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					Widefield School District #3 Music Department
                            “Educates the Whole Child”
 October 2008                                                                                   Samantha Davis
 Volume 3, Issue 1                                                                           Music Coordinator

                                Dear Parents and Friends of Music
                                Welcome Back to the 2008-2009 School Year! Two of the most important
                                things that happen for all educators at the beginning of a new year are a
                                refocusing and a recommitment to the core beliefs of their educational
                                system. Each year, the Widefield School District #3 music staff recommits to
                                “educating the whole child”. We do this because it is our philosophy that arts
                                education is an integral part of the human experience. By teaching our music
                                standards and supporting the standards of other content areas, we help
                                children express themselves positively and successfully through music.
                                Because this philosophy is embraced by our community and administration,
                                Widefield School District’s music program is one of the best in the state. With
                                a comprehensive K-12 music curriculum, our schools offer quality music
 Dear Parents and Friends   1
                                education that culminates in superior music performance at every level.
 Summer Department News     1
                                The purpose of this publication is to inform and educate you about the
 Department News            2
                                happenings in our district as well as music in general. We, the music
 New Music Staff            6   teachers, hope that you find this information helpful and that you will help us
                                as we celebrate the power of music and our children. Join us for an amazing
 Upcoming Events            6   musical adventure in the 2008-2009 school year.

                                Summer Department News
“If I were not a                                                               Relay for Life
                                                                               Every year, the Widefield School
physicist, I would                                                             District #3 music staff joins other
probably be a                                                                  members of the Fountain Valley
musician. I often                                                              community in the American
think in music. I live                                                         Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.
my daydreams in                                                                During last year’s event, held at
music. I see my life                                                           Mesa Ridge High School on June
                                                                               6th and 7th, the Music Department
in terms of music.”—                                                           Team raised over $4,500 for this
Albert Einstein                                                                worthy cause. We are so glad
                                                                               that we can give support back to
                                                                               our community and will do so
                                                                               again this year!

Summer Band
In late July and early
August, two of our district
band directors, Mrs.
Stauffer and Ms. Timms,
taught a summer band
class for our young band
musicians. About 40
students participated in
this event and were highly
successful. What a great
way to kick off the year in
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Department news
District #3 Junior High Band Day                        now we are working on All-State and Pikes Peak Honor
The WSD#3 Junior High Band Day will be held on          Orchestra auditions, and some really exciting music for
October 18, 2008 after the community parade.            our first concert. Come to our first concert October
Approximately 350 Junior High and High School           21st at 7:00 p.m. This is a very special concert in that
students represent our district each year in these      we combine with the Widefield High School orchestra
events. Please join us for this wonderful event. This   program to put on a great show. Come see what
is a great way for our junior high students to get a    Widefield School District 3 has to offer at the High
high school marching band experience!                   School orchestra level. The concert will be held at
                                                        Mesa Ridge High School, so come early to get a good

                                                        Widefield High School
                                                        After weeks of anticipation, the new marching band
                                                        uniforms are finally here, and they look sharp. We’ve
                                                        had an interesting season with new uniforms, a new
                                                        director and a young marching band. With all of the
                                                        new things this year, we are focusing on building a
                                                        strong core that can continue to grow and raise its
                                                        standards for the years to follow. Make sure you catch
                                                        the complete uniforms at the Fountain-Ft. Carson
                                                        game, September 27th at 7:00pm. We also look forward
                                                        to meeting all of the junior-high students on Band Day
                                                        and hope to see you all at our first band concert on
Mesa Ridge High School
                                                        October 28th.
The Pride of Mesa Ridge Marching Band has been
establishing itself as a band to watch throughout the
                                                        Janitell Junior High
state. As a CBA State Marching finalist, the group is
becoming more and more recognized. Always looking
for ways to improve, the Mesa Ridge Band turned to
the district to replace the more than a decade old
uniform. The District 3 administration answered with
a brand new, clean cut, sleek looking and modern
uniform. The Pride displayed their new uniforms at
the Colorado State Fair Parade Competition on
August 23rd. It proved to be a very worthwhile
investment as the band was awarded 1st place
overall… something the band has been striving to
achieve for a long time. Thanks to the Widefield
School District 3 Administration for the enormous
amount of confidence and support in recognizing a
need and making such a contribution to our band and
our drive to be the best! It would not have been
possible if it were not for them.
                                                        The orchestras moved into our new room at Janitell and
                                                        are adjusting to the smaller quarters. Students are hard
                                                        at work on music for our Veterans Day assembly in
                                                        November. Congratulations to Maddie Shuman for
                                                        making the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony, Encore
                                                        Group. Janitell has two students who are in the Colorado
                                                        Springs Youth Symphony, Daniel Moody and Maddie
                                                        Shuman. Good luck to both of them!

