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                                                              Volume 110, Issue 2

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         the                       New Year’s Resolutions
                                   By Devvone Patton
       for over                                                                        New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions are promises that
                                                                                       someone makes in order to accomplish a goal. New
     125 years!!!                                                                      Year’s resolutions traditionally are made around Janu-
                                                                                       ary, when a person wants to improve their life in some
                                                                                       way. Dr. Phillip C. McGraw, a professor of behavior
        Calendar of Events
                                                                                       neuroscience in the psychology department of Columbia
February 2-6: Counselor                                                                University made an orderly list of 7 steps of how resolu-
                                                                                       tions can be set and achieved:
Appreciation Week                                                                      1. Be specific about the goal.
                                                                                       2. Set a goal that is measurable.
February 3 + 4: Gr. 12 CAHSEE
                                                                                       3. Set a timeline.
English and Math                                                                       4. Be sure the goal is controllable.
                                                                                       5. Integrate it into the everyday lifestyle.
February 6: Blue and White Rally                                                       6. Make a step by step plan.
                                                                                       7. Be accountable.
February 9: o School                                                                             Barack Obama recently told Americans and the
                                                                                       rest of the world that, “change will not come if we wait
Lincoln’s Birthday                                                                     for some other person or some other time. We are the
                                                                                       ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we
February 14: Valentine’s Day                                                           seek.” Changes that people can hope to achieve may
                                           The beginning of the New Year is the        consist of healthier diets, exercising, academics, and
February 16: o School Washing-     oldest of all celebrations. There are many          even financial improvements. For teens, it is important
                                   traditions that celebrate the New Year such         to maintain commitments, especially those made to one-
ton’s Birthday
                                   as the Tournament of Roses Parade here in           self in order to become responsible citizens in the near
March 2-6: School                  the U.S. Around the world, there are many           future and positive contributors to society.
                                   other celebrations including the Chinese New
Administrator’s Week               Year, Danish New Year, and the Cambodian            Resources:
                                   New Year. However, the tradition most cele-
March 3: Gr. 9 PAT                 brated here in the U.S. is the creation of           ew_Years_Resolutions.shtml

March 17+18: Gr. 10 & 11                                                           “Education is the great engine of personal development. It is through edu-

CAHSEE;        Gr. 9
                                   Patricia Bácame                                 cation that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that a son of a
                                                                                   mineworker can become the head of the mine, that a child of farm workers
                                   By: Adam Eyob                                            can become the president…”        NELSON MADELA

Practice CAHSSE                                                                                Patricia Bácame grew up in San Diego, much
                                                                                       like most of the people who come to San Diego High.
April 4: ACT                                                                           As a high school student here at SDHS, Patricia Bácame
                                                                                       worked hard and earned a spot at Brown University, one
April 6-10: o School Spring                                                            of the top Ivy League universities in the U.S. Upon
                                                                                       graduating, she returned to San Diego to work as a
Break                                                                                  counselor and mentor for young people who choose to
                                                                                       pursue a higher education after high school.
                                                                                               Ms. Bácame believes that her experience and
April 23-30: STAR Testing                                                              what she went through growing up in San Diego is very
                                                                                       similar to many other students, making it easier for her
                                           Patricia Bácame is a talent search          to connect with them on several levels. “I try to remem-
                                   counselor and mentor here at the San Diego          ber what it was like to be a high school senior and hav-
                                   High School complex. On Tuesdays and Fri-           ing a hard time figuring which option and path was right
                                   days, she spends her time in the student cen-       for me.” Getting prepared for college may be a very try-
                                   ter and helps SDHS students reach their             ing and some times intimidating experience, but Patricia
                                   goals of going to college and universities.         Bácame’s job is to help all those who are committed to
                                   She encourages students to create plans in          going to college. Her experience makes her an asset to
                                   which they apply for scholarships as well as        the campus and the students here are lucky to have a
                                   financial aid.                                      person who can walk them through the process neces-
                                                                                       sary to achieve their goals.
                                                     THE RUSS

