A Web Page Building Guide Using the Yahoo by guy21


									        A Web Page Building Guide Using The Yahoo!
               GeoCities Quick Start Wizard
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This guide provides detailed instructions on how to create a web page using the
Yahoo! GeoCities Quick Start Wizard. Free web hosts offer the option of having a
live website without any monetary commitment. Although this cost-free alternative
might restrict page space, the end result will be a basic, functional web page that
includes graphics, text, links, email capability, and an online messenger indicator.
This instructional guide is intended for an audience with moderate computer skills
and Internet exposure.

Before You Begin

The following is a list of equipment and services that are required to get online and
build your web page:

       Personal computer
       Modem
       Internet service provider (ISP)
       Web browsing software ( for example, Internet Explorer, Netscape)
        Email account
       Yahoo! account

Getting Started Online

Initially, you must establish an online connection by opening your computer web
browser. Once online:

       1. Type http://geocities.yahoo.com/ in the web browser address bar
          and press Enter. The Yahoo! GeoCities start page should now be

       2. Click on the yellow Sign Up button located on the top-right corner of the

    3. On the following page, you will need to sign in to Yahoo! Fill in the spaces
       requiring your Yahoo! ID and Password on the right side of the screen and
       click the Sign In button.

Answering Some Preliminary Questions

There are three questions you must answer that are required by the web host. As
shown in Figure 1, select the best response for the following questions:

              Figure 1: Yahoo! GeoCities Preliminary Questions.

When finished, click the Submit button to continue. A welcome page is displayed
showing your Yahoo! ID and home page information

Note: Print this page or write down the information for future reference.

To continue, click on the underlined phrase Build your web site now!

Creating the Web Page

Once the new page is displayed, look under the heading GeoCities Control Panel.
Now, click on the Create & Update tab. Now you’re ready to start creating your
web page. The site building tools range from a basic quick start wizard, to a more
complex HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) editor. Perform these steps to build
your page:

    1. Look in the Basic Site Building Tools box and click on Yahoo! Page
       Wizards as shown in Figure 2.

              Figure 2: Yahoo! GeoCities Create & Update Window.

    2. After the page loads, choose one of the Quick Start template designs by
       clicking on it. A new window will open to initiate the page building

    3. Click the Begin button to start building your page.

    4. When the new page opens, choose a style for your page and click on the
       Next button.

   Note: From this point on, you will have the option of selecting one of four
   buttons near the bottom of the open window. These buttons are labeled
   Preview, Cancel, Back, and Next. Click on the corresponding button to
   maneuver through the site construction windows. View your progress by
   selecting the Preview button.

Entering text to your page. As shown in Figure 3, filling in a couple of blanks
allows you to add a page title and any text you want people to read:

    1. Name your page by entering a title.

    2. Add any text you would like displayed in the related box.

    3. Click the Next button to continue.

       Figure 3: Yahoo! GeoCities Enter your page title and text Window.

Adding a picture. There are several ways to add a picture. You have the option to
choose any of the following methods:

       Use your own image.

       Use the template’s default image.
       Don’t use an image.

   As shown in Figure 4, choose a picture by:

      1. Selecting your preferred method. If you choose to use your own image,
         you can pick one that has been saved in your Yahoo! Account or upload
         an image from a disk or file.

      2. Be sure to fill in the box titled Picture caption.

      3. When satisfied, click the Next button.

            Figure 4: Yahoo! GeoCities Pick your picture Window.

Including favorite links. Internet links will show interests while adding
personality to your web page. Simply type in your links and visitors will be able to
go to these sites by clicking on them. As shown in Figure 5, add links to your page
in the following manner:

      1. Name you favorite links by filling in the corresponding blank.

          Insert the name and web address for each of four different links (when
          entering a web address, it is not necessary to include the prefix http://)

      2. To continue, click the Next button.

          Figure 5: Yahoo! GeoCities Enter your favorite links Window.

Adding personalized information and an email address. Providing contact
information will allow visitors to generate an email by clicking on a link. To add
your name and contact information, fill in the blank spaces with:

         A unique name for your personal information section
         Your name
         Your email address
         You can select the box to add a Yahoo! Messenger indicator so visitors
          can send instant messages when you’re online.

Once the personal information has been entered, click the Next button.

Naming your page. Type a name for your page in the space provided as shown in
Figure 6. This name will be a part of your page’s web address.

      Note: When typing the name of your page, do not use any spaces. For
      example, if your page’s name is class project, you should enter
      classproject or class_project.

Click on the Next button when completed.

            Figure 6: Yahoo! GeoCities Naming your page Window.

Completing your new web page. Congratulations, you have just created your own
web page using Yahoo! GeoCities Quick Start Wizard.

Warning: Be sure you write down the complete web address for future reference.

Click on the Done button when finished.

Note: Visit your new page before making your web address available for others to
visit. Be sure to verify that all the links and email generator function as expected.


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