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									                                               Action Notes from the Disability Equality Group

Date of Meeting: 18th July 2007                                Venue: Conference Room A Longhouse

Mike Phelan - Director of Operations                           Tommy Rogers - DICE
Judy Roberts - Alzheimers Society                              Mr K Eccles - Capital Project Manager (Item 3 onwards)
Mr A Bonner - Patient Representative                           Dr G Levy - Non-Executive Director Trust Board COCH
Sue Stacy - Vision Support, Chester & North Wales              Mr A Rhodes - Patient Advice & Liaison Services
Len H Morris - Blacon Disability Group                         Alex Thynne - National Federation of the Blind
Christine Morris - Blacon Disability Group                     David Moore - Chester & District Stroke Club

Steve Deveney - Head of Estates                                Sheila Dunbar - Board of Governors
Mildred Altz -                                                 Lizzie Woulfe - Staff Development - HR
Dr Hugh Mckay - British Lung Association                       David Mottishead - Diabetes UK Chester

Apologies:                                                     In Attendance:
Mike Farrell - Health, Safety & Fire Advisor                   Sarah Harper-Lea ( Administrator)
Drina Glyn Jones - National Osteoporosis Society
Anna Jackson - Awareness Matters

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       Agenda                                           Action Notes/Comments                                          Name of   Review
                                                                                                                        Lead      Date

Notes of the Previous
Meeting                    -   It was agreed that MP would feed into the Equality and Diversity Group from the Mike
                               Disability Equality Group and that a report would go to Board Level.            Phelan

                           -   Remainder of minutes agreed as a true and accurate record.
Welcome to new Group    Mike Phelan welcomed all new members to the group and thanked them for their time.
Members                 Mike explained that the group had been established for 4 years and now requires a
                        wider representation than before. Since inception the group has instigated several
                        improvements most at a negligible cost
                           -   significantly increased disabled parking spaces,
                           -   has audited and improved disabled toilet facilities and external access for
                               disabled persons,
                           -   fenced a steep grass bank on the footpath from the main car park to the general
                               wing main entrance,
                           -   lowered and painted kerbs and handrails to assist partially sighted and wheelchair
                           -   re-aligned disabled car parking space markings to assist persons with mobility
                        Mike explained that the group consists of staff, patient representatives, and outside
                        People coming into the hospital can be disabled temporarily and this group is to support
                        not only organised groups but all visitors. The groups‟ focus is to ensure that all users of
                        the hospital have a dignified experience. MP urged all members to input experiences
                        into the group so that small changes can be made.

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                        This group meets every three months but occasions may arise where the group is
                        required to split into smaller groups feeding back into the full group e.g. Ward redesign
                        Mike stated that the group members represent expertise in knowledge for the Trust with
                        responsibility for ensuring that the patients represented are well looked after and listened
                        to a measure of a good organisation is about how it learns and takes the essence of
                        what is learnt forward.
                        Mike explained that currently the groups remit is for patients and visitors to this site and Mike
                        at some point will hopefully engage with the local community.                                Phelan
                        Mike Phelan to write to Kieth Roper, General Manager at DIAL House to request
                        contribution to the group.
Matters Arising
Car Parking             Following discussion the group agreed that car parking exemption signs are Mike
                        required and should be displayed next to the token machines along with a “Take Phelan
                        badge to Cash Office” sign.

                        Arthur Rhodes requested that tokens be available for the group members of this Sarah
                        meeting.                                                                       Harper -

Format of Minutes       Various formats of action notes and supporting documents to remain an agenda item.

You Can       Make   A The “You Can Make a Difference” leaflet had been distributed prior to the meeting - this
Difference             leaflet was produced by the Department of Health and is aimed at assisting hospitals in
                       improving services and overall experiences of disabled patients and their families and
                       visitors. Mike Phelan hopes that this document can be used as a tool to ensure
                       compliance with the DDA.
                        Page 7of the leaflet makes reference to use of „complicated language and jargon‟ - Dr
                        Levy stated that this is a valid comment as jargon if often used. Dr Levy urged all to
                        question anything that they do not understand.

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                       Mike Phelan stated that this should be about a cultural change - the most difficult group
                       to tackle being Consultants - champions with the Consultant are required.
                       Mike Phelan is to Chair a Race Equality Group which includes a couple of Consultants.
                       Lizzie added that Equality and Diversity training does touch strongly on disability and
                       directs staff to further training.
                       Alex Finn recommended that practical methods e.g. How to Guide a Person with little or
                       no sight (Sighted Guiding) - holding of arm and putting hand on back of chair etc would
                       be helpful for staff. Sue Stacey stated that training must be specific and can not be
                       Mike Phelan stated that we must now exploit all of the formats that we have for providing
                       support for patients and the organisation.
                       Arthur Rhodes stated that the hospital does have a special needs helpline to assist in David
                       the planning for admissions and also a Learning Disability Group.                      Mottishead
                       DM to contact Geoff Ryle Harvey to ask if the PCT has a Disability Group.                   Mike
                       Mike Phelan and Lizzie Wolfe to discuss training requirements for staff and to
                       consider whether disability awareness training be bolted onto Mandatory training. /Lizzie

