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 Sunday; Key
   Concept       what's happenin'   Bible Verse           Know what     So What/Now what Notes

 August 6th


 August 13th

 August 20th
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 August 27th
 Sunday; Key                                       Curriculum Scope Secquence-KidzLife
   Concept                                                      2006-2007
                                                      Bible Verse
                     what's happenin'                                                          Know what

                      labor day weekend
 september 3rd           rootbeer float

                       FLIPT CURRICULUM
September 10th
Come Follow Me                               Jesus is the Son of God and He        Children will learn that Jesus forgives
                         1st weekend in
  Luke 5:1–11                                    wants us to follow Him.               us for anything if we ask Him.
  Obedience             lifegroup kickoff

September 17th
 Jesus can do
anything and He                              I can do all things through Christ     Children will hear the story of when
wants us to trust                              who strengthens me Phil 4:13        Jesus and Peter walked on the water.
 Him.      Trust

September 24th                               No test or temptation that comes
 Jesus chose to                              your way is beyond the course of
                                             what others have had to face. All
do the right thing
                                            you need to remember is that God        Children will hear the story of when
  when He was         building campaign
                                               will never let you down; He'll       Jesus was in the desert and Satan
 tempted and I               kick off       never let you be pushed past your               tried to tempt Him.
    can, too.                               limit; He'll always be there to help
   Obedience                                      you come through it." 1
                                                 Corinthians 10:13 (MSG)
                                                     Curriculum Scope Secquence-KidzLife
         So what/Now what                    Notes

Children will learn that Jesus forgives us
for anything if we ask Him. Children will
    identify times they sin (do wrong
things) and need forgiveness. Theyw ill
   didentify times when they need to
               forgive others.

 Children will learn that Jesus can do
 anything/Children will discuss times
when it is hard to trust Jesus and ways
           they can respond.

  Children will learn that Jesus was
   fully man and fully God, and He
  resisted temptation./Children will
  identify ways to resist temptation
               and obey
 Sunday; Key
                      what's happenin'            Bible Verse               Know what               So what/Now what               Notes
                                             Jesus wants us to be                                 Children will learn that Jesus
   October 1st                               confident even when we      Children will hear the   was confident even when He
Luke 4:14–30; John                           are rejected.Bible Verse:   story of when Jesus      was rejected. Children will
                      Drive In Movie Night   "When we trust in Him,      returned to His          identify times they feel
     4:43–45                                 we're free to say
                              10.28                                      hometown of Nazareth     unaccepted, and discuss
   Confidence                                whatever needs to be        and was rejected by      truths from the Bible about
                                             said, bold to go wherever   the people there.        who they are as God's
                                             we need to go." Ephesians                            creations
                                             3:12 (MSG)

                                                                                                  Children will learn that Jesus
                                                                         Children will hear the
                                                                                                  loves everyone
   October 8th                               As I have loved you, so     story of when Jesus
                      Drive In Movie Night                                                        unconditionally. Children will
  Luke 19:1–10                               you must love one           met Zacchaeus and
  Loving Others               10.28          another." John 13:34        later went to his
                                                                                                  identify ways they can reach
                                                                                                  out to and include people who
                                                                                                  are left out.

  October 15th                                                           Children will hear the
                                                                                                  Children will learn that Jesus
                                             But put God's Kingdom       story of when Jesus
Matthew 19:16–30;                                                                                 is more important than
                                             first. Do what He wants     spoke to the rich
 Mark 10:17–31;       Drive In Movie Night   you to do. Then all of      young ruler and
                                                                                                  anything else. Children will
 Luke 18:18–30                                                                                    identify their priorities and
                              10.28          those things will also be   answered his question
                                                                                                  consider what it means to give
   following &                               given to you." Matthew      about what he should
                                                                                                  them up if they are negatively
     obeying                                 6:33 (NIrV)                 do to receive eternal
                                                                                                  impacting their lives.
  October 22nd
Matthew 26:69–75;                                                        Children will learn that
                                             Forgive as the Lord                                  Children will learn that Jesus
 Mark 14:66–72;       Drive In Movie Night                               Jesus forgives us for
                                             forgave you." Colossians                             forgives us for anything if we
 Luke 22:54–65;               10.28          3:13
                                                                         anything if we ask
                                                                                                  ask Him.
 John 18:25–27
    October 29th                             "Be strong and                                       Children will learn that Jesus
                                             courageous! Do not          Children will hear the   honored God and stood up for
 Matthew 21:12, 13;
                      Drive In Movie Night   tremble or be dismayed,     story of when Jesus      what is right.C hildren will
Mark 11:12–19; Luke
19:45–48   Courage
                              10.28          for the Lord your God is    cleared the temple of    identify ways they can have
                                             with you wherever you       money changers.          courage and stand up for what
                                             go." Joshua 1:9 (NASB)                               is right.
Sunday; Key
  Concept        what's happenin'              Bible Verse                Know what                 So what/Now what                 Notes

                                             "For God so loved
                                                                                                  Children will learn that Jesus
                                             the world that he
November 5th                                                         Children will hear           died for us and wants us to be
                                             gave his only Son
                                                                     personal stories of people   with Him forever.
Matthew 9:9-12                               that whoever
                                                                     who chose to follow          Children will have an
 Mark 2:13-17                                believes in Him shall
                                                                     Jesus and make Him           opportunity to review and ask
                                             not perish but have
 Luke 5:27-32                                                        their Forever Friend.        questions about how to become
                                             eternal life." John
                                                                                                  a Forever Friend of Jesus

                                             "No eye has seen,                                Children will learn that Jesus is
                                             no ear has heard,                                preparing a place for people
                                                                     Children will hear the
                                             no mind has                                      who love Him.
                                                                     story of when an angel
November 12th                                conceived what God                               Children will participate in an
                                                                     helped Peter escape from
                                             has prepared for                                 activity that helps them
                                             those who love                                   understand what it means to
                                             Him." 1 Cor 2:9                                  persevere.

