Still Growing_ From the Ground Up

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					           Still Growing, From the Ground Up
     It’s full speed ahead for the 29th Annual Winter
Conference held on February 8-9, 2008 at the Seven
                                                                   Silent Auction
Seas in Mandan, ND. John Doran, Professor Emeritus                     Share your talents and donate your wares to the
at the University of Nebraska and Fred L. Kirschen-                Silent Auction at the Winter Conference. Let your
mann, Distinguished Fellow for the Leopold Center for              creativity be seen to benefit others. Invite your friends
Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University will be           and family to participate. Let your imagination soar for
the keynote speakers. Both John Doran and Fred                     crafts, canned goods, framed prints, framed photos,
Kirschenmann have extensive education and experi-                  favorite product, night out, etc.
ence with multiple awards.
                                                                   Book Nook
                                                                       Make someone happy, be happy, bring a book to
                                                                   exchange. It’s a great time to weed out books and to
                                                                   pick up a new one. Bring a book, take a book. It’s a
                                                                   great way to recycle.

                                                                   Seed Exchange
                                                                        Bring your garden seeds to exchange with others.
   John Doran                  Fred Kirschenmann                   It’s never too early or late to take inventory to increase
                                                                   or decrease your seed supply.
     Professor Doran will focus on “Soil Health:
Sustaining Earth & Its People” while Fellow                        Home -grown Talent
Kirschenmann will address the question, “Is There A                     NPSAS is looking to their own to provide entertain-
Future for Beginning Farmers.”                                     ment after the meal on Friday night. Dust off that
     Workshops will feature something for everyone                 instrument, warm up those vocal chords, dazzle us
including information on livestock, bread making, estate           with a magic trick, dig out those favorite readings or
planning, junk yard wars and more. This year the work-             practice those jokes and share them with us.
shops will be repeated, so you will have more than one
opportunity to attend a specific topic.
     The Book Nook, Seed Exchange and Silent Auction               Volunteer
will also be features of a promising great conference.                 Help reduce our Winter Conference expenses
New this year is Talent, Home Grown. Here’s your                   plus keep the conference running more smoothly by
chance to entertain with music, poetry, comedy.                    volunteering your time and talents in exchange for a
Volunteers are invited to offer their time and talent with-        reduced registration discount.
out missing out on the events. Plus, a discount will be
given to any one who does volunteer.
                If you can help out in any of these areas, please call Marilyn or Susan at (701) 883-4304
                          or e-mail Marilyn at or Susan at

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