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The Roarin' Lion

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					                       The Roarin’ Lion
                                   Newsletter for the South Pittsburg Lions Club
                                                    PO Box 413
                                            South Pittsburg, TN 37380

                                                       Club Officers
                President – Elise Hooper | 1st Vice President – Barbara Blansett | 2nd Vice President –Judy Werp
                                        Secretary –Ann King | Treasurer – Sam Warren
                                   Lion Tamer – Mike Blansett | Tail Twister – Michael Werp

                                                 Newsletter Committee
                  Sam Warren – Chairman | Suzanne Adcock | Barbara Blansett | Jerry Don Moss | Judy Werp

                                                 November 2009
GOLF MARATHON:             Guests at our November 16th dinner meeting were friends who
participated in our 13 Annual Golf Marathon on October 17th at Hidden Valley Golf Course.
Present at the dinner was Lion (golfer) PDG Bill Stuart who participated as one of our golfers and
his caddie/grandson, Will Thomas. Special guests Donald Blansett, with wife Donna and Donna
Blevins who played in the marathon were present. Golfer Sam Brooks was unable to attend the
dinner due to a prior appointment. Our corporate sponsors, Citizens Tri-County Bank, Wal-Mart,
Grandview Medical Center, Cardin Forest Products, Southern Rehab and Aquatics and Jeffery
Culpepper @ Rise & Shine Dubai were also recognized. It is important that we show our
appreciation to our corporate sponsors by patronizing them.

King Leo Elise Hooper and Lion Michael Werp, co-chairman of the event recognized Sam Brooks,
even though he was unable to attend, as the top fund-raiser again. Donald Blansett was recognized
as the 2nd place money raiser; Sam Brooks was recognized for “most holes played”; Donna
Blevins was recognized for her continued support and the great job that she has done the past two
years. Several Lions made pledge calls for our golfers and they deserve special recognition. We
want to especially thank those who pledged to our golfers, without whose support, we couldn’t serve
the needs of our community.

 Donna Blevins is presented a              PDG Bill Stuart is thanked for                       Donald Blansett is
 Certificate of Appreciation for           his contribution to the success                 congratulated as the second
    her participation in our                           of our                               place money raiser in our
  13th Annual Golf Marathon                 13th Annual Golf Marathon                      13th Annual Golf Marathon
South Pittsburg High School LEO Club sponsored a Veteran’s Day Breakfast for local
veterans on November 11th. Breakfast was prepared and served at 8:00 in the SPHS cafeteria by the
club members. The veterans attending were welcomed by Principal Allen Pratt and LEO Club
Advisor Stephanie Lewis. The SPHS Chorus began the event with the National Anthem and closed
with America the Beautiful. Often, we hear of doubts about our students and their commitment to
community service. We hear that our students just aren’t as motivated, interested, disciplined, caring
(supply your own adjective) as we were. I would challenge anyone to visit our local schools and see
how these young adults are preparing for the future. I think you would be pleasantly surprised.

  Members of the SPHS LEO          Proud grandparents look on as          2009-2010 Officers of the
  Club prepare to serve local      Will Thomas is recognized for              SPHS LEO Club
        veterans at the             his service as a caddie in our
   Veterans’ Day Breakfast           13th Annual Golf Marathon

Richard Hardy High School LEO Club, sponsored by the South Pittsburg Lions Club has
been chartered and officers have been elected. The organization is being advised by Shawna Andry
and Sandra Brown. The club was chartered with thirty-seven members and now has thirty-eight, so
they are already growing. Their officers will be listed in our next newsletter and they will be invited to
a South Pittsburg Lions Club meeting when the charter is returned from Lions International. When
young people, such as these get involved in community service, it gives us faith in the future.