                 Celebration Sunday
                 Children will present
                 commitment to the
November 19th
                 building fund during
                     the services.

                                                                     Children will watch a
                  Christmas Forgotten        "Today in the town      drama in which a young       After learning that God gave
                     God sent His Son,       of David a Savior       boy is granted his wish      the world His Son, Jesus, kids
                 Jesus, and He wants me      has been born to        that there is no             write two Christmas stories that
November 26th    to remember that Jesus      you; He is Christ       Christmas story and sees     communicate the importance of
                  is what Christmas is all   the Lord." Luke         what the world would be      remembering that Christmas is
                          about.             2:11                    like if Jesus had never      all about Jesus.
                                                                     been born.
  Sunday; Key
    Concept            what's happenin'           Bible Verse                   Know what                  So what/Now what                    Notes
                                                                                                       After learning that God loves us
  December 3rd                                 "But the angel said to                                  so much He sent His son, Jesus
  God shows his           Practice for         them, "Do not be           Children hear that Jesus     who left heaven and came to
                                               afraid, I bring you        was born a baby in           earth as a baby, kids review the
 unstoppable love        Christmas Eve         good news of great         Bethlehem and that God's     Christmas story and use props to
                                                                                                                                            Large Group:
to us by giving His         services           joy that will be for all   love is unstoppable.         explore how they can celebrate
    Son, Jesus.                                people." Luke 2:10                                      God's unstoppable love this

                                                                                                       After learning that God gave the
  December 10th
                                               "Today in the town of      Children hear how culture,   world His Son, Jesus, kids
  It's Christmas          Practice for         David a Savior has         tradition, and media can     participate in a game where they
  night…do you           Christmas Eve         been born to you; He       overshadow the true,         learn what the Bible says about      Large Group:
   know what's              services           is Christ the Lord."       biblical meaning of          Christmas and are challenged to
                                               Luke 2:11                  Christmas.                   think about what Christmas
                                                                                                       means to them.

 December 17th
                                                                          Children watch a fictional   After learning that God sent
    The Littlest                               "This is how God
                                                                          Bible-time drama. "The       HisSon Jesus into the world
Shepherd. We are          Practice for         showed His love
                                                                          littlest Shepherd," which    because He loves us and He
                                               among us: he sent                                                                            Large Group:
 never too little or     Christmas Eve         His one and only Son
                                                                          tells the story of Jesus'    wants everyone, young and old,
                                                                          birth as seen through the    to know Jesus, kids participate in       Katie
  too big to know           services           into the world." 1
                                                                          eyes of a young shepherd     an activity to discover ways they
God's unstoppable                              John 4:9
                                                                          boy.                         can get to know Jesus.
love at Christmas!

December 24th
                       No Children's Service
Merry Christmas!

                                                                                                       Children will learn that God is
                                                                                                       good, and we can thank Him for
 December 31st                                 "Remember the              Children will hear the story what He has done. Children will
                                                                                                                                            Large Group:
God's Unstoppable       No décor in Café       wonders He has             of Anna dn Simeon at the     participate in an activity to
                                               done." Psalm 105:5         temple with baby Jesus       remember some of the good                Katie
                                                                                                       things God has done for them this
                                                                                                       past year and thank Him.
  2007; Key
  Concept what's happenin'                    Bible Verse                    Know what                    So what/Now what                       Notes

                                                                                                       Because God created
                                                                  Children will hear that God          community we can know that
 January 7th                               "The Lord God said, It created community and it is          we were not meant to be alone
 God Created                               is not good for the    not good for man to be alone         and because we are not meant          Survivor Theme
  Community                                man to be alone."      as expressed through a               to be alone, we can trust that         Large Group:
                                           Genesis 2:18 NIV       Survivor challenge and the           God will help us when we are
   Genesis 2
                                                                  story of Adam and Eve.               lonely, fearful or feeling

                  Note: God is one and
                  there is no other.       "Love the Lord your
January 14th      And loving him with      God with all your                                          God loves us, therefore, we are
 Because God      all passion and          heart and with all your                                    to love God and share God's
                  intelligence and         soul and with all your     Children will hear the story of love with others. This means
  loves us we
                  energy, and loving       mind and with all your     Jesus a in community and        we will invite people to
   are to love    others as well as you                                                                                                      Survivor Theme
                                           strength…love your         how we are to love others       friendship regardless of what
 others just as   love yourself. Why,      neighbor as                just as much as we love         they look like or what they do       Large Group: Justin
  much as we      that's better than all   yourself. There is no      ourselves.                      because when they become our
                  offerings and
love ourselves.                            commandment greater                                        friend they will discover Jesus in
                  sacrifices put           than these." Mark                                          us.
 Mark 2:14-17     together! Mark           12:29-31NIV
                  12:29-31 Mess

