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					Foundation Trust Members Newsletter August 2008

                                             Welcome to the latest issue of our free members newsletter - the
                                               magazine exclusively for members.

                                                    The newsletter gives you all the latest news from Airedale Hospital
                                                     along with updates about our plans to become a Foundation
                                                       Trust and news about our special member events.

                                                         In this issue we include an invitation to our hugely
                                                          successful and popular Open Evening (incorporating the
                                                           Annual General Meeting) on 9th September. We will also
                                                           bring you the latest news from our hospital, and ask for
                                                           your help to sign up even more members to get involved
                                                           in their local hospital.

                                                           We really hope you enjoy this issue and if you have any
                                                           ideas or feedback then please get in touch. We would like
                                                          to hear from you.

                                                        You can write (the address and contact details are on the
                                                       back page of the newsletter) or call us on 01535 292727 or
                                                      email our membership office email:

                                                  Thank you again for taking an interest in your local hospital.
                                                Together we can make sure Airedale has a great future.

                                                                                              Colin Millar

                  Open Evening / Annual General Meeting
                  Tuesday 9th September 2008 – 4pm to 6.30pm
    Date for      Restaurant, Airedale General Hospital, Skipton Road, Steeton, Keighley, BD20 6TD
    your diary    • Get behind the scenes of your local hospital.
                  • Take a tour of our theatres, pathology laboratory, x-ray department, physiotherapy and many more
                    clinical areas
                  • See our tele-medicine link to rural GP practices in action
                  • Find out about our new stroke service that is saving lives
                  • Try your hand with real surgical equipment
                  • Meet our expert staff
                  • Join us for a free supper
                  • Everyone of all ages welcome
                  Tours will run throughout the evening from 4pm to 6.30pm. Places on the tours are very popular and
                  are limited. Please phone us at the membership office on 01535 292727 to sign up for a tour.
                  A free supper and designated parking will be available.
                                               Latest News
                                                  Hospital gets a Deep Clean
                                                   The Hospital has been involved in a major deep clean this year as part of a
                                                   UK- wide programme to keep hospitals clean and safe.
                                                   The 10 weeks of intensive cleaning saw each ward and patient bay in the
                                                   whole of the hospital deep cleaned by an expert company and is another step
                                                  in the hospital’s drive to prevent the spread of infection. The Hospital already
                                                 has a reputation for cleanliness and has an award winning in-house cleaning
                                                team who use the latest technology - microfibre - to help reduce infection in their
                                               daily task of keeping the wards clean.

New matron gets tough on bugs
In June we appointed a new matron to get tough on bugs and lead the fight against infection.
Expert matron for Infection Prevention, Allison Charlesworth, manages a team of Infection Prevention nurse specialists. The
daily routine involves monitoring any patients admitted with infections to ensure it is not spread, and giving training sessions on
microbiology and infection prevention and control to staff, so they follow the strict hygiene regime and have the latest techniques
in preventing the spread of infection between patients and between wards. They also audit every ward to ensure staff are
complying with the hygiene regime and share initiatives where wards are particularly successful.
Whilst the team have lots of measures to prevent the spread of infection – the most important and effective way is through hand
For staff, visitors and patients washing hands with soap and water and using the alcohol gel available on all wards is the simplest
and easiest way of preventing spread of infection.
And the results so far….
At Airedale Hospital rates of infection are falling year on year, and this is due to the real focus on controlling infection and
promoting a zero tolerance approach to hand hygiene.
This is only one of the measures we are putting in place this year - we have also introduced:
• a new uniform policy where all staff have to be bare below the elbows          • regular checks on hand hygiene
• a zero tolerance approach to the hand hygiene of our staff                     • strict monitoring of any cases of infection
Our Matron’s Advice– What you can do to keep safe and stop the spread of infection
At home                                                       entrance every time you enter and leave the ward – ‘Don’t
Wash your hands with soap and water:                          walk past – clean hands only take a minute!’
• before and after every meal                                     • For visitors - If you are poorly with a stomach upset,
                                                                    diarrhoea and vomiting or another infection then don’t pass
• before and after preparing food
                                                                    it on - please don’t visit the hospital until you have been
• after using the toilet                                            clear of the infection for 48 hours
• after changing your baby’s nappy                                • For patients - use the hand wipes we provide on every ward
In Hospital                                                         before and after mealtimes
• All patients, visitors and other members of the public          • Wash your hands with soap and water after using the toilet
  should use the alcohol hand gel available at every ward

Patients give Airedale the thumbs up                                 good local hospital. The staff are courteous, caring and
94% of patients treated in Airedale Hospital told a national         helpful.
survey that their care was ‘excellent’, ‘very good or ‘good’.      • If I had been paying I could not have had any better
Airedale also topped the ratings with high scores for                treatment – excellent. (a holidaymaker taken ill in
cleanliness, food choice and patients being treated with             Keighley)
privacy and dignity during their stay.                             • Everything was first class
Doctors, nurses and care and treatment rated the highest           • I can honestly state that all the consultants, doctors and
with their questions entering the top 20% of the best                nursing staff were fully dedicated to my operation and
performing trusts in 15 out of 18 areas.                             recovery. Cannot praise them highly enough, superb care
The survey also collected patient comments:                          given right down to the support teams.
• I would give this hospital 100%                                  • Treated as a human despite my age
• A very good hospital and I feel privileged to have such a        • It had an aura of comfort, safety and peace

