T RINITY U NITED M ETHODIST C HURCH
                                                                                                      August 25, 2009 • Vol. 43 No. 34

Look inside this issue for: Lil’ Lambs Sale | Methodism 101 | Outreach Opportunities | Young Adult Tailgate

                                         Questions about Christianit y? Find answers at
                                           If you are looking for your first small group study or
                                           a basic study on the fundamentals of Christianity,
                                           ALPHA’s the course for you! 10-week study,
                                           Tuesday nights from 6-8 PM. Dinner and childcare
                                           are provided. Questions? Contact Laura Eanes at
                                  or 879-1737.                      Begins September 15!
                                                            Register online now:

         Wednesday Supper Returns

                                                                                      FALL SESSION KICKOFF
                                                                                      Thursday, September 17
                                                                                      Featuring Dr. John Ed Mathison
                                                                                           6:30 PM • Fellowship Hall

                                                                                   Tickets for the catered dinner event are $10
                                                                                    and will be on sale this Sunday, August 30
                                                                                         before and after worship services.

                                                                                             Dr. Mathison is an author and a nationally
                                                                                             known and sought-after speaker. He retired
                  Serving 4:45 - 6:15 PM                                                     in 2008, after 36 years as senior minister of
                                                                                             Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church in
                                                                                             Montgomery. In 2008, Dr. Mathison and a
                                                                                             board of directors established John Ed
                                                                                             Mathison Leadership Ministries, which
                                                                               involves preaching, teaching, conferences and seminars.
                                                                               For more info visit:

                                                                                 BREAKFAST SESSIONS • Begin Sept. 28!
                                                                                 Join us for 6 Monday mornings from 6:30 -7:35 AM
                                                                                 for breakfast, fellowship and discussion.
                                                                                 ‘09 FALL SERIES - The Macho Myth: Overcoming the
                                                                                 Myths that Make Men Miserable

                   NEW THIS FALL!                                                Questions? Contact Tim Tatum at 879-1737 or
      The Small Dining Room is available for those
     who enjoy a smaller, quieter dining atmosphere!
                      Sunday, August 30                                                      a personal word
                             8:45 & 11:00 AM
                                                                    Dr. Matthew Sleeth, in a grace-filled humble way, presented us with a powerful
The 8:45 AM service is broadcast via 15-minute delay                challenge on Sunday: How do we live faithful lives as stewards of God's creation?
     from 9–10 AM Sundays on WAPI-AM 1070.                          For the most part we are creatures of habit – some good, some bad. Because we

                                                                    live in a time and place of such abundance, we fall easily into habits which do not
                                                                    reflect that care of creation to which we are called.
                  Dr. Andrew Wolfe

                                                                    In his book, Serve God Save the Planet, Dr. Sleeth ends with an Earth Care To-Do
                                                                    List. To restore God's creation, we need to put our faith into action. The precursor
    (8:45) Sanctuary Choir, Trinity Orchestra
                                                                    to any action is prayer – we have to humble oursleves before God, recognize the
       William A. Gardner Handbell Choir
                                                                    gifts which God has given to us, and acknowledge a desire to change.
             (11:00) Sanctuary Choir,
       William A. Gardner Handbell Choir                            Part of that prayer goes: Lord, help me today to:

                        On Call
                                                                    • Memorize a bible verse about God's love for creation, such as Psalm 24:1,
                                                                     “The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.”
     Rev. Buzz Barrett • Phone: 937-0050                            • Pick up and throw away any trash I see on the ground.

                      Van Driver
                                                                    • Turn off the faucet while brushing my teeth and shaving.
                                                                    • Turn up my thermostat three degrees (in summer) or down three degrees
                      Paul Owen
                                                                      (in winter).
                                                                    • Wash my clothes in the coolest water possible.
                                                                    • Turn off the lights, TV, radio when I leave the room for more than 60 seconds.
                                                                    • Give something away.