January 21st Idea: Voted off light         Jesus said, "I am the                                       After learning that God in us
 God in you,     gets snuffed out                                     Children will hear that when
                                           light of the world.                                         causes us to be a light to our
                KidzLife kid can't                                    they are best friends with God
causes you to                              Whoever follows me                                          community (that cannot be            Survivor Theme
                  blow out light                                      they become the light of the
 be a light to                             will never walk in                                          snuffed out) we will explore        Large Group:Katie
                because he/she is                                     world to their community and
                                           darkness, but will                                          ways to make a difference in
  the world    God's kid - you are a                                  world.
                                           have the light of life."                                    our community..
Matthew 5:14-16           light.

January 28th                                                                                           Children will learn that God
God wants us                               "If at all possible, as                                     wants us to and tells us how to
                Reference: Conflict        far as it depends on Children will learn about how          continue to love others just as
  to resolve                                                                                                                                 Survivor Theme
                Resolution, Unit 2         you, live at peace      God taught us to resolve            much as we love ourselves by
conflict in our Lesson 7 WC                with everyone."         conflict.                           resolving conflict. Children will   Large Group: Justin
 community                                 Romans 12:18                                                do role play activities to
Matthew 15:18                                                                                          practice resolving conflict.
  2007; Key
  Concept            what's happenin'             Bible Verse             Know what               So what/Now what                         Notes
                                                                                                So What: The Bible tells a story
                                                                        Children will hear
                                               In the beginning was                             that isn't over. A story that is     share a smattering
                                                                        that the Bible is
                                               the Word, and the                                still being told. A story that we       of wild crazy
                     Bible Double Dare         Word owas with God,
                                                                        real, real, real. The
                                                                                                have a part to play in. The
 February 4th             Velvet Elvis ,                                Bible did not drop                                          miraculous stories in
                                               and the Word was                                 writer John wrote so that we
God has spoken         Rob Bell, pp. 61-65
                                               God. He was with
                                                                        out of the sky but
                                                                                                will believe in Jesus. Now           the Bible that kids
                           Superbowl                                    was written by real
                                               God in the beginning.                            What: Kids will be challenged to    don't generally hear.
                                                                        people in real places
                                               John 1:1
                                                                        in real times.
                                                                                                believe the Bible as TRUTH not         Trampolines?
                                                                                                just stories.

                                                                                                So What: as a Christian I am
                         E3 Community
                                                                     Children will hear         free to claim the true, the holy
                                                                                                                                      when you really
February 11th             6:30-8:30pm          [Jesus said]…but when                                                                believe what God is
                                                                     that truth is              wherever I find it. Now What:
                                               the Spirit of Truth
 Something          Bible Double Dare                                everywhere, and it         I live with the understanding        saying everything
                                               comes, he will guide
   Bigger          Velvet Elvis, Rob Bell,     you into all truth.
                                                                     is available to            that truth is bigger than any             changes.
                                                                     everyone.                  religion and the world is God's
                         pp. 74-79                                                                                                      Justin Out
                                                                                                and everything in it.

                                                                                           So What: Being a Christian is
                                                                                           not about following the best
                                                                      Children will hear
                                                                                           religion. We follow Jesus
                                                                                                                           Jesus is the life force
 February 18th       Bible Double Dare         He (Jesus) is *before
                                                                      that Jesus is more
                                                                                           because he teaches how things   that makes all things
  To live God's            Velvet Elvis                               than an answer to
                                               all things, and in him                      really are. Now What:             possible.           Has it
                       Rob Bell pp. 82-86                             their problems. The
way we have to                                 all things hold
                                                                      Bible insists (keeps
                                                                                           Because the Bible points us to a rained so your crops could
                   Kid's/Parents Baptism Class                                                                              grow? Who do you think did
believe in a BIG                               together. Colossians                        Jesus who is mysteriously
                     *Before refers to time.                          on telling us) that                                      that? Have you ever
                                               1:17                                        behind everything in life,
     JESUS!             Jesus is CENTRAL                              Jesus is how God                                      laughed? Who do you think
                                                                                           getting to know him better will
                                                                      put things together.                                      made that possible?
                                                                                           help understand how the world
                                                                                           really works.

                                                                        Children will hear

February 25th       Adopt a Hwy 2/24/07 "The earth is the               that God is not just    So What: Where you are, God
                                                Lord's and everything   at church but           is there; the difference is our
Wherever you          Bible Double Dare         in it, the world, and   WHEREVER                awareness.              Now           Recognizing God
                    Velvet Elvis , Rob Bell pp. all who live in it…"    excitement, love        what: See God where others
 are, God is.      84 - 92             Baptisms Psalm 24:1              and joy are, that is    don't and then point him out.
                                                                        where God is.
  2007; Key
  Concept         what's happenin'           Bible Verse                      Big Idea                             Notes

  March 4th
 Overcoming    Bible Double Dare "Resist the devil and he will
                                                               God's Word helps us when we            Do Bible Double Dare Activities to
 Temptation   Everyone is tempted, flee [run] from you."
                                                               are tempted                               reinforce learning God's Word.
Matthew 4:10;      Even Jesus      I Peter 5:9

