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Unit One – Lesson One


									                Unit One – Lesson One
                       The Wolf

animals         wolf          dogs          coyotes           fox

                Unit One – Lesson Two
                   The Purple Cow

   purple     colors        blue        red           green

                     yellow         white

               Unit One – Lesson Three
                    Las hormiguitas

ants        birds         insects    reptiles    amphibians


                Unit One – Lesson Four
                   If I Were a Mouse

  mouse             cat           cow          dog       fish

                Unit One – Lesson Five
                 Hey, Diddle, Diddle

   cat        cow           dog         list          words

                        Unit One – Lesson Six
                       There Was Once a Fish

                       fsh          wish          line

                       Unit One – Lesson Seven

         rain          sea          tree          gain         pain

                       Unit One – Lesson Eight
                             Rhyme Stew

  you           hot          cook          spoon         meat         rice

beans              stew        pot            hook         moon         feet

  spice          jeans        peas          tomatoes            noodle

  bowl          stir         lunch         sneeze               potatoes

          doodle              hole          fur           munch

                       Unit One – Lesson Nine

 Rags           sags         wags          play          day          obey

                      Unit One – Lesson Ten
                      Twinkle Twinkle Firefly

            firefly       spy        by          eye

                 Unit One – Lesson Eleven
                        The Chase

  sitting     grazing       napping fishing        peacefully

                      quietly    lazily       calmly

                 Unit One – Lesson Twelve
                        The Chase

running           galloping          racing            lumbered

                Unit One – Lesson Thirteen
                    Mrs. Goose’s Baby

                        fluffy     pecking

                Unit One – Lesson Fourteen
                     Mrs. Goose’s Baby

                        pond       cuddled
           Unit One – Lesson Fifteen

ladybug   snug     hug       mug       rug   tub
                      Unit Two – Lesson One
                       A Time for Playing

  chipmunk           squirrel            elk             grizzly bear

  polar bear         sea otter           river otter           fox

magpie             coyote              lion            zebra       baboon

                            duck         dog

                      Unit Two – Lesson Two

cub         calf          foal         chick           pup         joey


                     Unit Two – Lesson Three
                           Baby Animals

mice        plains        nest         hippopotamus                field

den         frog          kangaroo            turtle         web           bee

grassland          bear          cow          rabbit               alligator

spider      zebra         bird         warren          water       barn

                     hive          ground        tree
                      Unit Two – Lesson Four
                           Baby Animals

tail legs         shell        eyes         mouth         fur    scales

                  feathers          teeth          wings

                      Unit Two – Lesson Five
                           Baby Animals

raccoon           hippopotamus              zebra         mice       frog

        turtle        alligators          robin         kangaroo

                   Unit Two – Lesson Six
            Munch Crunch: The Foods Animals Eat

    different          sharp        small         long          hungry

                       many         down          all

                  Unit Two – Lesson Seven
            Munch Crunch: The Foods Animals Eat

  sticky        big        easy           traps         like       open

               Unit Two – Lesson Eight
         Munch Crunch: The Foods Animals Eat

                    gobble             catch

                  Unit Two – Lesson Nine

  nice     long        small         all         night      like

                  Unit Two – Lesson Ten

afraid   unafraid          helpful         unhelpful      healthy

   unhealthy        wrap        unwrap        friendly   unfriendly

                       happy         unhappy

               Unit Two – Lesson Eleven

           spider              insects            fly

               Unit Two – Lesson Twelve
                    The Hermit Crab

           hard        odd           safe        soft
              Unit Two – Lesson Thirteen
                   The Hermit Crab

stay   safe        empty          clean      back      right

         new             find       bigger     steal

          Unit Two – Lesson Fourteen
                The Hermit Crab

                 shell          claws

              Unit Two – Lesson Fifteen
                    Unit Wrap-Up

                       Unit Three – Lesson One
                             On The Move

    feet         bicycle         motorcycle           car         bus

          streetcar           van         truck          train        boat

           hovercraft          ferry       helicopter            airplane

                        jet    rocket      space shuttle

                     Unit Three – Lesson Two
                I Go with My Family to Grandma’s

   bicycle       chain          handlebars            tires       pedal

                                 wheels        seat

                    Unit Three – Lesson Three
                I Go with My Family to Grandma’s

trolley       family          grandmother       grandfather         mother

               father         aunt        uncle          stepfather

      stepmother              brother     sister         nephew     niece

                          cousin        boys          girls
                       Unit Three – Lesson Four
                   I Go with My Family to Grandma’s

   fruit           orange    yellow    green       blue     red

                        Unit Three – Lesson Five
                   I Go with My Family to Grandma’s

               wings        doors     tracks      wagon

                       Unit Three – Lesson Six
                         Song of the Train

     cars           wheels    track      engine      engineer

                   smokestack       people     passengers

                      Unit Three – Lesson Seven
                           Song of the Train

children            adults  women men                necktie hat
           curly      short   straight             long     bald

