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									Dear CCDS family and friends,

Mark your calendars for February 11 and sign up for
“let’s play” at the Panthers’ Den at Bank of America
Stadium! This evening marks the 2006 Charlotte
Country Day School Auction, a biennial event
planned and executed by a remarkable team of
Parents’ Association volunteers, enthusiastically
chaired and “coached” by Christe Eades and Tricia

Over the past decade, our Parents’ Association’s
fund-raising energies and events have netted well
over two million dollars, funding exciting resources
and opportunities that dramatically impact our
CCDS students’ experience every day.

All of us at Country Day—faculty, staff, and
trustees—are truly grateful for our school
community’s spirit of generosity and demonstrated
commitment that strengthen the learning environ-
ment and opportunities we can provide for our
students. We hope you will join us for the 2006
Auction’s “let’s play” celebration, where you’re sure to
enjoy great team spirit and discover must-have items
garnered for this event by our creative and dedicated
Auction Committee.

With all best wishes and hopes that we’ll see you at
the “game.”

                                       Margaret Gragg
                                         Head of School
             Title Sponsor

               All Stars
       Baytree and Associates
             Varsity Team
         Marsh Properties
       Katie and Mike James
            Starting Lineup
     Angela and Ralph Breeden
        Joan and Jim Carroll
Coca Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated
   Donna and Alvaro de Molina
 Dickens-Mitchener and Associates
        Dorsett Construction
       The Dowd Foundation
      Christe and David Eades
        Amy and Greg Gach
     Carol and Watts Hamrick
     Tricia and Donny Harrison
  Cammie and Barnes Hauptfuhrer
        Mary and Jon Jenrette
          KPB Corporation
      Mangan McColl Partners
     Annette and Robert Mason
  Mary Joyce and Steve Monahan
  Olympus Managed Health Care
       Anne and Scott Perper
R.T. Dooley Construction Company
         Lori and Eric Sklut
         Lee and David Tate
      Debby and John Wallace
        Paige and Al Waugh
 Warwick and Carey Werthmuller
  Edwina and Peter Willis-Fleming
         Major In Kind Donors
    Arzberger Buening Engravers
          Exclusively Eli’s
           Izard Design
          Ratcliffe Design
                   Saturday, February 11, 2006
                    Bank of America Stadium

                         Table of Contents
Event Sponsors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3

Committee Volunteers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6

Patrons and Benefactors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8

Live Auction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11

Silent Auction
     Student Art and Play . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18
       Closes at 8:30 p.m.
     Entertainment, Sports and Parties . . . . . . . .24
       Closes at 9:00 p.m.
     Food and Wine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29
       Closes at 8:45 p.m.
     Getaways . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32
       Closes at 8:45 p.m.
     Art . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36
       Closes at 9:00 p.m.
     Home and Garden . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41
       Closes at 9:00 p.m.
     Beauty, Health and Fitness . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44
       Closes at 8:30 p.m.
     Temptations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47
       Closes at 8:45 p.m.

Payment Procedures and Rules . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50

Tuition Raffle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52

Absentee Bidding Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53

                         A Thousand Thank Yous                         Check-In                  Distribution and Delivery
                                                                       John Beltz                Lisa Adamson
    And we are only exaggerating slightly. It takes many,              Katie Beltz               Pam Albright
    many people to make the auction happen, and every                  Ansley Calhoun            Lauren Benson
    one of them deserves a huge high five and champion-                Ashley Cranz              Sherri Huneycutt
    ship ring! Please join us in thanking these dedicated              Barbara Hallow            Tammy Langdon
    volunteers. Now go enjoy the party.                                Joe Hallow                Mary Long
                                                                       Carey Ellen Heberton      Margie Lynch
    Christe Eades and Tricia Harrison                                  Scott Heberton            Sheryl Mayberry
    2006 Auction Co-Chairs                                             Andrew Plepler            Jenny Merlo
                                                                       Claudia Plepler           Julie Muir
    Steering Committee                                                 Robin Rogers              Janice Petrone
    Acquisitions Co-Chairs . . . . . .Sharon Mack                                                Kathryn Saunders
                                               Hunter McLawhorn        Check-Out                 Deanna Thompson
    Sponsor's Party . . . . . . . . . . . .Carol Hamrick               Sherry Brower             Lucy Trent
    Acquisitions Secretary . . . . . . .Sheryl Mayberry                Spencer Brower
    Auction Secretary . . . . . . . . . .June Rhyne                    Jane Glenn                Mailing
    Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Suzanne Yoh             Katie James               Susan Aulebach
    Logo and Invitation Design . .Kathy Izard                          Brandon Perry
    Catalogue Design . . . . . . . . . .Patti Ratcliffe                                          Kate Buckfelder
                                                                       Karen Perry               Ashley Cranz
    Public Relations . . . . . . . . . . . .Alison Ridenhour           Carl Showalter
    Mailing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mary McGovern                                     Joanne Hylinski
    Reservations/Check-In . . . . . .Sarah Lynch                                                 Katie James
                                                                       Decorations and Display
    Decorations and Display . . . . .Paige Waugh                                                 Catherine Kendall
                                               Edwina Willis-Fleming   Sarah Belk                Elizabeth Morrow
    Live Auction Slideshow . . . . .Tracy Hallett                      Betsy Blue                Karen Perry
    Photography/Slideshow . . . . .Cathy Bortz                         Angela Breeden            Linda Roberts
                                               Shannon Starnes         Ashley Clark              Kathy Rodgers
    Checkout and Billing . . . . . . .Jane Showalter                   Sallie Close              Paige Roselle
    Distribution/Delivery/Follow-up .Amy Gach                          Rebecca Davis
    Parents’ Association President .Joan Carroll                                                 Sue Schneider
                                                                       Susan Dooley              Courtney Scott
    Projects Board Chair . . . . . . . .Mary Jenrette                  Susan Dudley
    Tuition Raffle . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Merry Schoonmaker                                  LeAnn Sommerkamp
                                                                       Tina Early                Cindy Vaughn
                                                                       Elizabeth Fernandez       Leslie Whitman
                                                                       Fran Howe
                                         Sponsor's Party
    Pam Barry                                                          Carolyn Hudson            Live Auction
                                         Carrie Banwell
    Angela Breeden                                                     Jenn Lamarre              Julie Armistead
                                         Beth Bell
    Mandy Brown                                                        Mimi Lucas                Robbie Horn
                                         Betsy Blue
    Ashley Clark                                                       Francie Mangan
                                         Laurie Bond
    Margaret Cochrane                                                  Renee McColl
                                         Joan Carroll
    Patti Daniel                                                       Liz McIntosh
                                         Elizabeth Dickens
    Marianne Dillard                                                   Sussie Menzies
                                         Lisa Gardner
    Susan Dooley                                                       Mary Miller
                                         Lise Hain
    Molly Froelich                                                     Sally Mitchener
                                         Fran Howe
    Lise Hain                                                          Mimi Patrick
                                         Carolyn Hudson
    Stacy Lynch                                                        Nina Sheehan
                                         Nancy Kipnis
    Dawn McCorkle                                                      Marianna Sheridan
                                         Ginna Laporte
                                                                       Margaret Ullrich          Fred Reger, Auctioneer
    Jenny Merlo                          Elizabeth Letts
                                                                       Dany Williams             Hipshack, Entertainment
    Laura Park                           Renee McColl
    Ainslie Phillips                     Amy Nickerson
    Cam Shircliff                        Laura Park
    Katie Stuart                         Paige Roselle
    Fran Teter                           Jan Shealy
6   Arline Wilson                        LeeAnne Whitley                                                                     7
    Amy and Philip Blumenthal         Lisa and Ted Gardner
    Gay and Stewart Boswell           Sinclair and David Gillespie
    Christi and Will Byron            Jane and Andy Glenn
    Ansley and John Calhoun           Ashley and Blake Graeber
    Sallie and Derick Close           Lise and Travis Hain
    Rush and Ken Coe                  Tracy and H.K. Hallett
    Patty and Alex Funderburg         Susan and Blanton Hamilton
    Teri and Paul Haddock             Debbie and Mark Harden
    Kay and Joe Jemsek                Ann and Hooper Hardison
    Elizabeth and Kenny Letts         Rebecca and Michael Haworth
    Mary and Bob Long                 Mandy and Todd Houser
    Sharon and Richard Mack           Fran and David Howe
    Beth and Leonard Martina          Joanne and Chris Hylinski
    Posey and Mark Mealy              Gibbs and Bryan Ives
    Mr. and Mrs. Rich Miller          Kathy and Charlie Izard
    Mr. and Mrs. Eric Clark Nichols   Lea and Stuart Johnson
    Dan and Eileen Oakley             Nancy and Bob Kipnis
    Missy and Bill Plyler             Michelle Rivera and Frank Kosarek
    Jane and Carl Showalter           Katy and Jeff Krupa
    Charlene and Gary Slaughter       Jenn and Mark Lamarre
    Beth and Kevin Smith              Robin and Rich LaVecchia
    Shannon Smith                     Anne and Reid Leggett
    Melissa and Paul Tolmie           Stacy and Steve Lynch
    Rocky and Curtis Trenkelbach      Mr. and Mrs. Joe Marley
    Lucy and Keith Trent              Sheryl and Bob Mayberry
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tucker         Delia and Dan McMullen
    Arline and Mark Wilson            Jenny and Bill Merlo
    Suzanne and Jeff Yoh              Arrington and Burch Mixon
                                      Chuck Monnett
    Patrons                           Alice and Bryan Moore
                                      Anne and Doug Neal
    Marty and Weston Andress          Harlee and Gary Palmer
    Susan and Andrew Bach             Laura and Trip Park
    Pam and Ernest Barry              Mimi and Bailey Patrick
    Sarah and Tim Belk                Anne and Carter Payne
    Beth and Doug Bell                Lynn and Roger Pearce
    Katherine and John Beltz          Anne and Piero Predieri
    Anne Pipkin Benson                Alison and Dick Ridenhour
    Lauren and Dave Benson            Robbin and Pat Riley
    Dr. and Mrs. Joe Bernard, Jr.     Paige and Art Roselle
    Suzanne and Louis Bledsoe         Camille and Andy Salisbury
    Betsy and Bill Blue               Kathryn and Stephen Saunders
    Laurie and John Bond              Merry and Chip Schoonmaker
    Scott and Robin Boswell           Jan and Tom Shealy
    Teresa and Irving Brenner         Sarah and Allen Shifflet
    Amy and Dee Bumgardner            Granice and Skott Smith
    Kim and George Cornelson          Katherine and Todd Smoots
    Sharon and Dennis Cunningham      Lisa and David Smoots
    Cathy and Bill Dawson             Teresa and Bill Sturges
    Leigh and Rob Edwards             Margaret and Chris Ullrich
    Lark and Tommy Elliott            Beth and John Vaughan
    Jennifer and Wayne Epstein        Karen and Bo Weatherly
    Dudley and Thad Faison            LeeAnne and Bill Whitley
    Karen and John Fedor              Dany and Don Williams
    Leigh and Jack Finley             Margaret and Ward Williams
    Douglas N. and Wendi L. Frost     Edith and Landon Wyatt
    Jeannie and Robert Fuller                                             9
                              Live Auction

                                                               Live Auction
Margaret Gragg’s Apple Pie
Priceless                    Minimum Bid: $100
Polish some CCDS apples and take home Head of
School Margaret Gragg’s homemade apple pie.

