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					                                    BAPTISMAL CLASS REGISTRATION

Desert Cross Lutheran Church                                           Please return to the church
8600 S McClintock Dr-Tempe Arizona 85284-2500                          office in Tempe to Pastor Pam
 Phone: 480-730-8600 Fax: 480-730-2533

WE WILL ATTEND THE BAPTISM CLASS ON: ______________________________
The following information is needed for the church's records:

Name of person to be baptized: ______________________________________________________
                                          Last,                        First                    Middle
Date of birth: ______________________ Place of birth: ________________________________
                                                                       City                              State

Place of Baptism: Tempe or Gilbert (circle one)

Date of Baptism: ____________

(Time of Baptism if in Tempe: Sat. 5:00 PM or Sunday 8:00, 9:30 or 10:45 AM)
(Time of Baptism in Gilbert: Sunday 10:15 AM)

Residence of person to be baptized:
              City                                     State    Zip                             Phone

Father’s full name: _______________________________________________________________
                            First                      Middle                          Last
Mother’s full name: _______________________________________________________________
                            First                      (Maiden)                                 Last

Is father a member of Desert Cross? (circle one)                Yes            No
Is mother a member of Desert Cross? (circle one)                Yes            No

Sponsors: (Choose people of faith who will nurture your child’s faith development.)
Please indicate if sponsors are a married couple; only one certificate would be made.

__________________________________________________                    ___________________________
      First                 Middle        Last                                 Church Affiliation

__________________________________________________                    ___________________________
      First                 Middle        Last                                 Church Affiliation
(Any baptized member of a Christian church may serve as sponsors. They need not be Lutheran.)

cc:   Senior Pastor                       Bulletin Editor              Music Director
      Associate Pastor                    Receptionist                 Altar Guild
      Gilbert Altar Guild

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