           Wesley Hall • 11:15 AM
                                                                    • Spend at least ten minutes with God – quietly – in nature.
                                                                    • Use the money I save to advance the kingdom.
                  Dr. Dave Barnhart
                                                                    His list goes on with small, doable steps which help in developing new ways of

             A Look at August 23:
                                                                    thinking and acting. The title of his book begins with “Serve God.” It is out of that
                                                                    loving relationship that we learn new ways on being.
  Worship Attendance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .???
  Sunday School Attendanc . . . . . . . . . . . . .771

                      information for guests & new members
    Welcome to Trinity United Methodist Church!               • NURSERY is provided during all services and during           Andrew R. Wolfe – Senior Minister
                                                              Sunday School hours. Please see an usher for informa-          Suzanne Pruitt – Minister of Christian Formation
    Our Mission is to Gather people to Christ, Grow people    tion and directions.                                           David Barnhart – Minister of Membership Care
    in Christ, Go in Christ and Glorify Christ.                                                                              Tim Tatum – Minister of Evangelism & Young Adults
                                                              Interested in Membership?                                      David Thompson – Minister of Students
    Sunday Worship Opportunities:                             Please join us the first Sunday of every month in the
                                                              large parlor for “Coffee with the Pastor.” This is a time to   Buzz Barrett – Minister of Visitation
    • 8:45 & 11:00 AM – Traditional services in the sanc-
    tuary, offering same sermon and music at each service.    meet the pastoral staff, ask questions and learn more          Mack Chapman – Minister of Administration
    •11:15 AM – CONTACT – a relaxed, informal, service in     about the core values and mission of Trinity. We also          Church:               205-879-1737
    Wesley Hall featuring upbeat praise music from the        encourage you to attend “Membership 101” orientation
                                                                                                                             Fax:                      868-9714
    CONTACT Band, children are encouraged to attend.          prior to joining Trinity. It is offered on the second
                                                              Sunday of each month. Contact Rev. Tim Tatum at tta-           Care Line:                868-9709
    •10:00 AM – Sunday School – Ages 2 years and up. with questions.                            Child Development Center: 879-1749
                                                                       Volunteers Are Needed!
      LIL’ LAMBS is Coming!                                            The Lil’ Lambs Ministry touches many lives. Not only do
                                                                       these sales help fund Children’s Ministries with items such as
      Fall Children’s Consignment Sale                                 rocking chairs, paging systems, and aprons for nursery work-
                                                                       ers, it provides the community with a great source for gently
               September 11 & 12                                       worn clothing, toys, and furniture items at reasonable prices.
                                                                       Sellers receive 70% of their proceeds while the remaining
                 Trinity’s Gym                                         30% supports our children’s ministries. The proceeds of the
           Register to sell and volunteer!                             sale enhance our Children’s Ministry through supporting our
                                                                       Capital Campaign ($25,000 over the past three years) and
         Call Amy Mezzell at 868-9715 x. 313.                          various big ticket items for the nursery. It is truly an awesome
                           •••                                         experience to participate in a Lil’ Lambs sale. It takes more
                                                                       than 100 volunteers to make the sale successful!
          Find gently used children and baby                           Please consider helping this Fall.
    clothes • toys • strollers • furniture • accessories               To volunteer, please email Amy Mezzell
                                                                       ( or call her                         at 868-9715, ext 313.

Paul DeMarco to speak on Alabama                                              PACESETTERS NEWS
                                                                  September 1 - WV TRIP DEADLINE
Constitution Reform at Trinity
September 15 • 7:30 PM • Wesley Hall                              Reminder: Full payment is due 9/1 for the West Viginia Trip!
Alabama State Representative Paul DeMarco will discuss
efforts to reform Alabama's Constitution at Trinity United        September 16 - GADSDEN MUSEUM TRIP
Methodist Church in Homewood on Tuesday, September                Ink & Blood exhibit at the Mary G. Hardin Center for Culteral
15 at 7:30 PM. Representative DeMarco will speak to               Arts in Gadsden. From authentic Dead Sea Scrolls to
Trinity's Social Justice Committee in Wesley Hall, and the        Gutenberg's Bible. We will leave Trinity at 10 AM and will enjoy
public is also welcome and encouraged to attend.                  a delicious lunch at the Courtyard Cafe, followed by the tour.
Questions? Contact Ken Stalnaker at 283-5682.
                                                                  October 2 - CONCERT AT ASC
                                                                  Join us for the Coffee Concert "Ravishing Rachmaninoff" at the
THE BIBLE IN 90 DAYS                                              Alys Stephens Center. We will leave the church at 9:30 AM.
CONTACT WORSHIP • BEGINS SEPT. 6                                  Coffee and pastries will be served at 10 AM. Concert at 11 AM.
Wish you had read the Bible cover-to-cover? This Fall in          For more information on any event above, contact Amy Lewis,
Contact, you can! That’s 12 pages a day. Worship will be struc-
                                                                   Director of Older Adult Ministry, on Tues. - Wed. - Thurs. at
tured around readings for each week, and lunchtime
groups will encourage you and hold you accountable. Join us!              879-1737 or email
Sundays • 11:15 AM • Wesley Hall
                                                                              A Night at the Copacabana...
                                                                              On July 30, Trinity’s older adults anjoyed a special ball
                                                                              complete with wonderful food, live music, and dancing.
                                                                              The event was planned and organized by Trinity’s youth
                                                                              who also enjoyed a night of fun!