                             Head of School Margaret Gragg

Cigar Aficionado Assortment by Tinder Box
Value: $650                    Minimum Bid: $260
Since 1875 cigar smokers have had a serious love
affair with the legendary Romeo Y Julieta cigars.
CCDS dad and owner of The Tinder Box, Craig Cass
offers a limited edition Romeo y Julieta humidor, box
of Romeo y Julieta Churchills en Tubo cigars, box of
Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real cigars, Colibri lighter,
leather case, and cigar cutter.
                                         The Tinder Box

Diving with Mr. Fred
Value: $400                       Minimum Bid: $200
Give scuba a try in an indoor heated training facility.
Under the expert care of a dive instructor and dive
control specialist, six lucky kids (at least 11 years
old) will experience breathing underwater with tanks
and gear. They will have full use of the pool, and
pizza, soda, and water will also be supplied. As an
added treat, an underwater photo of this "event“ will
be given to the children. Transportation to the pool
not included.
                                             Tom Fredenberg

Panther Steve Smith Autographed Helmet
Priceless                    Minimum Bid: $250
Authentic NFL football helmet signed by Carolina
Panther #89, wide receiver Steve Smith.

Country Day Appeal
Goal: $20,000
Calling all good fellas! Help Peggy, Jennifer, and
Patrick fund a few special items from their wish lists.
Raise your paddle on this one and be part of the
team that gets the ball rolling. Let’s all jump in and
fill this list.

     6                                                              10
     Sail the Caribbean                                             Painting by Diane Bywaters
     Value: $50,000                     Minimum Bid: $34,000        Value: $2,400                         Minimum Bid: $960
     Set sail with four couples on your own fully crewed and        Diane Bywaters, Quiet Moment on Figure Eight
     catered 127 foot super luxury yacht. Bask in the Caribbean     Island, NC, 2002, 30 x 22, oil on wood. Diane

                                                                                                                                    Live Auction
     sun for four days and three nights. Pick your ports and set    Bywaters, born in Kansas City in 1957, is a professor
     sail on the private cruise of a lifetime. Dates to be agreed   of art at the University of Wisconsin in Stevens
     upon with owner. No pets. Does not include fuel, docking       Point. She has painted extensively throughout the
     fees, crew tip, or airfare to Nassau.                          U.S., France, England and Italy. Landscape artist of
                                                    Felix Sabates   the "en plein air“ method, Diane has traveled to the
                                                                    Blue Ridge Parkway and the marshes surrounding
     7                                                              Figure Eight Island and Wrightsville Beach.
                                                                                                        Hidell Brooks Gallery
     Six Year Vertical Flight of
     Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet                           11
     Value: $600                    Minimum Bid: $240               Bruton’s Box
     Founded in 1972 by former Christian Brothers monk              Value: $4,000                       Minimum Bid: $1,600
     Justin Meyer, Silver Oak Cabernets are ripe, rich fruit        Gentlemen, start your engines! Experience the Coca
     with smooth, soft tannins. The undeniable scent of             Cola 600 Winston Cup Race on Sunday, May 28,
     American oak helps make these cabernets distinctive            2006, from Bruton Smith’s suite at Lowe’s Motor
     and consistent. Silver Oak wines rarely receive any            Speedway. Includes two suite tickets, pit, and VIP
     point rating below 90 by Wine Spectator. This six              parking pass.
     year vertical flight of Silver Oak Alexander Valley:                                                      Bruton Smith
     1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997 are from one of
     the greatest, if not the greatest, decade of wines in          12
     our lifetime and have been stored in a controlled cel-         Duck Bottom Plantation
     lar since their release.
                                        LeeAnne and Bill Whitley    Value: $3,900                       Minimum Bid: $1,560
                                                                    Enjoy this luxury hunting lodge less than two hours
     8                                                              from Charlotte that even your wife would love to see
                                                                    and stay in for the night. After an afternoon of
     Turks and Caicos Luxury Vacation                               activities, up to six people will start the evening off
     Value: $6,352                   Minimum Bid: $2,540            with drinks at the pavilion by a roaring fire. You will
     Enjoy the pristine white, sandy beaches, and friendly          be served a fabulous four star dinner. The Lodge,
     spirit of Providenciales Island in Turks and Caicos.           decorated by Kathleen Rivers of Charleston, SC,
     Relax for a week in a spacious three-bedroom/three-            includes guided hunting for deer or hog (depending
     bath condominium overlooking the turquoise waters              on the season), Sporting Clays five stand, property
     of Grace Bay. Mutually agreed upon time between                tours in club cars, fishing, and swimming. Does not
     April 23 and December 15, 2006. No smoking or                  include hunting license, gratuity, or ammunition.
     pets.                                                                                                          Eddie Street
                                      Karen and Steve Cummings
     9                                                              The Oyster Roast and Toast
     Concert Evening at Shelton Vineyards                           Value: $2,000                         Minimum Bid: $800
     Value: $2,400                     Minimum Bid: $960            Back by popular demand, revel in an evening of
     Jump on the bus! Take 39 of your closest pals on a             music and merriment at an oyster roast for 50 people
     party bus to Shelton Vineyards for a "Shelton at               hosted by CCDS parents Carl and Jane Showalter on
     Sunset“ concert. Choose from one of five                       their beautiful outdoor patio. This shindig is the
     dates/bands. Once you arrive, take a private tour of           "real“ parent party of the year! On a mutually agreed
     the 50,000 square foot winery. Enjoy a sampling of             upon date. Oysters courtesy of fellow CCDS parents
     Shelton’s award winning wines and take home your               Britton and Dawn McCorkle of Vinnie’s Sardine Bar.
     souvenir wine glass. After the concert, the bus will                                             Jane and Carl Showalter
     return you to Charlotte. 18 bottles of wine included.
                                      Mandy and Todd Houser
                                       Shelton Vineyards, Inc.

12                                                                                                                                 13
     14                                                          GGCC for the fabulous Sunday Brunch Buffet.
     Elizabeth Bruns Shopping Spree                                 Home includes five bedrooms, large porches with
     Value: $2,000                        Minimum Bid: $800      outdoor fireplace, indoor swimming pool, billiards
     Country Day’s own Wilson Glasgow offers a gift cer-         room, and outdoor sauna with shower and deck. No
     tificate for $2,000 toward the purchase of any ONE          smoking inside the home, please.

                                                                                                                                Live Auction
     item from his store, Elizabeth Bruns, located in the
     Specialty Shops on the Park.                                             Sarah and Tim Belk   Annette and Robert Mason
                                          Elizabeth Bruns Inc.
                                                                          Donna and John Black       Posey and Mark Mealy
     15                                                                   Betsy and Alfred Brand       Lynn and Eric Mozer
     Bon Appetit!                                                        Tracy and H.K. Hallett       Celene and Mark Oken
                                                                       Carol and Watts Hamrick      Mimi and Bailey Patrick
     Value: $2,400                       Minimum Bid: $960
     Enjoy a gourmet, multi-course dinner for eight in a               Ann and Hooper Hardison            Lee and David Tate
     progressive dining format in the lovely home and                      Coco and Ray Killian         Lisa and Ed Weisiger
     gardens of Warwick and Carey Werthmuller. Co-                     Francie and John Mangan
     hosted by Beth and Jim Penegar, the dinner will be
     prepared by chefs Warwick and Jim, and each course          17
     will be paired with exceptional wines from Carey’s          Men’s Night Out at McIntosh Steakhouse
     cellar. The higher the bid, the better the vino! The        Value: $1,200                     Minimum Bid: $480
     dinner will be enjoyed in venues throughout the             Once again, CCDS parent Greg McIntosh has
     Werthmuller’s home and gardens. Mutually agreed             donated a spectacular dinner for 10 men in
     upon date in Spring 2007. Must have a designated            McIntosh’s private room. The dinner includes wine
     driver or use a car service.                                specially chosen for the occasion. Enjoy fine cigars
                                          Beth and Jim Penegar   as well. Be sure to let Greg know the date you are
                                Warwick and Carey Werthmuller    coming so he can plan for you; not in December,
                                                                 please. Beer, liquor, tax, and gratuity are not included.
     16                                                                                                       Greg McIntosh
     Fall Mountain Weekend September 20-24, 2006
     Value: $8,000                     Minimum Bid: $3,200
     Four couples will enjoy five days and four nights           Painting by Dennis Sheehan
     in a spectacular mountain setting near Linville, NC.        Value: $3,000                       Minimum Bid: $1,200
         Stay in a wonderful mountain home situated on           A beautiful painting by Dennis Sheehan, a member
     16 acres overlooking Pisgah National Forest. Arrive         of the Boston Guild of artists, whose work graces pri-
     Wednesday evening to enjoy local BBQ catered by             vate and public collections worldwide, including that
     the Old Hampton Store. Thursday the men will play           of the White House. "Twilight“, oil on canvas,
     golf at Grandfather Golf and Country Club’s 18 hole         14 x 23 inches, framed.
     Championship Course, rated Top 100 in the U.S. by                                             Claudia Heath Fine Art
     Golf Digest. Ladies will either hike one of the many
     spectacular Blue Ridge Parkway trails or enjoy tennis       19
     at the GGCC tennis facility. Lunch will be served on        Personalized Street Sign
     the patio at GGCC.                                          Value: $1,000                         Minimum Bid: $400
         Thursday dinner is at the new Best Cellar restau-       See your name on a city street sign. Purchase the
     rant in Linville. Friday morning the men play golf at       official naming rights for EITHER the street that runs
     the exclusive Linville Golf Club, another Golf Digest       behind the JK/K building on the Cannon Campus or
     Top 100 course, designed in 1924 by the famed               the Middle School front drive. Good through
     Donald Ross followed by lunch in the ParTee Room.           February 2008.
     The ladies will go to West Glow Spa in Blowing                                          Head of School Margaret Gragg
     Rock for a "day of beauty“ that includes lunch on the
     terrace. Your dinner will be catered Friday night so
     you can sit back and relax by the fire.
         On Saturday you will all be fly fishing for trophy
     trout on Linville’s private 12-mile stretch of river.
     Blue Ridge Anglers will provide equipment and
     instruction. Have a late lunch at the Tartan
     Restaurant. Saturday night you will dine at the
     famous Eseeola Lodge located in the heart of historic
     Linville. On Sunday, sleep late, then head back to
14                                                                                                                             15
     20                                                          23
     Kiawah Island Getaway & Charleston Cocktail Cruise          Escape to the Big Apple!
     Value: $5,000                 Minimum Bid: $2,000           Value: $3,400                     Minimum Bid: $1,360
     Don’t forget your deck shoes and start packing for          Two couples experience three nights of cosmopolitan
     three nights at fabulous Kiawah Island. Relax by the        elegance at The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central

