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									                           B'nai B'rith Softball - 2009 / League Standings
                                                                                                                     RUNS    RUNS       AVG.
                                                          W          L             T      Pct.     PTS.       GB     FOR    AGAINST   Runs per gm.

1.   #8   Pisgah II        Seth Gorback                   9          1             0      .900     18          -

2.   #6   Zeiger           Rick Sherline                  7          3             0      .700     14         2

3.   #5   Brotherhood I    Gary Klinger                   5          5             0      .500     10         4

4.   #1   Brotherhood II   Joey Yashinsky                 4          5             1      .450      9        4-1/2

5.   #7   Impact           Greg Lewis                     4          4             0      .500      8         4

6.   #3   Pisgah I         David Herc                     4          4             0      .500      8         4

7.   #2   Downtown Fox     Bruce Nosanchuk                2          7             1      .250      5        6-1/2

8.   #4   Leadership I     Jon Abrahams                   2          8             0      .200      4         7

                                        Results, Week 5 / June 21st

     #8   Pisgah II           17          19                        #3         Pisgah I             11        10
     #7   Impact              14           6                        #4         Leadership I         4         16

     #5   Brotherhood I       16           7                        #2         Downtown Fox         2         4
     #6   Zeiger              13          12                        #1         Brotherhood II       10        4

                                               Schedule for this week, June 28th
                                                       Drake 2    Drake 3
                                               9:00      1-4        8-5
                                               10:10     4-1        5-8                          Reminder!
                                               11:20     2-3        6-7
                                               12:30     3-2        7-6
                                               1:45      3-7
(From Marty Melton)

B'nai B'rith Sportsmanship
I was notified of several ejections that happened from a few teems last Sunday. While it is not common to see these many ejections,
I was not pleased to hear of some of the situations that had occurred. Our rules along with ASA (American Softball Association)
rules are pretty explicit and fair to everyone including Good Sportsmanship with teams that you have a contest with and along with the
Umpire Association that we contract to do our officiating. Please be reminded, that there is a zero tolerance policy against abuse to
the umpires along with other ballplayers. We try to foster a nice playing area so that all can enjoy the thrill of a softball game and the
camaraderie of other B'nai B'rith members. Many times we have guests of the ballplayers among others who attend what is considered
a B'nai B'rith Athletic function. It becomes an embarrassment to the league, B'nai B'rith and to the participants involved when a situation
arises that culminates in an ejection of a ballplayer. It is ugly gentlemen and the league along with the executives of B'nai B'rith who have
been apprised of the situation, will not tolerate it.

The umpires are representatives of the league and their organization by which they have been assigned. Their authority starts when they
approach the field and ends when they have left the facilities. Abuse of any kind is not permitted with in theirs and our organization.
This means, they do not tolerate physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse or misconduct from our players, coaches, managers or
officials and or spectators. The umpires are all certified by ASA and perform their duties during our league games and at the highest level
of amateur competition thru out the state.

Thru out the 37 years that this league has been in existence zero tolerance on abuse has always been the rule of thumb towards anyone that
is hired by the league to perform their duties. The game of Softball should be the main focus when coming out on Sunday mornings. Because
of the ejections the mandatory one game suspension will be applied to the ballplayers that were ejected during last Sundays contest. Managers
please make sure that the ballplayers are notified. When a ballplayer is sitting out a suspension this means, he should not be anywhere on the
grounds. Should they violate this direction further penalties may be imposed. They may play in the next game following the suspension.
However, we are cautioning all, that a second ejection will bring additional penalties and possible suspension from league play.

Mandatory one game suspension

Team #3                                            Team #7                              Team #8
Justin Jacobs                                      Leor Gillerman                       Seth Gorback
Jeff Vieder (already served)                                                            Marc Steingold

Michael Yendick Pure-Heart Award
Information on this annual event will be forthcoming next week, as to the parameters for this year.
Thank you
Marty Melton
B'nai B'rith International
Athletic Chairman

Reminder: There are no games scheduled for next Sunday, July 5th!

