THE ANACREONTIC ODE by liuqingzhan


									                              THE ANACREONTIC ODE
                      Dr. E. Otha Wingo, DDGL 38, FMLR —
   Dr. E. Otha Wingo, DDGL 38,           own time and much sought after           songs, and adopted as their society’s
FMLR —              in the royal courts of Polycrates of     official anthem “The Anacreontic
   Delegates at Grand Lodge several      Samos and Hipparchus of Athens.          Song,” written by an early president,
years ago were puzzled and amused        Lyric refers to the meter of songs or    Ralph Tomlinson, Esq. (some say
when the Grand Master called for         odes accompanied by the lyre. His        it was a group effort headed by
the singing of the opening ode, but      poetry touched on such themes as         Dr. Thomas Arnold). This song is
inadvertently called for The National    the Muses, love, and revelry, but he     usually referred to as “To Anacreon
Anthem. Half of the 1200 brethren        also had a reputation as a composer      in Heaven,” from the opening words.
present launched into “O Say Can         of hymns and epigrams. His statue        Each concert opened with this song,
You See,” while the other half were      on the Acropolis and his likeness on     which depicts a squabble among
singing “My Country ’Tis of Thee.”       coins showed him playing the lyre.       the Greek gods, to which wine-
I’m not sure what the organist was         The five books of poetry by             god Bacchus is the solution, and
playing, since the organ was not         Anacreon are preserved only in a         all join in devotion to “the myrtle
tied into the sound system and was       few fragments, collected from            of Venus and Bacchus’s wine.” The
drowned out by the cacophony.            the citations of later writers. His      tune was composed by John Stafford
To our amazement, somehow we             continuing reputation was based on       Smith (1750-1836), the organist of
persisted to the end as the final notes   the “Anacreontea,” poems closely         Gloucester Cathedral, a member of
died away.                               imitating his style, and more recently   Royal Somerset House and Inverness
   As a graduate student studying        (1776) in the official song of the        Lodge No. 4, which still exists in
classical Greek texts in the original    London musical club, the Anacreonic      London. Other known members
language under a world-renowned          Society, and of the United States        of the Society apparently had no
professor at the University of           (1931).                                  Masonic connections.
Illinois, I read the nine Greek lyric      We move to 18th century London,           This song became a favorite
poets (5th to 7th centuries B.C.).       where a group of musicians, having       drinking song, still being sung in 1814
The most widely known of these           formed the Anacreaontic Society          when Francis Scott Key composed
poets are Sappho and Pindar. Only        (1771-1786), gathered every two          “In Defense of Fort McHenry” to
students of the classics may know        weeks at the Crown and Anchor            its tune, later renamed “The Star
about Alcman, Alcaeus, Anacreon,         Tavern in the Strand for a concert       Spangled Banner,” and became the
Stesichorus, Ibycus, Simonides, and      followed by a dinner and celebration.    National Anthem of the United
Bacchylides. Anacreon (563-478           They amused themselves by writing        States. His Masonic membership was
B.C) was widely acclaimed in his         new verses in the style of Anacreon’s                   Continued on page 74
  Brethren:                                                                            the very best men this nation has to
  As I travel this great state I find                                                   offer. I know this because I have had
exactly what I knew I would find:                                                       the opportunity to be among you. I
Brother Master Masons hard at work                                                     would like to think that I come from
in their communities. I have, to this                                                  the same stock. The low or the high
date, traveled east, west, north and                                                   is irrelevant; the path is the thing we
south. In every direction I found                                                      must all keep in sight.
brethren acting to meet the needs                                                         The brethren of this state will be
of their communities. I would have                                                     the ultimate judges of what has been
expected to find no less.                                                               accomplished this year. Janet (my
   In the First degree proficiency you                                                  wife) and I hope we have traveled
were asked where you were first pre-                                                    the right path. Our intention, in the
pared to be made a Freemason and                                                       beginning and until the end of our
your answer was “in my heart.” That                                                    journey, is to do what is right and in
means you were a Mason before we                                                       the best interests of the brethren of
ever proceeded to confer any work           to share what you are doing in your        this state.
upon you. Our job as friends and            communities. It also afforded me the
brothers was to instill Masonry in your     opportunity to extract an invitation
head so that you understood it is the       into several lodges that otherwise
work of Freemasons to do the work           would never have invited a Grand
of the heart. We are taught that every      Master. I know that because I once
human being has a claim upon our            sat in the same position many of
kind offices and that charity, next to       you are in. I also know that from the        Rocky E. Weaver
a belief in deity, lies at the foundation   Craft I came and, shortly, to the Craft      Grand Master
of Freemasonry. The brethren of this        I shall return. It is my honor and priv-     A.F.& A.M.
state have learned the lessons well.        ilege to visit with as many of you as        State of Missouri
  The Brothers Helping Others pro-          is humanly possible. You, the breth-
gram was simply a way to get you            ren of this state, comprise some of