                                                                                                                               Live Auction
     pool and outside grilling area. Spread out in spa-          Park. This 33-story Mobil five-star and AAA five-
     cious home with incredible master suite, three more         diamond hotel overlooks New York’s famed Central
     bedrooms in main house and another master and               Park and is within easy walking distance of Fifth
     bedroom in guest house. Top off your weekend with           Avenue and the theater district. Package includes
     a private cocktail cruise through the storied               dinner at the Ritz’s famous Atelier restaurant which
     Charleston area waterways. Golf and tennis available        serves French cuisine with a nod to American
     as an extra. Mutually agreed upon dates. Maximum            accents. Take in a taping (Monday-Thursday) of the
     eight adults or two families. No pets or smoking.           David Letterman Show at the Ed Sullivan Theatre on
                                   Robin and Richard LaVecchia   Broadway. Plan ahead to reserve these mutually
                                  Margaret and Luther Cochrane   agreed upon dates at all venues.
                                                                                                              Ritz Carlton
     21                                                                                                  Ruth Lee Leaycraft
     Turkeys for Two                                                                            Tricia and Donny Harrison
     Value: $950                      Minimum Bid: $380
     Bill Palmer, a CCDS parent, will guide two people on        24
     a wild turkey hunt on a mutually agreed upon date           Sweet Dreams with Libby Helms
     during April 2006. The hunt will take place on pri-         Value: $500                   Minimum Bid: $200
     vate property on the Catawba River in Lancaster             Libby Helms, CCDS grade four teacher extraordi-
     County, SC on prime turkey habitat. Includes a              naire, will again host a sleepover for six girls in her
     turkey call. A hunting license is required.                 "Sweet Union County“ historic district home (c.
                                                 Bill Palmer     1874). Dinner is included, along with a Monroe
                                                                 town tour in an antique car and breakfast at the
     22                                                          world famous Oasis.
     Six Magnums of Champagne                                                                                  Libby Helms
     Value: $1,000                    Minimum Bid: $400
     Break out the bubbly with Moet & Chandon Brut
     Imperial, Laurent-Perrier Brut, and Veuve Clicquot.
     Moet & Chandon reserves its best cuvees for the
     bruts with the Brut Imperial being the driest of their
     champagnes. The Laurent-Perrier Brut is a blend
     composed of over 55 different Crus (with an average
     94% rating) which is deliciously fresh and easy to
     drink. Veuve Clicquot is a perfect example of har-
     mony between delicacy and power. Toast to every
     occasion with these great champagnes.
                                 Merry and Grant Schoonmaker

16                                                                                                                            17
     Student Art and Play                                            126-130
                                                                     4th Grade Subtle Sea Shells
                                                                     Priceless                           Minimum Bid: $50
                                                                     Value Studies of sea shells by each fourth grade stu-
                                                                     dent emphasize naturalism in art. Presented together

                                                                                                                                      Student Art and Play
                                                                     on a ready-to-frame mat board. There is one collec-
     JK Table of Smiles                                              tion per class.
     Priceless                           Minimum Bid: $50                               Lower School Art Teacher Kandise Harris
     The junior kindergarten students have painted                                                         Fourth grade students
     adorable self-portraits to make original, personalized
     tablecloths. One for each JK class.                             131-136
                        Lower School Art Teacher Kandise Harris      It’s Your Move!
                                    Junior Kindergarten students     Priceless                           Minimum Bid: $100
                                                                     The seventh grade art students have painted func-
     106-110                                                         tional and beautiful game tables for your home, per-
     Kindergarten Layers of Love                                     fect for playroom or den. Play checkers, chess, or do
     Priceless                           Minimum Bid: $50            art projects of your own on the most colorful table
     The kindergarten students have used layers of paper,            around. One table per class.
     cooperation and teamwork to create recycled master-                  Middle School Art Teachers Frances Furr, Mike Hennessey
     pieces. One papier mache bowl for each class.                                                          Seventh grade students
                       Lower School Art Teacher Kandise Harris
                                          Kindergarten students      136-140
                                                                     Bowl of Light
     111-115                                                         Priceless                           Minimum Bid: $50
     1st Grade Hands with Heart                                      Using a fused glass technique, the eighth grade stu-
     Priceless                           Minimum Bid: $50            dents have created original, decorative bowls. These
     These pottery bowls were lovingly made out of each              bowls are as functional as they are beautiful. One
     of the first graders handprints for a unique design             bowl per class.
     that will brighten any room. One bowl per class.                    Middle School Art Teachers Cathy Preiss, Mike Hennessey
                         Lower School Art Teacher Lindsay Ranck                                             Eighth grade students
                                              First grade students
     116-120                                                         Noah’s Ark
     2nd Grade Creative Coils                                        Priceless                           Minimum Bid: $50
     Priceless                          Minimum Bid: $50             CCDS students Kendrick Allen and Courtney
     One of a kind pottery coil bowls whose rings repre-             Sterling created this clay rendition of Noah’s Ark, a
     sent true class spirit. Will look great anywhere! One           wonderful decorative item.
     bowl made by each class.                                                                                  Kendrick Allen
                          Lower School Art Teacher Kandise Harris
                                             Second grade students   142
                                                                     A Raku Creation
     121-125                                                         Priceless                           Minimum Bid: $50
     3rd Grade Flowers of Friendship                                 CCDS senior Ryan Barnett created this white crack-
     Priceless                      Minimum Bid: $50                 le, raku vase, perfect for any room.
     Floral Watercolor Studies by each third grade stu-                                                     Ryan Barnett
     dent have been gathered together on a framable mat
     board for a wonderfully collaborative creation. One             143
     collection per class.                                           Ready, and...Action!
                         Lower School Art Teacher Lindsay Ranck      Priceless                           Minimum Bid: $200
                                             Third grade students    Senior Advanced Placement art student, National Art
                                                                     Honor Society President, and avid filmmaker
                                                                     Andrew Keener will film an event of your choosing.
                                                                     His services will include filming, editing, and burning
                                                                     the video to a DVD. Expires: June 1, 2006.
                                                                                                                Andrew Keener

18                                                                                                                                   19
     144                                                           151
     Graduation 2006                                               Guaranteed Spot on the Bus
     Value: $250                       Minimum Bid: $100           Value: $1,015                      Minimum Bid: $410
     Be there for your graduate of 2006. Four front row            Jump on this one! Myers Park/Eastover round trip
     seats will be reserved for you on the big day!                bus pass for the 2006-2007 school year.

                                                                                                                                   Student Art and Play
                                 Head of School Margaret Gragg                          CCDS Finance & Business Operations

     145                                                           152
     Graduation 2007                                               5th Grade Lunch Line Pass
     Value: $250                       Minimum Bid: $100           Value: $100                        Minimum Bid: $40
     Be there for your graduate of 2007. You will be so            First in lunch line pass for a fifth grader during the
     glad you planned ahead as four front row seats await          fourth quarter of 2006!
     you on the big day!                                                                  Head of Middle School Jennifer Hinote
                               Head of School Margaret Gragg
     146                                                           6th Grade Lunch Line Pass
     8th Grade Moving Up 2006                                      Value: $100                        Minimum Bid: $40
     Value: $250                      Minimum Bid: $100            First in lunch line pass for a sixth grader during the
     No need to be too early as four front row seats will          fourth quarter of 2006!
     be reserved for the 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony                                     Head of Middle School Jennifer Hinote
     June 2006!
                           Head of Middle School Jennifer Hinote   154
                                                                   7th Grade Lunch Line Pass
     147                                                           Value: $100                        Minimum Bid: $40
     8th Grade Moving Up 2007                                      First in lunch line pass for a seventh grader during
     Value: $250                       Minimum Bid: $100           the fourth quarter of 2006!
     No need to worry! Four front row seats will be                                       Head of Middle School Jennifer Hinote
     reserved for the 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony in
     June 2007!                                                    155
                          Head of Middle School Jennifer Hinote    8th Grade Lunch Line Pass
                                                                   Value: $100                        Minimum Bid: $40
     148                                                           First in lunch line pass for an eighth grader during
     4th Grade Moving Up 2006                                      the fourth quarter of 2006!
     Value: $250                       Minimum Bid: $100                                  Head of Middle School Jennifer Hinote
     Have the best seats in the house with four reserved
     front row seats for the 4th Grade Moving Up                   156
     Ceremony in June 2006!                                        CCDS Cheerleading Camp #1
                                Head of School Margaret Gragg      Value: $175                        Minimum Bid: $70
                                                                   Bring a friend and enjoy a week of fun at CCDS’s
     149                                                           cheerleading camp, June 12-16, 2006. Go Bucs!
     4th Grade Moving Up 2007                                                                                Lori Townsend
     Value: $250                       Minimum Bid: $100           157
     Say goodbye to Lower School in style in four
     reserved front row seats for the 4th Grade Moving
                                                                   CCDS Cheerleading Camp #2
     Up Ceremony in June 2007!                                     Value: $175                        Minimum Bid: $70
                                Head of School Margaret Gragg      Bring a friend and enjoy a week of fun at CCDS’s
                                                                   cheerleading camp, July 10-14, 2006. Go Bucs!
     150                                                                                                     Lori Townsend
     Guaranteed Football Parking
     Value: $250                     Minimum Bid: $100
     A prized parking spot directly next to the field!
                                                                   Bellini Baby Gift Basket
     Reserved for the 2006-2007 CCDS varsity football              Value: $150                        Minimum Bid: $60
     season.                                                       Deluxe baby products, stuffed animal, picture frame,
                                         CCDS Boosters Club        and special blankie.