                                                        The Pikes Peak Honor Orchestra will have auditions
                                                        October 12th at Irving Middle school starting at 4:30. All
In other Mesa Ridge news, the Mesa Ridge High School    junior high orchestra students are welcome to audition,
Orchestras have gotten off to a great start. Right      so please talk with your director for information.
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Janitell Junior High continued                           Sproul has started our 2nd year of Mariachi. We have
All four Janitell choirs are preparing for their first   about 15 students involved in this multicultural group
concert of the school year. We are doing a variety       and will be playing out in the community and here at
of folk music and patriotic anthems. We start off        Sproul periodically throughout the year. Look for
with ‘Simple Gifts’, then head right through ‘New        postings to see when and where we will be.
York, New York’ and end up with ‘God Bless
America’. The Men’s choir and Fantasia will finish       Watson Junior High
things off with a salute to our Armed forces. Come       Mr. Burge, band director, would like to welcome
on and join us for an evening full of American pride.    Arlisha Lawson to Talbott, Venetucci, and Watson.
The concert will be October 16th, at 6:30 PM in the      Arlisha is a college student from CSU-Pueblo doing
all purpose room at Janitell Junior High.                observation hours towards her music education
                                                         degree. She comes with an awesome attitude and a
On November 11th we will be combining with the           wealth of knowledge. Thank you for being here
band and orchestra for a Veterans Day Celebration        ,Arlisha!
Assembly at 1:50 PM in the all purpose room at
Janitell Junior High.

The Janitell Drama Department presents Romeo
and Juliet: or The Old “You-Know-I-Really-Love-
You-But-My-Father-Really-Hates-You’ Blues”
Based on the play by William Shakespeare and
adapted by Nancy Lineham Charles. The play will
be presented December 16th at 7:00 PM in the all
purpose room at Janitell Junior High.

Sproul Junior High
Congratulations to the following Sproul students for     Orchestra at Watson Junior high is well on its way.
making the 2008-2009 Sproul JH Spartan Honor             Both orchestras are learning how to play together
Choir: Abi Sweitzer, Alysha Walton, Caitlin              with good tone and posture. Jose Arce and Emily
Raymond, Danika Stepisnik-Brown, Valantina               Williamson have taken on the challenge to learn new
Goergen, Corena Cotner, Jamekia Howell, Ashley           instruments, and they are doing a fabulous job. Keep
Bailey, Casey Cardenas, Celene Lovato, Tyler White,      up the good work! Congratulation to Jose Arce who is
Dustin Gunter, Brandon Eveland and alternates            the Watson Scholar this month of the music
Gabby DeLaCruz and Samantha Clausen. This group          department and Emily Walker who was nominated for
rehearses every Thursday after school and will be        Watson's best. The orchestra would also like to thank
performing at various ballgames, concerts, contests      Ms. Samantha Davis for the stand rack. We are now
and community events.                                    able to put all the stands away!
Wow! Things are up and running over here in the          Congratulations to the following Watson students for
Sproul band department. We have elected our 2008-        making the 2008-2009 Watson JH Wolverine Honor
2009 band council representatives. They are Libby        Choir: Sadie Fleeger, Shelby Nesselhauf, Nicole
Glommen, Danicia Stepsnik-Brown, Zee Paquette,           Norden, Alisiana Rice, Summer Woodworth,
Alyssa Pickens, Devon Harmon, Krystal Mopps and          Elizabeth Grimme, Abby Hutcherson, Breanna
Delia Brekken. These students will be responsible for    Johnson, Nicole Oliver, Emily Williamson, Asa
adopting a family at Christmas and other community       Brooke, Austin Camarata, Zach Finley, Chris Markel,
service projects. We are very fortunate to have such     AJ Rice, and alternates Nick Rubel, Matilde
wonderful students representing the band.                Conrtreras, and Erin Borchard. This group rehearses
                                                         every Friday after school and will be performing at
                                                         various ballgames, concerts, contests and community

