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SECTION:                  Social Housing
ITEM NO.                  HCB 09-009
MEETING DATE:             June 9, 2009
SUBJECT:                  Zero Tolerance Policy


THAT the Zero Tolerance Policy, to protect the safety and security of tenants from other tenants
who may engage in illegal acts, be approved as outlined in Schedule 1 of Item HCB 09-009.


Simcoe County Housing Corporation provides rent geared to income housing to 1235 households.
A number of the tenants are some of society’s most vulnerable. Their backgrounds may include
substance abuse, victims of violence, or mental health issues. Simcoe County Housing
Corporation recognizes its obligation to compassionately deal with all tenants and provide

Simcoe County Housing Corporation also recognizes its legal obligation as both a Landlord and
an Employer to protect the safety and security of all its tenants and staff. The Tenant Protection
Act was replaced by the Residential Tenancies Act in 2006. The Residential Tenancies Act
recognizes this as a serious obligation of a Landlord. The Act has provided a “fast track”
approach for behaviour that endangers the well being of tenants.

The Residential Tenancies Act provides chances through notices and time periods for correction
of issues to rectify the behaviour for most issues. The following offences are considered so
serious that no opportunity for correction is allowed and the time frame for hearings and decisions
is expedited.

The Residential Tenancies Act states:

A landlord may give a tenant notice of termination of the tenancy if the tenant or another
occupant of the rental unit commits an illegal act or carries on an illegal trade, business or
occupation or permits a person to do so in the rental unit or the residential complex. 2006, c. 17,
s. 61 (1).
       (2) A notice of termination under this section shall set out the grounds for termination and
shall provide a termination date not earlier than,
       (a) the 10th day after the notice is given, in the case of a notice grounded on an illegal act,
            trade, business or occupation involving,
June 9, 2009                 Simcoe County Housing Corporation HCB 09-009                         Page 2

                   (i) the production of an illegal drug,
                  (ii) the trafficking in an illegal drug, or
                 (iii) the possession of an illegal drug for the purposes of trafficking;

In cases where there is violence or other serious impairments of safety on the property, the
Residential Tenancies Act allows for:

Termination for cause, act impairs safety
     66. (1) A landlord may give a tenant notice of termination of the tenancy if,
                 (a) an act or omission of the tenant, another occupant of the rental unit or a person
                     permitted in the residential complex by the tenant seriously impairs or has
                     seriously impaired the safety of any person;
While the Simcoe County Housing Corporation will act to prevent evictions in all other cases,
violence against our tenants or staff and illegal drug manufacturing or trafficking cannot be
tolerated. It is important that tenants that become aware of this type of activity are encouraged to
help protect their neighbourhood and work with Simcoe County Housing staff and the police. An
important part of this co-operation is that tenants and staff have the security of knowing they will
not have to fear the offending tenant remaining in their unit or their neighbourhood.

Evictions will be carefully reviewed by senior staff, ensuring the there has been police
involvement and charges laid prior to taking action under this policy.

The zero tolerance approach described within this report will help Simcoe County Housing
Corporation provide a safe, secure environment in its communities. In addition, it will allow
Simcoe County Housing Corporation to meet its obligations both as a Landlord and Employer.


There are no direct financial implications to this policy.

SCHEDULES:                The following schedule is attached and forms part of this Item:
    Schedule 1

Zero Tolerance Policy

PREPARED BY:              Terry McErlean, Public Housing Manager

APPROVALS:                                                                         Date:
Cathy Kytayko, Director, Social Housing                                            May 25, 2009
Terry Talon, General Manager, Social Services                                      May 26, 2009
Craig Elliott, General Manager, Finance and Administration                         May 26, 2009
Mark Aitken, Chief Administrative Officer                                          June 1, 2009

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