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					   The AIESEC International Internship Programme
       recruiting international talent to help your business go global

Event information
AIESEC Victoria presented on their graduate exchange programme
which is a pathway for businesses to tap into the international talent
pool. For export-focused companies, it is an effective way to make
tangible connections into a target market. AIESEC has access to a
pool of high potential graduates and final-year students in 800
universities in 100 countries & territories. They offer pre-screening and   10.15am -11.30am
profile matching, logistical assistance with visa and induction to NZ.      Tuesday 18th September, 2007

Presenter                                                                   Where:
Pritiksha Naran - AIESEC Victoria’s Corporate Development Director          Wellington Regional Chamber
Supported by AIESEC committee members: Sneha, Fedor and Kaine               of Commerce
                                                                            Level 28
                                                                            The Majestic Centre
                                                                            100 Willis Street

Key Messages
Graduate Intern Programme for Businesses
   - AIESEC is the world’s largest student organization, an international platform for young people
     to discover and develop their potential so as to have a positive impact on society
   - for businesses, it is a highly cost effective recruitment method for short to mid term projects, or
     project specific staffing requirements
   - graduate streams include Management, Technology, Development and Education skill-sets
   - excellent tool for 2-18 month projects that require specific language or market knowledge
     without having to pay specialist level wages
   - AIESEC take care of transport, visa, accommodation logistics and provide social/cultural
     support for the intern for the duration of the placement
   - client companies can specifiy skill-sets (e.g. language requirements, project scope, technical
     qualifications etc)
   - recruitment fee is $1,500 plus $600 quarterly servicing fee, companies need to cover entry-level
     wage (e.g. $25-30K)

SME collaboration
Mark Copsey of Business Porirua is keen to explore a collaborative model where a number of smaller
businesses can get together to recruit a team of interns with specific language & market knowledge.
Mark is looking at a technology sector/Spanish markets focus, and to discuss/learn more contact

Opportunity for Partnership & Involvement with AIESEC
AIESEC has a number of corporate partners in NZ including Fonterra, Siemens, PwC, Ernst & Young,
KPMG, Jade and others. They are keen to hear from companies who want to become involved,
whether it is hosting an intern, sponsoring events & activities or becoming an education partner for
their leadership development programmes.

Entrepreneurship Conference
AIESEC is co-ordinating an Entrepreneurship Conference in Wellington on 8 & 9 December 2007.
Delegates’ profiles:
- AIESECers – New Zealand & International
- Students - Tertiary students and High school students (6th and 7th formers)
- School leavers
Agenda objectives:
- To educate the delegates about the different types of Entrepreneurship
- To inspire the delegates through real life case studies
- To instill entrepreneurial skills in the delegates
- Gauging young NZers interest and entrepreneurial skills
- Building a plan for entrepreneurship in New Zealand

If you want more information, contact

See below for more information on the AIESEC Graduate Exchange programme:
                 An opportunity to participate in

             AIESEC Graduate Exchange

The international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential
Our Name
AIESEC. Formerly a French acronym
for    "Association          Internationale      des
Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et                    About AIESEC
Commerciales". Today, we no longer
use this acronym as our membership                      Since 1948 AIESEC has been an international independent non-political
has grown to encompass a much wider                     youth    association       that   aims   to    promote   social   understanding,
range        of        disciplines      than     only   entrepreneurship and youth leadership in the broader community. Now
economics and commerce                                  present in over 800 universities in 100 countries and territories, AIESEC
                                                        provides young people the opportunity to work abroad, develop leadership,
Our Nature
AIESEC        is       an    international,     non-
                                                        build a personal network of friends worldwide and explore the direction and