          Honor a Loved One With Music
                        Choosing music for worship at Trinity is a constant and
                        ongoing challenge. On average, I will choose one piece
                        of music for every fifty pieces that I review. I am always          • Who is John Wesley? • What do Methodists believe?
                        looking for variety in musical style, text that will be             • How is Methodism different from other denominations?
                        meaningful, and something that will challenge our
                        musicians. Recently, I have chosen several new pieces                New members, visitors, new Christians or those who
                        for worship this fall and Advent. Please look over this              want to know more about Methodism…join us to learn
                        following list of anthems with a short description of                   about Methodist history, theology and practice.
    R. Scott Robertson each anthem. Why not consider purchasing one or
more of these anthems to honor or remember a loved one? The cost to spon-                                      Led by Dr. Andy Wolfe
sor an anthem is $150-$175. When the anthem is presented for worship, we
indicate in the printed worship order who the anthem is given in honor or                                 SUNDAYS • 10 AM
memory of. For more information, please call the Director of Music,                                September 13 • History of the UMC
R. Scott Robertson at 868-9705 or email                              September 20 • What Methodists Believe
                                                                                                  September 27 • Practices of the UMC
                                    • ANTHEMS •                                                               SMALL DINING ROOM
All People That On Earth Do Dwell - This general anthem is arranged by a young
                                                                                                         (During the Sunday School hour)
organist named Dan Forrest. The text is based on Psalm 100 & 150 and majestic in nature.
                                                                                                               No need to register...
Celtic Advent Carol - This is a lively anthem by Angerman/Barrett that will utilize                  join us on all or any of the dates above!
Trinity’s instrumentalists on flute, violin, guitar, tenor drum and piano.

Do You Hear What I Hear? - This anthem is a timeless classic that will be used when
the Sanctuary Choir and Cross & Flame Youth Choir combine for the annual Service of
Lessons and Carols on December 20.
                                                                                               Young Adult Tailgate
Advent Hope - This anthem is based on the popular English Carol, Coventry Carol. It is
                                                                                                  Sunday, September 20
arranged and orchestrated by one of my favorite writer/arrangers, Joseph Martin. It will        5 to 7 PM • Large Parking Lot
be used in worship on November 29 with the Trinity Orchestra accompanying.                   Join us for live music, GREAT food,
                                                                                                    inflatables for children,
The First Noel - This is the most beautiful arrangement of the The First Noel that I
have ever heard. This brand new arrangement will be used at both the Hanging of the
                                                                                                and lots of fun and fellowship!
Greens Service and the Service of Lessons and Carols.

You Are Being Redeemed - This anthem was discovered by one of our Sanctuary
Choir members and will be used as a benediction anthem on several occasions this fall.

The One - One of the finest composers of church music today is Craig Courtney. This
original anthem by Courtney will be used on World Communion Sunday, October 4 by
both the Sanctuary Choir and Praise Alliance.

Secure - This is another anthem by Craig Courtney of which the text helps each of us to
face fear with God at our side. The style of the music has an Appalachian sound and feel.

                                                                                             SECOND SUNDAYS BEGIN
It will be used in worship on August 30.

                                                                                                        Sunday, September 13
I Am Not Afraid - This anthem written by Lloyd Larson is another anthem that
addresses fear. Larson reminds us that in the wilderness of worry and never ending dark-
ness that we are not alone and that God holds us in his hands. It will be used on                 4:30 PM – Bowling at Brunswick off Hwy. 280
September 27.
                                                                                                           6 PM – Buffalo Wildwings
                                                                                               YOUNG ADULTS! We’d love for you to join us for this very
                                                                                                   informal time. Feel free to come to either or both.
In The Quiet Hour - This David Lantz anthem is an expression of the assurance of
                                                                                             Please remember that the purpose of this event is more than
God’s presence. This anthem will be used in worship on August 23 and September 6.
                                                                                            just getting together. While Christian fellowship is a worthwhile
                                                                                             reason, we envision that these Second Sunday events are an
Abide With Me - This beautiful arrangement of the beloved hymn will be used on All

                                                                                            opportunity for you to invite friends and co-workers who are not
Saints Sunday, November 1.