                     E3 Community
                                       But I [Jesus] tell you: Love                                           P&W: Jordan//Karen Out
 March 11th                            your enemies and pray for                                       Bullying is wrong. List of what to
                   Bible Double Dare                                God's Word helps us to love our
 Love your                             those who persecute                                                 do when bullied:      Do Bible
                      Willow Creek                                  enemies
  enemies                              [bully] you…" Matthew                                          Double Dare Activities to reinforce
                   Conference 13-16    5:43                                                                         learning God's Word.
                      Spring Break

                                       Jesus said, "What is
 March 18th
                                       impossible with men is      God's word helps us understand         Katie Lead//Justin Out
  Miracles         Bible Double Dare
                                       possible with God."         His miracle working power.             illusions: water to wine
Matthew 8 - 9                          Luke 18:27

  March 25th
                   Bible Double Dare …go make disciples of all     God's Word is good news, let's
Share the Good                                                                                          Experiential: Donut activity
                  KidzCamp Weekend nations… Matthew 28:19          share it.
 2007; Key
 Concept       what's happenin'             Bible Verse                           Big Idea                              Notes

  April 1st
                                      Blessed is He who comes in     Kids will discover the Jesus deserves
   Jesus                                                                                                     Hosanna means, "Save Now"
               Palm Sunday Parade       the name of the LORD!        our worship and praise because of
deserves our                                                                                               Craft: Palm branches   Parade:
                 Seder? Parade?         Hosanna in the highest!      who He is and what He came to
   Praise                                                                                                              Outside
                                            Matthew 21:9b            earth to do for us.
Matthew 21

                                       He is not here; he has
  April 8th                            risen, just as he said.       Kids will celebrate the death and
                Easter Egg Hunt,
 Death and                            Come and see the place         resurrection of Jesus and what this
                petting zoo, other
Resurrection                               where he lay.             means to us.
                                           Matthew 28:6

                Bible Double Dare
 April 15th        Celebration             Special Weekend

                                     "Jesus said, 'So, you believe   Children will hear that Jesus disciples
                                      "Because you've seen with      (followers) saw and talked to Jesus
 April 22nd                          your own eyes. Even better      after he arose from the dead. And
                                                                                                             CD Music Worship
 No Doubt                              blessings are in store for    there is no doubt that everything
                                      those who believe without      Jesus did for us is TRUE!
                                        seeing.' "         John

                    Summer       "On his robe and on his thigh he                                            Jordan will be leading P&W
                                                                  Children will hear that even as great
 April 29th                      has this name written: KING OF
               Recruitment/Focus                                  as heaven is, JESUS is the CENTER           Song idea: Jesus be the
  Heaven                          KINGS and LORD OF LORDS."
               Elementary Grades         Revelation 19:16         of heaven.                                           Center
  2007; Key
  Concept         what's happenin'                Bible Verse                       Big Idea                           Notes

                                             [Jesus predicts his coming   Watch Out! Jesus is coming
May 6th Jesus
                                             back] " therefore,   back! Because we don't know        every child walks away with
   Goes to      Summer Recruitment:
                                           for you know neither the day   the time or date we need to be   glasses as a symbol of watching
Heaven but He   Early Childhood focus
                                              nor the hour in which the   ready. Children will learn how                 out…
 will Return                                   Son of Man is coming."     to BE ready!

                                                                          The Power of Praise! We              Whenever and wherever
                                            "…we do not know what         worship God because He is
                                                                                                             God’s people praise Him, He
                                           to do but our eyes are on      holy and there is none like
  May 13th           Mother's Day                                                                           reigns among them and does
                                            you upon you."        2       Him. Children will identify their
                                                                          giants and PRAISE is the key to
                                                                                                              miraculous things on their
                                               Chronicles 20:12b
                                                                          facing their giants.                         behalf.

                                           "God inhabits the praises The Power of Praise! Praise is
                                                                                                               Experiential Worship
  May 20th                                      of His people."      the master key to God's
                                                                                                                Matt lead worship
                                                Psalm 22:3kjv        presence

                End of year celebration!                                  Because God is GREAT He
                 Celebrate Leaders for     "…let us keep the festival."   created parties; celebrate and   Jordan leads worship    Debbie
  May 27th
                  serving (silly string)        1 Corinthians 5:8         go wild over how amazing He                    out
                School's out celebration                                  is!
   2007; Key
   Concept              what's happenin'        Bible Verse                       Big Idea                                                  Notes
                                            The person who knows
                                           my commandments and
   June 3rd                                 keeps them, that's who
                                                                      Life with God is more than just
   Pre Camp                                   loves me. And the
                                                                      knowing He is there; its' about                                   Jerry and Jordan
Walking the Plank                          person who loves me will
                                                                       Him leading us to a great life                                        worship
 to Adventure                               be loved by my Father,
                                                                          where it is never boring.
     Island                                 and I will lvoe him and
                                           mke myself plain to him.
                                                  John 14:21