political,         non-profit,          student-run,    ambition of their future.
independent, educational foundation. It
is comprised of students and recent
graduates         of     institutions    of    higher   AIESEC in New Zealand
education.             AIESEC           does      not
discriminate on the basis of race,                      For the last 29 years, AIESEC in New Zealand has actively contributed to the
colour, sex, sexual orientation, creed,                 AIESEC Asia Pacific network. We are present in 5 of New Zealand’s top
                                                        universities and have a dedicated member base of nearly 200 of the most
religion, national or ethnic origin                     proactive and talented university students in the country. Each year we
                                                        produce over 50 alumni, a substantial proportion of which will have taken
Our Core Work                                           part in our international graduate exchange program.
AIESEC             facilitates          international
internship exchanges and supporting
activities that provide practical learning              Why Partner with AIESEC?
experiences for our interns and that
facilitate the learning of our members                  Worldwide, employers are fighting a battle for the top talent, gaining a brand
and other stakeholders.                                 for an employer of choice, and exposing their operations on a wider scale than
                                                        ever before. AIESEC seeks to connect companies to these young people.
Our Organisational Values                               The type of person who is selected for an AIESEC internship is a self
-     Activating Leadership
                                                        motivated individual, with a view of the world more than just of a holiday, but
-     Demonstrating Integrity
                                                        who wants to immerse themselves in a culture. Young people between 18 and
-     Living Diversity
                                                        29 from undergraduates to masters and everywhere in between.
-     Enjoying Participation
-     Striving for Excellence
                                                        AIESEC provides valuable working experiences
-     Acting Sustainably
                                                        to further develop these individuals, and allow

AIESEC in Numbers                                       them to develop their potential and contribute
-     Founded in 1948                                   positively to    society     as   a   world   citizen.
-     100 countries and territories
                                                        Employers, find the AIESEC exchange program
-     800 universities
                                                        of value through motivated workers, with
-     22000 members worldwide
                                                        specific roles who look to gain as much from
-     350 conferences a year
                                                        the experience as possible.
-     4500 graduate exchanges yearly
-     5000 partner organisations
                                                                                        Quick Details
                                                                                        Duration – 2 – 18 months
                                                                                        Fee- $1500 recruitment fee
The Graduate Exchange Program                                                           Plus $600 quarterly servicing fee
                                                                                        per graduate sourced
                                                                                        Average delivery time – 7 weeks
 AIESEC offers your organisation access to top international talent through our four
 different types of exchange opportunity.                                               Pool size – 4500 graduates

                                                                                        Management Internships
  AIESEC's Exchange Process is designed to maximise value for your organisation.        Candidates with backgrounds in:
 The process is hassle-free as AIESEC takes care of all the work visas and                 - Accounting
 accommodation and provides continual support to the graduate and your                     - Commerce
 organisation throughout the internship. AIESEC's unique Exchange Process                  - Finance
 ensures that the difficult task of integrating foreign graduates into the local           - International Business
 environment and community is smooth and that the intern and your organisation             - Marketing
 can get the most out of the experience.                                                   -   Advertising

                                                                                        Technical Internships
 In our 59-year history we have provided many organisations with cost-effective,        Candidates with skills in:
 short-term personnel to deliver crucial projects or cover seasonal human resource         - Software Development
 needs. By providing a practical intercultural learning experience for a recent            - Information Systems
 graduate, you achieve organisational objectives while helping develop the next            - Network Administration
 generation of business leaders in the process                                             - Web Development
                                                                                           - Civil Engineering
                                                                                           -   Electrical Engineering
                                                                                        Development Internships
Benefits of taking on an AIESEC Intern                                                  Usually with NGOs addressing:
                                                                                           - Social Issues
• Highly cost effective recruitment method for short to mid term projects or project       - Community Development
                                                                                           -    Poverty and malnutrition
 specific staffing requirements.
• There are no expectations of further employment after the internship, however         Education Internships
                                                                                        Candidates qualified to do:
 you have the opportunity to extend the internship                                         - School Teaching
                                                                                           -   Course Development
• Participation when you need staff, rather than only during university holidays like
                                                                                           -   Language teaching
 traditional graduate internship programs
• Excellent tool for projects that require specific language or business market                   AIESEC Parters