                                                                                             associated with Trinity and may be in need of a church home.
                                                                                                          Questions? Contact Andy Coleman at
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling - This is a majestic anthem using the Charles Wesley

                                                                                                 or 205-913-1822.
text and set to the hymn tune BEACH SPRING. It is a special anthem where both the

       Sanctuary Choir and Trinity Orchestra will combine on September 13.
                                                                               Help Wanted!
                                                                            Adult Handbell Choir
           Brunch for Two New
          Sunday School Classes
                                                                        We need college and adult handbell ringers!
          young couples class                               If you can lift 6 to 10 pounds, you are needed to play the large
                                                                handbells. We meet in the new Handbell Room #225 on
                                                              Sunday evenings at 6:30 PM. No experience is needed, just
                                                               be able to count to 4 and have a steady heart beat! Come
              Begins September 13

                                                                early Sunday evening or call Dan Hermany at 568-5342.
Are you newly engaged or newly married? Then join us

                                                               Trinity has a long tradition of excellence in handbells – let’s
 for Brunch in the Fellowship Hall at 10AM on Sunday,
Sept. 13. We will share in a time of food and fellowship
 and you will meet your teachers, Cosby and Elizabeth               keep this tradition alive and well! See you Sunday!
Stone & Jay and Cindy St. Clair. The class will begin the
following week on Sept. 20 in Room 219. Invite others
you think might be interested in this class! Please RSVP
     by Friday, Sept. 4 to Suzanne Pruitt, 879-1737            Remember! Childrens Choirs Start We hope to see you!
                                                                  Wednesday, September 2!
            new families class

              Begins September 20                                  Featuring Shane Claiborne
Have you started a new family or recently had your first        Saturday • August 29 • Trinity Huntsville
baby? Then join us for Brunch in the Fellowship Hall at     This event designed for older senior high students and
 10AM on Sunday, Sept. 20. We will share in a time of          young adults will feature Shane Claiborne as the
 food and fellowship, so please invite others you think      keynote speaker. There will also be a variety of small
might be interested in this class! Class begins following    groups for participants in order to explore issues and
week on Sept. 27 in Room 323. Please RSVP by Friday,                      opportunites more in depth.
       Sept. 11 to Suzanne Pruitt, 879-1737 or
                                                              The cost is $10 plus the donation of a canned good We hope to see you!
                                                            which will be donated to a North Alabama Conference
                                                                       Advance Special feeding ministry.
                                                                   For more info or to register for the event:
Men’s Church League Basketball
                                                             Want to go as a group? Email Dave Barnhart now at
Are you interested in playing on a team                        
with other men from the church? Games
will be played at Vestavia Hills UMC and
Trinity UMC on Monday nights. The sea-
 son is 10 weeks long beginning August                      Find the next step in your spiritual journey!
  24. Questions? Contact Dave Ellis at                      At Trinity United Methodist Church, we believe a committed disci-
                                 ple of Jesus Christ is growing in three areas:
                                                            HEAD - Knowing God
                                                            HEART - Loving God
                                                            HANDS - Serving God
       Community Furniture Bank’s                           We have developed Pathways with recommendations for disciples
   FULL HOUSE FAMILY PICNIC                                 of all stages in each of these three areas. This private, self-assess-
       Sunday, August 30                                    ment consists of your personal responses to 15 statements about
                   4pm to 7pm                               spiritual life. You then use the responses
Constar International • 122 W. Oxmoor Road                  to find suggestions for your next steps.
                                                            These suggestions for your next steps are
   Catered by Zoe’s - Music by PharmHand Band
                                                            provided in the form of a bookmark. Log
    Tickets are $50. For tickets & more info visit:
                                                            on to to com-                       plete your self-assessment. Are you ready