                                                         French Elementary
                                                         Music classes at French Elementary are back into
                                                         full swing with 30 classes on a 4 day rotation. Our
                                                         Sixth graders are doing a great job as they begin
                                                         their work in choir, band and strings classes as a
                                                         part of the daily, 45 minute music block. 4th
                                                         graders are getting ready to start instruction on the
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                                                           North Elementary
French Elementary continued
                                                           Hello! My name is Halee Towne and I am the new
soprano recorder during the month of October. The
                                                           music teacher at North this year. I am thrilled to
school is looking forward to hearing the sound of their
                                                           be a part of this wonderful community and to be
music drifting through the hallways again.
                                                           working with North students and staff.
We have started something new on early release days
                                                           The Eagle Singers is North’s intermediate choir
this year. Each early release will be designated for a
                                                           (4th-6th grade) and we will be starting rehearsals
specific grade level to receive special’s enrichment all
                                                           on Tuesday, October 6th.We will rehearse every
morning long. On September 24th, the entire specials
                                                           Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 – 3:00 in the
team met with the 2nd grade for a morning of learning
                                                           music trailer. Students in Eagle Singers will work
about our bones and healthy bodies. Students
                                                           on vocal development, singing melodies and
completed a Mr. Bones art project, researched the
                                                           harmonies, and reading music.
body on computers, and sang songs about our bones
and bodies. It was a great morning. Coming up on
                                                           5th Grade will begin their musical rehearsals
October 29th, the Kindergarten classes will have an
                                                           during class time in October. All other grades are
enrichment day to celebrate the harvest, Halloween,
                                                           experiencing music by singing, learning rhythms,
and to talk about facing and dealing with our fears.
                                                           playing instruments, moving to the beat, creating
We are very excited about this opportunity to work
                                                           hand clapping patterns and even dancing disco! I
with our students for an extended time.
                                                           am looking forward to a wonderful year!

                                                           Sunrise Elementary
                                                           Sunrise Elementary is having a concert on October
                                                           2nd at 6:30 that will include all of our sixth grade
                                                           students. This concert is featuring “campfire
                                                           songs” so it will have include songs that the
                                                           students learned for Bear Trap and actually sang
                                                           around the campfire. The concert will also
                                                           include students playing instruments, dancing and
                                                           singing. We have been working on improvisation
                                                           so there will be a song where the students are
                                                           doing rhythmic improvisation as well as a song
                                                           where the class wrote the lyrics themselves. At
                                                           the end there will be a portion where all audience
                                                           members can participate and sing along with some
                                                           favorite songs from Bear Trap. Please come and
King Elementary                                            support the Sunrise music program and join in the
"The halls are alive with the sound of music!" We're off   fun!
to a great start at King. The kindergarteners are
mending shoes keeping a beat while the 6th graders are     The Sunrise orchestra is just starting up but we
discovering the fun of performing 6/8 and 3/4. In          already have “Hot Cross Buns” and Mary Had a
between we have recorders and mallet instruments and       Little Lamb” in our repertoire. I have a bright
of course lots of singing. The band is buzzing in the      group of students and most of them have taken
mornings, strings are bowing in the afternoon and the      upon themselves to learn more music such as the
60 voice choir is yawning in the afternoons too. (The      classic “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”.
more they yawn, the better their sound.) Everyone's        Congratulations to Amber Vigal who figured out
brain is improving because music makes you smarter.        how to play Winnie the Pooh, which we hear at
                                                           least four times each class. Keep up the good
The after school string program at Martin Luther King is   work.
blossoming into a great program. This year our
beginning string program has grown from 6 students to      Talbott Elementary
25. Each student brings something unique to this group     Every day as the 6th grade students line up and
and together we form a really exciting class. Students     start their day you will see nearly every student
love to do warm-ups to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, and       carrying an instrument of some kind. There are
have been working to achieve perfect posture and a         band students, orchestra students and guitar
good bow hold. The advanced strings have grown             students!! The Talbott Elementary 6th grade
from 1 student to 5 students. I am very proud of this      Exploratory Music Class is excited about learning
group of students and hope that they will take             how to play guitar. If you check out any of these
advantage of the opportunity of having a second year       classes you will hear the thrilling sound of
of instruction before attending Junior High School.        students actually learning as they play!
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They learn about team work, individual work and build        Widefield Elementary School
the confidence to play alone in front of other people!!      The tribal beat will be arriving at Widefield High
                                                             School when Kissidugu, an African Drumming and
Also heard coming from the Talbott music room are the        Dance Troupe performs on Oct. 2nd at 6:30 p.m.
sounds of American Folk Songs, Patriotic Songs and           Admission is free but donations are requested.
Folk Songs from Around the World. The 5th graders, 4th       Master drummer, Fara Tolno, will lead a workshop
graders and 3rd graders are working hard to learn songs      of drumming, dancing and singing at Widefield
for their upcoming concerts in October and November.         Elementary. The workshop culminates with a
                                                             performance by Kissidugu, an explosive percussion
Even before school there is a big buzz of excitement in      and high flying dance troupe that includes the
the music room. We have record breaking numbers of           ancient melodies of the balafon. Please join us for
students in the Talbott Choir! Children have to share        a celebration of African music and culture.
chairs! They are working as a team to eat breakfast and
clean up after practice. They are also preparing some        Come jam with us as the third and fourth graders
fun and exciting holiday songs for their concert early in    perform a program entitled “Journey to Jazz ” on
December. Wait! It looks like ANOTHER new choir              October 16th, 6:30 p.m. at Widefield High School.
member just came in the door. The more the merrier!!         Our program follows this quintessentially American
                                                             music from African songs, through spirituals, the
Don't forget our Kindergarteners, 1st and 2nd graders,
                                                             blues, and swing.
who are giggling, singing, dancing and playing music
and having a grand time! Come see what your child
does during music. You will leave with a smile on your