20                                                                                                                                21
     159                                                         164
     Camp Whip-poor-will                                         Lance Armstrong Basket
     Value: $370                      Minimum Bid: $150          Value: $200                        Minimum Bid: $80
     One week of Day Camp at Camp Whip-poor-will.                Seven-time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong,
     Must be used during the summer of 2006. Bus fare            and the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team have

                                                                                                                                 Student Art and Play
     not included.                                               pulled together this special basket especially for you.
                                     Camp Whip-poor-will         Complete with an official team jersey, team podium
                                                                 hat, T-shirt, DVD, and Lance Armstrong Foundation
     160                                                         book, Livestrong.
     Apple IPOD Shuffle                                                                                     Bill Goodwyn
     Value: $150                      Minimum Bid: $60                                            Discovery Networks, Inc.
     IPOD Shuffle holds 100+ songs. Includes three deco-         165
     rative cases to change as you change outfits and a          The Magical Dr. Seuss
     $20 Itunes debit card.                                      Priceless                          Minimum Bid: $250
                                      Mandy and Brad Brown
                                                                 CCDS students and National Art Honor Society
     161                                                         members Caroline Burton, Amy Barrus, Blair Sklut,
                                                                 and Emily Erdman, along with CCDS art teacher
     Moondance Gift Certificate                                  Lynn Castro, will create a Dr. Seuss children’s mural
     Value: $1,000                    Minimum Bid: $400          of your choosing for your home. The mural will be
     CCDS alum Hayes Hitchens of Moondance                       painted on unstretched canvas with dimensions up to
     Adventures will again offer a $1,000 discount to any        4 ft. x 6 ft. and can be hung using a curtain rod or
     trip in 2006 or 2007, space permitting. Since               tapestry clips. Expires June 1, 2006.
     Moondance limits the number of students from a cer-             Art Teacher Lynn Castro and National Art Society members
     tain area, oftentimes spaces are taken up very early in
     the year for a particular trip. Please call the             166
     Moondance office for space availability. Any student        Party at Pump it Up!
     who receives this must pass the same teacher refer-         Value: $200                        Minimum Bid: $80
     ence that all students go through.                          Have your next action packed birthday party at
                                         Moondance Adventures
                                                                 Charlotte’s new Pump It Up and let the kids go wild.
     162                                                         Spend that energy in the many inflatables and large
                                                                 indoor playroom and end the fray in the clean, new
     Overland Gift Certificate                                   facility’s party room. Be one of the first to book a
     Value: $250                      Minimum Bid: $100          private party at Charlotte’s new, clean, active party
     Overland offers summer outdoor adventures, commu-           land Pump It Up. It’s that easy and fun. Must be
     nity service, and study abroad programs to over 900         used Monday through Thursday.
     young adults ages 12-18. Website information:                                                   Sandy and Bob Leland Must be used in sum-
     mer 2006 and all candidates must receive references
     before approval of participation in any program.            167
                                                   Overland      Lacrosse Camp of Champions
     163                                                         Value: $145                Minimum Bid: $60
                                                                 Join award winning CCDS Varsity Lacrosse Coach
     Animal Planet Basket
                                                                 Brad Touma for the best lacrosse camp in North
     Value: $250                      Minimum Bid: $100          Carolina. Coach Touma has led CCDS players to
     The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, has sent his
     friend, Mr. Croc to keep you company as you settle          fourteen state championships capturing four titles,
     in to read, Living on the Edge, signed by the author        eleven All Americans, and 267 program victories…
     and star of Animal Planet’s Corwin’s Quest himself,         Go Bucs! Be part of this winning team at the
     Jeff Corwin. Then head outdoors and experience the          Cannon Campus, June 12-15 from 5:30 to 8:30 for
     wildlife in your Animal Planet hat, T-shirt, and PING       boys ages 7 to 14.
     jacket.                                                                      CCDS Varsity Lacrosse Coach Brad Touma
                                                Bill Goodwyn
                                      Discovery Networks, Inc.

22                                                                                                                              23
     Entertainment, Sports
     and Parties
     201                                                         207

                                                                                                                              Entertainment, Sports and Parties
     2004 State Championship Football                            Panthers Opening Day Tickets
     Value: $200                  Minimum Bid: $80               Value: $1,400                Minimum Bid: $560
     The game ball autographed by Country Day’s 2004             Kick off the season with four 50 yard line, second
     varsity football team, the NCISAA state champions!          row club seats on the Panthers’ side to the 2006
     A real treasure!                                            opening day game. Includes parking pass.
                                   CCDS Athletic Department                                        Christe and David Eades

     202                                                         208
     CCDS Spirit Package                                         Bobcats Up Close and Personal
     Value: $125                      Minimum Bid: $50           Value: $600                   Minimum Bid: $240
     Show your Country Day pride with four 16 ounce              See the Charlotte Bobcats up close and personal
     CCDS tumblers, two 17 ounce tumblers and two 24             from four fifth row seats behind the visitor bench;
     ounce sports bottles. Lifetime guarantee. Donated           parking pass included. On a mutually agreed upon
     by CCDS parent Craig Cass and exclusively avail-            date for the 2006 season.
     able at all Tinder Box stores.                                                                           Kenny Letts
                                             The Tinder Box
     203                                                         Wachovia Championship Tickets & Parking
     Jeff Gordon’s #24 DuPont Chevrolet Door Panel               Value: $480                  Minimum Bid: $190
     Value: $1,200                 Minimum Bid: $480             Four Clubhouse tickets and the coveted parking pass
     Race to the auction table! Purchase the door panel          for Thursday’s round of the 2006 Wachovia
     from Jeff Gordon’s #24 DuPont Chevrolet, personally         Championship. Park directly across from Quail
     autographed by the four-time NASCAR Cup Series              Hollow; pass must be returned to owner after
     champion.                                                   Thursday’s round.
                                        Hendrick Motorsports                                   Sharon and Richard Mack

     204                                                         210
     Ride in a Glider with Eric Mozer                            All-Star Challenge Tickets
     Value: $300                      Minimum Bid: $120          Value: $200                      Minimum Bid: $80
     Feel the wind beneath your wings as you soar                Certificate good for four tickets in the Diamond
     through the sky in a glider with six-time U.S. cham-        Tower for the All-Star Challenge at Lowe’s Motor
     pion and CCDS parent, Eric Mozer.                           Speedway on May 20, 2006.
                                          Lynn and Eric Mozer                                       Lowe’s Motor Speedway

     205                                                         211
     2006 Jaguar for the Weekend                                 Golfer’s Dream #1
     Value: $500                 Minimum Bid: $200               Value: $500                      Minimum Bid: $200
     Drive the dream and enjoy the art of performance.           Certificate includes an afternoon of golf for four peo-
     Take a ride in a 2006 Jaguar XK8 convertible for the        ple, followed by dinner at either The Peninsula,
     weekend. Pick up Friday and return Monday morn-             Ballantyne Country Club, or The Point.
     ing. Must be at least 21 with a valid driver’s license.                                             Simonini Builders
     Does not include gas or insurance.
                                                    Scott Cars   212
                                                                 Golfer’s Dream #2
     206                                                         Value: $500                      Minimum Bid: $200
     Panthers Game Tickets                                       Certificate entitles winner to a round of golf for four,
     Value: $196                      Minimum Bid: $80           followed by dinner. You choose the location: The
     Two fabulous front row, fifty yard line seats on the        Peninsula, Ballantyne Country Club, or The Point.
     visitor’s side for the Carolina Panther’s regular season                                            Simonini Builders
     game of your choice.
                                   Hunter and Jamie McLawhorn

24                                                                                                                           25
     213                                                        219
     Golf Lesson at Quail Hollow Country Club                   "The Spirit" Yelper Turkey Caller
     Value: $105                    Minimum Bid: $40            Value: $400                      Minimum Bid: $160
     Enjoy a private one hour golf lesson with Scott            The Spirit, handmade by renowned turkey hunter
     Davenport, Head Golf Professional at Quail Hollow          and former CCDS parent and grandparent Parker

                                                                                                                             Entertainment, Sports and Parties
     Country Club. This lesson includes a video session         Whedon, is essentially like the primitive yelper used
     to help improve your swing!                                by American Indians. It consists of the little wing-
                                             Scott Davenport    bone (radius) of a wild turkey as a mouthpiece joined
                                                                to the larger wingbone (ulna) of a mature wild gob-
     214                                                        bler as the amplifier. However with the Spirit, the
     Augusta National Golf Bag                                  two bones are airtightly and extensibly joined
     Value: $500                      Minimum Bid: $200         together by a rifle cartridge ferrule and a slideable
     Slip your clubs into a new golf bag from Augusta           plastic tube. Because of the slideable tube, the overall
     National Golf Club.                                        length, which is the sound chamber part of the caller,
                                       Janis and Frank Dowd     is adjustable so as to raise or lower the pitch and
                                                                notes of the yelps. In addition, the Spirit is made
     215                                                        with colorful thread wrappings, artistic scrimshaw of
     David Beckham & Posh Spice Photos                          a turkey head and tail feather, and adjustable lip stop
     Value: $200                 Minimum Bid: $80               made with the brass portion of a shotgun shell.
     Get signed photographs of England’s most famous            Package includes the Spirit caller; authentic, signed
     footballer David Beckham and his wife Victoria             bamboo casing; supporting literature of Yelper origin
     Adams, formerly known as Posh Spice. These pho-            and history, and one hour calling lesson at Parker’s
     tographs were signed over dinner in May of 2005 in         home.
     Madrid. Framing compliments of Fast Frame.                                                            Parker Whedon
     216                                                        Movies for a Year!
     Memorabilia Autographed by                                 Value: $1,000                    Minimum Bid: $400
     ESPN Announcer Chris Berman                                Hooray for Hollywood! How many movies can you
                                                                see in one year? Consolidated Theatres offers a
     Value: $200                 Minimum Bid: $80
                                                                Presidential Gold Season Pass for one person and a
     Infamous ESPN sports announcer Chris Berman auto-
                                                                guest for one year. Pass is valid once daily.
     graphed "Gridfather“ poster with his most famous                                               Consolidated Theatres
     catch line...“You could go all the way“ - and auto-
     graphed personal golf ball with another famous             221
     Chris-ism, "Back...back...back!“
                                      Ashley and Dwight Clark   Sony CD/DVD Player
                                                                Value: $150                      Minimum Bid: $60
     217                                                        Jim Robinson of Audio by Design donates a silver
     Joe Gibbs Autographed NFL Football                         Sony super audio CD/DVD player compatible with
                                                                multi-recorded DVD discs, digital image, and digital
     Value: $300                   Minimum Bid: $120
                                                                music playback.
     Limited edition "Hall of Fame" NFL football signed                                               Audio by Design
     by Washington Redskins coach and three time Super
     Bowl winner Joe Gibbs; includes display case.              222
                                           Joe Gibbs Racing
                                                                U.S. Men’s Olympic Gymnastics Team Package
     218                                                        Value: $100                   Minimum Bid: $40
     Sean May Sports Illustrated Cover                          Get your hands on this CCDS T-shirt autographed
                                                                by members of the 2004 U.S. Men’s Olympic
     Value: $250                    Minimum Bid: $100
                                                                Gymnastics team, including Paul Hamm, the first
     Former CCDS student and current UNC player Wes
                                                                U.S. all-around Olympic champion ever. Also
     Miller got this framed Sports Illustrated commemora-
                                                                includes autographed poster and VHS tape,
     tive edition Tarheels 2005 NCAA Men’s Basketball
                                                                "Celebration of Gold.“
     Championship autographed by former teammate                                                      Wendy Kraizel
     Sean May to include in this auction. Framing donat-
     ed by Fast Frame.
                                     Ken, Wes and Matt Miller

