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					 Newsletter September
                                        Bridgend Social Care Workforce
 2007                                      Development Partnership
 Volume 1, Issue 2

                        Important News! – Training & Development has had a
                        change of name & address – We are now Organisational
                        Development and are based at Level 3 Civic Offices, Angel Street,
                        Bridgend, CF31 4WB, Telephone number: 01656 643228
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                        The first issue of the                 further issues at any time.
                        newsletter was distributed
New                     at the end of May.                     Email:
Developments            Feedback was asked for but   
                        as yet none has been         
                        received. Members of the
Further                 sub-training group were
Information             reminded in the July
                        meeting to forward any
                        information they required to
Congratulations         be     included.        This
                        information does not have
Forthcoming             to be forwarded at any
Courses                 specific time but can be
                        passed on for inclusion in

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                                                            social care sector were given the      taking Accolades home with
                        Care Council for Wales                                                     them today. Winning an award is
                                                            difficult task of short listing
                                                                       no mean feat as the standard of
                                                            finalists before selecting the nine
                        A glittering ceremony was held in   eventual winners.                      entries this year was particularly
                        Cardiff’s City Hall on 21st June,                                          high. This is great news for the
                        nine deserving winners received     The Accolades were inaugurated         sector itself and for those people
                        their Social Care Accolades from    in 2005 to recognise and               who rely on the services of the
                        Deputy Health & Social Services     celebrate good practice within         social care professionals working
                        Minister, Gwenda Thomas AM in       the social care sector. Run by         within the sector.
                        front of an audience of 200         seven partner organisations
                        people representing the good                                               “Even those organisations
                                                            working in the social care
                        practice in social care learning                                           leaving without an Accolade
                        and development at work in
                                                            sector, ‘Learning and                  today are not leaving empty
                                                            Development in Social Care’ was        handed. They should be proud
                                                            chosen as the theme for 2007 for       of their achievements, and
                                                            the key role it plays in improving
                        Seven categories were                                                      over the coming year we will be
                                                            practice and quality of services       working with the finalists and
                        contested and the winners
                                                            within the sector. The Social
                        represented statutory, private                                             winners to arrange workshops to
                                                            Care Accolades also culminates
                        and voluntary organisations as                                             ensure that all the good practice
                                                            in the celebration of the very first   which has come to light as a
                        well as colleges from across
                                                            Social Care Week in Wales
                        Wales who demonstrated a real
                                                            which draws attention to the           result of the Accolades can be
                        investment in the learning and                                             shared throughout Wales.
                                                            excellent practice which is
                        development of staff to ensure
                                                            undertaken on a day to day
                        better outcomes for people who
                        use social care services.
                                                            Mutale Nyoni, Chair of the Care
                        A panel of 10 judges
                                                            Council for Wales, said,
                        representing the whole of the
                                                            “Congratulations to all those
    New Developments

  Leadership and                                What was the project                        Who are the new NOS for?
  Management for Care                           about?                                      The new NOS are aimed at leaders and
                                                The project reviewed the existing NOS       managers of care services across a
  Services                                      and NVQs/SVQs for Registered                range of social care settings. They can
                                                Managers in Adult Social Care and           be used for a variety of human resource
                                                Residential Managers in Residential         and professional development
  The consultation for the review of            Child Care.                                 purposes.
  National Occupational Standards for
  Registered Managers in Adult Social                                                       What will the qualification
  Care and Residential Managers in              Skills for Care and Development would       be?
  Residential Child Care has now been           like to thank all the people who have
  completed.                                    contributed to this the very important
                                                process.                                    The qualification will be an NVQ level 4
  • The final draft unit and elements are                                                   in Leadership and Management for
  listed below for information.                 Skills for Care and Development is the
                                                                                            Care Services. It will be made up of
                                                Sector Skills Council for social care and   four core units and four optional units.
  • The NOS will be available in the            children and young people's workforces
                                                                                            It is also likely that there will be specific
  autumn                                        within the UK. It is an Alliance of five
                                                                                            guidance for those working in settings
                                                                                            managing provision for children and
  • It is anticipated that the new                                                          young people.
  Leadership and Management for Care
  Services NVQ qualification will be            • Care Council for Wales
  available by April 2008.                      • The Children’s Workforce -                What happens next?
                                                Development Council                         The new NOS will be published in the
  • This will replace the current               • Northern Ireland Social Care Council      Autumn. The new qualification is
  qualifications - Registered Managers in       • Scottish Social Services Council          expected to be available in April 2008
  Adult Social Care and Residential             • Skills for Care                           and it will replace the current NOS and
  Managers in Residential Child Care            The work will was carried out on behalf     NVQs for Registered Managers in Adult
  (often referred to as the Registered          of Skills for Care and Development by       Social Care and Residential Managers
  Managers Award or RMA)                        LMG Associates Ltd.                         in Residential Child Care (often referred
                                                                                            to as the Registered Managers Award).

