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                                29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                      ANNECY 2008


1.1    France
       Area:                          675 417 km²
       Population:                    64 473 140 inhabitants, density: 93.59 persons per km²
       Official language:             French
       Capital:                       Paris
       Type of government:            Republic
       Elevations:                    Highest: Mont-Blanc (4 807 m)
       Major religion:                Catholicism
       Life expectancy:               Women: 84 and Men: 76
       GDP:                           1 792 000 000 euros
       Labour distribution:           Manufacturing: 26.9%, Services: 68.3% and Agriculture: 4.8%
       Foreign trade:                 Principal trade partners: Europe, United States, Japan and
       Currency:                      The French currency is the euro. You can change your money
                                      at any bank and at the hotel reception desk. However, in the
                                      hotels the rate of exchange is less favourable. International
                                      credit cards are accepted in hotels, shops and restaurants.
       Local Time:                    GMT + 2 hours
       Water:                         Annecy tap water is completely safe for drinking.
       Driving:                       Right-hand traffic
       Electricity:                   The electric current for use in homes and hotels is 220 volts (50
                                      Hz) and the plugs used are two round pins.
       Telephone:                     Public telephones are installed everywhere, most will allow
                                      international calls. There are some telephone booths which
                                      accept coins and others operate with telephone cards. It is
                                      possible to buy telephone cards in the hotels. Some telephones
                                      will also accept international credit cards. The country code is
      International calling codes for dialling from France to:
                                      FIN : +358 : GER : +49 ; GBR : +44 ; ITA : +39 ; POL : +48 ; RUS : +7 ;
                                      UKR : +380 ; ESP : +34 ; BLR : +375 ; GRE : +30.
       Mobile phone network:          French mobile phone network operate under 3G, Edge, GSM
                                      and GPRS, only phones that are manufactured to operate
                                      under these systems will work in France.
       Mobile phone companies: Orange, SFR and Bouygues
       Business Hours:                Business hours of the main establishments are as follows:
                                                              Weekdays         Saturdays        Sundays

                                         Banks                9:00 - 17:00       some-              -
                                         Post Office          8:00 - 19:00    8:00 - 12:00-         -
                                         Shops                9:00 - 19:00    9:00 - 19:00        some
                                         Administrations      9:00 - 17:00          -               -

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                              29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                    ANNECY 2008

1.2 City of Annecy
Annecy is a City of the Alps, in France, the principle town of the Department of Haute-Savoie, on
the Annecy Lake.
Climate in Annecy : The average maximum temperature for June is 20,5 oC and the minimum
average is 15,8oC. When coming to Annecy in June you are advised to bring rainwear. The daily
average amount of sunshine during June is 7 hours, 10 minutes. The average total rainfall for June is
12mm with two wet days
The Annecy region is an important industrial and tertiary centre. Much industrial activity can be
found such as electrical and mechanical construction, electronics, ski equipments, textile and
agriculture. A nuclear research centre is also installed there, as well as the foundry of Paccard bells,
which constructed the Savoyarde du Sacré-Coeur.
One can also admire many monuments there, such as the Palace of Isle (12th century) which was
used as a jail, the Law courts and the Monetary workshop of the Genevois which acts today as the
Museum of the History of Annecy. The Saint-Pierre Cathedral of Annecy (16th century) was the
cathedral of François de Sales. The castle was the residence of the counts of Geneva and of the
dukes of Genevois-Nemours, from the house of Savoy (12th to 16th century).

Annecy is located between Geneva and Chambery. Thus its history was strongly influenced by
these two towns between the 10th and the 19th century.
Initially the capital of the county of Geneva, after the demise of the counts of Geneva, it became
integrated into the House of Savoie in 1401. In 1444, it was set up by the Princes of Savoie as the
capital of a region covering the possessions of the Genevois, Faucigny and Beaufortain.
With the advance of Calvinism in 1535, it became a centre for the Counter-Reformation and the
bishop's see of Geneva was transferred here (it suppressed in 1801, though restored in 1822).

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                                  29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                        ANNECY 2008

During the French Revolution, the Savoy region was conquered by France and Annecy became
attached to the Department of Mont Blanc, of which capital was Chambery. After the Bourbon
Restoration in 1815, it was returned to the House of Savoy.
When Savoy was annexed by France in 1860, it became the capital of the new Department of
Area:                                      13,65 km²
Population (2004):                         50 800 inhabitants, density: 3 687 persons per km²
Climate in Annecy:                         The average maximum temperature for June is 22°C and the
                                           minimum average is 17°C. As Annecy in June is rather rainy you
                                           are advised to bring a rainwear.