        or call Joan Mezzell at 870-7233.                   for the next step?
         highlighted events next week                                                                   in memoriam
Sunday - August 30                                 Wednesday - September 2                      Lillie Mae Smith                      August 20
 8:45 AM Traditional Worship                        8:30 AM Mouat Chapel Open for Prayer
10:00 AM Sunday School                              4:45 PM Wednesday Supper - FHALL            We extend our love and sympathy:
11:00 AM Traditional Worship                        6:00 PM Childrens Choirs - Various
                                                                                                • to Julia Williams and family on the death of
11:15 AM CONTACT Worship                            6:00 PM Adult Studies - Various
                                                                                                her brother, Alfred E. (Buddy) Walker, who died
 4:15 PM Youth Handbells - Rm. 225                  6:30 PM Sanctuary Choir Practice - MS
 5:00 PM Cross & Flame Youth Choir - MS            Thursday - September 3                       on August 18.
 5:00 PM Adult Bible Study - SP                     8:00 AM Senior Adult Activities - Various   • to the family of Lillie Mae Smith, who died
 5:30 PM Confirmation - Various                     8:00 AM Exercise Class - FHALL              on August 20.
 6:00 PM Element - Haven                            8:30 AM Mouat Chapel Open for Prayer        • to Gene Breeden on the death of his wife
 6:30 PM Adult Handbells - Rm. 225                 Friday - September 4                         and to Donna Oddo on the death of her moth-
Monday - August 31                                  8:00 AM Exercise Class - FHALL              er, Vesta Aldeen "Dean" Breeden, who died on
 8:30 AM Mouat Chapel Open for Prayer               8:30 AM Mouat Chapel Open for Prayer        August 23.
Tuesday - September 1                                                                           • to Lynn and Brian Luckianow on the death
 6:30 AM Youth Prayer Breakfast - FHALL                                                         of her mother, Betty Coleman, on August 24.
 8:00 AM Senior Adult Activities - Various                                                      Mrs. Coleman was also the grandmother of
 8:00 AM Exercise Class - FHALL                                                                 Hallie and Peter Luckianow.
 8:30 AM Mouat Chapel Open for Prayer

10:30 AM Mama & Me - Rm. 114 Nursery
 5:15 PM PDO Open House - Nursery
 5:30 PM Trustees Meeting - CONF
 6:00 PM TCDC Parent Orientation - ARK                                                          • to John and Nikki Pfaudler on the baptism of
                                                                                                their son, John William Pfaudler, III, on August 23.
CFT      Craft Room–143        LIB         Library–218           CHAPEL    Mouat Chapel
FSR      Fireside Room–145     NAT         Not at Trinity        MS        Music Suite–132

                                                                                                treasurer’s report
CONF     Conference Room–220   LP          Large Parlor          WHALL     Wesley Hall
SANC     Sanctuary             SP          Small Parlor–105      SDR       Small Dining Room
FHALL    Fellowship Hall       The Haven   Youth Auditorium      FLC       Family Life Center
                                                                                                         * As of August 23, 2009
                                                                                                General Budget:                    8/2009
              Small Group Studies Begin Next Week!                                              Given Month to Date
                                                                                                Needs Month to Date


                                                                                                Gifts this month
                                                                                                Gifts to date

                                                                                                 PLEASE NOTE: Tidings publishes each week
                                                                                                 on Tuesday (except for the week of Christmas).
                                             Adults participating at the GROW EXPO.              The deadline for submitting information to be
                                                                                                 included is on Thursday, the week prior to the
           On GROW Sunday, August 16, a large number of adults, youth and                        publish date. Please submit info via email to
           children participated in the GROW EXPO! If you signed up for a fall                   Haley Smith at
           study or activity please remember that classes begin this                             Tidings is delivered to the printing company
           Sunday, August 30; Wednesday, September 2 and                                         each Monday at Noon. It is printed and mailed
           Thursday, September 3.                                                                on Tuesday afternoon. Should you not receive
                                                                                                 your copy in a timely manner, please contact
           Also, Wednesday Night Supper returns on September 2! Make an                          your postal carrier. The online version of Tidings
           online reservation for your family at                      is available each week on Tuesday at:

take note...