Lions Christmas Dinner committee is preparing for a gala celebration on Thursday, December
10th. The dinner will be prepared by Chef Judy and her excellent committee members at the Senior
Citizens Activity Center. The food will be exceptional and we plan to eat at 6:30 PM so come a little
early and enjoy the fellowship with your fellow Lions. The menu will be pork loin, spinach salad, corn,
green beans, sweet potatoes, rolls and dessert. If you are in a giving mood, bring an unwrapped
child’s toy. Cost of the meal is being absorbed by administrative funds and member donations so
come and enjoy an evening of holiday cheer.

Membership and Retention is still a priority for our club. We added a new member, John
Bolton in November. John is employed by Lodge Manufacturing Company and lives with his wife, Jo
in South Pittsburg. Please make Lion John welcome as he acclimates himself with our club and
members. The continued success of our club depends on continued growth and we meet many
prospective members each day. They are relatives, friends or just acquaintances. Give them a
SPLC brochure and invite them to a meeting so that they can observe first-hand the community
service that we provide.
Service Activities

Student Mentoring: December is a busy month for our schools, so due to student programs and
the Christmas Break, our mentoring program at South Pittsburg Elementary School will also take a
break. It is important that these at-risk students receive our help and that we provide this program, so
plan to continue as the students look forward to reading and spelling activities with their mentors each
week. We will mentor the week of November 30 – December 4, school will be out December 18 –
January 10 and then we will return on January 11, 2010. We are still looking for volunteers to work
with our program and those who are helping are doing a wonderful job, but there is always room for
others. If you can give any time on a regular basis to this rewarding project, contact Committee
Chairman June Moss.

Food Bank: The Marion County Food Bank becomes even more important during this time of
year. There are families and individuals who rely on this food and the Food Bank relies of those
Lions who have volunteered. Please make an effort to be there when you are scheduled or notify
them so that a replacement can be called in advance. The month of November was especially busy.
On one Tuesday, ninety-nine (99) boxes were distributed to seventy-one (71) families or two
hundred-forty (240) individuals. Lions who work this project see first-hand the needs of many in our
community and are very generous with their time. You can purchase bags of food at Kirkland’s
Foodland that will help stock this program and these items can be delivered to the Food Bank by one
of the Lions who work there each week.

Christmas Baskets will be delivered on December 19th. Lions will meet at the Senior Citizens
Activities Center at 8:00 AM on Saturday to prepare and deliver baskets and toys to twelve (12) local
families. We have limited funds to purchase toys for these families, so anyone wishing to donate
extra may do so and it will be appreciated. The ages of the children are 2-months through 16-years.
This is one of our most gratifying projects, so come observe the joy that our club spreads. Plus, we
need all our Lions helping on Saturday, December 19th.

SIGHT CONSERVATION continues to be the primary focus of the South Pittsburg Lions Club.
We completed vision screenings at South Pittsburg Elementary School on November 3rd and Richard
Hardy Memorial School on November 16th using our Ortho-Rator machines. Grades 1, 3 and 5 were
screened at SPES with a total of one hundred fifty eight students screened. Eighteen students or
11.4% at SPES were referred to a local optometrist for further evaluation. At RHMS, a total of
seventy-one students in grades 1, 3, 5 and 7 were screened. Ten students or 14.0% were referred
for further evaluation. Twenty-seven students were already wearing glasses, with twelve of those in
the 7th grade, so we can assume that our screenings are helping to catch these students in the lower
grades. This early detection of vision problems improves the students’ academics. Helping with this
project were Lions Suzanne Adcock, Ed Elliott, Sue King, June Moss, Jerry Don Moss, Judy
Werp and Michael Werp.