1.3     Visa Requirements
Visas should be obtained from French Embassy or Consulate before leaving your country. Should
you have any problems, or require a letter of invitation please contact the LOC.
Julien Mauriat at the French Athletic Federation, 33 avenue Pierre de Coubertin, 75640 – Paris
cedex 13, France – Mobile +33 6 3210 6220 – Mail

1.4     Diplomatic Missions in Paris

      Belarus                                38 boulevard Suchet - 16ème               +33 1 4414 6979
      Germany                                13 avenue Franklin Roosevelt - 8ème       +33 1 5383 4500
      Great Britain and Northern Ireland     35 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré - 8ème    +33 1 4451 3100
      Greece                                 17 rue Auguste Vacquerie - 16ème          +33 1 4723 7228
      Italy                                  47 rue de Varenne - 7ème                  +33 1 4954 0300
      Poland                                 1 rue de Talleyrand - 7ème                +33 1 4317 3400
      Spain                                  22 avenue Marceau - 8ème                  +33 1 4443 1800
      Russia                                 40 boulevard Lannes - 16ème               +33 1 4504 0550
      Ukraine                                21 avenue de Saxe – 7ème                  +33 1 4306 0737


2.1 European Athletics Council
President                                              Hansjörg Wirz (SUI)
Vice-Presidents                                        José Luis de Carlos (ESP)
                                                       Svein Arne Hansen (NOR)
Treasurer                                              Karel Pilny (CZE)
Director General                                       Christian Milz (SUI)
Council Members                                        Janez Aljancic (SLO)
                                                       Franco Arese (ITA)
                                                       Sylvia Barlag (NED)
                                                       Jonathan Edwards (GBR)
                                                       Frank Hensel (GER)
                                                       Dobromir Karamarinov (BUL)
                                                       Philippe Lamblin (FRA)
                                                       Toralf Nilsson (SWE)
                                                       Ludmila Olijar (LAT)
                                                       Antti Pihlakoski (FIN)
                                                       Jorge Salcedo (POR)

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                                29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                      ANNECY 2008

                                              Salih Munir Yaras (TUR)
                                              Vadim Zelichenok (RUS)
IAAF President (ex officio member)            Lamine Diack (SEN)
European Athletics Honorary Life President    Carl-Olaf Homén (FIN)

2.2 European Athletics Delegates
Technical Delegate                            Patrick Van Caelenberghe (BEL)
Doping Control Delegate                       Rosa Vidal (ESP)
Jury of Appeal                                Dobromir Karamarinov (BUL) – Chair
                                              Sigyn Ekwall (SWE)
                                              John Cronin (IRL)
ITOs/ATOs                                     David Littlewood (GBR)
                                              Roberto Guidi (ITA)
                                              Imre Matrahazi (HUN)
                                              Willy Nauwelaerts (BEL)
                                              Elena Orlova (RUS)
                                              Mats Svensson (SWE)

2.3 European Athletics Office
European Athletic Association, Avenue Louis-Ruchonnet 18, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland
Tel: +41 21 313 43 50 - Fax: +41 21 313 43 51
E-mail: - Web:

Events                                        Ivan Khodabakhsh (GER)
                                              Bernadette Brun-Brenger (FRA) – Project Leader
                                              Jérôme Parmentier (FRA)
                                              Weronika Maslowska (POL)
Competition                                   Célia Mendès (POR)
Communications                                Pierce O’Callaghan (IRL)
                                              Kirsty Anderson (GBR)
Marketing                                     Lars Kaiser (GER)
Corporate Services                            Christiane Maillard (SUI)

2.4 Executive Board of French Athletic Federation
President                                     Bernard Amsalem
Senior Vice-Presidents                        Daniel Arcuset
                                              Michel Marle
                                              André Giraud
Vice-Presidents                               Edouard Eskenazi
                                              Marie-Claire Bruck
                                              Georges Pochon
                                              Didier Vareecke
General Secretary                             Annie Laurent
Deputy Secretary                              Suzanne Cathiard
General Treasurer                             Christian Roggemans
Deputy Treasurer                              Solange Carfantan

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                              29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                    ANNECY 2008

Members                                  Jean-Claude Avril
                                         Marcel Ferrari
General Director                         Jean Gracia
Head Coach                               Franck Chevallier

