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An Alternative 2 Abuse in Older, Neglected and Unwanted Horses

Administrative Guide for Volunteers

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    Volunteers                              1

    Volunteer Chores                        2

    Now for the hard part                   3

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    Other Areas We Need Help In             4

    How To Save Time in the Future          4

    Things To Remember                      5

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D E S I G N E D   B Y   K ID P R O D U C T I O N S . O R G

                           Welcome to

                           We would like to thank you for your generous offer to volunteer
                           with our organization...

                                    o help you better understand what we are doing and why we are doing it we
                                    have put together this small introduction to offer you an insight to our
                                    organization. We feel this is a good way to get you started on your journey into
                                    the horse world of rescue. Hugs2horses is a non-profit corporation registered
                           in the state of Michigan. We are here for the sole purpose of giving and alternative to
                           horse’s and horse owners. Our goal is keeping helpless older and unwanted horses
                           from ending up in slaughter houses.

                                                       Why do we do this you might ask?      Out of pure love is the
                                                      only answer I can come up with right now. Loving horses all
                                                      my life and then passing that along to so many along the way.
                                                      Horses have been a part of my life for many years as they
                                                      have been with many of you. The problem lies in the fact
                                                      that once the horse has outlived his usefulness like some of
                           us older people they are put out to pasture. Now that is not necessarily bad you might
                           say. I agree but the truth of the matter is that pasture for most of these horses fall in I
                           don’t want to feed them, I am not spending good money for nothing, its no good for
                           anything but the glue factory. This is what comes to mind 99% of the time. Leaving a
                           loving gentle older animal no choice in the matter, but to be loaded in a trailer and
                           hauled off to the auction block, where meat buyers are waiting on them.

                           To the Rescue:
                           Through the kindness of shelters like ours come the heroes (the horses). We find ways
                           to take in these horses and give them as much security as possible. A sanctuary until we
                           can find them suitable homes where they can live out their lives in as much peace as
                                                     possible and still hopefully be an addition to a loving family.



Here are the angels of mercy. Without you we can not give as much or as great of
quality of service to our animals. We would love to take in every horse there is, yet the
cost of handling them, feeding and giving medical attention is a barrier holding us
back. With your help we can take in more horses. We need you to help us maintain
them with your heart felt deeds. In this manual, you will find a list of activities that you
can do to help maintain the horses allowing us to put our time to more major duties of
finding them homes or funding to feed them. Please read over the manual and if you
continue to have questions unanswered please feel free to contact us to better help

Volunteer Chores
     To feed and water the horses twice sometimes three times daily.

     To clean and maintain stalls, barn and grounds.

     To assist in handling, grooming and exercising the horses.

     In supplying services to build, repair, and maintain shelters, stalls and

       To get involved and work with our board of directors to expand
        Hugs2horses into a more beneficial organization geared toward
        the management of abused and neglected horses.


                                                                     know you are to be
First things first, check in online through the calendar, let the barn
reporting and helping out at a certain day and time. A guide or senior volunteer will be
there to show you where every thing is and answer any question you may have. They
are not there necessarily to work along side you, but if you need extra hands please ask
D E S I G N E D   B Y   K ID P R O D U C T I O N S . O R G

for help. Your job will be laid out prior to you coming. Follow all the instructions the
guide gives you regarding the handling and maintaining of the horse. Do not take any
steps to handle any horse on your own. If a horse needs to be removed please ask for
help. All volunteers start with one of two jobs, feeding and cleaning. I know it’s a low
key job but someone has to do it and in doing it properly we are giving the horses a
                       security of eating on time and living in a decent environment It
Horse stalls are to is for this reason that we clean stalls daily if not twice a day.
be cleaned daily       Picking out stalls is no more than shifting through the straw or
by picking them        saw dust and putting it in a container (wagon or wheel barrel)
out. Once a week       for disposal. Each stall must not only get cleaned daily but they
gutting will be        must have their water buckets emptied and filled with fresh
                       water. Once the stall is re-bedded with fresh ground cover the
                       horse is ready to be put back into it. Feeding is on a scheduled if
you are around during feeding you might be ask to chip in and help feed. Or you might
be out to feed only in your volunteer duty. Please follow instruction for not all horses
eat the same.