Pre-school and Kindergarten children at Richard Hardy Memorial School will be screened with the
SureSight instrument on December 2nd and South Pittsburg Elementary School pre-school and Kg will
be scheduled soon. SureSight screenings at Kid’s Bank Day Care and Beene Pearson Public Library
will be scheduled after the first of the year. We will also screen Monteagle Elementary School during
January. Please plan to give any available time to this important service.
  Lions Sue King and June Moss                                          Lion Ed Elliott explains the
    prepare SPES students for       If you see this display, please   vision screening procedure to a
         vision screening              donate your used glasses                SPES student

   Lion Michael Werp screens a                                        Lions Judy Werp and June Moss
          SPES student                                                 tabulate and evaluate the data

District 12-O Eye Bank and Sight Service is providing quality eye tissue for corneal
transplants, research and other medical purposes. If you know of someone in need of these
services, please Contact Sandra Freeman, Executive Director at 423-778-7327 or a member of the
South Pittsburg Lions Club. Please review your donor position and consider donating your eye
tissue if you haven’t done so. Donor cards are available through our Lions Club.

BINGO:       Group 3 was responsible for BINGO at Rivermont Nursing Home in November.
Traditionally, we have not conducted BINGO during December due to other activities planned at the
nursing home. We will resume in January and Group 1 will be responsible for BINGO during that

November was Diabetes Awareness Month and we need to be aware that over 16 million
Americans suffer from diabetes, and nearly 50% of them don’t know it. Each year about 5,000
people in the United States become blind due to diabetes. If you have family or friends with diabetes,
encourage and support them in their efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle.

NEWSLETTER COMMITTEE: If you have any suggestions of improvements in the newsletter,
please make them. I promise that you will not be asked to write the article. This is your newsletter
and is intended to inform you of past as well as future events. We will be glad to publish any articles
that our members think newsworthy.          Please forward suggestions, comments or criticisms to, phone 423-785-6037 or contact any member of the newsletter committee.
SPOTLIGHT: Our Lions Spotlight this month features Jerry Don Moss. Jerry Don has been a
member of the South Pittsburg Lions Club since 1970 and has served in just about every office in our
club. Lion Jerry Don served five years as Secretary/Treasurer of the South Pittsburg Lions Club
before this office was split into two positions and has since served three terms as President, six terms
as Treasurer and has served as a Director many times. He has been chosen for many honors
through the years-Lion of the Year; Lion of the Decade three times and is a Melvin Jones Fellow. He
has served as Zone Chairman, Region Chairman and just completed his second term as District 12-O
Treasurer. At present, he is a member of the South Pittsburg Lions Club Board of Directors. This
year, Lion Jerry Don is Chairman of the Constitution & By-Laws Committee, Chairman of the Truck
Drawing Committee and Chairman of the Jimmy Humble Scholarship committee. One of the most
important committees that he chairs is our Vision Screening Committee. Lion Jerry Don is very
effective and responsible when it comes to scheduling vision screenings at our local schools and day-
care centers. Lion Jerry Don is a volunteer at the Marion County Community Ministries Food Bank
and he is always available to assist fellow Lions in our many activities of service to the community
whether through our Christmas Basket Program, assisting with the South Pittsburg Adopt-A-Highway
Litter Pickup, Golf Marathon and Truck Drawing events, our BINGO program at the local nursing
facility or helping local citizens through the upkeep of the landscaping in our wonderful community.
Jerry Don graduated from Bridgeport High School and then enlisted in the United States Air Force
and served four years with a year and half spent in Libya Africa. He has worked at Combustion
Engineering and spent many years in the Operation Section at TVA Widows Creek Fossil Plant. He
has been retired for ten years and this has given him more time to work in the community. He and
June have two wonderful daughters and four darling grandchildren. Jerry Don gets the vote for being
the ‘best granddad and babysitter’ in South Pittsburg. He and June love to travel and in particular is
‘Tooter’s traveling companion.’ He is a ‘No. 1’ VOLS, TIDE and PIRATE FAN! Thank you Jerry Don
for extending your talents by developing our club manual, club brochure and many other things that
help make our South Pittsburg Lions Club so successful. Thank you, Lion Moss for your many years
of service and love for our club and community.

DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS: Michael Blansett – December 5th, Tom Landers – December 25th,
Bill Norman – December 24th


   •   Remember our regular meetings on December 7th and December 21st at 6:30 PM. Also plan
       to attend our Board Meeting on December 14th at 5:15 PM in the Senior Citizens’ Activities
       Center. The club needs your attendance and assistance.
   •   Vision Screening at RHMS December 2nd
   •   South Pittsburg Christmas Parade December 5th
   •   Christmas Dinner is scheduled for December 10th
   •   Tennessee School for the Blind Christmas Party on December 12th
   •   SPLC Christmas Baskets delivery on December 19th
   •   Lions Eye Bank Week
   •   International LEO Day

Eye Glasses collection is an on-going project for the South Pittsburg Lions Club. These glasses
are distributed in under-developed nations around the world. Please use the boxes located in various
businesses and public buildings for disposal of your used glasses and recommend that others do the
same. The locations of these collection points can be found on the Lions Club International Website
or you can ask a member of the collection committee.
Member Information: This is our sixteenth educational selection from our Policy Manual. The
next two selections will be Appendixes B and C concerning the Annual Golf Marathon and Sight
Conservation Guidelines. If you have any questions, concerning our policies or these appendixes,
please ask one of your officers. Our sixteenth selection concerns:

                                                APPENDIX B

The Annual South Pittsburg Lions Club Golf Marathon, conducted by the South Pittsburg Lions Club will
provide funds for designated projects of the club. The following are rules developed during the past four (4)
years by the Annual South Pittsburg Lions Club Golf Marathon committees.

Appendix B is binding after adoption by the club. This document can be amended by a ¾ majority of the
members present at a regular meeting after recommendation by the Annual South Pittsburg Lions Club
Golf Marathon committee serving at the time of the amendment. All references to the Annual South
Pittsburg Lions Club Golf Marathon committee are to the committee serving during the year of the
marathon. All amendments must be in agreement with Section 26 of the South Pittsburg Lions Club Policy

Articles of Appendix B are as follows:
    1. This is a Golf Marathon. The object is Most Holes Played. The lowest score is irrelevant.
    2. All prizes will be determined by the Annual South Pittsburg Lions Club Golf Marathon committee.
    3. Each player will secure pledges with the minimum amount determined by the Annual South Pittsburg
        Lions Club Golf Marathon committee.
    4. Pledges can be Per Hole Played or One Time Pledge.
    5. Players will compete as Individuals.
    6. Prize(s) will be awarded for Total Pledges Collected By/For An Individual Player.
    7. Deadline for pledge collection will be determined by the Annual South Pittsburg Lions Club Golf
        Marathon committee.
    8. Prizes for other competition, such as Hole In One or Chip Nearest Hole may be awarded as determined
        by the Annual South Pittsburg Lions Club Golf Marathon committee.
    9. Rules for those competitions mentioned in Rule 8, will be determined by the Annual South Pittsburg
        Lions Club Golf Marathon committee.
    10. Rules of marathon play are determined by the Annual South Pittsburg Lions Club Golf Marathon
        committee. They are as follows:
               • Each player will be furnished a cart.
               • Each player will secure his/her own caddie to drive cart, clean clubs, etc.
               • Shot gun start.
               • Each player will play all holes and in sequence.
               • Each player plays three (3) golf balls at each hole *Hit three (3) balls and select the best of
                   the three (3). Continue to hit three (3) balls through each hole, select the best and pick up
                   the other two (2) balls, etc. *(for the purpose of speeding up the play) After the player has
                   played eighteen (18) holes, he/she will have played 18 x 3 = 54 holes; after 36 holes, 36 x 3
                   = 108 holes, etc.
               • No honors; hit when you are ready.
               • Let faster teams play through.
               • All putts within the length of the putter are good.
               • Repair all ball marks and divots.
               • Pick up ball if you reach triple bogey.
               • You may move the ball one (1) club length anywhere on the course (excepting traps and
               • Do not remove pin on greens.
               • Special rules of the course where the marathon is played shall be observed.

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