                                                       “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fash-
                                                       ion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas,
         “Action is the
                                                       the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel
         key to all
         success.”                                                    FAITH OR FASHIO ?
         Pablo Picasso                                                                  By: Ashley Ayala
                                                        Forever 21 doesn’t         they broke there own rules        a rose pattern from a Betsy
                                                just have fashion forward          from their religion, that being   Johnson dress. Forever 21
                                                clothes; they spread the Gos-      one of the 10 Commandments        sells their stolen designs at a
                                                pel with every sale. When          from the Old Testament that       lower price then the original,

   DA CE CREW                                   ever shopping at Forever 21,
                                                there is small print on the bot-
                                                                                   states “Thou shall not steal.”
                                                                                          In 2007 and 2008, For-
                                                                                                                     higher priced, name brand de-
                                                                                                                     signers. Because of this, For-
                                                tom of the company's bags          ever 21 was involved with two     ever 21 receives sizable prof-
           By: Zac King and                     with the words: "John                                                    its. For example, (as seen
                                                3:16." It is a referenced                                                in the picture to the left) a
             Chase Dobbins                      passage of the Bible                                                     Forever 21 smock dress
                                                where John states, "For                                                  costs $32, which is very
        Basketball, track, and even football
                                                God so loved the world,                                                  similar to Diana von
are some of the many activities that come
                                                that he gave his only be-                                                Furstenberg’s “Cerisier”
to mind when people think of San Diego
High School. However, there is still one        gotten Son, that whoso-                                                  design and costs $325.
                                                ever believeth in him                                                        Forever 21 promotes
team on the San Diego High campus that is
                                                should not perish, but                                                   fashion and religion but
trying to put its name out there...Statik
                                                have everlasting life."                                                  Don and Jin Chang don’t
Soundtrack, the SDHS dance crew. With
                                                        Entrepreneurs Don                                                seem to practice what they
only their single performance being Mi-
                                                Chang and his wife Jin are                                               preach.
chael Jackson’s “Thriller” on their record
                                                devoted Christians who
so far for the 2008-2009 school year, little
                                                moved to America from
is known about the team.
                                                Korea in 1981. Three years         separate settlements because      Sources:
        Who are they? Where do they prac-       later, they opened a small         of copyright infringements.       -Sanchez, Jesus. "Mixing faith
tice? And most importantly, when is there       store in Los Angeles, which        Designers who were hurt by        and fashion at Forever 21."
next performance?     The San Diego High        we now know as Forever 21 .        Forever 21 were Gwen Ste-         L.A. Now June 23, 2008: 1.
dance crew is a campus wide team that           Forever 21 currently operates      fanni, Diane Von Furstenberg,
welcomes all students that have a love for      360 stores in 40 states plus                                         -Lo, Danica. "Designer
                                                                                   and the Carole Johnson De-
music, dance, and who are willing to learn.     Canada, Dubai, and Singa-                                            Sue's ." New York Post.
The team practices both inside and outside                                         sign Group.
                                                pore. Mr. and Mrs. Chang
of the student center Monday through Fri-                                                  One of the many de-       27042007. 26 Jan 2009.
                                                claim to be Christians, but
day and are said to be planning a perform-                                         signs stolen by Forever 21 was
ance sometime in February.
        Chase Dobbins, the oldest of the
crew members, who is also the co-captain                                       PU K FASHIO
and a returning member from the previous
year, feels that “the dance team isn’t just a                                         By: Roxana Lopez
team; they are a family.” He goes on to say        Punk fashion is common          dress this way use clothing as    core tend to wear clothes that
that everyday he tries to prepare his team      today, regardless of the ever      a way of making a statement.      are similar to modern yet com-
for the trials that lay beyond the walls of     changing trends. It tends to be    To make it even more interest-    fortable enough to wear in a
this campus. He went on to say that, “it’s      rebellious, wild, and different    ing, there are many different     mosh pit. The third type of
important to not only teach and share his       than the norm. The idea of         types of punk styles. One type    punk fashion is one that is
passion and love for dance but to teach the     punk fashion started in the        of punk style is modern punk,     very popular at the moment
younger members things that they can use        1970’s and it came                                                         and called skate punk.
in their everyday life so that they can grow    with different reac-                                                       This style is comprised
into productive young men and women.”           tions from society.                                                        of clothing such as band
       The Statik Soundtrack dance team                 There     are                                                      t-shirts and skinny jeans.
is one full of promise and hopefully will       many features that                                                         Skateboard brands such
become one of the most competitive dance        come with this bold                                                        as Element, Baker, Toy
teams in San Diego.                             style. One of the                                                          Machine, Plan B, Fallen,
                                                most common fea-                                                           Adio, Vans, and Con-
                                                tures of punk is the                                                       verse are also commonly
                                                very wacky hair-                                                           worn.
                                                styles. The hair is                                                                Current    punk
                                                styled into unusual                                                        fashion is very common
                                                shapes, patterns, and                                                      with teenagers today and
                                                is covered in brilliant shades                                       gives a unique twist to the
                                                of colors. Some of the influ-      where the punk enthusiast         classic punk style.
                                                ences that have helped shape       wears fitted leather, denim,
                                                this fashion are glam rock,        spikes, chains, and combat
                                                skinheads, rude boys, greas-       boots. The second type of         Source:
                                                ers, and mods.                     punk style is considered hard-
                                                                                   core. People that dress hard-
                                                       Most teenagers that                                           Tips/Punk-Style-Tip
              THE RUSS

