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					Rosalia School District Newsletter
M a r ch 201 0                                                                       Superintendent: Dr. Tom Crowley
V o l um e 1, I s su e 3                                                                   Principal: Mr. Darrell Kuhn
                                                                                 Business Manager: Mrs. Phyllis Brown
                                                                                Athletic Director: Mr. Terry Boxleitner

                                     Thank You Voters
                                    Superintendent’s News
                                    Thank you so much voters for passing our         some signs of recovery, but it will
                                    two-year Maintenance and Operation levy          probably be year after next before we
                                    by about 65 percent. As most of you are          realize any restored funding.
                                    well aware from the abundant press on the        U. S. News and World Report hired a
                                    subject, all school districts in the state,      research firm to figure out which are the
                                    including our school district, have faced        best high schools in America. For the
Contents                            significant cuts in state funding the last two   second year in a row, Rosalia High
                                    years. By all signs, we are going to be facing   School was named on the list. When you
Superintendent’s News           1   some more cuts this year too. Without the        are in the school, notice the nice plaques
                                    levy, we would have been in a very bad           in the trophy case next to the high school
Principal’s News                1   place. The economy is starting to show           office.
Elementary News                 2

Local Scholarship Information   3
                                    Principal’s News
HIV/AID’s Education             4
                                    Beginning in the 2009-10 school year, the        The High School Proficiency Exam
                                    Washington Assessment of Student Learning        (HSPE) will measure a student’s
                                    (WASL) has been replaced by two new tests:       proficiency of basic skills. Students in the
                                    the grades 3-8 Measurements of Student           classes of 2010-2012 must pass a
                                    Progress (MSP) and the High School               reading and writing assessment to be
                                    Proficiency Exam (HSPE).                         eligible to graduate. If a student has
                                                                                     already passed a specific assessment via
                                    The MSP name conveys the goal of the test:       the WASL (ie., reading), they will not
                                    to measure student progress. The MSP will        have to take the HSPE in that content
                                    be shorter to take than the WASL and will be     area. Students in the Class of 2013 are
                                    moved online over the next few years.            the first to be required to pass reading,
                                    Reading, math and science will take just one     writing, math and science assessments.
                                    day each instead of two with the WASL. For       The HSPE is shorter to take than the
                                    now, writing will still take two days. This      WASL and will be moved online over the
                                    spring about 25 percent of the state’s           next few years. Reading, math and
                                    students in grades 6-8 will take the MSP via     science will take just one day each
                                    computer. Rosalia School District will be        instead of two with the WASL. For now,
                                    using the computers to test all students in      writing will still take two days.
                                    grades 6-8 in both reading and math. The         Beginning in spring 2011, about 25
                                    testing window for the grades 3-8 state test     percent of the state’s students in high
                                    will be moved to May this year (paper-and-       school will take the HSPE via computer in
                                    pencil testing, May 12-28; online testing        reading, writing and math. The testing
                                    May 3-June 4).The longer testing window          window for high school generally
                                    for online is to ensure schools have enough      remains the same in spring 2010:
                                    time to rotate students through computer         Reading (March 16), Writing (March
                                    stations or labs.                                17-18), Math (April 13) and Science
                                                                                     (April 15).
  Page 2 of 4                             Elementary News                                              School Newsletter

                        Elementary Winter Olympics
The elementary classes celebrated the Olympics by competing in their own version of the Olympics. The students participated in
Rosalia’s version of ice skating, bobsledding, slalom, luge relays, and downhill racing. Each of the classes represented a different
country and the students marched into the gym accompanied by their country’s national anthem for the opening ceremonies. Mr.
Boxleitner ran in with the Olympic torch and after reciting the Rosalia Olympic Oath the games began. With an emphasis on
sportsmanship and fair play the students competed against one another in the various events. All the students that participated
received a gold participation medal and the students that placed in each event received either a gold, bronze, or silver bead to  t
attach to their ribbon. Fun was had by all and the kids are looking forward to the next Olympics.

