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									                              Buckinghamshire                                                                      News from IoD
                                                                                                                   South's chairman, P.2

www.iod.com/south              Published for members of the Buckinghamshire Branch of the Institute of Directors         December 2006

Such fine furniture – if you missed Steward Linford
this time, look out for a return visit.
         embers and guests have enjoyed a special evening visit to the showrooms
M        and workshops of Stewart Linford in High Wycombe. ‘Stewart Linford
         Furniture Maker’ is a high quality, bespoke furniture and woodwork business,
awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2004.
A tour of the factory showed the furniture-making process from start to finish and
included a display of limited editions chairs which combine historic themes with
historic woods. The Winston Churchill Chair, made from timber from Blenheim
Palace, features a carving of the man himself and a secret compartment holding three
enormous cigars and a humidor. The latest limited edition, the William Shakespeare
Chair, features intricate carvings of Romeo and Juliet and can be turned into library
This evening visit was so popular with our members that we hope to repeat it in
2007. Watch out for details later next year.

      Seasonal good wishes come to you from all members of your IoD
      Branch Committee and regional staff.
      If Reading is in reach before or after Christmas, the regional team has a warm
      welcome waiting for you at the offices of IoD South, but please note that The
      Directors Room will be closed from 4pm on Dec 22 to 8am on Jan 2. It was
      exciting to see so many IoD members at the Forbury Square Christmas tree
      lighting-up party earlier this month. The IoD, Forbury's Restaurant, Carluccio's,
      Stonemartin and The Forbury Hotel all came together for the evening with carol       Bank of England briefing
      singers, music and, of course festive drinks and roasted chestnuts.
                                                                                           Your next chance to get expert insight into
                                                                                           what is going on in the UK, European and
                                                                                           global economies is on Tuesday, 20
                                                                                           February. Following the publication of the
                        Goodbye and hello                                                  Inflation Report, we will again have Chris
                                                                                           Bailey from the Bank of England, to
                        David Pritchard, Branch Chairman, writes:                          demystify the charts and deliver some hot
                                                                                           insights into what may or may not happen
                       The Committee is extremely sorry to say farewell to our Branch      next on interest rates, consumer spending
                       Administrator, Marion Baker, whom many of you know as an            and foreign exchange. The Bank is also
                       efficient and popular organiser of events and the keeper of the     gathering information and would welcome
                       Committee’s administrative conscience. Marion has devoted two       your feedback on the economic factors
                       years of her life to the goal of educating, informing and           affecting your business.
     Debbie Benger     entertaining the directors of Buckinghamshire, a process that may
                       have kept her looking young, but has not been without its trials!
                       We are very grateful to Marion and wish her well for the future.
                       Marion’s successor in the role will be Debbie Benger, married to
                       an IoD member and very experienced in commerce, having
                       worked as a Relationship and Process Development Executive for         > Make a New Year's
                       Volvo for many years, as well as having run her own business.            resolution: prepare to be
                       We will be sharing Debbie with the Milton Keynes Branch, with
                                                                                                a Chartered Director
                       the aim of exploiting the extensive common ground that exists
                       between the two branches. The Committee look forward to
                       making the most of Debbie’s experience to bring even better            > Young Directors' Forum
                       and more focussed events to Buckinghamshire. Please make
       Marion Baker    her welcome.
                                                                                              > New regional treasurer,
                                                                                                Simon Bullock
                Pleased to sponsor this newsletter, with others across IoD South