Disability    Equality Mike Phelan asked all group members to read through the Disability Equality ALL
Action Plan            Action Plan so that the next meeting can be devoted to reviewing and signing off
                       the plan. Any omissions/amendments to be notified to Mike Phelan prior to the
                       meeting by e-mail/phone or letter.
                       MP to send a letter to all group members detailing full contact details for himself
                       and Sarah Harper-Lea, PA to Director of Operations.
                       The Disability Equality Action Plan is displayed on the Trust Website and the Trust has
                       recently appointed Marketing and Communications Manager to ensure that the Trust
                       promotes itself. Continued development of the website is required to provide information
                       for people with special needs.
                       Alex Finn requested that the support groups that the hospital is dealing with should be
                       displayed to enable a more fluid approach to dissemination of information.
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Disabled Car Parking
Audit                Mike Phelan and Arthur Rhodes carried out audits of disabled car parking bays - the
                     audits showed that 93-94% of users displayed badges.
                            Group members raised concerns that contractors and staff continue to use disabled
                            Mike Phelan stated that we are proactive with the car parking policy if the offender is a
                            member of the public it is harder to deal with and there has to be a level of tolerance - for
                            staff and contractors there is zero tolerance - penalty notices are distributed to offenders.
                            Steve Deveney to write to contractors to reiterate this policy.                                 Deveney
                            It was agreed for there to be a rolling audit process of car parking - future dates to Mike
                            be added to diaries.                                                                   Phelan

                            It has to be accepted that disabled parking bays at the main entrance will be used for
                            unloading deliveries from time to time.

Disabled   Toilet   Audit
Update                      The majority of actions have been undertaken. MP clarified that the alarms in the public
                            toilets do not presently go to a central point and are dependant on the local vicinity to
                            respond. Estates are aware - Steve Deveney to look into as he is hoping that the Steve
                            alarms can be linked into one of our systems in the future.                               Deveney
                            Disabled portaloos will be available this year at the Trust Open Day for the first time -
                            evidence that the Trust is thinking beyond the obvious - Arthur Rhodes added that 2
                            years ago Chester Council held an Open Day with no facilities for disabled persons to

                          Mike asked the group to review the Terms of Reference - The Terms of Reference
Review of    Terms     of belong to group members and all members should therefore own them Mike asked the
Reference                 group to let him know if more quality needs adding in. To be updated at next meeting.
Any Other Business          Steve Deveney to look at difficulty experienced this morning in various group Steve
                            members locating the lift in Longhouse and also experiencing problems with Deveney

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                      seeing the buttons in the lift.
                      Sue Stacey Distributed a vision support leaflet.
                      MP asked if anyone was interested in having a stand for the Trust Open Day on 15
                      September 2007.                                                                  Mike
                      Ward Improvement Programme to be included on next agenda.                        Phelan

                      Sarah Harper-Lea to look into possibility of a room in the Education & Training Sarah
                      Centre for future meetings.                                                     Harper-Lea

Date & Time of Next
Meeting             Wednesday 17th October at 10.00am in Conference Room A Longhouse, Countess
                    of Chester NHS Foundation Trust

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                              Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
                                        Disability & Equality Group Meeting
                                               Attendance List – 2007

Name                                                                       17th        18th        18th      17th
                                                                         January                            October
                                                                                       April       July
Alan Bonner         Patient Representative                              Apologies        √          √
Alex Thynne /Anna   National Federation of the Blind                                                √
Anna Jackson        Awareness Matters                                   Apologies   Apologies   Apologies
Arthur Rhodes       PPI Co-ordinator c/o                                Apologies        √          √
Christina Morris    Blacon Disability Group                                                         √
David Moore         Chester & District Stroke Club                                                  √
David Mottishead    Diabetes UK Chester                                                             √
Debbie Jenner       Employee Representative COCH
Dr G Levy           Non-Executive Director Trust Board - COCH           Apologies        √          √
Dr Hugh McKay       British Lung Association                                                        √
Drina Glyn Jones    National Osteoporosis Society                                               Apologies
Elizabeth Woulfe    Staff Development - COCH                                                        √
Hannah Merton       North Wales Deaf Association                              √          √
Janet Simmonds      Matron Westminster Eye Centre - COCH                            Apologies
Jenny Ralffs        Chester Epilepsy Support Group                                              Apologies

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Judy Roberts    Alzheimer‟s Society                                                          √
                                                                       th           th
Name                                                             17           18           18th       17th
                                                               January                               October
                                                                              April        July
Kevin Eccles    Capital Projects Manager - COCH                    √            √            √
Len H Morris    Blacon Disability Group                                                      √
Mike Farrell    Health, Safety & Fire Advisor - COCH                            √        Apologies
Mike Phelan     Director of Operations                          CHAIR √      CHAIR √      CHAIR √
Pat Evans       Flintshire Deaf Forum                              √            √
Sheila Dunbar   Representing the Trust‟s Council of Members        √                         √
Steve Deveney   Head of Estates - COCH                             √        Apologies        √
Sue Armstrong   Deafness Support Network Runcorn
Sue Stacey      Vision Support, Chester & North Wales                           √            √
Tommy Rogers    DICE (Disability Information Centre)           Apologies        √            √

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