2.5 Local Organising Committee
2.5.1   Honorary Committee
Minister of Health, Youth and Sports     Roselyne Bachelot
Secretary of State in charge of Sports   Bernard Laporte
City of Annecy Mayor                     Jean-Luc Rigaut
Haute-Savoie Department President        Christian Monteil
Rhône-Alpes Region President             Jean-Jack Queyranne
2.5.2   Executive Committee
President                                Bernard Amsalem
Representatives of City of Annecy        François Scavini, Gilles Bernard, Michel Bouchot &
                                         Gérard Peyrebrune
Representatives of French Federation     Annie Laurent, Christian Roggemans & Jean Gracia
Representatives of Local Athletics       Marcel Ferrari, Pierre Cabireau & Didier Mathis
2.5.3   Organising Committee
General Coordination                     Jean Gracia
Local Coordination                       Gérard Peyrebrune
International Relations                  Julien Mauriat
Protocol                                 Annie Laurent & Julien Mauriat
Welcome & Transportation                 Eric Berenyi
Accommodation                            Jean-Sébastien Menigoz & Christophe Oliero
Marketing & Event Presentation           Virgile Caillet
Communication & Promotion                Souad Rochdi
Media & Television                       Laurence Dacoury
Venue, Equipment & Technology            Christian Bautrau
Technical                                Edouard Eskenazi
Volunteers                               Michel Dominguez
Security                                 Philippe Vernet
Medical                                  Alain Kerspern & Charles Mercier-Guyon
Doping Control                           Michel Marle

2.6 Competition Organisation
Competition Director                     Christian Bautrau
Meeting Manager                          Edouard Eskénazi
Technical Manager                        Vanja Kreft
Call Room Referee                        Pierre Delacour
Track Referee                            Maurice Martinetto
Chief Timekeeper                         Louis Bellevègue

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                                 29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                       ANNECY 2008

Chief Photofinish                                  Louisette Cabireau
Start Referee                                      Michel Melet
Start Coordinator                                  Alain Novellon
Starter                                            Roland Clavières
Jumps Referee                                      Jean-Louis Esclanguin & Philippe Sitot
Throws Referee                                     Michel Lafond & Daniel Josien
Competition Secretary                              Nicolas Doumeng
Marshall                                           Jean-Pierre Bagriot
Secretary of the Jury of Appeal                    Suzanne Cathiard
2.7 Press OC Team - Contacts
Press Chief                                        Laurence Dacoury +33 (0)6 18 41 30 28
Press assistant                                    Florence Elizalde +33 (0)6 34 18 66 54
Photo Chief                                        Rafael Segui (ESP)
French team / Press attaché                        Jean-Philippe Manzelle +33 (0)6 72 95 44 73
LOC Journalist                                     Florian Gaudin-Winer
Flash quotes team                                  Alain Mercier and Florian Gaudin-Winer
Official Website                                   Philippe Guilbaud and Rémi Bellevegue

2.8 Participating Federations

                                Men                                     Women

                                France                                Belarus
                               Germany                                France
                  Great Britain and Northern Ireland                 Germany
                                Greece                  Great Britain and Northern Ireland
                                  Italy                                 Italy
                                Poland                                Poland
                                 Russia                                Russia
                                 Spain                                Ukraine

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                                 29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                       ANNECY 2008


3.1       General
      The media hotels are located downtown. Transport will be provided by the LOC between
      downtown and the stadium.

3.2       Arrival by air
      Geneva-Cointrin International Airport is the official airport.
      •    Welcome Service
      A welcome desk will be located on the Swiss exit and will be open on Thursday 19 June and
      Friday 20 June. The opening hours will be for both days: 9:00 – 21:00 (or until the last known
      arrival has been provided for). Upon arrival, you should take the Swiss exit. Transport will be
      provided only if you have given your travel details in advance.
      •    However, Media representatives can also use :
              o team buses from Geneva Airport
              o regular buses between Geneva’s Bus station (at about 10 minutes by train from the
                airport and then 5 minutes walking) and Annecy’s Bus station (Timetable of the
                buses : 8:30 - 10:30 - 13:30 - 17:30 - 18:45)
              o taxi (100 €)
      Annecy is about 1 hour form the airport

3.3 Arrival by Train
      The rail station is located downtown. The media hotels are in the same area – not more than 5
      minutes walking. You do not need to take a taxi.

3.4 Arrival By Road
    Follow downtown indications or Railway station to be at the right area (media hotels).

3.5 Bus Shuttle Service – Hotel / Stadium
      From Saturday 21 to Sunday 22 - A bus shuttle service will be provided between the media hotel
      Best Western Carlton, and the competition venue. Full details of the schedule will be displayed
      at the Information desk in the media centre located in the Best Western Carlton. Transfer times
      between the hotels and the competition venue will be around 15mn, depending on the hotel
      location and traffic conditions.
      The bus shuttle service provided for competition will be as follows:

      From Best Western Carlton Hotel to stadium :
      Saturday 21 June:   10:00 – 11:00 – 12:30
      Sunday 22 June:     11:00 – 12:00 – 13:00

      From stadium to Best Western Carlton Hotel :
      Saturday 21 June:    19:00 – 20:00 – 21:00
      Sunday 22 June:      19:00 – 20:00 – 21:00

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                              29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                    ANNECY 2008

3.6 Return to airport
You must arrive at Geneva-Cointrin International Airport at least 90mn before your flight departure.
Two transfer services to Geneva Airport will be organised on Monday 23 June at 9:00 and at 12:30
from the Best Western Carlton Hotel.
Should these arrangements not meet your flight schedule, you still have the possibility to join one of
the team transfers. Further information will be available from the Media Centre.