                       Unit Three – Lesson Eight
                              On the Go

  camels       donkeys horses         ponies       oxen     carry
                   Unit Three – Lesson Nine
                          On the Go

boats      power           wind         hand      tugboat    pole

                         rowboat           sailboat

                       Unit Three – Lesson Ten
                              On the Go

                        harbor           space

                  Unit Three – Lesson Eleven
                          On the Go

action     pedal           row          grow      smell      pick

plant      eat             taste        cook      pack       carry

                           drive        ride

                 Unit Three – Lesson Twelve
                         On the Go

   carry         fly          takeoff            land       taxi
               Unit Three – Lesson Thirteen
                    Trucks (Camiones)

haul     pigs        coffee       vanilla       tow         move

       clean              mix          cars         furniture

                    streets       cement

               Unit Three – Lesson Fourteen
                     Truck (Camiones)

                  people            walking

                Unit Three – Lesson Fifteen
                       Unit Wrap-Up

hit      kick        throw        play          drive       wash

       comb        lick         peel          zip        read

                       Unit Four – Lesson One
                           Wake Up, City!

        sparrows        ducks             salmon           tuna

         crabs            lobsters         clams            oysters

                       Unit Four – Lesson Two
                            Guess Who?

   window washer           shoemaker    dentist          windows
                             shoes   teeth

                    Unit Four – Lesson Three
                          Guess Who?

pilot       airplane         bus driver        juggler            artist

                          potter             baker

                       Unit Four – Lesson Four
                             Guess Who?

 plumber           veterinarian      clown      mechanic           live

                           work       shop
                    Unit Four – Lesson Five
                         Guess Who?

   Magician         pitcher     police officer    letter carrier

                    Unit Four – Lesson Six

  Firefighters     fireman         fireplace           fireworks

    firefly      everywhere      everyone            everything


                   Unit Four – Lesson Seven

hardworking          bookmark            bookstore        bookcase


                   Unit Four – Lesson Eight

  walkie-talkies       basketball          snow        snowman

                   head        night       play
                   Unit Four – Lesson Nine

       inside     tooth          eye          door           bath

                   Unit Four – Lesson Ten

                      air              home

                  Unit Four – Lesson Eleven

Sun        run         fun             done          noise          toys

                          boys         joys

                  Unit Four – Lesson Twelve

Bold       hold        told            sold          rolled         gold

                       fold            mold
                 Unit Four – Lesson Thirteen

there         share         hair           chair          stair       stare

       dare          care          fair           tear            scare

                     wear          share           rare

                 Unit Four – Lesson Fourteen

              long          song           wrong          gong

                     Unit Four – Lesson Fifteen
                           Unit Wrap-Up

door          four          more           pour           roar            soar

          tore           tree             bee            sea         he

                      me            knee           tea
                  Unit Five – Lesson One
                        I Call It Sky

 education         students            teacher            school

   books         weather         air          warm          breeze

           fog          cloud     rain           freeze

    snow         wind       raindrops            snowflakes

                  Unit Five – Lesson Two
                 When a Storm Comes Up

 precipitation           rains     drizzle                shower

                    pouring             rainstorm

                 Unit Five – Lesson Three
                 When a Storm Comes Up

thunderstorm            heavy            lightning          snow

                  snowstorm        blizzard
                      Unit Five – Lesson Four
                     When a Storm Comes Up

sleet       icy    slippery   hailstorm             freeze      ice hail

           hailstones         storms      hurricanes           ocean

                      Unit Five – Lesson Five
                     When a Storm Comes Up

        chick      chicken     egg          shell         hatching

                spring     summer            fall            winter

        seasons           change            caterpillar           butterfly

                         Unit Five – Lesson Six
                          Listen to the Rain

sprinkle           slow       quiet        gnashing             pouring

                            roaring              teeth

                     Unit Five – Lesson Seven
                       How’s the Weather?

           clues         answers          fair           sunset
                Unit Five – Lesson Eight
                 How’s the Weather?

temperature     cooler     drop          earth       ground

                Unit Five – Lesson Nine
                 How’s the Weather?

        forecast          radio         television

                 Unit Five – Lesson Ten
              Clouds, Rain, Snow, and Ice

      cumulus         sleet           cloud       black

               Unit Five – Lesson Eleven
                A Good Day for Kites

sky       wind sock           kites       stars       birds

                   moon        rainbow
                   Unit Five – Lesson Twelve

 hot         desert     sun            oven         stove       food

       ice         refrigerator        freezer      ice cream

                 Unit Five – Lesson Thirteen
                       Snow Is Good!

