of the action plan they are looking for information about what we want to
     achieve, how we will do it, who will do it and when. The first draft for the refresh will
     be done by 28th January, the second draft by mid February and it will be signed off by
     the CYPSP on the 14th March.

     Action – KB to send template for action plan                                                KB
     Action - RG / KC /HD to meet KB before 14th March to discuss priorities for                 KB/HD/
     Cheltenham for the CYP Plan                                                                 KC/RG

6    Issues for discussion – town centre facilities consultation and homelessness
     Town centre facilities
     Councillor Driver raised at cabinet the issue of young people gathering in town centre
     parks, such as Montpellier Gardens, particularly over the summer months and that
     something should be done to provide them with a meeting place. The matter was
     referred to the partnership by the cabinet member for children and young people.

     PCSO John Davis who patrols the town centre gave the police view that the problem
     had been manageable last year and he did not anticipate the situation getting any
     worse this year. The area is large and well lit and there have not been many
     complaints from local residents about it. The large crowds may look intimidating but it
     is in fact easier to police than having groups all over the area. The police have a good
     rapport with the group and the young people support the nearby businesses, adding to
     the economy. But the police do take a zero tolerance approach to drinking and drug-
     taking in the area.

     It was noted that the crowd tends to concentrate in that area as it seen as being safe
     for young people and may even result from dispersal orders elsewhere that are in
     place in some suburban areas.

     Terry Pullen asserted that young people have the right to meet up, relax play sport
     and to feel safe in public places. Youth centres and services are generally provided in
     residential areas and the town centre youth population is transient. It was felt that the

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     young people would not want to be indoors and it would be hard to find somewhere for
     250+ people. The young people might not want the authority of a club either.

     The police could conduct a formal survey with the group in the spring to find out what
     the young people would like in the area. Youth workers could also work with the
     group. On the whole, the partnership recognised that young people would naturally
     gravitate towards the town centre and that as long as there is little crime and that their
     safety can be ensured then the issue does not cause serious concern.

     The partnership supports the police’s zero tolerance approach to alcohol and
     welcomes the informal engagement by the police in terms of checking the safety of the
     young people.

     The situation will be kept under review.

     Councillor Driver had also raised the issue of young people being homeless at the
     ages of 16 and 17 and being vulnerable.
     CR explained that this was a serious problem but there were not a high number of
     cases. There is an insufficient range of accommodation for the age group and a lack
     of support as under 18s cannot have their own tenancy. Instead they have to go into
     supported accommodation when some would be better with their own tenancy and
     floating support.

     It was suggested to work on this through the action plan.

7    Information sharing
     Terry reported that the Youth Service in Cheltenham is almost fully staffed and has a
     programme of activities for young people. A brochure is being produced of
     opportunities and clubs with details of who they are for and when they are open.

     It was suggested that the partnership advisory boards for the children’s centres link to
     this group and also the youth offending service (Jane Willetts).

     CBC officers shared information about the impact of the proposals for the 2008/09
     budget. Approximately £1 million needs to be saved for 2008-09 and the proposed
     budget goes to full council on the 8th February. The proposals are that the children
     and youth services team will move from community services to the health and
     wellbeing division. Within the team there will be one play development officer post in
     place of the existing 2 posts of children’s services and youth affairs manager and
     children’s services officer and there will be a reduction in support for MAD young
     people’s council as the full time youth engagement worker post will be made
     redundant. Instead a cash contribution of £15,000 will be used to support the
     continued work of MAD.

     Dedicated support will be made available for the partnership through the creation of a
     dedicated partnerships team of three officers each of which will support 2
     partnerships. The post of sports development officer will be brought into the revenue
     base budget.

     Partners expressed some disappointment at the loss of the children and youth

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      services team given the priority given to children and young people in the sustainable
      community strategy but were pleased that the partnership would benefit from having a
      dedicated 0.5fte post.

8     Agenda for next meeting
      Agreement of the terms of reference
      Parenting Strategy

    The next meeting will be held on Thursday 3rd April 3.30 – 5.30pm in the Sherbourne Room,
                         Cheltenham Borough Council Municipal Offices.

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