                                                                                            There will be a number of launch events
                                                                                            planned for the spring; details of these
                                                                                            can be found on the Care Council

Further Information

Partnership Bursary
                                            sent out in the next few                        particular, in the context of
Scheme                                      weeks to those who have                         fulfilling the priority actions.
                                            been successful in gaining                      We are looking for new
Letters have been sent out in               places.                                         members to join the strategic
July to ask managers to                                                                     group – please contact
nominate staff for the bursary              On the 16 July Bridgend                         Debra          Beeke          –
scheme in Health & Social                   Social             Workforce          
Care. Staff will continue to                Development       Partnership                   uk
work in partnership with                    held a workshop at the
Bridgend College to achieve                 Fairways Hotel facilitated by
their award. Letters have                   Lynwen Hartnell.          The
been sent out by BCBC                       objects of the day was to
Assessment Centre offering                  review the Partnership’s 5
Managers the opportunity to                 Year Strategic Plan, to
access either the Registered                determine priority actions for
Managers Award or Health                    2007/2008, to draft outline
and Social Care Level 4.                    work plan and to access
Further information will be                 Partnership’s membership in
                             Further Information continued
                               The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups               New duties under the
 Bridgend County              Act 2006 lays the foundation for a                 Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups
                                                                                 Act 2006
 Borough Council              new scheme which aims to help avoid
                              harm, or risk of harm, to children and
                              vulnerable adults. The scheme
                              will aim to do this by preventing those           How the new duties will impact
Organisational Development                                                       on employers and others
   Level 3 Civic Offices      who are deemed unsuitable to work
       Angel Street
                              with children and vulnerable adults
                              from gaining access to them through       Session dates
        CF31 4WB              their work. This will be done by:
                                                                        Several sessions have already taken
                                                                        place. The following sessions are still to
        PHONE:                        Providing employers with a       come:
      01656 643228                     more effective and
                                       streamlined vetting service
                                                                                Llandrindod Wells - The
          FAX:                                                                   Metropole Hotel - 11 October
                                       for potential employees
      01656 643246                                                               2007

        E-MAIL:                       Barring unsuitable               individuals from working, or
                                                                                London - New Connaught
                                       seeking to work, with                     Rooms - 24 October 2007
                                       children and vulnerable
                                       adults at the earliest                   York - Park Inn - 14 November
                                       opportunity                               2007

                              The new scheme will be phased in
                              from autumn 2008.                                 Southampton - Novotel - 29
                                                                                 November 2007
                              The responsibility for taking barring
                              decisions under the new
                              arrangements (previously referred to              Newcastle - Marriott Hotel
                              as the Vetting and Barring Scheme)                 Gosforth Park - 4 December
                              will lie with a new Independent                    2007
                              Safeguarding Authority (previously
 We’re on the Web!            referred to as the Independent Barring
       See us at:             Board), which will be an independent              Nottingham - Village Hotels - 13
                              statutory body. The application                    December 2007
                              processes for decisions will be run by
                              the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).        Who should attend?
                                                                        The sessions will be relevant to employers
                              The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups        and service providers across a number of
                                                                        sectors, including education, health and
                              Act will also help the Department of
                                                                        social care, sport and leisure, faith groups,
                              Health in safeguarding adults in the      the voluntary and community sector, and
                              most vulnerable situations. The           local government.
                              Dignity in Care campaign aims to          The sessions are aimed at people with a
                              create a care system where there is       professional interest in policy on
                              zero tolerance of abuse and               safeguarding children and vulnerable
                              disrespect of older people.               adults, and those who work in personnel
                                                                        management and recruitment vetting for
                                                                        people working with children, young
                              The Department for Children, Schools      people and vulnerable adults
                              and Families is running a number of
                              information sessions where you can
                              find out more about the new scheme.       Registration
                              During these sessions we will explain
                              the changes that will come into force     Attendance is free – for further details
                              from autumn 2008, including:              please contact
                                      How the new scheme will
SCIPse OPEN MEETING                                        TRAINING SUB-GROUP
There is a SCIPse open meeting to be
held on the 4 October at the Heronston
Hotel, Bridgend. The programme includes                    If you are interested in joining the
Jacky Drysdale, Care Council Sector Skills                 partnership’s training sub-group, or just
Agreement Consultation; Mandy                              want to come along to find out more,
Summers, Job Match Blaenau Gwent                           future meetings will be held on the 28th
Intermediate Labour Market; Recruitment                    September & 30th November all at
Pathway; Service User and Carer                            Fairways Hotel, Porthcawl, 2pm-4pm.
Discussion Groups; Nick Lee Funding
Manager, DCELLS WAG; Work Based
Learning Contracts and Skill Building
Programme (October 2007).

14-19 Learning – Pilots and Pathways to
Care. For further information and to book
places, please contact -

                              Forthcoming Training Courses:
                                                                 th                th
                                     Care of Meds – 15 October & 19 November
                                                                 th                th
                                 Basic First Aid – 8 October & 12 November
                     th                th                  th                th                    th              th
        POVA2 – 5 October, 10 October, 17 October, 26 November, 11 December 2007, 28
                                        th            th
                             January ,11 February & 10 March 2008
                          Induction Framework for Managers – 28 November 2007
                                th          th
                 POVA 3 * 12 & 13 November 2007, (late January - date to be confirmed)
                                                            th                th                    th
             Mental Capacity Act Training –15 October, 19 November, 10 December 2007
                                                 th   th         th     rd         th
          Dementia Care Modules – 12 , 19 , 26 Sept, 3 & 10 October (5 afternoon sessions)
                                      Epilepsy Awareness – 16 October 2007
                                                           th           th                               th   st
            Care Programme Approach* – 26 October, 7 December 2007, 18 January, 31
                                      th          th   th
                           January, 15 February, 7 & 17 March 2008
                  Recording Skills for Managers in Adult Services – 20 November 2007
                          Awareness of Motor Neuron Disease – 27 November 2007

        Courses marked with * are targeted at specific audiences as advised in the information flyer

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