Anticipation Guide Fiction (Picture Story Book) by guy21


									           Anticipation Guide: Fiction (Picture Story Book)
                                           Planning Guide

Title:       School Picture Day                       (gr. 2-3)
Author:      Thor Wickstrom

Make up statements about a story you (teacher) have read but the students have not read.
Some statements should be true, some false. Each statement, though, should focus on one
element of fiction. Before the students read the story, they make guesses about whether
each statement is true or false. As they read the story, they read to verify their guesses.
The elements in parenthesis are suggested. They should be adapted to fit the story.

                                                                      Before        After
This story will take place at home.

(Main character)
The main character is a photographer.

(Opposing character)
There will be a principal in this story.

The camera will talk.

A student will want to fix the camera.

(Character trait)
One of the students will be especially curious.

The word “cheese” will be in the story.

(Thematic motif)
This story shows that every kid is special.

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