4.1 General Information
The LOC has reserved 3 three-star (***) and 2 two-star (**) hotels for media with easy accessibility to
both the centre of Annecy and the competition venue.

4.2 Media Centre at the Best Western Carlton Hotel
The Media Centre will be available at the Best Western Carlton at the mezzanine floor.
The Media Centre will be open on Thursday and Friday as follows:
   • from 10:30 to 21:00 on Thursday 19th June
   • from 9:30 to 21:00 on Friday 20th June.
Phone number – media office : +33 4 50 10 09 03
Fax Number : +33 4 50 10 09 04

4.3 Official Hotels
Media Hotels                   Address, Telephone, Fax, Mail & Internet site
                               5 rue Glières
                               74000 – Annecy
Best Western Carlton (***)     Tel. +33 4 5010 0909
Main media hotel               Fax +33 4 5010 0960
                               11 rue Sommeiller
                               74000 – Annecy
                               Tel. +33 4 5045 0311
Allobroges Park Hotel (***)
                               Fax +33 4 5051 8832
                               5 rue de Bonlieu
                               74000 – Annecy
                               Tel. +33 4 5045 1716
Annecy Bonlieu (***)
                               Fax +33 4 5045 1148
                               5 avenue d’Aléry
                               74000 – Annecy
                               Tel. +33 4 5045 2475
Alery Annecy (**)
                               Fax +33 4 5051 2690

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                             29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                   ANNECY 2008

                             12 rue de la Poste
                             74000 – Annecy
Hotel des Alpes (**)         Tel. +33 4 5045 0456
                             Fax +33 4 5045 1238
Teams Hotels                 Address, Telephone, Fax, Mail & Internet site
                             69 avenue de France
                             74000 – Annecy
Novel La Mamma (***)
                             Tel. +33 4 5023 7574
   • Great-Britain & NI
                             Fax +33 4 5066 3631
   • Greece                  Mail
                             Place de La Mandallaz
                             74000 – Annecy
Comfort Hotel La Mandallaz
                             Tel. +33 4 5045 5174
                             Fax +33 4 5045 5175
    • Belarus                Mail
                             76 avenue d’Aix-les-Bains
                             74602 – Seynod
Mercure Annecy Sud (***)     Tel. +33 4 5052 0966
   • Poland                  Fax +33 4 5069 2932
                             1 avenue Berthollet
                             74000 – Annecy
Novotel Annecy Centre
                             Tel. +33 4 5033 5454
Atria (***)
                             Fax +33 4 5045 5068
    • Italy                  Mail
                             3 boulevard de la Corniche
                             74000 - Annecy
Les Tresoms (***)            Tel. +33 4 5051 4384
    • France                 Fax +33 4 5045 5649
                             2 avenue Bertholet
                             74000 – Annecy
Adagio Annecy Centre
                             Tel. +33 4 50
                             Fax +33 4 50
    • Russia                 Mail
                             19 avenue du Rhône
Best Western International   74000 – Annecy
(***)                        Tel. +33 4 5052 3535
    • Germany                Fax +33 4 5052 3500
    • Spain                  Mail
    • Ukraine                www.bestwestern-hotel-international-annecy-

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                               29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                     ANNECY 2008


5.1 General
Each journalist or member of Media family will receive an accreditation card, which must be worn
at all times and should be clearly visible. Security personnel will control all areas. The accreditation
is not transferable and does not allow the holder to take another person beyond checkpoints.
Photos are not required for the accreditation card system.

5.2 Accreditation Procedure
Accreditation cards will be prepared in advance of the event, based on the information provided
by you or your organisation in the European Athletics press online registration system.
Accreditation cards will be distributed at the Media Centre at the Best Western Carlton Hotel from
Thursday to Friday evening, and at the Media Centre at the Stadium from Saturday to Sunday.
Opening hours:
    • from 10:30 to 21:00 on Thursday 19 June
   • from 9:30 to 21:00 on Friday 20 June.
Phone number : +33 4 50 10 09 03
Fax Number : +33 4 50 10 09 04

5.3 Loss of an Accreditation Card
Any lost or damaged accreditation cards should be reported to the Accreditation Office.
Duplicate cards can be obtained if proof of identity can be established.

5.4 Access Areas for Media
A description of the accreditation system is included on the back of the accreditation card. All
media accreditation cards will allow access to the media centre, media tribune and mixed zone.