26                                                                                                                          27
     Belle Acres Bash                                                                  Food and Wine
     Value: $500                      Minimum Bid: $200
     Head on down South Boulevard to shabby chic Belle
     Acres Golf and Country Club. Invite 24 fun people

                                                                                                                              Food and Wine
     for a cookout and good time. Event must take place
     before the end of September 2006. Tax, tip, and             A Wine Tasting to Go - 9 Great Cabernets!
     alcohol not included.                                       Value: $550                     Minimum Bid: $220
                            Belle Acres Golf and Country Club    Taste the night away...1997, 1998, and 1999 flights
                                                                 from Pride Mountain, Anderson Conn Valley, and
     224                                                         Chateau Montelena. Wine flights are an excellent
     Tea Party for Twelve                                        way to compare years. 1997 is a classic vintage char-
     Value: $300                      Minimum Bid: $120          acterized by solid structure, tannin, and lush fruit.
     Let us pamper you with treats and tea,                      1998 is a good California vintage that is ready to
     at your place or ours, a festive occasion it will be.       drink. 1999 is another classic vintage in the decade
     Just gather 12 friends, we’ll serve you in style.           of the 90’s, similar in many respects to 1991, 1994,
     Two hours of elegance, with black, green, and               and 1997.
     chamomile.                                                                                               Ernest Barry
     Mutually agreed upon date.
                                              Joanna Ashworth    302
                                                    Amy Gach     Case of 1999 Sesti Brunello Di Montalcino
                                                    Mary Long    Value: $700                    Minimum Bid: $280
                                                                 This remarkable wine rated a 98 from the Wine
     225                                                         Spectator. A classic Brunello from a very exciting
     Porcupine Provisions Catered Party                          producer. It balances the richness and density of the
     Value: $1,250                 Minimum Bid: $500             best modernist Brunellos. 1999 was considered a
     CCDS parents Leslie and Bruce Schlernitzauer, own-          very good year for Brunello, rated four stars (out of
     ers of Porcupine Provisions, will prepare a dinner          five) by the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di
     party for 12, or hors d’oeuvres for 20, in your own         Montalcino.
                                                                                                              Reid Leggett
     home! The Wine Shop will provide wine for your
     special party. Not redeemable in December; based            303
     on availability.
                                          Porcupine Provisions   Magnum of 1990 Dominus Estate
                                               The Wine Shop     Value: $400                 Minimum Bid: $160
                                                                 Attention collectors! 1990 was the first year in the
     226                                                         history of Dominus that included all four of the clas-
     Southern Porch Supper                                       sic Bordeaux grape varietals in the final blend. The
                                                                 result is a deep, ruby-red, but smooth wine.
     Value: $800                      Minimum Bid: $320
                                                                 Dominus is made soley from grapes grown on the
     Slow down and enjoy the hospitality of a Southern
                                                                 historic Napanook Vineyard in Yountville, CA.
     porch supper overlooking Edgehill Park for eight
                                                                 Wine Spectator gave this wine 91 points.
     couples. Late spring or early fall; mutually agreed                                                       Al Waugh
     upon date.
                                        Jan and Tommy Shealy     304
                                     Molly and Henry Froelich
                                                                 Three Bottle Variety Package - Great Cabs!
                                                                 Value: $200                    Minimum Bid: $80
                                                                 1993 William Hill Reserve, 1996 Caymus, and 1998
                                                                 Duckhorn Vineyards - three great wines from Napa
                                                                 Valley! William Hill Winery, located along the
                                                                 Silverado Bench just south of Stags’ Leap District,
                                                                 has a reputation for producing rich, intense wines
                                                                 with a distinctive elegance. Caymus built their win-
                                                                 ery among the vines planted on the family’s ranch in
                                                                 Rutherford. Duckhorn Vineyards has spent a quarter
                                                                 century establishing itself as one of North America’s
                                                                 premier producers of Bordeaux varietal wines.
                                                                                                           Ward Williams

28                                                                                                                           29
     305                                                            310
     Magnum of Chateau Montelena Estate Cabernet                    The Roasting Company Party Pack
     Value: $300                 Minimum Bid: $120                  Value: $120                  Minimum Bid: $50
     One might call the opaque purple-colored 2001                  Dinner for 20 from The Roasting Company, owned
     Cabernet Sauvignon Estate locked and loaded. This              by CCDS parents Doug and Beth Bell, including

                                                                                                                                   Food and Wine
     wine is fashioned from a blend of 96% Cabernet                 roasted chicken, vegetables of choice, and cornbread.
     Sauvignon and 4% Cabernet Franc. Patience will be              Comes in a box ready to go - just call at least two
     essential as the anticipated maturity is 2009-2030.            hours in advance. Perfect for the end of season sports
     (Wine Advocate)                                                party!
                              Robert Balsley, Arthur’s Wine Shop                                      The Roasting Company

     306                                                            311
     Magnum of Silver Oak 2000                                      Volare Ristorante Italiano
     Alexander Valley Cabernet                                      Value: $200                       Minimum Bid: $80
     Value: $125                         Minimum Bid: $50           Dinner for four, excluding gratuity.
     The 2000 Alexander Valley is a classic, rich Cabernet                                          Volare Ristorante Italiano
     Sauvignon with a ruby-red color and an expressive
     nose of cassis, blueberries, blackberries, soy sauce,          312
     and vanilla. It is luscious and full-bodied on the             Toscana Ristorante Italiano Gift Certificate
     palate and has an incredibly long finish of ripe berry         Value: $150                     Minimum Bid: $60
     fruit, vanilla, and a hint of dill. This wine will con-        Dinner for four at Toscana Ristorante Italiano.
     tinue to improve until 2018.                                   Excludes gratuity, taxes, and alcohol.
                                     Suzanne and Damon DiOrio                                       Toscana Ristorante Italiano

     307                                                            313
     Groceries for a Year!                                          Zebra Restaurant
     Value: $2,080                      Minimum Bid: $830           Value: $100                       Minimum Bid: $40
     Grab your VIC card and head down to your friendly,             Dinner for four at Zebra Restaurant.
     neighborhood Harris Teeter. Receive a $40 coupon a             Excludes gratuity.
     week for 52 weeks.                                                                                       Zebra Restaurant
                                             Harris Teeter
     308                                                            Gift Certificate for Upstream, Mimosa, or Harpers
     Brixx Pizza for a Year!                                        Value: $100                     Minimum Bid: $40
     Value: $108                        Minimum Bid: $40            Gift certificate to be used at one of the following
     Enjoy a pizza each month from Brixx Wood Fired                 restaurants: Upstream, Mimosa, or Harpers. Gratuity
     Pizza.                                                         not included.
                                    Brixx Wood Fired Pizza                                            Robin and Bill Branstrom

     309                                                            315
     Vinnie’s Sardine Grill and Raw Bar                             Mama Ricotta’s Dinner for Four
     Value: $250                     Minimum Bid: $100              Value: $100                    Minimum Bid: $40
     CCDS parents Dawn and Britton McCorkle have                    Dinner for four at Mama Ricotta’s Restaurant.
     generously offered a $250 cash card at their restau-                                                   Mama Ricotta’s
     rant, Vinnie’s. Bring friends and enjoy great eats at
     this favorite South End hotspot. Tax and tip not
                               Vinnie’s Sardine Grill and Raw Bar

30                                                                                                                                31
     Getaways                                                     405
                                                                  North Litchfield Beach House
                                                                  Value: $3,600                Minimum Bid: $1,440
                                                                  Enjoy one week (Sunday-Sunday) in this fabulous
                                                                  home located on the second row at N. Litchfield

                                                                  Beach, SC. Choose one of three weeks in 2006:
     Seabrook Island Weekend                                      September 3-10, September 24-October 1, or
     Value: $1,500                     Minimum Bid: $600          October 15-22. No pets or smokers. Does not
     Enjoy a weekend stay in this three-bedroom/two-              include $125 cleaning fee.
     bath beach villa on Seabrook Island. Located 23                                               Dana and Bill Byron
     miles from Charleston, Seabrook is a gated beach
     community with two championship golf courses, 10             406
     clay tennis courts, heated swimming pools, equestri-         Weekend at Lake Glenville
     an center, fitness/recreation center, and kids club.         Value: $900                      Minimum Bid: $360
     The villa has bikes for a family of four. Choose one         Getaway to Cashiers, NC and stay at this beautiful
     of the following options for a perfect beach weekend         home located in the Trillium development on Lake
     - round of golf for four, two hours of tennis, horse-        Glenville. This four-bedroom, three-bath home is
     back riding for four through Seabrook. Non smokers           perfect for two families or three couples, and has a
     only. Available spring or fall 2006, non-holiday             large great room and a porch with a fireplace.
     weekend.                                                     Swimming, tennis and golf are available (a Morris
                                            Liz and Bruce Young   Hatalsky course). Just 10 minutes from dining and
                                                                  shopping in charming Cashiers. Available on a mutu-
     402                                                          ally agreeable long weekend in spring or fall 2006.
     Seabrook Island Week                                         Non-smokers only.
     Value: $1,800                     Minimum Bid: $720                                             Leigh and Jerry Moran
     Unwind in this three-bedroom, two-bath villa on
     Seabrook Island, SC across the street from the beach         407
     and Club. Pool, restaurant, and fitness center. One          Long Weekend at Lake Summit
     king, four twin beds with ocean views. Subject to            Value: $800                 Minimum Bid: $320
     availability. Excludes green fees, tennis fees, and          Spend a three day weekend at Lake Summit on
     equestrian fees.                                             Apple Hill and feel like you’ve just stepped into an
                                        Mandy and Brad Brown      L.L. Bean catalogue. Swim, fish, paddle, and relax at
                                                                  the two story, deep water boathouse with screened
     403                                                          porch, sundeck, and many water toys. Three-bed-
     Myrtle Beach Ocean Front Condo                               room/three-bath cottage with open lofts and bal-
     Value: $1,500                Minimum Bid: $600               conies suitable for older children. Includes half day
     Experience the Grand Strand from a luxury high rise          of skiing and tubing with driver and all gear.
     in North Myrtle Beach and have fun in the outdoor            Mutually agreed upon dates.
     pool/lazy river/hot tub/kiddie pool. This three bed-                                           Christe and David Eades
     room ocean front condominium comfortably acco-
     modates up to eight adults. NOT available from May           408
     15 to September 15.                                          Grandfather Mountain Home Away from Home
                                         Hilda and Paul Gores     Value: $1,500               Minimum Bid: $600
                                                                  Get away for two nights to this fabulous four-bed-
     404                                                          room, three-full bath home on the 2nd hole at
     Wrightsville Beach House                                     Grandfather Country Club. Sits on one acre lot.
     Value: $750                       Minimum Bid: $300          Renovated in 2004, the home has a vaulted ceiling in
     Enjoy a long weekend (Friday-Monday or Thursday-             the great room with a stone fireplace and large wrap
     Sunday) in this fabulous five-bedroom, oceanside             around deck. The perfect spot to get away and relax;
     house at Wrightsville Beach. Sleeps 10. Non-smok-            just two hours from Charlotte. Weekend to be mutu-
     ing, no pets. No holiday weekends. May be used               ally agreed upon by owner and buyer. No pets or
     September - March, to be arranged with owner.                smokers.
                                      Christy and Stan Howey                                    Patty and William Hendrix