   June 10th
 Camp Celebration

                                                                                                          Chileren will participate
                                                                      Children will hear how God sent in an activity to discover
   June 17th                                                                                             things that we do an
                                           "I (the Lord) look at        Samuel to anoint David to be
David had a heart                                                                                      dattitudes we have that
                           Fathers Day     what is in the heart."      the next king of Israel. David                                     Justin Out
 for God and we                                                                                         are important to God.
                                              1 Samuel 16:7              was a man after God's own     They will choose one to
     can too.                                                                       heart.               develop in their own

                                                                          Living God's way means
                                                                                                           Children will participate
                                                                          trusting Him to help us.         in an activity to identify
   June 24th                                "He (God) is always        Children will hear how David       problems they may have              CD
      Trusting                               there to help us in      trusted God to help him defeat        and how remembering
                                                                                                                                          Debbie Out
David defeats Goliath                         times of trouble."      Goliath. Children will learn that      the truth about what
 1 Samuel 17:1-58                                                     they can tackle giant problems          God is like can help        Justin Out
                                                 Psalm 46:1
                                                                       because they can trust God to      them to have courage to
                                                                                                             face those problems.
                                                                                 help them.
    2007; Key
    Concept              what's happenin'       Bible Verse                    Big Idea                         Application               Notes
     July 1st                                                     Living God's way means loving
                                            "A friend loves at                                      Children will participate in an
 Loving. David was                                                our friends. Children will hear
                                                                                                  activity to explore characteristics
 loved by his friend,                           all times."         about David and Jonathan's
                                                                                                  of good friends and how to show
                                                                                                                                        Justin Out
Jonathan             1                       Proverbs 17:17       friendship. Children will learn            love to them.
    Samuel 18-20                                                   that friends love each other.
                                                                  Children will hear how Saul was
                                             "Call out to Me. I   jealous of David and how David
     July 8th                                                                                        Children will participate in an
                                             will answer you."       ran for his life. Children will activity to identify times that
David ran from Saul
 (1 Samuel 21-23)                              Jeremiah 33:3         learn that they can pray and     they can ask God for help.
                                                                      ask God for help in times of
                                                                        Living God's way means
    July 15th                               "I will always obey    obeying God by treating others    Children will participate in an
    Obeying                4th of July       Your law, forever    with respect. Children will hear   activity to discover what God
David spared Saul's        Wednesday         and ever." Psalm      about how David spared Saul's ways about how we need to treat
 life 1 Samuel 24                                  119:44         life when he had an opportunity         others with respect.
                                                                               to kill Saul.

                                                                     Living God's way means
                                                                 obeying God by treating others      Children will participate in an
                                            "I'm filled with joy with respect. Children will hear     activity to discover some of
    July 22nd
                                                                                                     God's promises to them and
     Patience                                because of Your     about how David spared Saul's
                                                                                                   discuss how remembering these
David became king 2                          promise." Psalm life when he had an opportunity promises can help them to be
   Samuel 1-5;5                                  119:162         to kill Saul. Children will learn patient during hard times in their
                                                                 that God wants us to obey Him                    lives.
                                                                 by treating other with respect.

                                                                   Living God's way means being
   July 29th                                "If we admit that      patient and believing that God
                                                                       will keep His promises.        Children will participate in an
   Repenting                                we have sinned,                                          activity to explore reasons shy
 Nathan confronted          Salvation                               Children will hear how David
                                            He will forgive us                                       they don't admit when they've
       David                Message                                 became king just as God had     done something wrong and how
2 Samuel 11-12:13;
                                                our sins."          promised. Children will learn they can have courage to repent.
     Psalm 51                                   1 John 1:9         that God is faithful to keep His
    2007; Key
    Concept                Theme            Bible Verse                  Big Idea                       Teach                          Notes
                                                                 Living God's way means
                                        "God loved the world      believing that Jesus is
   August 5th                          so much that He gave God's Son and choosing
    Believing                          His one and only Son. to follow Him. Children Children will participate in an
  God promises us                                                                           activity to learn more about
                                        Anyone who believes        will hear how David
eternal life      1                                                                            believing in Jesus and
                                       in Him will not die but believed God's promise to            following Him.
     Kings 2:4:
    Luke 1:30-32
                                       will have eternal life."     Him and how God
                                              John 3:16         promises us eternal life if
                                                                   we believe in Jesus.
                                                               Living God's way means
                                                                believing that Jesus is
   August 12th                          "Let your Yes mean     God's Son and choosing        Children will participate in an
   Faithfulness                          Yes. Let your No           to follow Him.               activity to explore the
David kept his promise                       mean No."         ChildreLiving God's way       importance of doing what we
to Jonathan 2 Samuel                                                                                 say we will do.
                                           Matthew 5:37        means being faithful to
                                                               do what we say we will
                                                               Living God's way means
  August 19th                                                      worshipping God.
  Worshipping                           "Worship the Lord     Children will hear some of
David wrote Psalms to    Celebration   with gladness. Come         David's psalms of     Children will participate in an
    worship God           Weekend!     to Him with songs of     worship. Children will     activity to worship God.
Psalm 29:1-6; Psalm                     joy." Psalm 100:2        learn that worshi pis
      108:1-5                                                      celebrating God's