Innovative Epson technology lending a helping hand
As an official partner of European Athletics since 2002, Epson will once again be providing a variety of
innovative services at the SPAR European Cup in Annecy. These services, that have come to be trusted
by athletes, audiences and the media worldwide, include Epson's unique Commentator Information
Service (CIS) and the Epson Performance Evaluation (EPE), as well as fast laser printers for all the needs
of the event.
Thanks to the Epson touch screen terminals, media commentators from around the world will be able to
obtain up-to-the-minute results as well as key facts and records at just the touch of a screen.
And Epson's EPE system will add additional excitement to TV viewing, thanks to a three-dimensional
analysis of the long jump and triple jump. This analysis will also enable athletes and their coaches to
better understand and hence improve performances.
Epson is proud to be a partner of European Athletics, sharing its values and ethics. Moreover, the spirit of
challenge and the desire to exceed shown by athletes, matches perfectly with Epson's corporate
culture of creativity and challenge, tying in well its tagline: 'exceed your vision'.
For more information about how Epson technology supports and promotes athletics, please visit

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                                 29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                       ANNECY 2008


6.1 Stadium
The Stadium has a capacity of 11,500 spectators, for athletics meetings.

Parc des Sports
Rue Pierre de Coubertin
74000 Annecy
Tel. +33 4 5057 0715
Stadium contact : Touffik Fatmi (Mobile +33 6 72 74 49 71)

Main competitions:
   • 2002 SPAR European Cup
   • 1998 IAAF World Juniors Championships
   • French National Championships (1988, 1993 and 1994)


7.1 Team Composition
There will be 20 men’s events and 20 events for women. According to the European Athletics
Regulation 602.2 each team will be permitted to have up to 25 men and 25 women competing,
plus a total of 13 officials where both teams of a European Athletics Member Federation (men and
women) are competing at the same venue. If not, 8 officials for the men’s team and 8 officials for
the women’s’ team maximum.
7.2 Scoring
Men’s teams and women’s teams will score separately. The winner of each individual or relay event
shall score 8 points as there are 8 teams competing, the second team one point fewer and so on until
the team finishing last scores 1 point.
Athletes or relay teams disqualified or failing to finish will not score any points.
In the case of a tied event, the combined points of the tied competitors shall be divided equally.
In the case of a tie in the overall total of points, the team with the most first places in the individual
events will be the winner. Should the tie then still remain, the team with the greater number of second

Annecy 2008 Media Guide                                                                       Page 12/22
                               29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                     ANNECY 2008

places shall be given the higher position and this system shall be applied, if necessary, to subsequent
placings until the tie is decided (Regulation 602.5.2).

7.3 Qualification procedures for European Team Championships 2009
As previously informed in 2009 the European Cup will assume a new format and will become
European Team Championships:
•   Men and Women will together represent one single team and contribute for an overall scoring
    assigned to each participating country;
•   The groupings will be composed as follows:
    o 12 teams in the Super League (if the team of the host Member Federation is not qualified to
        participate in the Super League, it shall be included as a thirteen team)
    o 12 teams in the First League
    o 8 teams in the Second League
    o Remaining teams in the Third League (one group)
In this transition period there will be a specific qualification procedure for the 2009 edition:
• The distribution of the teams by the above mentioned groups will be based on the athletes’
     performances of the European Cups 2008.
• The performances of the participants in all the leagues/groups will be ranked per event and to
     the highest performance in each event it will be assigned the number of points corresponding
     to the total number of participating teams.
• Each team overall scoring will result from the sum of the scoring achieved by their representing
     athlete in each Men and Women event of the competition programme.
• The teams will be ranked by the total number of points achieved (men and women athletes in
     all events) and distributed per groups as above described.
Please note that with the cooperation of all LOC’s from the different leagues, the teams qualification
standings for the 2009 edition of the European Team Championships will be available on site and at
the European Athletics website after the end of each session.
Note: Such a qualification system will be only valid for 2009. From 2010 on the Member Federations’
qualification will be based on the traditional promotion/relegation system, resulting from the scoring
achieved by each team in the respective qualification group.

OMEGA Times Europe’s Top Athletes at the Spar European Cup in Annecy

OMEGA’s Official Timekeeper team will be out in force for the 29th edition of the Spar European Cup,
set for the week-end 21/22 June 2008 at the Parc des Sports in Annecy. The Swiss luxury watchmaker’s
timekeeping experts will time and measure the performance of Europe’s top track and field athletes.
Eight national men’s and women’s teams seek the Spar European Cup title this year, led by the French
men’s side and by the Russian women; both teams are the defending champions.
OMEGA’s experts will deploy a full range of advanced sports timekeeping and measurement
equipment, including starting blocks and false-start detection systems and the latest photo-finish
cameras for the sprints and middle-distance events, and height and distance measurement devices for
the field disciplines. OMEGA’s official timekeepers ensure timely delivery of the official results to
everyone involved at the Spar European Cup; through competitor displays to the athletes and their
support teams and public displays to audiences at the 10000-seat venue. The official results are also
delivered in real time to broadcast, network and print media who in turn relay results and commentary
to remote audiences around the world.
OMEGA will also serve as Official Timekeeper at all IAAF Golden League meets in 2008 — a series of six
athletics events at which top athletes compete for a “jackpot” of $1 million. Ten event disciplines are on
the programme this year, six for men and four for women. OMEGA is the Official Timekeeper for all