32                                                                                                                            33
     409                                                          414
     Golf Getaway at Secession Golf Club                          Charleston Bed & Breakfast
     Value: $1,200                  Minimum Bid: $480             Value: $800                       Minimum Bid: $320
     Enjoy a priceless day of golf. You and two friends           Enjoy two romantic nights at Charleston’s Two
     join fomer CCDS parent, Jim Ely, for an exciting day         Meeting Street Inn, a fabulous bed and breakfast on

     of golf at Secession Golf Club in Beaufort, SC.              the Battery in the heart of the historic district.
     Secession is ranked as one of the best courses in            Come relax and rock on the veranda and enjoy all
     South Carolina. Accomodations will be provided at            Charleston has to offer. VALID SUNDAY
     the Club for the evening. Does not include trans-            THROUGH THURSDAY NIGHTS.
     portation or meals. A second day of golf may be                                                  Two Meeting Street Inn
     arranged at buyer’s expense. Must be used by
     February 2007.
                                                     Jim Ely

     Escape to Pinehurst!
     Value: $880                       Minimum Bid: $350
     Enjoy this fabulous Pinehurst vacation home located
     on CCNC’s Dogwood Course for two nights. This
     trip is available any time through December 2006,
     subject to rentals that have already been reserved.
     The house has four bedrooms, a large living area,
     pool table, equipped kitchen and pool. Close prox-
     imity (two miles) to the shops in Pinehurst and the
     Pinehurst Resort, and also close to the shops in
     Southern Pines. No smoking or pets in the house.
     Golf is available for an additional fee.
                                       Dany and Don Williams

     Play Jack’s Course!
     Value: $3,000                     Minimum Bid: $1,200
     Muirfield Village Golf Club was the dream and work
     of Jack Nicklaus. Put your foursome together and
     play two rounds of golf at this famous course,
     home to the Memorial Tournament. Stay at one of
     the club’s on-site villas. Does not include airfare,
     caddy fees, food or beverage.

     Whitewater Rafting in West Virginia
     Value: $493                    Minimum Bid: $200
     This item includes one full day whitewater rafting
     trip for four people and a one night stay in a two
     bedroom log cabin. Good until August 30, 2006.
     Saturday not included.
                                    Adventures-Mountain River

     Ballantyne Resort Getaway
     Value: $350                       Minimum Bid: $140
     Sneak off with your sweetie for one night at the
     Ballantyne Resort and enjoy a spa package or round
     of golf. Be one of the first to dine at owner of Blue’s
     new venue, Table. Does not include hotel incidentals.
                                              Ballantyne Resort

34                                                                                                                             35
     Art                                                           505
                                                                   "Provence Landscape" by Anne Neilson
                                                                   Value: $575                  Minimum Bid: $230
                                                                   "Provence Landscape," 16 x 12 oil painting, by Anne
                                                                   Neilson who began her career with a successful

                                                                   handpainted pottery business, Herring Designs. She
     "Lure Reflections" by Bruce Park                              has recently turned her passion for art toward oil
     Value: $1,400                  Minimum Bid: $560              painting. She enjoys painting from life and familiar
     CCDS parent Renee McColl, co-owner of Hayes-                  scenes in which people relate. She currently studies
     George Gallery, has chosen this beautiful pastel              under Andy Braitman and has also taken workshops
     depicting an image of Lake Lure by nationally recog-          from Camille Przewodek and Joanette and Cedric
     nized artist Bruce Park. 20 1/4“ x 26“ framed.                Egeli.
                                         Hayes George Gallery                                                 Anne Neilson
     502                                                           506
     Artwork by Patrick Atkinson                                   "Yellow Sails" by Margaret Salisbury
     Value: $850                       Minimum Bid: $340           Value: $750                     Minimum Bid: $300
     Untitled, 2004 mixed media on paper (30 x 22) by              "Yellow Sails," 16 x 12, oil on board. Local artist,
     Charlotte artist Patrick Atkinson. Patrick studied            Margaret Salisbury, began painting in oils with noted
     painting and drawing at East Carolina University.             Charlotte artist and teacher, Andy Braitman. Her
     Beeswax, coffee, rust, oil paint, and ashes all find          subject matter incorporates whatever catches her eye
     their way into his richly textured, deeply personal           during travels throughout the Carolinas, from land-
     works. Patrick’s small suggestion for subjects of his         scapes to people. Although she favors working en
     paintings gives the viewer a starting point for inter-        plein air, Margaret also enjoys a studio in her home.
     pretation, but he says the viewer should interpret his        Margaret is represented by Tyler White in
     paintings on their own, revealing their own subcon-           Greensboro, Beaufort Fine Art in Beaufort; Art Cellar
     scious.                                                       in Banner Elk, Art Source in Raleigh, and Pope’s
                                          Hidell Brooks Gallery    Gallery in Charlotte.
                                                                                                         Margaret Salisbury
     Original Painting by Ainslie Phillips                         507
     Value: $300                       Minimum Bid: $120           "Roman Aquaduct" South France by Tony Griffin
     CCDS parent and wife of Upper School Head,                    Value: $2,000               Minimum Bid: $800
     Ainslie Phillips studied painting at Yale and has had         "Roman Aquaduct," South France, oil on linen, 8 x
     solo shows around the country.                                11, by Tony Griffin. Born in 1959, North Carolina
                                                Ainslie Phillips   native Tony Griffin left his family at age 11 to study
                                                                   art in Florence. Completing high school at the
     504                                                           American School of Florence, he advanced his train-
     Landscape by Libby Smart                                      ing with Signorina Nera Simi and received critiques
     Value: $650                       Minimum Bid: $260           from Italian Master Pietro Anngoni. While in Italy,
     "Marsh View“ 11 x 14 landscape by local artist Libby          Griffin served as apprentice to artist Ben Long. Tony
     Smart, whose style is soft and colorful, inviting the         received a full scholarship from Pennsylvania Fine
     viewer into her still lifes and landscapes. She has           Art in Philadelphia. Although a distinguished portrait
     studied under noted artists Andy Braitman, Camille            painter, Tony is equally well known for his land-
     Prezwodek, Kate Worm, and Cedric and Joanette                 scapes, interiors, and figurative work.
     Egeli. Charlotte Home Designs and Charlotte                                                                Tony Griffin
     Woman Magazine have featured her work which can
     also be found in galleries, exhibitions, and private
     collections, including Tajikistan State Department
     Art in Embassy Program through Allison Sprock Fine
                                                  Libby Smart

36                                                                                                                             37
     508                                                        514
     Painting by Jack Swinney                                   Painting by Penny Atlkins
     Value: $650                       Minimum Bid: $260        Value: $400                        Minimum Bid: $160
     A beautiful oil painting, "Low Country," 11 x 14, by       Tuscan Road 11x14 vertical oil on canvas by Penny
     local artist Jack Swinney who upon retirement began        Adkins. Penny paints colorful impressionist style

     studying with many noted artists including Nelson          landscapes and still lifes in oil. She is often found at
     Shank - Philadelphia, PA; Mims Studios - Southern          Andy Braitman Studios where she has studied for
     Pines; Steve Perkins at Engel’s - Annapolis, MD;           seven years. Penny enjoys Plein Air painting. She has
     Cedric and Joanette’s Egeli - Annapolis, MD; Tony          studied and participated in workshops with Carol
     Griffin, figure and "en plein air" - Charlotte;            Mitchell, Kate Worm, Mary Edith Alexander, George
     Elizabeth Ross - Charlotte; and Andy Braitman              Thompson, and Connie Winters.
     Studios - Charlotte.                                                                                     Penny Adkins
                                                 Jack Swinney
     509                                                        Portrait South Package
     "Carolina Landscape" by Andy Braitman                      Value: $1,000                      Minimum Bid: $400
     Value: $1,200                 Minimum Bid: $480            Commissioned art at its finest. Again, Elizabeth
     "Carolina Landscape," 11 x 14 oil on board, by Andy        Pitts, Portrait South’s Charlotte representative and
     Braitman. Andy was born in Casper, Wyoming and             CCDS mom, donates a $1,000 gift certificate to be
     moved to Maryland during high school, graduating           used towards the purchase of a portrait by one of the
     from the University of Maryland with a BA in fine          many outstanding artists she represents.
     art, minoring in physics and art history. Andy is an                                                  Portrait South
     artist of national stature. His works have been fea-
     tured in galleries in Santa Fe; Chicago; Atlanta;          516
     Millburn, NJ; Washington D.C.; Noorbeek Holland;           Portrait Brokers of America Gift Certificate
     Rio de Janiero, and Brazil. He was chosen by Nancy         Value: $1,000                   Minimum Bid: $400
     Reagan as one America’s leading artists along with         When only the best will do...Kathy Southerland,
     Frank Stella and Andrew Wyeth. He currently has a          CCDS alum and parent of graduates, also donates a
     piece on display at the Smithsonian Institute.             $1,000 gift certificate to be used towards the pur-
                                               Andy Braitman    chase of a portrait or sculpture valued at $3,500 or
                                                                greater by one of America’s premier artists. Must
     510                                                        redeem by February 11, 2007.
     Garden Bench by T. Lilly                                                                          Kathy Southerland
     Value: $500                       Minimum Bid: $200
     Impressionistic 8x10 oil on canvas by T. Lilly.            517
                                                  Anonymous     One of a Kind Temmoku Stoneware Bowl
                                                                Value: $50                  Minimum Bid: $20
     511                                                        This beautiful one of a kind temmoku stoneware
     Garden Path by T. Lilly                                    bowl was created by Upper School art teacher
     Value: $500                       Minimum Bid: $200        Meredith Green.
     8x10 oil on canvas by T. Lilly.                                           Upper School Fine Arts teacher Meredith Green
     512                                                        Porcelain Vase by Meredith Green
     Woodland Azaleas by Willingham                             Value: $30                    Minimum Bid: $10
     Value: $900                   Minimum Bid: $360            Visual arts and ceramics teacher Meredith Green has
     16x20 oil on canvas by Willingham.                         created this beautiful porcelain vase specifically for
                                                  Anonymous     the auction.
                                                                               Upper School Fine Arts teacher Meredith Green
     Garden Gate by Willingham
     Value: $900                       Minimum Bid: $360
     16x20 oil on canvas by Willingham.