                                                                   of her brain and the clot busting drug to ensure she was able
                                                                   to make the best recovery possible.
                                                                   Stroke Facts
                                                                   • Airedale treats around 300 patients every year with
Cut in waiting times gives gift of hearing                           strokes.
Victoria Mottram, 29 year old Colne patient was born with          • 4-9% of all stroke patients will be suitable for the
profound hearing loss but now has been given a new lease of          thrombolysis (clot busting drug)
hearing thanks to our audiology service.
                                                                   • 600 lives a year in our region will be saved when all
The team were able to assess and fit Victoria with her new            hospitals adopt this.
super power hearing aid within 5 weeks. We have been
                                                                   If thrombolysis can be given staff only have a vital 3 hour time
working hard to meet the new government target of starting
                                                                   frame to get rid of the clot as after that time the brain damage
hospital treatment on patients within 18 weeks of referral
                                                                   is done with 1 million neurons being lost every minute that
from their GP and this is a real success story.
                                                                   the brain is without a blood supply.
Alan Walshaw, Audiology, Senior Audiologist at Airedale NHS
                                                                   Airedale staff work closely with the ambulance teams who
Trust explains:
                                                                   alert the hospital to the arrival of a possible stroke patient.
“Victoria’s hearing only starts at between 100 and 120             The expert stroke consultant can then be called immediately to
decibels. If you think that 90 decibels is shouting level, 100     attend A and E to be ready for the patients arrival. The patient
decibels is a jackhammer right next to you and 120 decibels        is then assessed in A and E and if suitable for thrombolysis
is the same as having a jumbo jet fly overhead – it gives you       will be taken immediately to x-ray for a CT scan of their brain.
an idea of the challenges she faces.                               The drug can then be given in A and E saving vital minutes.
These new super power digital hearing aids make a huge             Mrs Benzie had suffered minor strokes before so her husband
difference to Victoria – she can now tell which side the sound     immediately called for an ambulance wasting no time in
is coming from – she’s a remarkable patient.”                      getting her to hospital. She arrived at the hospital shortly
The wait for a hearing appointment has been cut drastically        afterwards, was immediately assessed by a specialist team
- extra investment, flexible appointments and the hard work of      and stroke consultant, taken for a CT scan and given the clot
the Audiology staff now means new patients are waiting under       busting drug – all within the space of 3 vital hours.
6 weeks for their first appointment - a huge improvement from       Mrs Benzie says:
this time last year where patients could wait up to 60 weeks.
                                                                   “It has been amazing – the staff were super efficient from the
                                                                   minute I got to the A and E department. This treatment has
                                 New specialist                    given me a quality of life I might never have had.”
                                 stroke care is saving             Dr Andrew Catto, Consultant in Stoke Medicine and
                                 lives                             Commissioning Director for Acute Care at Airedale NHS
                                 Airedale is now a leading         Trust:
                                 hospital in the Yorkshire         Time is the real issue in this situation. It is vital for the public
                                 region for a new life saving      and their carers and families to recognise the symptoms of a
                                 practice for stroke care and      potential stroke regard it as a medical emergency and get to
                                 in May our first patient to        hospital as soon as possible.”
                                 receive the ground breaking
                                 treatment was ready to go         Foundation Trust Update
                                 home.                             We previously informed you that we were planning to become
                                 Janet Benzie from Long            a Foundation Trust during 2008, however having taken
                                 Preston made an excellent         the application as far as we could, we decided to delay
                                 recovery after suffering a life   the application so we could assess our financial position.
                                 threatening stroke. She was       We have therefore implemented a year of ‘fit for purpose’
                                 rushed from her home by           measures during the current financial year with the intention
                                 ambulance, assessed by a          of submitting our application for Foundation Trust status in
                                 consultant in stroke medicine     Spring 2009. We will as a result be aiming to hold our first
                                 in A and E and once agreed        elections for our new Council of Members probably in Summer
                                 that she was ideal for the        2009 in time for our achieving Foundation Trust status by the
                                 thrombolysis treatment, was       end of 2009.
                                 given an immediate CT scan

What does membership mean for you?
One of the main features of Airedale becoming a Foundation
Trust is that people living in our catchment area can now become
public members and therefore become part of a membership
community involved in the future of the hospital.
Membership is free and means you can be involved and have
your say.
Membership also means you can:
• become actively involved and help shape our future plans
• be consulted on major plans
• vote for and elect Council Members to a new Membership
• stand for election as a public Council Member
• make sure your views and those of your community are
  heard                                                            Useful Information
The Membership Council will be made up of public, staff and
partner representatives and will meet regularly, chaired by        Have you moved house or changed your details?
the Trust Chairman, Colin Millar. It will make sure public and     Then please let us know so we you can continue to receive
staff views are heard when decisions are made and will work        the latest information. Please phone 0870 707 1573 or
on growing and developing the link between the membership          email with your changes.
community and the Trust.
                                                                   Contact Us:
We need your help                                                  Airedale NHS Trust switchboard       01535 652511
We currently have nearly 5,000 public members which is a
                                                                   Membership office                     01535 292727
great start, but we need to get more local people involved
from all parts of the community. Do you know someone who           Membership Office Address:
would like to become a member too? Maybe a relative, friend        Foundation Trust Membership Office
or neighbour?                                                      Airedale NHS Trust
Please pass on the membership form enclosed with this              Airedale General Hospital
newsletter and help us to sign up more members. They can
then send the form back Freepost and we will send them their       Steeton
welcome pack, free newsletter and invitation to our special        Keighley
members events. Or if they prefer they can register online at      West Yorkshire or over the phone on Tel: 0870           BD20 6TD
707 1573. If you need more forms then please contact the
Membership office. We will be happy to help.                        Website:

Foundation Trust Member Events
‘Medicine for Members’ events will be held on the following
dates. Please refer to our website for confirmation of each
topic area or call our membership office on Tel: 01535 292
727 for further details.
Monday 13th October (am)
Thursday 16th October (pm)
Tuesday 2nd December (am)
Monday 8th December (pm)


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