Anthropology Mid term Exam Study Guide Fall The exam will by guy21


									                                       Anthropology 1160
                               Mid-term Exam Study Guide Fall 2008

The exam will be held during class time on October 2, 2008. You will have the entire class period (1
hour and fifty minutes) to complete the exam. You are responsible for material in all lectures, readings,
films, and discussion groups from weeks 1-5.

Format of the exam

A) Multiple choice questions. Ten questions worth two points each.                                     20 points

B) Five short answer questions where you will discuss the significance of a                            20 points
   term, concept, name, or idea from the class.

C) Four longer answers where you will apply ideas from the class.                                      20 points

Total                                                                                  60 points (20% of grade)

The following list summarizes the material we covered in the first six weeks of the course. It is meant as
a guide for your exam preparation and may not be an exhaustive list.

Week 1: Introduction to Anthropology of Canada

Anthropology and its subfields, ethnocentrism, cultural relativity, culture, ethnographic present, band,
reserves, labels and names for native people, culture areas

Week 2: Archaeology of Canada

Terra nullius, nature of the archaeological record, site types, history of archaeology, peopling of North
America, tool traditions, five periods of pre-history, When the World Began (film)

Week 3: Anthropology of Atlantic Canada

Beothuk, Mi’kmaq, Maliseet, Algonquian languages, study of mythology, Gloscap, Wilson and Ruth
Wallis, seasonal round, shamanism, colonialism, peace and friendship treaties, Royal Proclamation,
Donald Marshall, Stephen Marshall, Joshua Bernard, Mi’kmaq Family (film)

Week 4-5: Anthropology of Iroquoian Peoples

Iroquoian languages, Iroquois, Huron, torture, seasonal rounds, politics, matrilineality, Huronia, Oka,
Caledonia, Kanehsatake (film), Black Robe (film)

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