                               Opening Ceremonies

                                                                                             Cole Peterson speed skates to a

                Young Olympian bobsledders
School Newsletter                                  Scholarship Information                                        Page 3 of 4

Local Scholarships Offered by the Rosalia Community
                      Scholarship – a scholarship that
John and Ruby Evans Schola                                        Michael T. Day Inspirational Scholarship – this scholarship is
awards academic ability as well as financial need, with a         awarded by the Day Family in honor of Mike Day, who
preference given to students pursuing a career in business.       continues to be an inspiration to the students of Rosalia. This
An interview with administration and a member of the              scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who may have
school board is required.                                         faced their own life’s challenges, but used these challenges to
                                                                  achieve success in school, athletics and service to their
Chad Burnham Memorial Scholarship – a scholarship                 community.
dedicated to the memory of Chad Burnham, with a focus on
community service.                                                CO-
                                                                  CO-AG Scholarship - this scholarship is awarded to those
                                                                  students whose families are a member of CO-AG or whose
Gifted Granny’s Scholarship - sponsored by the Gifted             parents are employed by CO-AG in the
Granny’s of Rosalia, this scholarship is awarded to those         Rosalia/Oakesdale/Fairfield area.
students who exhibit a financial need and plan to further
their education at either a two or four year college, trade, or   Diane Hereford Memorial Scholarship – a scholarship
technical school.                                                 awarded in memory of Diane Hereford. Applicants must
                                                                  include solid academics, community service, athletic
Public School Employees Award – The Public School                 participation, good attendance, and a determination to do your
Employees of Washington is an organization which                  best. Students must also have attended Rosalia High School for
represents Classified Public School Employees of the State of     four years.
Washington. This scholarship is available to those students
whose parents are members of the Rosalia PSE.                     Odd Fellows Scholarship – a $300 scholarship to one high
                                                                  school graduating senior active in extra-curricular activities
Rosalia Dollars for Scholars – this organization awards           and community service.
scholarships to those seniors who are planning to further
their education at either a two or four year college, trade, or   We are rapidly nearing the end of the year and before we
technical school. One of their requirements is that senior        know it we will be at graduation! What great kids we have
students must volunteer their service at the Rosalia Dollars      and how proud of them we are! Everyone should have their
for Scholars Crab Feed. All proceeds from the crab feed is        college applications and FAFSA completed and should be
awarded to seniors for scholarships.                              hearing from their respective schools around the first of May.
                                                                  All local scholarships are due April 23rd with the exception of
Rosalia Spartan Booster Club Scholarship – The Rosalia            the Lion’s Club which is due April 10th.
Spartan Booster Club recognizes each year two outstanding
student athletes who have demonstrated academic
excellence, athletic success and strong leadership skills
during their enrollment at Rosalia High School.

Rosalia Education Association – this is a local professional
organization consisting of the teachers of Rosalia School
District. This scholarship is based on academics, community
service, as well as need.

Rosalia Lion’s Club Scholarship – this scholarship is given to
a deserving senior based on that student’s school and
community activities, their service to the community and
caring for others.
                 (Deadline is April 10th)

Rosalia Christian Scholarship –churches in Rosalia make up
what is called the Rosalia Christian Council. These churches
include the Methodist Church and the Assembly of God
Church. This scholarship is awarded to those students who
have shown a love for God and community and demonstrate
a Christ like example at school.
                                      HIV/AIDS Education in March
                                      In response to the threat of AIDS to our        their science class. Amy DeGon, school
                                      population, the 1988 Washington State           nurse, will be teaching grades 5, 6, 11 and
                                      legislature mandated that a program of          12 during classes pre-arranged with their
               ffdsf                  prevention education be presented to            teachers. Fifth grade students will begin
                                      students’ yearly, beginning in 5th grade. The   with a short series of Family Life Education
                                      Rosalia School District has adopted an          (topics include: hygiene, nutrition and
     Rosalia School District          appropriate     program      for    HIV/AIDS    puberty).
         916 S Josephine              prevention education with the advice of            State law requires that parents and
        Rosalia, WA 99170             educators,     parents    and      community    guardians preview the material before they
                                      members. Beginning on March 15, 2010,           can exempt their children from this
     PHONE (509) 523-3061
     PHONE:                           this program will start being presented to      program. The material was available for
      Option 1 – School Office        students; it typically takes 2 class periods.   preview during fall conferences. Students
     Option 2 – District Office       Remember, this is not a sex education class.    will be expected to participate in the
    Option 3 – Attendance Line
         (24 hour service)            It is a class designed to give our students     program unless parents who have
  Option 4 – Activities/Information   information that will help them avoid one of    previewed the material prefer that they do
                                      the most widespread and lethal epidemics in     not. If you would like to preview the
      FAX (509) 523-3861
      FAX:                            modern history.                                 curriculum, please call the school office at
                                          Students in grades 7, 8, 9, and 10, will    523-3061 to set up an appointment.
 Do you have a message for your       receive this education from Mr. Buth during
 child’s bus driver? Call 523-3061,
 extension 3303. Call before 7:00
 AM for special morning bus
 requests. You can leave a message
 any time.

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