   “If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or
                                              prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner.”

      TEEN TECHNOLOGY CRAZE                                                                           -General Omar N. Bradley

         By: Ashley Ayala
         What is the most impor-     but teens also said that           their phones at inappropri-
tant thing to teens? In July of      they feel safer and more           ate times. Having a phone
2008, CTIA (the International        secure when they're out            definitely comes in handy
Association for Wireless Tele-       and about; making the              in the lives of teenagers
communications) and Harris           phone not only useful but          however the timing of
Interactive conducted an online      also accessible at anytime.        their use should always be
survey among a nationally rep-               Phones can con-            in considerate and appro-
resentative sample of 2,089          nect someone to family             priate instances.
teenagers (age 13-19) across the     members or friends in a            Resources:
US. The teens were cell phone        time of crisis. But in a           -MARKETING CHARTS,
owners who were asked about          teen-parent relationship, a        "Cell Phones Key to Teens’
their cell phone usage, attitudes,   parent can easily get a            Social Lives, 47% Can Text
behaviors, desires, and aspira-      hold of their child, and           with Eyes Closed." Harris
tions for the future of mobile       although a cell phone is           Interactive Sep 23-08 : 1.
communications,        entertain-    handy, it can also cause           -Magid , Larry. "News
ment, and other features. The        problems. A perfect exam-          Flash! Teens Really Love
surveys revealed that 57% of         ple happens every day at           Their Cell Phones." Con-
the 2,089 teens said that cell       school when students text          nected Parent Sep 17, 2008:
phones are the “key” to their        in class or try to talk on         1.
social life.
         Furthermore,     nearly
80% of the teens said that they
carry a cell phone. To teens, the
cell phone has become so
widely known that 52% said
that it "has become a new form
of entertainment." The most
popular form of entertainment
with users is texting. 42% of
those who responded said that
they can text "blindfolded.”
Not only has the cell phone
been labeled as entertainment,

High School Vs. College: An Opinion Piece
By: Anntonina Lewis
                                                                                                              “The foundation of
        Sometimes, 14 and 15         keep an open mind woman.                    Attitudes, education,
year old kids come to high                     I know I have a           and relationships are bound to      every state is in the
school with little to no expecta-                                        change when it's time for col-
tions. In high school, our minds
                                     bright future ahead of me
                                                                         lege. So while we are still here
                                                                                                                education of its
                                     along with most of the kids I
are being molded and formed          attend school with. High            learning and cramming for                    youth.”
into something we can use in         school is just the start for us.    college and the real world,
the real world and in college. As    We always hear our teachers         remember-it’s no longer time       -Diogenes Laertius, Greek writer
we get older, we may even have       talk about the big difference       for games...we have to step up            and philosopher
friends in higher grades to help     between high school and col-        and give it our all!!!
us out and tell us what we           lege and as students, we feel
should and shouldn’t do.             that it's just talk, but when we
        As the years go by, we       hear our friends and family
gain knowledge and wisdom            talk about and actually experi-
and learn more about who we          ence it themselves, we (slowly
are as students. I know from         as it way be) start to put two
experience. I have really grown      and two together. Some of us
as a woman, from an immature,        realize that our teachers and
loud, think I know everything        friends were right from the
child to a calm and collected,       very beginning.