                                                                             Nursery Volunteers
 Interested in the educational development
 of children in the East Lake community?
 As students head back to school, the Step Up After-School Program
 is gearing up to begin again this fall. Step Up is an after-school                 SUNDAY, August 30
 enrichment program that began in the spring of 2009 through a                Michael Eanes, Dee Waldsmith, Greg Brockwell,
 partnership between P E.E.R., Inc. and East Lake UMC. The pro-                   Suzanne Mills, Mandy & Brad Hilsmier,
 gram reaches out to 3rd-4th grade students at Barrett Elementary             Jennifer Walker, Marenda Swaika, Kim Hoover,
 and offers one-on-one reading and homework help, nutritious                  Lissa & Eric Peterson, Taraky Barnes, John Eason
 cooking classes, gardening projects, 4H programming, and creative
 art projects.
                                                                          You may volunteer by stopping by the nursery on first
                                                                                 floor to sign up or email Kim Skelton at
 From September 7 to December 2, volunteers will be needed
                                                                  , or 879-1737.
 every Monday and Wednesday afternoon from 3:15-5:30 PM. All
 after-school activities take place at East Lake UMC (7753 1st Ave.
 S.). This fall semester, the children will rotate through stations and
 will be in small groups as they work on homework, reading, com-
 puters, and other enrichment activities.

 To volunteer or find out more information, please email or call Cheryl
                                                                                    DIAPER DRIVE
 Hinnen at: or 205-532-0494.                      Going on now in the nursery!
                                                                          We are collecting extra diapers that your
                                                                             baby has outgrown to be given to
 G3 Bootcamp Mon.-Fri. @ 5:45-6:45 AM                                     Jessie's Place and Babies First minstries.
 At G3 we offer an outdoor workout for men and women of                    There is a basket that you can drop the
 all abilities in a challenging, fun group environment. G3                diaper donations by the Walkers room in
 meets in Trinity’s large parking lot, M-F at 5:45 AM. For                           the nursery. Thanks!
 pricing and schedule information, visit
 or contact Amber Harris
 at 205.789.2667 or

                                                                             NOTE: Coffee With The Pastors will
                                                                             not meet in September, due to the
                                                                                    Labor Day Holiday.

                                                                           Necklace found...Angel pendant with precious
 Tuesdays at 10:00 AM                                                      stones on a gold chain, antique with inscription on
 2-year-old room in the Nursery                                                 the back. Call the church office to claim.
 • For Moms and Dads! Very casual Bible Study
 group designed for stay-at-home caregivers and
 their children (ages newborn-school age).                                Donor needed to sponsor the weekly radio broadcast
 • NO NURSERY, as this will be an informal study
 where children can play with others while watching
                                                                                       on Sunday, November 15.
 Mom (or Dad) spend time in prayer.                                          Sponsorship is $325 (full) and $167.50 (partial).
 • Contact: Kelley Winslett at                          Contact Mary Boyce in the church office (879-1737)
                                                                                        for more information.                  7
Tidings Trinity United Methodist
Church (USPS 0641-120) is pub-
lished weekly, except Christmas
week, by Trinity United Methodist
Church, 1400 Oxmoor Road,
Birmingham (Homewood), AL
35209-3998. Periodicals postage
paid at Birmingham, AL.
POSTMASTER: Send address
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United Methodist Church,
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                 Serving Greater Birmingham from Homewood • Our Mission: To Gather…To Grow…To Go…To Glorify
                          1400 Oxmoor Road, Homewood, AL 35209 • 205.879.1737 • Careline: 205.868.9709

        Welcome New MEMBERS
                                                                            FRESH VEGETABLE CO-OP
Evelyn Dupuy
                                                               During the Q+A time with Matthew Sleeth on Sunday, he suggested
(Not pictured)
                                                                 one small way our church could begin to be better stewards with
636 Rockhurst Drive, Homewood, AL 35209
Evelyn joined our church family by transfer from another       resources is to begin a co-op. This is something that Trinity families
United Methodist congregation.                                  are already enjoying! Each week, fresh veggies from Eastlake UMC
                                                               Farmers Market are delivered to our church! The next session starts
                                                                on September 5 and is $150 ($25/wk). Boxes contain a variety of
                                                                fruits/vegetables in season each week, and can be picked up right
          FAIR TRADE
                                                               here at TUMC. If you would like to join in the FINAL 6-week session
                                                                          or for more info, please contact Laura Eanes at
   A Fair Trade Coffee Table
   with information about our
   upcoming mission trips will be set
   up in the 2nd floor common area                                                                Returns to Trinity on
   after the 8:45 worship service.
   Proceeds from coffee sales will go                                                                December 13!
   to our mission trips. Come learn
   more about fair trade and support                                                               Mark your calendar.
   our outreach efforts!