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        GE Foundation Announces Polish Winners of Its Regional
                   University Scholarship Program,
      organized together with Institute of International Education

15 Talented University Students from Poland to Benefit from Unique Scholarship

Warsaw, April 11, 2006 – GE Foundation, a philanthropic organization of GE, announced
today the names of 15 winners of the third Polish edition of its Scholar-Leaders Program,
organized together with Institute of International Education (IIE). Outstanding students
from 5 Polish Universities receive Euro 3000 (Euro 1000 annual scholarships for three
years). They also have the opportunity to participate in activities including an annual
international summer seminar on leadership and a shadowing day spent with a GE leader at
work. Students are selected by an independent commission, and main selection criteria
are: very good results from studies, human capacity and leadership potential.

At today’s ceremony in the Staszic Palace in Warsaw, Lesław Kuzaj, GE Regional Executive
Central Europe, presented the awards to 15 winners. The students and guests were
addressed by distinguished speakers, including Christopher Medalis Director of European
Office of Institute of International Education, Danuta Czarnecka, Deputy Director of
International Cooperation Department in Ministry of Education, Andrzej Dakowski,
Director, U.S.- Polish Fulbright Commission, Dorota Dąbrowska, Executive Director,
American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, and Edward Kulakowski, Public Affairs
Counselor, U.S. Embassy to Poland.

In addition to individual support to students, GE Scholar-Leaders Program also fosters the
formation of a Central European network of young intellectuals, a new phenomenon vitally
important for the development of the region. “We consider education a strategic area of
interest, since for every country the quality of education helps build a strong and diverse
workforce and influences the future to a great extent”, said Lesław Kuzaj, GE Regional
Executive Central Europe. “It makes me very proud that GE – a major investor and
employer in this part of the world - not only provides the funding for this innovative
program but it shares some of the global company’s unique knowledge with young Central
European talents. This program, which is a lot more than a simple scholarship, could play
a vital role in the development of the region”, he added.

On behalf of the GE Foundation, the best university students from the region were
recruited and selected by the independent Institute of International Education (IIE). In
Poland the GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders Program was conducted in 5 universities:
Warsaw University, Łódź University of Technology, Gdańsk University of Technology,
Wrocław University of Technology, and Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu in Nowy Sącz. The Institute
of International Education had identified 15 outstanding second-year students in the fields
of economics, management, engineering and technology to be awarded by GE Foundation

Scholar-Leaders Program. Scholarship is designed to assist these students develop their
leadership potential and human capacity.

The Scholar-Leaders Program has been sponsored by the GE Foundation. It is a regional
program conducted in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. After successful program
implementation in Hungary in 2002, IIE decided to extend it to Poland in 2003 and the
Czech Republic in 2004. Until now 89 students from Central Europe have benefited from
the GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders Program, and this year additional 45 will join the group
of winners. The students have been recruited and selected by the Institute of International
Education, on behalf of the GE Foundation.

Since the beginning of activities in Central Europe, the GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders
Program has been enabling students to establish a network of young intellectuals from this
region, sharing experience from their countries during the summer seminars in Budapest.

Winners of the third Polish edition of GE Foundation Scholar Leaders program

Aleksandra Berut             Łódź University of Technology
Maria Bieńczak               National Louis University in Nowy Sącz   (Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu)
Bartosz Bogdański            Łódź University of Technology
Tomasz Gębarowski            Łódź University of Technology
Adam Hepner                  Wrocław University of Technology
Jarosław Józefiak            Gdańsk University of Technology
Michał Machowski             National Louis University in Nowy Sącz   (Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu)
Magdalena Miszkiel           Gdańsk University of Technology
Krzysztof Olczyk             Łódź University of Technology
Paulina Rakowska             Łódź University of Technology
Łukasz Smolarski             National Louis University in Nowy Sącz   (Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu)
Joanna Stępień               Łódź University of Technology
Mariusz Świderski            Warsaw University
Igor Wilk                    Łódź University of Technology
Ms Mingyi Zhao               National Louis University in Nowy Sącz   (Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu)

Who and how can apply?

Students in their second year of studies in the fields of economics, management,
engineering and technology from major universities of the three participating countries
can compete for the 15 awards available for each country.

The conditions of receiving a scholarship include: submission of filled-in application
including a 1000 word essay, two letters of recommendation (including at least one from a
professor), a curriculum vitae, photocopies of documents proving the first year of
university studies (with their English translation). Students must have strong English skills.
The application form and the list of the participating universities are available at

GE Foundation

The GE Foundation, the philanthropic organization of the General Electric Company, invests in
initiatives that improve educational opportunity and strengthen community organizations in GE
communities around the world. Driven by the knowledge that a quality education ushers in a
lifetime of opportunities, the GE Foundation focuses primarily in the field of education and drives
programs that improve student achievement, strengthen teacher development and build the
capacity of schools, universities and communities to educate the citizens and workforce of

GE in Poland

Since 1992 GE has been one of the most significant multinationals successfully operating and
growing in Poland. All GE businesses are active in the country, employing 5000 people. The key to
this success is GE's culture of allowing a partnership with our associates, with local communities,
with the business & scientific community and with the government.

Between 1992-2005 GE invested over USD 400 million in Poland. In 2001 GE entered a group of 10
major foreign investors in Poland (ranking PAIZ - Polish Foreign Investment Agency), and next year
GE was awarded with a prestigious title “Poland’s Outstanding Business Partner”, granted by the
Minister of Economy and Foreign Markets Magazine. In 2005 GE’s sales in Poland reached USD 630

GE has 3 plants in Poland (GE Power Controls in Kłodzko, Bielsko-Biała, and Łódź), a bank (GE Money
Bank), the Aircraft Engines Design Center (in co-operation with Aviation Institute in Warsaw), and
co-operates closely with Polish Airlines LOT (joint-venture company). GE products and services are
actively promoted by a network of distributors and numerous sales offices.

Institute of International Education (IIE);

The Institute of International Education is the most experienced global higher education and
professional exchange agency. An independent, nonprofit organization, IIE is the world leader in the
international exchange of people and ideas, operating globally since 1919. IIE designs and
implements over 250 programs of study and training annually for over 20,000 students, educators,
young professionals and trainees from all sectors around the world, with funding from government
and private sources. IIE initiated its first educational programs in Europe in 1919, and has been
serving Europe directly from its office in Budapest since its establishment in 1990, working in the
fields of higher education, scholarship administration, and English language assessment in 30

For more information:

Michał Olbrychowski
Mmd Corporate, Public Affairs & Public Relations Consultants
Office tel. (22) 536 04 51
Mobile 604 57 58 56


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