Step Two:     If you handle this well and wish to extend into a more hands on situation
we can accommodate you most nicely. Horses with blankets can be removed from
stalls their blanket taken off and the horses would love a good brushing. While
grooming the horse look for any scabs rashes or unsightly disturbances that can cause
irritation to the horse. All scabs must be removed. If its warranted a medication can be
used to help the healing process along. Hooves need picking, manes need brushing and
braided along with tails. There is much to keep up with horses.

Try this: After you have volunteered a couple of times and you feel comfortable with
one or two horses do what we call an in house adoption. .This is where you take on
their care. Meaning, when you come to volunteer you will be working with one or two
horses on a regular basis. Making sure he/she is in a clean dry stall, fresh water,
brushed and groomed to look like a well cared for horse. Perhaps if you enjoy riding
you can also exercise him in a secure enclosed area. Senior horses love the attention
and the young ones need it to keep them active. You can bring little treats to your
adopted horse to give him a feeling of being special. Carrots, apples, horse treats are all
good but please stay away from the sugar cubes. Most horses don’t really like them

Now for the hard part
We are hoping you stay with us and enjoy the work so much you want to be part of the
over all picture. After several visits you will be approached to get more involved. If you
feel that this is not for you just let us know and we will be happy to keep you right
where you are. After all you are the heart of our organization; however we are always
looking for new input and ways of progressing. We hold many fund-raisers through
the year in hopes to bring in enough funds to support the cost of keeping the horses.
Here we need volunteers also. Without the fund-raisers we can not continue to do
what we do. We also have open discussions on how to improve or change our policies

D E S I G N E D   B Y   K ID P R O D U C T I O N S . O R G

into running our organizations. We hold monthly BOD meetings and all volunteers are
invited to take an interest in helping out or even in running for offices. If you are
interested in being on the BOD just let us know.


The rule of thumb is not always what it seems. We are here to help the horses first and
foremost but our second duty is to you and our wonderful adoption families. This is
where we want to make sure that you are happy with your experiences and your time
you spend here at HUGS. If it isn’t asked how can we answer? So by all means ask
                      your questions, let us know how to help you make it safe simple
                      and friendly.

                         Other Areas We Need Help In
                              1. Keeping Blankets Washed and Repaired

    2. Keeping Tack Clean and Repaired

    3. Transporting Horses

    4. Temporary Shelters for Horses.

    5. Horsy Day Care

    6. Tack Sales

    7. Expo Displays

    8. Horsy Day Care

How to Save Time in the Future
    1. Show up on time for your appointed time to volunteer.

    2. Complete your work in a timely safe manner

    3. Take all safety precautions seriously.

D E S I G N E D   B Y   K ID P R O D U C T I O N S . O R G

Things To Remember
 These horses have come from all walks of life and in most cases they have been
abused. Do not shout, move to quickly or show any aggression toward them. Our goal
is to rehabilitate them back into a useful life style they can live in without fear. It only
takes a few extra minutes and a little extra care to show them they can be understood.
The reward is when you watch the starved scared creature that came in to the shelter
leave with a little jog to his trot and a neigh in his throat as he boards the trailer to take
him to his new home and family. The sound of the neigh as he leaves is his way of
saying good by and thank you. His jog is his way of waving as he goes.

There are several ways to file complaints. You can call your local animal control, State
Police, or a rescue center. The sad part is waiting for the results. You can check us out
by contacting the Attorney Generals Office making sure we are a legit rescue center.
We are also registered in Washington DC as one of only two registered with the
American Horse Protection Association

                         1. Attorney Generals Office

                    G. Mennen Williams Building 7th Floor , 525 W. Ottawa St.
                    P. O Box 30212 Lansing, MI 48909

    2. American Horse Protection Association, Inc

    1000 29th Street, NW, Suite T-100, Washington, DC 20007 202-965-0500

    3. Animal Rights Laws

    4. Equine Advocates

    5. Michigan Animal Rights Society


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