Annecy 2008 Media Guide                                                                       Page 13/22
                           29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                 ANNECY 2008

events at the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008, the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver 2010 and the
London 2012 Olympic Games. The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will be OMEGA’s 23rd as Official

Annecy 2008 Media Guide                                                              Page 14/22
                              29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                    ANNECY 2008


8.1 Timetable
                 SATURDAY 21st June                                  SUNDAY 22nd June

13:20   8x200m           Local Children                 13:40   4x100m B         Women
13:50   100m B (2 Heats) Women                          13:50   4x100m B         Men
14:05   100m B (2 Heats) Men                            14:10   Hammer           Women
14:20   Opening Ceremony                                14:25   Shot Put         Women
14:35   Hammer           Men                            14:30   Pole Vault       Men
14:40   High Jump        Men                            14:40   Triple Jump      Men
14:55   Pole Vault       Women                          15:20   Discus           Men
15:10   Triple Jump      Women                          15:25   110m Hurdles     Men
15:35   400m Hurdles     Women                          15:40   800m             Men
15:45   400m Hurdles     Men                            15:50   1500m            Women
15:50   Discus           Women                          15:55   High Jump        Women
15:55   100m             Women                          16:00   3000m Steeple    Men
16:05   100m             Men                            16:20   100m Hurdles     Women
16:15   800m             Women                          16:25   Long Jump        Women
16:25   1500m            Men                            16:30   200m             Women
16:35   3000m            Women                          16:40   200m             Men
16:45   Shot Put         Men                            16:45   Javelin          Men
16:50   400m             Women                          16:50   5000m            Women
16:55   Long Jump        Men                            17:15   3000m            Men
17:00   400m             Men                            17:30   4x400m           Women
17:05   Javelin          Women                          17:40   4x400m           Men
17:10   5000m            Men                            17:50   Victory Ceremony
17:30   3000m Steeple    Women
17:45   4x100m           Women
17:55   4x100m           Men

8.2 Interviews
Immediately after the competition, the flash interview group will interview the winning athletes. This
interview is distributed on information sheets in the Media Tribune. In the mixed zone, all athletes
meet the media: first the TV cameras, then the radio and finally the written press. It is for the athlete
to decide whether he/she will give an interview.
    •   Flash Interviews: these will be conducted in the mixed zone immediately following each
        event. Following television interviews, the athletes will be available for the media
    •   Official Interviews: the first athlete in each event may be asked to attend an official
        interview. These press conferences will take priority over all other interview requirements.
        They will usually be held before doping control testing.
After each event, the winners will be brought to the Press Conference Room located near Media

Annecy 2008 Media Guide                                                                       Page 15/22
                              29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                    ANNECY 2008


9.1 Media Centre
The Media Centre is located in the main tribune of the stadium, on the second floor, near the
Media Tribune. Media Centre Opening hours for Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 21:00
   • Facilities : Media Information, TV screen with live signal, CIS, Lockers
   • Working Area : For all work stations, power is French electric power – 220 volts. The LOC do
      not provide adapters.
   • Event information : pigeon holes for the following information : start lists, results, flash
      interviews, statistical and general information, jury of appeal decisions.
    •   Refreshments : complimentary drinks will be available just in the back of the Press Tribune
    •   Commentator’s Information System (CIS) : Monitors and CIS terminals are available at a
        ratio of one for every three journalists. Some will be available in the media center and the
        mixed zone.
9.2 Communications

There will be a wireless network available in the media centre and the media tribune. This service is
free of charge. The media has the opportunity to book additional ISDN and DSL lines on the media
tribune or in the media centre with the company France Telecom. Forms and fees for ordering
additional lines are available online in the Guest Management System of EA (GMS). Payment is via
invoice and bank transfer only. No credit cards are accepted.
France Telecom technicians will assist you during the competition.

9.3 Media Tribune
The media tribune has fully equipped seats for 120 journalists and an additional 20 non-equipped
seats. Seats will be allocated by LOC. You will be informed of your personal seat when you pick up
your accreditation.
Seats are allocated as per the Media Tribune seating plan, which will be available in the Media Centre
as well as at the entrance of the Media Tribune. Staff will be available in this area to assist you.
The Media Tribune is located near the finish line. Each written media desk is equipped with an
electricity socket (Please note the electricity supply in France is 220 volts and the plugs are two
round pins, adapters are not provided for those wishing to use electrical appliances from outside

9.4 Mixed Zone
TV, Radio and Written Press will be able to meet the athletes and get their first statements after
each event in the mixed zone (near the finish line) on the right side of the media tribune. Only
athletes and media will have access to this area.
The host broadcaster, the unilateral television cameras and radios right holders will have first access
to the athletes. Thereafter, ENG, radios and written press will have access to the athletes.