Don't forget:
You can find weekly sheets, league info, and more on the website...
Still hoping to get the reamining team photos this week, the others are up on the site!
More updates coming this week…
                                  Managers List

1     Brotherhood II         Joey Yashinsky         (248) 752-8038

2     Downtwon Fox           Bruce Nosanchuk           (586) 940-5555

3     Pisgah I               David Herc                  (248) 939-1210

4     Leadership I           Jon Abrahams                (248) 330-3590

5     Brotherhood I          Gary Klinger                  (248) 229-1816

6     Zeiger                 Rick Sherline         (248) 613-5400

7     Impact I               Greg Lewis               (248) 505-5568

8     Pisgah II              Seth Gorback                (248) 770-4217

                                          Marty Melton
                                         (248) 921-1539

                                  Gillie David: Head Umpire
                                      Cell: (248) 318-5760

                                  Rain-out Number
                                       (248) 358-8262

        Games to be played at DRAKE Park (14-1/2 Mile Rd, off Drake Rd.)
    Weekly standings, league info, and more, can be found at
                               B'nai B'rith Softball 2009 / League Schedule

         Week            Drake 2        Drake 3                        Week          Drake 2   Drake 3

      May 17, 2009                                                  June 28, 2009
          9:00               5-1          6-2                           9:00           1-4       8-5
1)        10:10              1-5          2-6                           10:10          4-1       5-8
          11:20              4-8                              6)       11:20           2-3       6-7
          12:30              8-4                                        12:30          3-2       7-6
                                                                        1:45           3-7
      May 24, 2008     NO games scheduled
                                                                    July 5, 2009    NO games scheduled
      May 31, 2009
          9:00               4-6          2-8                       July 12, 2009
2)        10:10              6-4          8-2                           9:00           5-7       3-1
          11:20              1-7          5-3                 7)        10:10          7-5       1-3
          12:30              7-1          3-5                          11:20           2-4       6-8
                                                                        12:30          4-2       8-6
      June 7, 2009     Games at Keith Field
                          Keith 1       Keith 2                     July 19, 2009
          9:00               8-3          7-4                           9:00           6-2       4-8
3)        10:10              3-8          4-7                 8)        10:10          2-6       8-4
          11:20              2-5          1-6                          11:20           7-3       5-1
          12:30              5-2          6-1                           12:30          3-7       1-5
                                                                        1:45           7-3
      June 14, 2009
          9:00               3-6          7-2                       July 26, 2009
4)        10:10              6-3          2-7                           9:00           7-1       5-3
          11:20              1-8          5-4                 9)        10:10          1-7       3-5
          12:30              8-1          4-5                          11:20           4-6       2-8
                                                                        12:30          6-4       8-2
      June 21, 2009
          9:00               6-5          1-2                      August 2, 2009
          10:10              5-6          2-1                           9:00
5)        11:20              8-7          3-4           10)             10:10        Position Round
          12:30              7-8          4-3                          11:20
       Marty Melton    (248) 921-1539

       Gary Klinger    (248) 229-1816                              August 9th / August 16th
      Joey Yashinsky   (248) 752-8038                              Playoffs
     If a postponements occur, the POSITION Round                               Rain-out number:
     would STILL be held the last week of the season.                      (248) 358-8262
     Games to be played at DRAKE Park (14-1/2 Mile Rd, off Drake Rd.)
     and ONE week (June 7th) at Keith Field, (Keith Rd. between Commerce Rd. and Willow Rd.)

     Weekly sheets, league info, and more, can be found at
Wining team in GREEN
                                  2009 B’nai B’rith Softball Rules
1. The home team for each game is designated LAST on the schedule. IF necessary, or for some
   reason we change fields, the home team will be responsible for preparing the field for play.
   Remember, the bases should be 65 feet. The WINNING manager of the 2ND GAME, is
   responsible for calling in the scores of BOTH games to Gary Klinger. W: (248) 478-2409 x3108
   OR Home: 248) 855-3297 within 48 hours. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of games.
      You also can e-mail scores if easier… or

2. No inning will start after 65 minutes of play. There will be a 5-minute grace period between
   games. ALL games must start on time due to the restraints of the fields.