                                            Our Eternal Thanks
          I cannot begin to tell all of the brethren, ladies    have made it much easier because we know we are
        and youth of this state how much Janet and I            not alone. Life is a journey and in every journey
        appreciate each and every one of you who voiced         there is a beginning and an end. The one thing that
        or sent their condolences, flowers and gifts for the     makes that journey worth the effort is the friends
        losses of our mothers. Janet lost her mother on         we make along the way. Thank you for your fel-
        December 25, 2008 and I lost mine on February           lowship, friendship and for caring.
        6th of this year.
          The loss of both is inconsolable but all of you          Rocky and Janet Weaver

66 Summer 2009                                                                                     THE MISSOURI FREEMASON
Right Worshipful Brother Dennis E. Fetter, Master of Magnolia-       Missouri Grand Master Rocky Weaver visited Owensville Lodge
Euclid Lodge #626, presented Worshipful Brothers Kenneth Dow,        #624, AF&AM, during a regular stated communication on
Joseph McKnight and Harry Becker with their 60 year pins and         March 5. While there, MWB Weaver presented a 60-year pin to
certificates.                                                         Bro. Robert Landwehr, right.

Richard Drey, left, recently was honored for being a member          Liberty Lodge #31 raised Trevor Thompson to the sublime degree
of Owensville Lodge #624, AF&AM, for 50 years. Presenting the        of Master Mason on April 1, 2009. Trevor is a fourth-generation
50-year-pin to his father is Richard Drey Jr., a member of Stock-    Mason. His stepfather, Rod Howard and grandfather Don Lake
bridge Lodge #691, Stockbridge, GA, who traveled to Owens-           are both Past Masters of Liberty Lodge. His great-grandfather
ville for the presentation.                                          Ople Lake was also a member of Liberty #31. Pictured (l to r):
                                                                     WB Don Lake, Trevor and RWB F. Wayne Dugan.

Thirty two members and guests were present at Vandalia               On January 7, 2009, Warrenton Lodge #609 AF&AM presented
Masonic Lodge #491 where the new officers were installed              a check to Laurie Jansen at Daniel Boone Elementary School
Tuesday evening, January 20. Front row, (l to r) Garland Strother,   in Warrenton, Missouri to help needy children get coats, shirts,
Senior Deacon; Steve Kohl, Senior Warden; J.C. Davis, Worshipful     shoes, underwear and school supplies. This is the second year
Master; Kenneth Brundege, Installing Master; Louis Clithero,         Warrenton Lodge #609 has participated in this program which is
Senior Steward; William Kohl, Marshal. Second row, Don St.           sponsored and funded by the Masonic Home of Missouri. “We
Clair, Installing Marshal; Rusty Strother, Junior Deacon; Ed Babb,   are just getting started with this worthwhile endeavor and want
Treasurer; Kenneth McDonald, Junior Steward; Charles Scrogin,        to include all of the schools in the county.” said Peter Schmidt,
Chaplain; Rennie Davis, Secretary. Not present for the photo         past master of the Lodge. Pictured in the attached photo from
were Tracy Detienne, Tyler and Ray Oden, Junior Warden.              left to right are: Dan Elliott, Worshipful Master of the Lodge, Laurie
                                                                     Jansen, nurse at Daniel Boone Elementary School and Peter
                                                                     Schmidt, coordinator and past master.

THE MISSOURI FREEMASON                                                                                                   Summer 2009 91

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