9.5 Flash Interviews
Flash interviews with each event winner will be provided by the LOC. These will be distributed in the
Media Tribune throughout the competition and will also be available in the Media Centre.
These interviews will be distributed on information sheets in the media tribune and the mixed zone
and will be available on the CIS.
Interviews are available in French and English.
Flash interview team: Alain Mercier and Florian Gaudin-Winer

Annecy 2008 Media Guide                                                                     Page 16/22
                              29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                    ANNECY 2008

9.6 Press conferences
The Press interview Room is located in the Media Centre. Media will be informed as to when press
conferences are taking place during the competition. Information will be communicated via flash
quotes sheets or verbally in special cases.

9.7 Media Organisation :
LOC Press organisation
   • Press Officer & TV coordination :
       Laurence Dacoury +33 6 18 41 30 2 –
   • Press assistant & photo assistant :
       Florence Elizalde +33 6 34 18 66 54 -
European Athletics Communication Manager
    • European Athletics Communication Manager :
      Pierce O’Callaghan +41 79 694 48 29 -
    • For Television :
      Jérôme Parmentier +41 79 694 47 71 -
European Athletics and LOC Press Office
This office is located in the Media Centre   Phone number : +33 4 50 57 55 06

9.8 Photographers
Photo Manager : Rafael Segui (ESP)
14 photographers will have infield access, photographers’ platform.
The other photographers will have access to the out field. Exact positions have been determined.
The Media Officer and the Photo Chief will allocate bibs during the Photographers' Briefing.
Photographers area will be located in the Media Centre – in the press conference room.
Photographers' Briefing
The Photographers' briefing will take place on Saturday 21st June at 12:00 in Media Centre (press
conference room). Infield access procedures/allocation of bibs and distribution will be handled at
this time.

9.9 Television
TV Host Broadcaster : France Televisons
    •   Production coordination :
        Marie-Ange Graziani +33 6 22 60 28 01 -
    •   International Coordination :
        Marie-Josée Delphinie +33 6 80 31 41 35 -
    •   Director :
        Daniel Costerg - +33 6 09 77 71 63 -
The TV Commentators Briefing will take place on Saturday 21st June at 11:30 in the Media Centre
(press conference room) and will be led by the Host Broadcaster (Daniel Costerg, Director).

9.10 Documentation – Information
For updated of information regarding the SPAR European Cup please visit our web site :

Annecy 2008 Media Guide                                                                  Page 17/22
                              29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                    ANNECY 2008

Start Lists
Start Lists will be available for the Media immediately after the Technical Meeting and at the LOC
press conference.
Result Lists / Intermediate Scores
Results will be displayed at your desk in the press tribune on CIS and on paper also. They will also be
available in the mixed zone and press centre.
Complete Set of Result Lists
Copies of the results of each day’s events will be available at the press centre.

9.11 European Athletics Press Conference
The European Athletics Press Conference will take place on Friday 20th June at 14.15 hours in the
"Hôtel de Ville" (Town Hall) in Annecy. The European Athletics President, Chairman of the Annecy
LOC and selected athletes competing in the Cup will be present. It is anticipated that start lists will
be available at the end of this meeting.

9.12 Media Programme
    •   Friday 20 June       14:15   European Athletics Press Conference      Hotel de Ville
    •   Saturday 21 June     11:30   TV Commentators Briefing                Stadium Media Centre
                             12:00   Photographers Briefing                  Stadium Media Centre

9.13 Parking
There is a media parking space close to the Stadium but it’s a limited parking. Parking will be
allocated on a first come-first served basis. Your pass will either be posted to you (if the application
is received early enough) or will be available for collection of the Media Centre at the main media

9.14 Shuttle
The bus shuttle service provided for competition will be as follow:
   • From Best Western Carlton Hotel – to stadium :
       Saturday 21 June:      10:00 – 11:00 – 12:30
       Sunday 22 June:        11:00 – 12:00 – 13:00
   • From stadium to Best Western Carlton Hotel :
       Saturday 21 June:      19:00 – 20:00 – 21:00
       Sunday 22 June:        19:00 – 20:00 – 21:00

Annecy 2008 Media Guide                                                                        Page 18/22
                             29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                   ANNECY 2008

10. Ceremonies

10.1 Opening Ceremony
The Opening Ceremony will take place on Saturday 21 June, commencing at 14:20.

10.2 Legends of the Cup.
As this is the last edition of the SPAR European Cup before the creation of the SPAR European Team
Championships next year, all the competing countries have been asked and accepted to choose
a legend from their country to carry the flag in the Opening ceremony. There will be Olympic Gold
medallists, World record holders, World and European Champions and a man making his 13th
appearance at the SPAR European Cup this weekend!
As part of this, a coffee and croissants will be available to all members of the media at 13h00 on
Sunday in the media centre at the stadium where the legends and the members of the media can
interact together and do some interviews, if required.