                                    "There is neither Jew                                                                      [Adults: Identity Theft,
                                     nor Greek, slave nor                                    Children will hear the story of      priests]  Katie&
 August 26th                                                    God loves us no matter       Jesus meeting the Samaritan             Soraya Out
                                    free, male nor female
Barrier Breaker          Superheros                              who we are and what          woman at the well and that         Jordan: Worship
                                     for you are all one in                                   God loves them no matter                Club 456:
 John 4:1-42                                                         we've done.
                                         Christ Jesus."                                                   what.                     Justin/John
                                        Galations 3:28                                                                           KidzLife: Debbie
    2007; Key
    Concept                   Theme                 Bible Verse                     Big Idea                       Teach                             Notes
                        Labor Day
  September 2nd                                           The Bible tells us how to Children will talk about "what
                    what we watch
   Pure in Heart                   "Blessed are the pure stay close to God and we    you choose to put in your                          [Adults: Identity Theft-LP Q&A]
                    (movies, video
Psalm 15; Matt 5:1-                 in heart." Matthew   can TRUST Him to give us     mind." Pure mind, pure                                  Small Group Kick Off
                     games); what                                                                                                            John & Debbie Out
8; Matt 26:41; John                         5:8          Dunamis power to help us heart, pure actions (Bible
                      we listen to                                                             Story?)
       14:16                                                       live it.

                                                                          God is generous and He is Children will hear the story of
  September 9th
                                           "Freely you have                the giver of everything Jesus observing and teaching
 Beating the Greed        Superheroes                                                                                                   [Adults: Identity Theft-Discipler]
                                        received, freely give."            Good so we can TRUST      the widow who put all her
                                                                                                                                                   Justin Out
    John 4:1-42         [Dbacks Wackky]                                                                 money into the temple
                                            Matthew 10:8                     Him even with our
  John's Birthday                                                                                             treasury.

                                               "Blessed are the pure
                                                                                                         Ask the question: What is
   September 16th                               in heart." Matthew                                          going on inside you?
                                                                             The Bible tells us to
 Pure in Heart The                              5:8 Jesus said, "I                                       Children will talk about the
                        Superhero MB (Mop                                   TRUST Jesus when he
story of Saul as the                            am the light of the                                     messy stuff in their hearts."
                          Bucket) He has                                     promises you a pure                                       [Adults: Identity Theft-LP Q&A]
ultimate bully turns                               world. He who                                         And even though you may
                        come to clean things                                 heart. A pure heart         not be a bully you still feel
                                                                                                                                             Small Group Kick Off
 into a Jesus Freak!            up!             follows me shall not
                                                                               leads to a closer        messy inside. Jesus came to
Acts 8:1-3;Acts 9:1-                           walk in darkness, but
                                                                            relationship with God.      give us a pure mind, pure
          22                                   have the light of life."
                                                                                                           heart, pure actions
                                                     John 8:12

                                               "Have I not commanded God knows how easy it is
  September 23th                                you? Be strong and of    for us to be afraid and  Children will hear the story of
                                               good courage; do not be
Duet 31:6-9; Joshua       Superheroes                                   wants to remind us over how God talked to Joshua as [Adults: Identity Theft- Role of a
                                               afraid, nor be dismayed
1:6, 7, 9 Joshua 3:9-       "Fear"             for the Lord your God is
                                                                        and over until we believe the new leader of Israel and Woman] small Group Kick Off
          16                                                                                       how Joshua trusted God.
                                                with you whoever you Him that He will not leave
                                                   go." Joshua 1:9       us. We can TRUST Him.

                                                                           God tells us that Satan
  September 30th                                                                                                                          [Adults: LP at the movies -
                                                "Resist the devil and       lies to us and we can        Children will hear how Satan
  Matthew 4:1-17          Superheroes                                                                                                   Cinderella Man]    John on
                                               he will flee from you."       trust GOD to help us       tempted Jesus and how Jesus
   Justin & Kate          "DeCeptor"                                                                             trusted God
                                                                                                                                      Break            LG: Katie and
                                                     James 4:7               Identify the lies and                                                 Justin
    Justin Prep
                                                                                 resist them!
   2007; Key
   Concept                Theme             Bible Verse                Big Idea                    Teach                     Notes
                                                                                       Children will learn that it
                                      Here I am! I stand at                           is sometimes easy to just                                  Apathy is absence
                                                            [Would Someone Get the                                                                of love and hate?
                                     the door and knock. If                              go about life without
                        Superheros                                 Door Please?]                                                                    What causes
                                         anyone hears my                               thinking about God until
  October 7th           "Whateva"                            God is pounding on the                                     [Adults: LP at the
                                                                                                                                                apathy? Tiredness?
                                      voice and opens the                                we get to KidzLife on            movies - Even
Revelation 3:1-6;         (apathy)                             door of your heart to                                                             No encouragment
                                       door, I will come in                           Sundays. "But when you                Almighty]
     14-19             Justin SOLO                          wake up and realize He's                                       Katie OUT             No one who shows
                                     and eat with him, and                             ignore Him you miss out
                       Debbie Prep                             here and He wants to                                                                 they care? Is
                                            he with me"                                   on cool stuff and He                                        Apathy like
                                                                hang out with you!
                                          Revelation 3:20                               misses out on spending                                         sleeping?
                                                                                            time with you!"
                                      "But you will receive
                                      power when the Holy                                Children will hear the
                      History Makers Spirit comes on you;      God gave us the Holy    story of the Holy Spirit's       [Adults: LP at the
  October 14th         The Mission      and you will be My   spirit to empower us to     coming, the Church's           movies - Pursuit of
    Acts 1-2            John SOLO           witnesses in     live for Him and to BE a beginning and its mission            Happiness]
                                      Jerusalem, and in all                                                                Debbie OUT
                         Katie Prep                                History Maker      and that God gave us the
                                       Judea and Samaria,                             Holy Spirit as our helper.
                                     and to the ends of the
                                          earth." Acts 1:8