3.    POINTS: There will be TWO points given for each win, and ONE point for each tie.

4. PLAYOFFS: The top SIX teams will be invited to the playoffs. Barring any inclement
   weather, the playoffs are scheduled for August 9th and August 16th.

5. Tiebreaker Rule:
   a) head to head b) runs against opponent         c) most difficult schedule (total wins of teams defeated)

6. Umpires are REQUIRED to be familiar with ASA and/or USSSA softball rules. Managers are
   REQUIRED to be familiar with B’nai B’rith rules, and if necessary, these rules should be brought
   to the attention of the umpires.

7. Managers are the only ones allowed to discuss any situations with the umpires. Please refer to
   rule XI, page 8, Misconduct and Penalties, of the league by-laws.

8. For protests and other pertinent rule information, please refer to the league by-laws and rules
   of the Metro Detroit B’nai B’rith slow pitch softball congress that has been issued to all managers.
   The protest fee is $75 to protest an infraction, to be refunded if upheld,forfeited if not.

9. Rain-out number: 248) 358-8262. Rainout games will be made-up at the discretion of the Executive Board .

10. Please be reminded of the seasons OFF weeks… NO games will be held on May 24th and July 5th.
    *** ALSO, games on JUNE 7th, will be played at Keith Field. ***

11. Reminder: to START a game, each team must have NINE (9) players. You can finish with 8, but
    you must start with 9. This rule IS stated in the league by-laws.

12.   Mercy Rule: A game will be considered over if a team has a 15 run lead after 4 ½ innings.
13. Rule reminders: The home run LIMIT (per game), has changed to THREE. After the 3rd home run,
      ANY ball hit OUT of the park, will be considered an out. Again, we will be using the home plate mat
      this year. Each batter will START with a 1-1 count… BANNED bats: Managers, it is YOUR
      responsibility to inform your players of the illegal bat list. Please check the ASA website.

14.   In emergency situations ONLY, head umpire Gillie David can be reached at 248) 318-5760

15. Contracts MUST be filled out for ALL players and managers. ALL contracts MUST be turned in by
    the 2nd week of the season. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of games.

16. Again this year, the umpires will be paid at the field. Teams that forfeit will be responsible to pay the
      umps for BOTH teams. That team must pay within 48 hours, or future games will be subject to forfeiture.
      Umpire fees: Each team will pay $27 total, for the doubleheader. (A slight increase )

17. Remember, ALL players MUST be paid-up members of B’nai B’rith to participate in this league,
    and may play with only ONE team. Teams using ineligible players will cause forfeiture of games.

18. Weekly sheets, league info, and more can be found this year at
                   Winners Bracket

                      Loser to b
Loser to c

                                          Loser to E

Loser to a

                                                       Loser to F
                                                       (if 1st loss)

                   Losers Bracket

a (Loser 2)                                                                            11)   Winner

b (Loser 3)                                  9)

c (Loser 1)                                                            f
              6)                                                       Loser of 10
                                                                       (if 1st loss)
d (Loser 4)
     Playoff Notes:

1.   The team with the HIGHER seed (the team with the better record) will be
     designated the home team throughout the winners bracket, and the first TWO
     rounds of the losers bracket (unless they choose otherwise).
     In game #9, the finals of the Losers Bracket, the loser from game #7 has the choice
     of Home or Visitors.
     In game #10, the Playoffs finals, the winner of game #7 from the Winners Bracket
     has the choice of Home or Visitors.
     If a Game #11 is necessary, the winner of game #10 has the choice of Home or Visitors.

2.   Please still report ALL scores to Gary Klinger

3.   As is years past, ALL regular season rules still apply, EXCLUDING
     the time limit. The time limit has been waived for all games.

4.   All umpires have been PRE-paid for the playoffs.. Do NOT pay them..

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