squirrel        coat           clothes           hat           mittens

             gloves            scarf        jacket        boots

   socks       snow pants         earmuffs             hands      head

                Unit Five – Lesson Fourteen

 hurricanes        blizzard            violent      eye         flood

                    tornado              freezing

                   Unit Five – Lesson Fifteen
                         Unit Wrap-Up

       sunscreen       shirt        sunglasses            shade
                       Unit Six – Lesson 1
                        Unit Introduction

  shells             seaweed        sea       otters    lions
           seals       whales        octopus         sharks
           turtles     dolphins       ocean          waves
                   island     shipwreck     flippers

                      Unit Six– Lesson 2
                 Captain Bill Pinkney’s Journey

sailboat          speedboat      rowboat        canoe   learn
       tools        boats     sailing    weather submarine
               ship      radios     radar    geography

                      Unit Six – Lesson 3
                 Captain Bill Pinkney’s Journey

  route        map       charts    does     sees     talks
           cooks          watches       videos   sleeps
            crosses        equator       island   roofs

                      Unit Six – Lesson 4
                 Captain Bill Pinkney’s Journey

South America         children       drums        forest
    Africa            friends        storm
                  Unit Six – Lesson 5
             Captain Bill Pinkney’s Journey

whales       dolphins             sea horses    tugboats
   speedboats   sharks          crabs     seals    fishing
                boats           canoes

                     Unit Six – Lesson 6
                      Me on the Map

map       tap      lap           slap      cap      clap
  trap       rap      sap           nap      strap     flap
     chap      boom              doom           broom
                   bloom              tomb

                     Unit Six – Lesson 7
                      Me on the Map

skate      date     fate         gate     hate     late
        mate    rate         wait     plate    straight

                     Unit Six – Lesson 8
                      Me on the Map

world      twirled    curled    swirled town    down
             gown       frown     clown   brown
                      Unit Six – Lesson 9
                       Me on the Map

think        pink       sink     drink    clink      shrink
own          cone       bone     phone    loan        moan
          stone      tone      zone    flown       grown

                     Unit Six – Lesson 10
                       The Plane Trip

plane        train     crane    brain      cane      drain
   gain         lane      mane     pain       rain      sane
          vain       wane    stain      strain     chain

                     Unit Six – Lesson 11
                      The Special Day

birthday       party      cake      candles           family
     presents       ice cream      balloons          singing
       friends         special President           country
      Capitol        flag      memorial           monument

                     Unit Six – Lesson 12
                      The Library Trip

  bath        soap        shampoo      read     library
            books      trip     jungle    mountains
                  Unit Six – Lesson 13
                    Our Class Trip

clothes backpack           breakfast       lunch    trip
     train      taxi       lost      hotel      doorman
           chopsticks      ferryboat      Chinatown
         Statue of Liberty         New York City
                  Empire State Building

                  Unit Six – Lesson 14
                   The Camera Kid

eating   lunchroom     tables   chairs        sandwich
         drink    photos    camera            album

                  Unit Six – Lesson 15
                     Unit Wrap-Up

         riding         walking          playing
              Unit Seven – Lessons 1 and 2
                  The Itsy, Bitsy Spider

 independence           king      fight      again       try

                    Unit Seven– Lesson 3
                          The Kite

  top       large       over       down       up     strong

                 Unit Seven – Lesson 4
                      The Garden

  ground     frightened        garden     music      seeds

            Unit Seven – Lessons 5 and 6
    The Way of an Ant and The Fox and the Grapes

  paw               trees           leaves           stem

               Unit Seven – Lessons 7-9
        The Hare and the Tortoise and 74th Street

tortoise        hare        ahead     plodding          race
                        roller skates
       Unit Eight – Lessons 1-3

      yes            laugh        jump

     Unit Eight– Lesson 4-5
Mary Mack and Matthew and Tilly

      back           high         slow

           Unit Eight – Lessons 6
           The Great Ball Game

to            too           one          won

     Unit Eight – Lessons 7 and 8
      The Big Team Relay Race

     big            winning          for
                     Unit Ten – Lessons 1-3

reed       hut          pueblos   stilts      building   house

                    Unit Ten – Lesson 4
                 A House is a House for Me
dwelling         castle   duchess        clothing        shelter

                Unit Ten – Lessons 5 and 6
             Animal Homes and Make a Home

cornmeal         cottontail    underground         storerooms
                      earthworms  outdoor

              Unit Ten – Lessons 7 and 8
Home for a Bunny and Is This a House for a Hermit Crab?

   nest       bog         underground            groundhog
                           robins   log

                 Unit Ten – Lessons 9 and 10
                     The Three Little Pigs

           himself          sticks            turnips

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