38                                                                                                                             39
     Seagrove Pottery by Ben Owen III
                                                                  Home and Garden
     Value: $300                   Minimum Bid: $120
     Ben Owen III continues a pottery tradition in clay
     that dates back to Colonial America and beyond. Ben

                                                                                                                                 Home and Garden
     III is inspired by the art of his famous grandfather,
     Ben Owen - Master Potter. The same Asian influ-              Comprehensive Consultation Landscape Site Plan
     ences that guided Ben Sr.’s work are evident in Ben          Value: $1,500                Minimum Bid: $600
     III’s wares also. John Dabbs, Ltd. is pleased to donate      Carole Joyner of Joyner-Benfield, Distinctive Land
     a beautiful work of art by this Seagrove, NC native.         and Waterscapes, offers $1,500 toward a comprehen-
                                               John Dabbs, Ltd.   sive consultation and site plan.
                                                                                                    Carole Joyner Designs
     Falling Leaves Pottery Tray                                  602
     Value: $250                       Minimum Bid: $100          Teri Thomas Interiors Consultation
     Handcrafted pottery tray by CCDS parent Kay                  Value: $400                     Minimum Bid: $160
     Ethridge designed with leaf impressions found on a           CCDS parent of three boys and talented interior
     walk through the CCDS campus.                                designer donates two hours of consultation.
                                               Kay Ethridge                                         Teri Thomas Interiors

     521                                                          603
     Ceramic Flowers Arrangement                                  Sherwood Designs Interior Design Consultation
     Value: $350                 Minimum Bid: $140                Value: $225                   Minimum Bid: $90
     A handmade piece of pottery by CCDS alum Cary                Three hour residential design consultation by CCDS
     Pickard, designed especially for this event. Large           parent and interior designer Susan Dickson, owner of
     arrangement of brightly colored ceramic flowers in a         Sherwood Designs. Expires December 31, 2006.
     vase, sculptural in design.                                                                        Sherwood Designs
                                                Cary Pickard
     522                                                          Architechtural Services by Sam Greeson
     Lark Elliott Portrait Session                                Value: $600                    Minimum Bid: $240
     Value: $300                       Minimum Bid: $120          A four hour consultation with Sam W. Greeson, AIA.
     Nikon award-winning children’s photographer, Lark            Expires February 11, 2007. Special conditions: In
     Elliott, will photograph your family in an outdoor           Charotte only, please.
     setting of your choice in Charlotte. Includes proofs                                          Meyer-Greeson-Paullin
     and one custom enlargement, either 5x7 or 8x10.
     Expires February 2007.                                       605
                                      Lark Elliott Photography    Ruard Veltman Architecture Consultation
                                                                  Value: $480                   Minimum Bid: $190
     523                                                          Ruard Veltman offers four consecutive hours of archi-
     Southern Light Photography                                   tecture consultation.
     Value: $125                       Minimum Bid: $50                                        Ruard Veltman Architecture
     Linda Herndon of Southern Light Photography will
     donate a portrait session and 8x10 portrait, black and       606
     white or color. Expires February 11, 2007. Does not          Organize Your Home or Office
     include proofs.                                              Value: $250                  Minimum Bid: $100
                                   Southern Light Photography     Kristin del Rosso of Pea Organizing Services, Inc.
                                                                  offers a free assessment and four hours of home or
     524                                                          office organizing. Expires December 31, 2006.
     Classic Studio Session & Portrait                                                          Pea Organizing Services, Inc.
     Value: $200                    Minimum Bid: $80
     Ginger Wagoner, photographic artist, offers a classic        607
     studio session and one 8x10 portrait. Black and              Blue & White Oriental Lamp
     white or color portraits. To be scheduled with               Value: $200                       Minimum Bid: $80
     Ginger in her Dilworth studio, in studio only.               Blue and white oriental lamp custom made by CCDS
     Expires September 30, 2006.                                  grandparent Don Harrison, Greenville, SC.
                                              Photosynthesis                                   Harrison Antiques & Lighting
40                                                                                                                              41
     608                                                         614
     Roses for your Party!                                       Lenox Solitaire Dinnerware
     Value: $75                       Minimum Bid: $30           Value: $500                       Minimum Bid: $200
     CCDS parent Patty Adams will provide two arrange-           Lenox china and crystal is meticulously crafted and
     ments of roses from her garden for your special occa-       exquisitely finished, setting the table for beautiful,

                                                                                                                                Home and Garden
     sion, a dozen roses in each arrangement! Customer           memorable occasions for over 100 years. Subtle
     will provide the container and must be used during          sophistication distinguishes Solitaire ivory china,
     rose season, mid-April through September 2006.              adorned with a simple polished platinum band. Four,
                                               Patty Adams       five-piece place settings includes dinner plate, salad
                                                                 plate, bread & butter, tea cup, and saucer.
     609                                                                                                               Belk
     Custom Window Treatments
     Value: $250                  Minimum Bid: $100              615
     CCDS mom Lynn Pearce offers $250 toward custom              Bedside Manor Gift Certificate
     made window treatments, supplies and/or labor.              Value: $150                    Minimum Bid: $60
     Customer provides own material. Requires eight              Enjoy this $150 gift certificate to Bedside Manor,
     week lead time.                                             fine linens and accessories.
                                               Lynn Pearce                                                  Bedside Manor

     610                                                         616
     Embroidered Beach Towels                                    Basket of Knitting Supplies
     Value: $100                      Minimum Bid: $40           Value: $200                       Minimum Bid: $80
     Four embroidered beach towels by Missy’s                    Basket of assorted knitting yarns and needles. Box of
     Monograming, owned by CCDS parent Missy Hill.               assorted sewing thread.
                                              Missy Hill                                             Jill and Dick Norman

     611                                                         617
     Garden Containers for You!                                  Antique Flax Pillows
     Value: $365                      Minimum Bid: $150          Value: $500                       Minimum Bid: $200
     Garden Works will plant two large containers at your        Circa offers two beautiful 18th century blue and
     home with seasonal color of your choice for either          white flax pillows to accent your home.
     spring or fall. Containers not included. Expires                                           Circa Interiors and Antiques
     December 31, 2006.
                                              Garden Works       618
                                                                 Framed English Oil Painting Reproduction
     612                                                         Value: $269                    Minimum Bid: $110
     Drew Pappas Window Cleaning                                 Windwood Antiques donates a lovely framed English
     Value: $100                 Minimum Bid: $40                oil painting reproduction depicting farm animals.
     Drew Pappas, CCDS alum, offers a gift certificate of        16x18.
     $100 toward window cleaning for your home. May                                                   Windwood Antiques
     not be used in May, November, or December.
     Expires February 2007.
                             Drew Pappas Window Cleaning

     Campbell’s Orchid
     Value: $150                      Minimum Bid: $60
     A beautiful orchid in a lovely basket may be yours!
     After your orchid finishes blooming, return it to
     Campbell’s Greenhouse where it will be cared for
     until it blooms again. The orchid care program is
                                         Campbell’s Greenhouse

42                                                                                                                             43
     Beauty, Health                                                707
                                                                   InHomeMD Family Membership #2
     and Fitness                                                   Value: $749                Minimum Bid: $300
                                                                   CCDS parent Andy Jacobson generously offers a sec-
                                                                   ond Family Membership. See number 706 above for

                                                                                                                                 Beauty, Health and Fitness
                                                                   full description.
     Cosmetic Teeth Whitening                                                                            InHomeMD
     Value: $300                       Minimum Bid: $120
     Cosmetic teeth bleaching for the full mouth of one            708
     adult.                                                        WaveFront Customized IntraLASIK
                                       Dr. William H. Merlo        Value: $3,600                Minimum Bid: $1,440
                                                                   CCDS parent Dr. Jonathon Christenbury offers the
                                                                   opportunity to improve your vision with WaveFront
     Whiten Your Teeth                                             customized IntraLASIK procedure for both eyes.
     Value: $700                       Minimum Bid: $280           Expires December 31, 2006.
     Zoom 2 Professional in-office whitening package                                               Christenbury Eye Center
     includes bleach trays and touch up kit for follow up
     care. Teeth must have been professionally cleaned             709
     and free of decay.                                            YMCA Metro Family Membership
                                Dr. Lynne C. Murchison, DDS        Value: $414                 Minimum Bid: $170
                                                                   One three-month Metro Family YMCA membership.
     703                                                                                     YMCA of Greater Charlotte
     Orthodontics from Start to Finish
     Value: $5,000                   Minimum Bid: $3,000           710
     Orthodontic treatment for one adolescent.                     Nautilus SelectTech Dumbbells & Stand
     Minimum bid - $3000.                                          Value: $540                   Minimum Bid: $220
                                         Dr. Greg Valeriano        Nautilus Select Tech Dumbbells and stand. Nautilus
                                                                   condensed 30 separate barbells down to just two,
                                                                   saving you space and money. Select Tech unique
     Braces from Start to Finish                                   weight system lets you adjust each dumbbell from 5
     Value: $5,280                     Minimum Bid: $3,000         pounds to 52.5 pounds quickly, easily, and safely.
     One child’s full orthodontic care including diagnostic                                  Nautilus Health & Fitness Group
     records, full treatment, removal of braces, and one
     set of retainers. Does not include invisalign treat-          711
     ment.                                                         Peaceful Poses Gift Certificates
                                            Dr. Keith T. Sellers   Value: $245                     Minimum Bid: $100
                                                                   Peaceful Poses Yoga. 1 private yoga class. 5 class
                                                                   certificate, 10 class certificate. Expires October 1,
     Botox Cosmetic Treatment                                      2006.
     Value: $1,290                     Minimum Bid: $520                                                       Peaceful Poses
     Three Botox cosmetic treatments.
                                   Dr. Peter L. Tucker, M.D.       712
                                                                   Fitness Kickboxing Lessons
                                                                   Value: $165                       Minimum Bid: $70
     InHomeMD Family Membership #1                                 One month of fitness kickboxing lessons, including
     Value: $749                Minimum Bid: $300                  gear. Expires December 31, 2006.
     See your doctor when you want, where you want.                                         Charlotte Martial Arts Academy
     InHomeMD CEO and proud CCDS parent Andy
     Jacobson offers a Family Membership. InHomeMD                 713
     makes acute care house calls 24/7/365 to your home,           Martial Arts Lessons
     office, or even your child’s school, generally within         Value: $185                       Minimum Bid: $70
     one hour of contact. Members receive quality in-              One month of martial arts lessons at Charlotte
     home medical care from American-trained, board-               Martial Arts Academy, includes uniform. Expires
     certified physicians.                                         December 31, 2006.
                                                  InHomeMD                                  Charlotte Martial Arts Academy