Buckinghamshire Branch Events                                                                                 IoD Buckinghamshire
Debbie Benger, 07731 952256        February, 6.45pm – 9.30pm
                                   Visit to RAF Strike Command
                                   High Wycombe
                                                                          Most events listed here can
                                                                              be booked online:
                                                                                                              Branch Committee
                                   See below
Thurs 25 Jan                                                             www.iod.com/south/events             Chairman
Evening with Miles Templeman                                                                                  DAVID PRITCHARD
                                   March 2007                             Alternatively, some booking
Venue to be confirmed                                                                                          t 01753 279050
                                   Chartered Director Breakfast              forms will be with this
Tues 20 Feb, 6.00pm - 8.00pm                                                                                   e chairman.buckinghamshire@iod.net
                                   Meeting                                         newsletter.
Bank of England Briefing           Date and venue to be confirmed                                             Deputy Chairman
Venue to be confirmed
                                                                                                              NEIL BRITTEN
                                                                                                               t 07808 936884
                                                                                                               e neil.britten@corven.com
Neighbouring IoD Branch Events                                                                                Treasurer
All branches welcome members and guests from other areas. For more
                                                                                                              SIMON BULLOCK
information, contact the administrator in the branch organising the event.
                                                                                                               t 07711 193789
BERKSHIRE                          OXFORDSHIRE                          Fri 27 Apr, 7.00am - 8.59am            e simon@bullock.name
Juliet Rushent                     Carol Brown.                         8.59 Breakfast Club: Seeing the
0118 942 9608                      01865-358447                         uniqueness of your own                Education Liaison Officer
admin.berks@iod.net                admin.oxfordshire@iod.net            "common" sense - playing to           BOB MASON
www.iod.com/berkshire              www.iod.com/oxfordshire              strengths                              t 01494 680354
                                                                        The Refectory, Guildford Cathedral     e masonfive@clara.co.uk
Wed 21 Feb, 7.30am - 9.30am        Fri 15 Dec, 7.00pm – 11.00pm
Leaders - Improve the odds for     “O, Come All Ye Faithful to the      Fri 25 May, 7.00am - 8.59am
                                                                                                              PETER DARNELL
                                   Ashmolean Museum”                    8.59 Breakfast Club: Choosing
success! Reading Moat House,                                                                                   t 01494 831003
                                   Ashomolean Museum, Oxford            the main three goals to achieve
Sindlesham, Nr. Wokingham                                                                                      e peter.darnell@chartridge.co.uk
                                                                        by 2009 – looking ahead 500
                                   Mon 8 Jan, 7.30am – 9.15am
Mon 5 March, 6.30pm - 9.00pm                                            days
                                   Breakfast at Gee’s                                                         DAVID HORTON
New Members and Networking                                              The Refectory, Guildford Cathedral
                                   Gees Restaurant, Banbury Road,                                              t 01494 473581
Evening. Vineyard, Thatcham        Oxford
                                                                        WEST THAMES                            e david.horton@targetsl.com
Sun 18 March TBC                   Tues 13 Feb, 7.00pm – 9.30pm         Denise Jones.
St Patrick's Day Rugby Match       New Members’ Welcome Event           0208 892 0595                         GRAHAM JONES
Madejski Stadium, Reading          Rhodes House, Oxford                 admin.westthames@iod.net               t 01494 837060
                                                                        www.iod.com/westthames                 e gja@mcb.net
Thurs 7 Jun, 8.45am - 6.00pm       WEST SURREY
Sailing Regatta,                                                        Tues 27 Feb, 7.30 am - 9.00am
                                   Julie Jerbic.                                                              Branch Administrator
Sunsail, Port Solent                                                    Breakfast Meeting - Marketing:
                                   0845 456 9324                                                              DEBBIE BENGER
                                                                        How to avoid those missed
                                   admin.westsurrey@iod.net                                                    t 07731 952256
HAMPSHIRE                                                               opportunities
                                   www.iod.com/westsurrey                                                      e admin.buckinghamshire@iod.net
                                                                        Brunel University, Uxbridge
Pauline Warren/Laura Farnsworth
                                   Wed 10 Jan, 7.00pm - 10.00pm
023 8047 3500                                                           Wed 28 March, 7.30am - 9.00am
                                   Telemarketing: The A-Z on
admin.hants@iod.net                                                     Breakfast Meeting - Beat
                                   Devising, Implementing and
www.iod.com/hampshire                                                   Procrastination Now!
                                   Following Up a Campaign
                                                                        Brunel University, Uxbridge
Thurs 11 Jan, 5pm – 7.30pm         School of Management, University
Marketing Seminar                  of Surrey, Guildford GU2 7HX         Tues 1 May
                                                                        Golf Afternoon for Golfers and
Cams Hall Estate, Fareham          Fri 26 Jan, 7.00am - 8.59am
Call branch office for details     8.59 Breakfast Club: Is your
                                                                        Hampton Court Palace Golf Club
                                   web presence a handicap
Wed 7 Feb, 7.30am – 9.30am                                              Details to be finalised.
                                   - or a major asset?
Big Breakfast – Leadership         The Refectory, Guildford Cathedral
lessons from extreme sport
The Rose Bowl SO30 3XH             Fri 23 Feb, 7.00am - 8.59am               Sign up for e-news
                                   8.59 Breakfast Club: Building                                              IoD South Regional Office
                                   Effective relationships -                  Do you know about all the
MILTON KEYNES                                                                                                 Regional Director (South):
                                   debunking the worst myths of          great opportunities now open to
Debbie Benger.                                                                                                RODGER BROAD
                                   networking                               you nationally, regionally and
Temp. tel: 0118 900 0532                                                 locally? Much of this information    Davidson House, Forbury Square,
                                   The Refectory, Guildford Cathedral
iod.south@iod.com                                                         is now online, but if you haven’t   Reading RG1 3EU
www.iod.com/MiltonKeynes           Fri 30 March, 7.00am - 8.59am         registered with us, we cannot let     t 0118 900 0532 e rodger.broad@iod.com
                                   8.59 Breakfast Club: Defining and                 you know.
Sat 27 Jan, 7.00pm                 occupying a unique niche                                                   Senior Regional Administrator (South):
Milton Keynes Orchestra 40th       profitably – as a stepping stone                                           DAWN IFOULD
Anniversary Concert                to doing even better                                                       Davidson House, Forbury Square,
Milton Keynes Theatre              The Refectory, Guildford Cathedral                                         Reading RG1 3EU
                                                                                                               t 0118 900 0532 f 0118 900 0531
                                                                                                               e iod.south@iod.com

RAF - another strike!
Members may remember an excellent event at RAF Strike Command in High Wycombe                                 The views expressed in this newsletter are not
                                                                                                              necessarily those of the IoD, neither is it the intention
some years ago, when we were given a privileged tour of the Command Bunker and a                              of the branch to endorse or appear to endorse any
presentation by the RAF on the history and current function of this crucial local defence                     company or product referred to. It accepts no
                                                                                                              responsibility for goods and services provided by the
facility.                                                                                                     organisations in this publication. Users of the
We are very pleased indeed to announce that we have arranged a repeat of this event for                       goods/services do so at their own risk and are
                                                                                                              advised to take up references in the normal way.
those who were not able to attend the first one - or for those who want to visit Strike
Command again. The event will take place on Wednesday, 28 February and we will publish                        Designed and printed by Cookson Design
                                                                                                              Deale House, 16b Lavant Street, Petersfield,
more details in the usual way shortly. We recommend that you contact the Administrator to                     Hampshire, GU32 3EW
reserve your place.                                                                                           tel: 01730 262 646 e: iod@cooksondesign.co.uk

4    December 2006 IoD Buckinghamshire news

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