 knowledge without having to pay specialist level wages
• AIESEC takes care of all logistics such as visas, transportation, airport pickups
 and accommodation
• AIESEC regularly evaluates your satisfaction level and the satisfaction of the
 intern throughout the exchange to ensure that all those involved are getting the
 most out of the exchange program
• You get the final say in who is placed in your organisation, with a selection from
 the most suited people within the AIESEC network.
• Hassle free, end-to-end access to top graduates, not limited by location.
Testimonies                              How it works
     “AIESEC has possibly
     been the most decisive
     influence on my student             Our Graduate Exchange Program is designed to be as hassle free to your
     life. Through AIESEC I              organisation as possible. The selection process is aided by quality controls before
     have learned to function in         graduates are selected to participate in the program and our state of the art
     a            multi-national         information systems that help narrow down the candidates so that AIESEC can
     environment,        getting         present your organisation quality candidates in as little as 2 weeks.
     things done in a pragmatic
     way, driven forward by the
     forces of enthusiasm and            Exchange Program Benefits
     commitment … I am
     convinced that AIESEC is
     our most direct link to             Recruit the best and brightest
     tomorrow’s        business          AIESEC provides your company access to a global talent pool of young responsible
     leaders.”                           leaders from around the world. AIESEC interns come equipped with established global
                 Uwe Doerken,            networks and proven leadership experience.
            Chairman and CEO,
                         International   Get sought after skills
                                         AIESEC provides your company with interns who have skills highly sought after in the
                                         competitive Indonesia employment market. From accounting to IT, supply chain
                                         management to mechanical engineering, AIESEC’s diverse talent pool gives you
                                         access to the best and brightest.

                                         Globalise your workforce
     “Leading in our business            AIESEC provides companies with a unique approach to enhancing international
     means being able to foster          perspectives, global ideas and cultures in your workforce. This will enrich your culture,
     positive change by managing         widen views of world markets and fuel your innovation.
     complex situations on a global
     scale… For this we need
     young people and AIESEC             Simplify your strategic talent
     unites a global network of          AIESEC has over 50 years experience in delivering a tailored and reliable recruitment
     talented    and     innovative,     process fully customizable to meet your employment needs. Our integration process
     young people who strive to          enables interns to easily adjust to work and life in New Zealand, so they make an
     make a positive contribution        immediate contribution to your workplace.
     to the world celebrating
     cultural diversity, leadership,
     and teamwork.”
                    Sam Di Piazza
                                                                                Our Presence
The AIESEC Difference
                                                                                AIESEC is present on 5 of New
The key difference between AIESEC graduates and other graduates is their        Zealand’s top university campuses
pro-activity, business skills and leadership experience that they develop
                                                                                with access to a large pool of
while running AIESEC and while on an AIESEC exchange. All of our
members take part in a professional development cycle that aims to equip        talented and proactive students.
our people with:

Leadership Experience                                                             ♦   Victoria University    of
AIESEC members have the opportunity to lead teams in different areas, do          ♦   University of Auckland
planning, take decisions, speak in public, and turn their ideas into action.
                                                                                  ♦   Massey University       -
                                                                                      Palmerston North
                                                                                  ♦   University   of   Waikato
Multi-Functional Skills                                                               Hamilton
                                                                                  ♦   University of Canterbury
AIESEC members get
practical experience in all
facets of running an
                                                                                And over 800 other universities
organization, including sales                                                   around the world.
and marketing, customer
servicing, recruitment,
evaluation, budgeting, planning, project management and presentation skills.


AIESEC members are volunteers that invest between 8 - 20 hours a week in
the organization while also managing university, part-time jobs, family, and
friends. They learn how to manage their time, set priorities, and multi-task.

Global Diversity

AIESEC members are constantly working and communicating with people
from around the world. AIESEC members learn how to work effectively in
diverse environments and see things from a global perspective.

This is the AIESEC Difference - what gives people with AIESEC experience
an edge over other young people and what drives them to play valuable
roles within their workplaces, communities and nations throughout their lives