44                                                                                                                              45
     Prescriptive Fitness LLC Personal Training                    Temptations
     Value: $470                    Minimum Bid: $190
     Eight personal training sessions at Prescriptive Fitness
     LLC by Paul Sklar located at Harris YMCA. (Each

     session - 60 minutes) Expires February 2007.
                                        Prescriptive Fitness LLC   Custom Suit, Sportcoat, or Tuxedo
                                                                   Value: $1,050                  Minimum Bid: $420
     715                                                           CCDS dad Paul Haddock, owner of Fairclough &
     Hair Make-Over!                                               Co., offers a Samuelsohn made to measure suit,
     Value: $175                       Minimum Bid: $70            sportcoat, or tuxedo of your choice, up to $1,050
     One full head foiling, haircut, and style by stylist          value.
     Devon Angell plus SAHAG Hair Products - 8 oz.                                                    Fairclough & Co. Inc.
     Clean Shampoo for chemically altered hair and 8 oz.
     SAHAG Conditioner for chemically altered or sun
     bleached hair. Expires October 1, 2006.                       Etcetera Collection Gift Certificate
                                                 Forbici Salon     Value: $500                      Minimum Bid: $200
                                                                   Gift certificate for $500 towards a purchase from the
                                                                   Etcetera Collection at ETC.LTD.
                                                                                                                Suzie Lowe
                                                                                                           Margaretta Leary

                                                                   J. McLaughlin Bag of Fashion
                                                                   Value: $600                      Minimum Bid: $240
                                                                   New York style comes to Charlotte! Over 30 years
                                                                   ago, the first J. McLaughlin opened on New York’s
                                                                   Upper East Side. Now you can shop for the latest
                                                                   fashions and accessories just around the corner on
                                                                   Providence Road. Get something for everyone with
                                                                   this bag of fashion for men and women.
                                                                                                             J. McLaughlin

                                                                   Orla Kiely Mini Shoulder Bag
                                                                   Value: $270                      Minimum Bid: $110
                                                                   An ivory leather Orla Kiely handbag with woven
                                                                   nylon handle and magnet closure.

                                                                   $250 Capitol Gift Certificate
                                                                   Value: $250                      Minimum Bid: $100
                                                                   $250 gift certificate from Capitol, owned by Laura
                                                                   Vinroot Poole, in Phillips Place.

                                                                   The Poole Shop
                                                                   Value: $100                      Minimum Bid: $40
                                                                   The Poole Shop, owned by Laura Vinroot Poole,
                                                                   donates a $100 gift certificate.
                                                                                                           Poole Shop

46                                                                                                                            47
     807                                                        815
     Vintage Swarovski Crystal Necklace                         Necklace & Earrings by Juli Dewar
     Value: $125                   Minimum Bid: $50             Value: $150                    Minimum Bid: $60
     CCDS mom Kathy Mansfield created this beautiful            Multi-colored "Southsea“ pearls on knotted copper
     17“ necklace of silver, vintage blue Swarovski crystal     silk thread. Smoky quartz drop earrings.

     and white quartz.                                                                                     Juli Dewar
                                             Kathy Mansfield
     809                                                        Blue Crystal Ice Necklace & Earrings
     Pearl and Diamond Earrings                                 Value: $150                    Minimum Bid: $60
     Value: $660                      Minimum Bid: $260         Blue crystal ice necklace on silk cord with peruvian
     Beautiful 14K gold coin pearl and diamond earrings,        opal drop and matching earrings.
     custom designed by Kara Campbell, Ltd.                                                                  Juli Dewar
                                         Kara Campbell, Ltd.

     Unique Necklace by Alexa McFarlane Kulman
     Value: $290                  Minimum Bid: $120
     Multi-strand necklace of pearls, semi-precious gems
     and Thai silver.
                                     Alexa McFarlane Kulman

     Beads Galore by Blair Sklut
     Value: $40                       Minimum Bid: $20
     National Art Honor Society member Blair Sklut has
     created this beautiful, beaded necklace with pendant.
                                                  Blair Sklut

     Bedazzled by Elizabeth Monnett
     Value: $50                     Minimum Bid: $20
     Senior CCDS International Baccalaureate art student
     and National Art Honor Society member Elizabeth
     Monnett has created a choker and earring set made
     of ribbon, beading, and metalwork.
                                          Elizabeth Monnett

     Necklace by Janet Gregg
     Value: $150                      Minimum Bid: $60
     Pearl necklace with a silver and semi-precious stone
                                                 Janet Gregg

     Necklace by Cary Pickard
     Value: $125                      Minimum Bid: $50
     Multi-strand necklace with unique beads in bright
                                              Cary Pickard

48                                                                                                                        49
         Auction Information and Procedures

     1. When checking in, you will receive a bidder packet. This pack-
                                                                             tion or value of the property or services; no statement in the cata-
     et will contain your registration information and your bidder num-
                                                                             log or made at the sale or in the bill of sale or invoice or elsewhere
     ber. Use this bidder number throughout the evening for the live
                                                                             shall be deemed such a warranty or representation or an assump-
     and silent auctions, raffle tickets, and the checkout process.
                                                                             tion of liability. Item valuation is a donor estimate and not war-
     2. Please have your credit card ready during check-in to swipe for
                                                                             ranted by the Auction Committee. By his or her purchase, the
     our Quick-Check option. Quick-Check will allow you to pre-reg-
                                                                             buyer waives any claim for liability against either Charlotte
     ister your credit card for purchases you will be making during the
                                                                             Country Day School or the donor; and neither CCDS nor the
     evening. This will speed up the checkout process.
                                                                             donor is responsible for any personal injuries or damages to prop-
                                                                             erty that may result from the utilization of the property or services
                                                                             sold. Consult your tax advisor regarding any tax deductions.
     All items must be paid for in full and taken home the night of the
                                                                             4. Travel is not included unless stated. No un-chaperoned
     event. Payment may be made with cash, personal check, VISA, or
                                                                             teenagers may use auction items or services. Occupancy of vaca-
     MasterCard. Items may be picked up at the claim area by exhibit-
                                                                             tion properties is not transferable. For restaurants, tax, gratuity, or
     ing a paid receipt.
                                                                             alcoholic beverages are not included unless specified. No cash
                                                                             back. Hotel and all other reservations are on a space available
                                                                             basis and subject to blackouts.
     1. The Silent Auction will begin at 7:00 p.m. and will close by sec-
                                                                             5. Carefully read the addendum for additional information after
     tion between 8:30 and 9:00 p.m. Once closed, no further bids will
                                                                             catalog printing.
     be accepted. The closing bid circled or highlighted by an auction
     official constitutes the winning bid. In the event of a dispute, an
                                                                             ABSENTEE BIDDING
     Auction Committee official will have the authority to determine
                                                                             A signed, sealed bid constitutes a legal contract to buy. Sealed bid
     the winner.
                                                                             form is found in the back of this catalog. All sealed bids must be
     2. Each item at the Silent Auction has a corresponding bid sheet
                                                                             VISA or MasterCard purchases. All information requested on the
     on which bidders must legibly write their paddle number. Use
                                                                             sealed bid form must be provided, and bid must surpass the mini-
     only the paddle number assigned to you. Bidder must follow speci-
                                                                             mum required for an item. Sealed bids will be posted on bid sheets
     fied incremental amounts pre-printed on bid sheets – no write-in
                                                                             at the beginning of the Silent Auction before bidding begins.
     amounts will be accepted.
                                                                             Sealed bid winners will be notified after the auction.
     3. Under no circumstances may bid sheets be removed from
     tables. Your bid will be disqualified if you are blocking the table.
                                                                             TUITION RAFFLE
                                                                             1. The tuition raffle drawing will take place at 10:15 p.m. on
                                                                             February 11, 2006 at the CCDS Auction at Bank of America
     1. To enter a bid, raise your bidder number towards the auctioneer.
     A bid is recognized only when formally acknowledged and called
                                                                             2. Winner need not be present to win.
     by the auctioneer.
                                                                             3. People may submit as many entries as they choose. Each entry
     2. The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer shall be
                                                                             is $50, or three entries for $100.
     the purchaser. With the word “SOLD” from the auctioneer, the
                                                                             4. CCDS is not responsible for entries lost in the mail. Entries
     title to the item passes to the highest bidder. Sign and verify your
                                                                             will be accepted up to the time of the drawing at 10:15 p.m. on
     bidder number and purchase price on a bid sheet brought to you
                                                                             February 11. Deadline for online ticket sales is February 6, at
     by a member of the Auction Committee. Your signature on the bid
     sheet constitutes a legal contract to buy.
                                                                             5. If the winner opts for the tuition credit it may not be converted
     3. If the auctioneer determines that an opening or any subsequent
                                                                             to cash, assigned to any person or entity, sold, or used for any
     bids are not commensurate with the value of the item offered, he
                                                                             other academic year. The winner must specify the name of the
     may reject the same and/or withdraw the items for sale. The auction-
                                                                             student for which the credit will be used prior to registration for
     eer reserves the right to announce conditions of sales at any time.
                                                                             the 2006–07 school year.
     In the event of dispute, the auctioneer will have the final word.
                                                                             6. The winner must use the tuition credit during the 2006–07
                                                                             school year for only one student in good standing enrolled at
                                                                             CCDS in any grade level JK–12. If the winner does not use the
     1. All sales are final. Everything is sold “as is.” No exchanges or
                                                                             tuition credit during the 2006–07 school year, the credit will
     refunds are possible.
                                                                             expire and will no longer be valid.
     2. Unless otherwise specified, all auction items and services must
                                                                             7. If the winner is a CCDS parent or grandparent, they may
     be used by February 11, 2007, and donors and buyers arrange
                                                                             choose the tuition credit to be used for a specific child during the
     dates and times.
                                                                             2006–07 school year or cash in the amount of $10,000.
     3. The Auction Committee makes no express or implied warranties
                                                                             8. The winner is responsible for all taxes. The tuition credit is for
     or representations of any kind or nature with respect to the prop-
                                                                             tuition only, and does not include books, fees, or other charges
     erty or services, and in no event will it be responsible for the cor-
     rectness of description, nor deemed to have made any representa-
     tion or warranty of description, genuineness, authenticity, condi-
50                                                                                                                                                     51
Score Big Bucs
              WIN A
         or $10,000 CASH!

             Buy a chance!
           $50 for one ticket
           or $100 for three.

Sponsored by the CCDS Parents’
Association, the drawing will be held at
Auction 2006 on Saturday, February 11.
Winners do not need to be present to

CCDS winner may choose either prize:
■ One year’s tuition for one child or
$10,000 cash.
■ Non-CCDS winner will receive
$10,000 cash.
■ See auction catalogue for rules and

Please make your check payable to:
Mail your check to:
Merry Schoonmaker
4017 Seminole Court
Charlotte, NC 28210

You may leave your check at the front
desk in the Levine Center or the Middle
School office.
Your entry will be filled out by the
Tuition Committee.

Call Merry Schoonmaker

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