                                                                                              M     O      T   E   A   C    H     E   R      S
    Getting to                Miss Dozier did                 “Working as a
                          very well in school         Scientist is easier than
     Know                 until 7th grade. This       working at
                                                                                              S     A      S   B   B   A    L     L   V      C
    Ms. Dozier            was when she began to       McDonalds.” She went
                                                                                              I     F      C   O   L   L    E     G   E      K
                          struggle because she        on to say that, “the
    by: Anissa Ruiz
                          “didn’t take school         physical aspects of
                                                                                              L     L      A   B   T   E    K     S   A      B
                          seriously.” One of her      working at McDonalds
                          teachers, Ms. Hendin,       as well as having to
                                                                                              A     F      I   N   A   L    S     A   S      B
                          encouraged her to par-      deal with customers
                          ticipate in activities      was physically and                      N     T      N   F   E   E    H     S   A      C
                          outside of school;          mentally draining for
                          that’s when she found       the rate of pay I was                   R     S      T   U   D   E    N     T   S      G
                          out about a program         getting.” This job is
                          that the Salk Institute     what made her realize                   U     T      Y   S   O   C    C     E   R      F
    It is now Ms. Sara    offered for interns.        how important college
Dozier’s second year                                  would be to her future.
                              By the time she was                                             O     H      N   E   W   Y    E     A   R      S
teaching at San Diego                                         “A lot of peo-
                          16, she had a job at
High School’s School                                  ple think school is ex-
                          McDonalds where she                                                J     Y    E      N   A   M    E    V    A    C
of Science and Tech-                                  pensive but when you
                          was earning $4.25 an
nology. When asked                                    are done with school,
                          hour. That was when
about her childhood                                   you find out that going                  ASB                                Finals
                          she decided that col-
and education, she ex-                                to college is cheaper                  ASB Ball                           Journalism
                          lege was they way to
plains how she had lots                               than not going to col-                 Basketball                         New Years
of examples that she                                  lege.” She added that,                 CASHEE                               Soccer
was able to learn from.           She worked
                                                      “anyone can do any-                    Caveman                             Students
                          extremely hard and
    First off, she grew                               thing if they apply
                          earned 24 credits her                                                  College                        Teachers
up in a single parent                                 themselves.”
                          senior year. She had
household. This made                                          Ms. Dozier is a
                          three jobs and paid for
for financial difficul-                               perfect example that
ties for her and her
                          college all on her own.
                                                      persistence, hard work,
                                                                                  “The Russ”
                          She went to U.C. Santa                                                                   1. Beyonce- “Diva”
dad. However, since
her family always val-
                          Cruz for four years and     and dedication are all       -Top 10 songs                   2. Neyo- “Mad”
                          went on to work as a        that one needs in order
ued education, they                                   to be successful in life!                                    3. Jamie Foxx- “Just Like Me”
                          scientist for nine years.
always pushed for her
                          She then became a sci-                                                                   4. Rhianna- “Rehab”
to do well in school.
                          ence teacher at SDHS.                                                                    5. Kanye West- “Heartless”
                                                                                                                   6. Lady Gaga- “Just Dance”
                                                                                                                   7. Bobby Valentino- “Beep”

                                                                                                                   8. Miley Cyrus- “Fly on the Wall”
                                                                                                                   9. Fall Out Boy- “I Don't Care”
                                                                                                                   10. Paramore- “That’s What You Get”

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