                                                                                                                                                 Even though we
                                      "And I tell you that                                  Children will hear the
                      History Makers                             God gave us the Holy                                  [Adults: Meisners-       mess up and feel
   October 21st                      you are Peter, and on                                story of Peter, who, after
                           Peter                               spirit to empower us to                                  Best Friends Best        inadequate, the
Acts 2, 8, 10; Luke                   this rock I will build                                denying Jesus is fully
                      Debbie & Nate                            live for Him and to BE a                                      Lovers]            Holy Spirit can still
     22:54-65                        My Church." Matthew                                   restored and is used by     Karen OUT; John off
                       Debbie Prep                                   History Maker                                                              empower us to do
                                             16:18                                         God to reach the world.
                                                                                                                                                     His work

                                     "Don't let anyone look
                                     down on you because
                                      you are young, but                                                               [Adults: The Church
                      History Makers                        God Says You Are Not Too      Children will learn about    has left the building]
  October 28th                         set an example for
                         Timothy                              Young to be a History         Timonthy who was a          Challenge to Serve
   Acts 15-17;                           the believers in
                       Katie & Nate                         Maker! God says, TRUST         young dude became a          our Community in
  I&II Timothy                          speech, in life, in                                                                 November
                        Katie Prep                                    ME!                      History Maker.
                                      love, in faith and in                                                             Cindy & Justin OUT

                                        purity. 1 Timothy
    2007; Key
    Concept              Theme            Bible Verse                 Big Idea                    Teach                   Notes
                                                                                           Children will hear the
                                                                                           story of one of Jesus'
  November 4th                                                What? Jesus is Coming       disciples, John, whose      [Adults: The
Book of Revelation   History Makers   "Come, Lord Jesus,"      Back to Earth? He's       encoruaging letter to the   Church has Left
  Katie & Justin          John         Revelation 22:20       coming back to set all     struggling churches tells    the Building-
   Justin Prep                                                     thing right.          how God's fabulous story     Debbie Hay]
                                                                                         will end and God's people
                                                                                                  will win.
   November 11th
    Acts 7:57-60;
                                                              Jesus was tortured and     Children will hear a story
9:13-18       Prayer
                                   "For to me, to live is    died because of what He      about Paul in Prison and   [Adults: The
 for the Persecuted History Makers
                                    Christ and to die is       believed and how He         how it didn't stop Him   Church has Left
       Church            Paul
                                           gain."               lived. People in this    from Praising God. [Hear the Building- Gary
   Remembrance       Persecution
                                     Philippians 1:21        world our dying because a child's story from across      Kinnaman]
                                                             of their belief in God too.         the globe]
    Justin & John
      Deb Prep

                                                                                    Childen will be challenged
                                       "Oh give thanks to
 November 18th                                                                       to think outside of their
                      Thanksgiving     the God of heaven!
Psalm 136; Job 38                                                                    world, to see the things
                        (Nov 22)          For His mercy      How Big Is God Anyway?                                       open
  John & Katie                                                                        we often overlook and
                         Centers        endures forever.
   Karen Prep                                                                         say, "WOW God, U R
                                          Psalm 136:26

                                      "I am the Alpha and
  November 25th                       Omega, the First and                              Children will hear how the
                        History                                  God's Story goes
  New Testament                           the Last, the                                  Church started and grew     [Adults: Deal or
                        Makers                               on and on; and we're in it
   Justin & John                       Beginning and the                                through small groups and        No Deal]
                        Rewind                                       - Sweet!
    Katie Prep                                End."                                        still continues today.
                                        Revelation 22:13
2007; Key Concept                           Bible Verse
                         Theme                                    Big Idea               Teach                      Notes
                                          God so loved the
                                         world that He gave
  December 2nd      Christmas is my                                                                              GoKidz Vision
                                          His only Son that                     Veggie Tales: The Toy that
                                                                                                             Luncheon// Practice
   Unwrapping       favorite time of    whoever believes in    More than Toys     Saved Christmas 30
                                                                                                               Christmas songs//
    Christmas            year!           Him will not perish                             minues
                                                                                                              Bring a gift to Jesus
                                        but have everlasting
                                           life. John 3:16

                     Servant King
  December 9th                                                                                               Bring a gift to Jesus
                    McAvoy Family

                                          Celebrate! Our       The three wise                                 skit//Bring a gift to
 December 16th      Birthday Bash!                                                                                Jesus//party
                                         Savior has come!           men

     23-Dec          Family Service

                    KidzLife Jr. will
 December 24th
                     be watching a
    4 & 6pm
                    Christmas Movie
2008; Key                                                                                                           Small Group
                     Theme               Bible Verse                     Big Idea               Teach
 Concept                                                                                                             Activities

                                       "…This time he said, "I am
                                     the light for the world! Follow   God's Story has
 January 6th
                                     me, and you won't be walking       the power to                              Bible Double Dare will begin
Justin & Katie      God's Story                                                                                      February 3; event TBA
                                     in the dark. You will have the    change a kid's
  Katie Prep                            light that gives life." John         life!

