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					Anticipation Guide for “The History of Kissing”

Prereading: Take turns reading each statement with your partner. If you believe the
statement is true, put a check in the AGREE column. If you believe it is false, put a
check in the DISAGREE column.
During: In the verification column write the page number, column number, paragraph
number, and sentence number that verifies the information in the statement.
After: Get with your original partner or in a group of 4 students. Explain your answers to
the group using specific facts from your text.
Using the information in the key concepts on this chart, write a paragraph that
summarizes the main points in this text. Your paragraph should have a main idea
sentence, 3-5 supporting details (sentences that support the main idea sentence), and a
concluding sentence.

 Agree        Disagree                    Statement                       Verification
                            1. Kissing was originated by the
                            Greeks as a means to greet each other.
                            2. Location on the body for placement
                            of a kiss was determined by a
                            person’s rank in the Middle Ages.
                            3. “I kiss the ground you walk on”
                            came from the required location of
                            placing a kiss (or greeting) on
                            religious figures.
                            4. During the Middle Ages it was
                            legal to kiss someone in a class above
                            5. At one point in history kissing
                            stopped due to the fear of disease.
                            6. The hand kiss became the
                            7. The first romantic kiss was
                            exchanged in Egypt in 1500 B.C.
                            8. Romantic kissing was a result of
                            mothers chewing up food for their
                            babies and then feeding the babies the
                            chewed up food from her mouth to the
                            baby’s mouth.
                            9. Kissing was used as a way to cool
                            people down when it was hot.
                            10. Kissing has magical powers.
                            11. Kissing was a part of the signing
                            of legal documents.