Venetucci Elementary
Venetucci has started off the year with a bang. This
strings class has grown from 12 students last year to 25
students this year. The students at Venetucci are well
on their way to becoming great musicians. They have
lots of energy and a true enjoyment in learning how to
play string instruments. I look forward to watching
these young scholars learn and grow into musicians.

Webster Elementary
Webster music is off to a great start. The 6th grade
music exploration students are enjoying their recorder
playing. They have learned to switch back and forth
between the alto and soprano recorders with ease.            The Instrumental music department at Widefield
Webster choir will begin September 23rd with a record        Elementary is very excited to have our new 4th grade
75 singers. We are looking forward to singing Christmas      beginning band and strings students starting on Sept.
carols with the residents of AppleTree nursing home and      22nd. Our 4th grade sign up night on Sept. 17th was
singing the national anthem at a Mesa Ridge basketball       a big success. We have about 95 % of the 4th grade
game in November. The 4th graders are preparing for          students participating in one of our instrumental
their Oct 22nd program, which will be the first annual       classes. This will be a very exciting and challenging
friends and family folk dancing night. Bring your dancing    year for our new instrumentalist, but we know they
shoes to Webster at 6:30 pm if you would like to join in     will enjoy it.
the fun.

String students at Webster Elementary have begun the        New Staff Members
exciting journey of learning a string instrument with       We are pleased to welcome new music staff members
energy and enthusiasm. The strings class has grown in       to the Widefield School District #3 family. They are
numbers from 11 students last year to 21 this year.         Andrea Coates, Venetucci; Eric Colgrove, WHS; Keah
Webster students really enjoy warming up to the music       Redder, WHS; and Halee Towne, North. We hope
of George Bizet’s “Les Toreadors” and developing            that the school year is a pleasant one for all of us and
perfect posture. With four bass players we have an          that you find a home here teaching the wonderful
opportunity to develop a great low strings sound.           students of Widefield School District #3.
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                              Upcoming Events
                              2       Project Drum Concert @ WHS
                              2       Sunrise 6th grade concert                          2:30/6:30pm
       School Name            2-4     MRHS Drama Production                                       7pm
 Music Coordinator’s Office   3-4     All State Choir Auditions
     615 Widefield Dr.        4       Douglas County Marching Invitational (MRHS MB)              All Day
Colorado Springs, CO 80911    9       MRHS Choir Concert                                                    7pm
          Phone:              11      Friendship Cup Marching Competition (MRHS MB)               All Day
      (719) 391-3143          11      Greeley Marching Festival (WHS MB)                          All Day
                              11      MRHS Home Football Game v. Sierra                           7pm
      (719) 391-3095          14      Sproul/Watson Choir Concert          @ WHS                  7pm
                              15      Southern Marching Regional @ D-20
         E-mail:              16      Janitell Choir Concert                                                6:30pm
                              16      Widefield Elementary 3rd & 4th grade performance @WHS
                              18      Pamona Marching Festival                                    All Day
                              18      MRHS v. WHS Football Game, Community Parade
 Widefield School                               & Junior High Band Day
 District #3 Music            21      Combined Orchestra Concert @MRHS with WHS                   7pm
                              22      Webster 4th grade program @MRHS                             6:30pm
                              23      WHS Choir Concert                                                     7pm
Educates the Whole            24      State Marching Competition @ Invesco Field         All Day
       Child                  24      MRHS Home Football Game v. Cheyenne Mt.            7pm
                              25      State Marching Competition @ Invesco Field         All Day
                              28      Talbott 5th grade program                                   6:30pm
                              28      WHS Band Concert                                                      7pm
                              29      CU Boulder Madrigal Festival                                          All Day
                              30      MRHS Chamber Winds with Janitell & Watson Bands 7pm
                              30      King 6th grade program                             2:15/6:30pm