                                                                       I will show Jesus Act out commandments
                 Ten Commandments     "if you love Me you will
                                                                       how much I love and let the kid audience
January 13th       Exodus 20:1-17;    obey what I command."                                                          SG-follow the leader
                                                                       Him by following guess which command
                  Matthew 5:17-19            John 14:15                                            it is.
                                                                           his rules.

                                                                        Because I love
                   No Other Gods     "You shall have no other
                                                                        God...I will put
January 20th       Exodus 20:1-3;    gods before me." Exodus
                                                                        God first in my
                   Mark 10: 17-31              20:3

                                      "You shall not make for
                                       yourself an idol in the
                                        form of anything in
                                      heaven above or on the
                      No Idols        earth beneath or in the             Only God
January 27th       Exodus 20:1-4;    waters below. You shall             deserves my
                    Acts 14::8-18    not bow down to them or               worship.
                                      worship then; for I, the
                                       Lord your God, am a
                                           jealous God."
                                          Exodus 20: 4-5
2008; Key
                    Theme            Bible Verse              Big Idea            Teach            Notes

                                        "You shall not       Because I love                Bible Double Dare Begins
                   God's Name
                                     misuse the name of     God...I will treat            Keep small group activities
February 3rd      Exodus 20:7;                              God's name with               simple/include focus BDD
                                     the Lord your God."
                Matthew 26-69-75         Exodus 20:7            respect.                             time

                                      "Remember the         Because I love ...I
                God's Special Day
                                      Sabbath day by        will set aside time
February 10th     Exodus 20:8;                             to rest and focus on
                                                                                              Bible Double Dare
                                      keeping it holy."
                 Luke 20:38-42          Exodus 20:8                 God.

                                                            Because I love
                Honor Your Parents   "Honor your father
                                                           God…I will honor
February 17th     Exodus 20:12;      and your mother."                                        Bible Double Dare
                                                            God by obeying
                  Luke 2:41-52         Exodus 20:12
                                                             my parents.

                                                            Because I love
                No Hating Allowed      "You shall not
                                                            God…I will not
February 24th    Exodus 20:13;           murder."                                             Bible Double Dare
                                                            hurt others by
                   Luke:25-37          Exodus 20:13
                                                             hating them.
2008; Key
                Theme                Bible Verse                   Big Idea             Teach           Notes

             Learning to be                                   God wants husbands
                                   "You shall not commit
                Faithful                                         and wives to be
March 2nd                                adultery."                                                Bible Double Dare
             Exodus 20:14;                                    faithful to each other
                                       Exodus 20:14
              John 2:1-11                                        no matter what!

              No Stealing                                      Because I love God…I
                                   "You shall not steal."
 March 9th   Exodus 20:15;                                      will not take what                 Bible Double Dare
                                      Exodus 20:15             doesn't belong to me.
              Luke 19:1-9

                                                               Kids will discover the
                                    "Blessed is He who
                                                                Jesus deserves our
                                   comes in the name of
                                                                worship and praise
March 16th                        the LORD! Hosanna in                                                Palm Sunday
                                                               because of who He is
                                       the highest! "
                                                               and what He came to
                                      Matthew 21:9b
                                                                earth to do for us.

                                   He is not here; he has
                                                              Kids will celebrate the
                                   risen, just as he said.
             Easter Egg Hunt,                                 death and resurrection            Easter Sunday Madonna and
March 23rd                        Come and see the place
             petting zoo, other                               of Jesus and what this                     Company
                                       where he lay.
                                                                   means to us.
                                       Matthew 28:6

             What did you         "You shall not give false
                                                              Because I love God…I
                 say?                testimony against
March 30th                                                     will always tell the                Bible Double Dare
             Exodus 20:16;            your neighbor."
              Acts 5:1-11              Exodus 20:16
2008; Key
                  Theme             Bible Verse                      Big Idea          Teach         Notes

                                                                   Because I love
                 Be Content            "You shall not
                                                                    God…I will be
 April 6th     Exodus 20:17;              covet."                                              Bible Double Dare Ends
                                                                  happy with what I
               Luke 12:13-21           Exodus 20:17

                                    "Love the Lord your God
                                  with all your heart and with
                The Greatest        all your soul and with all
                                   your mind. This is the first    Because I love                Spend two weeks
 April 13th                               and greatest             God…I will love              accumulating totals
              Matt 22:37-39;                                                                     GoKidz Saturday?
                                    commandment. And the              others.
               Mark 12:28-34      second is like it: Love your
                                     neighbor as yourself."
                                        Matthew 22:37-39

                                   "If you love me you            I show my love for
                                                                                                 Spend two weeks
              Love Me, Obey Me       will obey what I              God when I obey
 April 20th                                                                                     accumulating totals
               Exodus 20:3-17       command." John                       His                     GoKidz Saturday?
                                           14:15                   commandments.

              Bible Double Dare
 April 27th
2008; Key
            Theme   Bible Verse   Big Idea   Teach   Notes

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