10.3 Athletes of the Cup Award
The Athlete of the SPAR European Cup Award will be made for the fourth time this weekend.
The award is intended to recognise a supreme effort or performance beyond expectations and will
go to an athlete who has risen to the occasion and made an outstanding contribution to their
team's performance.
The winning athletes will be announced just before the relays on a TV graphic and on the big
screen in the stadium and will be presented with a trophy by the President of European Athletics
Hansjörg Wirz just before the teams are presented with the Cup.
The winners will be decided by a panel of judges made up of former World and European 400m
hurdles champion, who is now a consultant for French television, Stéphane Diagana (FRA); well
known Eurosport commentator and former European 5000m medallist Tim Hutchings (GBR); sports
journalist with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung journalist Claus Dieterle (GER); sports journalist with
Corriere dello Sport Franco Fava (ITA) leading athletics statistician Mark Butler (GBR); and European
Athletics Communications Manager Pierce O’Callaghan (IRL).
The 2005 winners of the Athlete of the SPAR European Cup award were Italian javelin thrower
Francesco Pignata and French sprinter Christine Arron, In 2006 it was the turn of Ukrainian middle
distance star Ivan Heshko and Polish javelin star Barbara Madejczyk while Britain’s Craig Pickering
and Germany’s Christina Obergfoll were the winners in 2007.

10.4 Closing Ceremony
The victory ceremony for the teams will take place on Sunday June 22, after the 4x400m relays
during the Closing Ceremony.


Appendix 1 - Maps of Stadium
Appendix 2 – Useful word and phone numbers

Annecy 2008 Media Guide                                                                    Page 19/22
                          29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                ANNECY 2008

Annecy 2008 Media Guide                            Page 20/22
                             29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                   ANNECY 2008

                   Yes                         Oui
                   No                          Non
                   Good morning/afternoon      Bonjour
                   Good evening                Bonsoir
                   Goodbye                     Au revoir
                   Please (formal)             S’il vous plaît
                   Please (unformal)           S’il te plaît
                   Thank you                   Merci
                   My name is                  Mon nom est
                   How are you?                Comment allez-vous?
                   Fine, thank you             Bien, merci
                   How much does it cost?      Combien cela coûte-t-il ?
                   Do you speak … ?            Parlez-vous …?
                   Where is … ?                Où est …?
                   Entrance                    Entrée
                   Exit                        Sortie
                   Danger                      Danger
                   Open                        Ouvert
                   Close                       Fermé
                   Toilets                     Toilettes
                   Doctor                      Docteur
                   Hotel                       Hôtel
                   Water                       Eau
                   Beer                        Bière
                   Wine                        Vin
                   Menu                        Menu
                   Today                       Aujourd’hui
                   Tomorrow                    Demain
                   Yesterday                   Hier
                   Morning                     Matin
                   Afternoon                   Après-midi
                   Evening                     Soir

Useful Phone numbers
Pompiers                       18                    (from a French operator line only)
Police-Secours                 17                    (from a French operator line only)
SAMU-Ambulances                15                    (from a French operator line only)
Hôpital                        +33 4 50 88 33 33     1 avenue des Trésoms - Annecy
Hôtel de Police                +33 4 50 52 32 00     15 rue des Marquisats – Annecy
Police Municipale /
Objets trouvés                 +33 4 50 33 88 58     10 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau – Annecy
Gendarmerie                    +33 4 50 09 47 47     33 avenue de la Plaine – Annecy
Fourrière                      +33 4 50 33 88 57     Zone de Vovray – Annecy
Agglomération d’Annecy         +33 4 50 63 48 48
SNCF                           3635                  (from a French operator line only)
SIBRA (Bus urbains)            +33 4 50 10 04 04
Aéroport d’Annecy              +33 4 50 27 30 06
Taxis (Gare)                   +33 4 50 45 05 67
Gare Routière
Autocars Frossad               +33 4 50 45 73 90
Autocars Crolard               +33 4 50 45 08 12
Meteo                          08 92 68 02 74
Road acces (CRIRC)             +33 4 72 81 57 33
Office de Tourisme             +33 4 50 45 00 33     1 rue Jean Jaurès – Annecy

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                          29TH SPAR EUROPEAN CUP
                                ANNECY 2008

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