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									   The 6th China International Finance Forum
                           Invitation Letter

Dear Sir or Madam,

The 6th China International Finance Forum (CIFF for short) will be held in
Shanghai Pudong on October 24 to 25, 2009. The theme of CIFF 2009 is Economic
Growth and Finance Innovation in Financial Crisis. We sincerely invite you to
attend this great finance event.

Since its foundation in 2004, CIFF has been held for five years successfully. Part of
the important speakers attended former forums are Su Ning and Ma Delun, Deputy
Governors of the People’s Bank of China; Wang Huaqing, Discipline Inspection
Commission Secretary of China Banking Regulatory Commission; Jiang Yang,
Assistant to Chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission; Chen Wenhui,
Assistant to Chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission; Li Ruogu,
President of Export-Import Bank of China; Gao Jian, Vice President of China
Development Bank; Xiang Junbo, President of Agricultural Bank of China; Li Jun,
President of Bank of Communications; Ma Weihua, President of China Merchants
Bank and other senior leaders from financial organs; Governors of Beijing, Tianjin,
Chongqing, Dalian and other cities; Feng Guoqin, Chairman of Shanghai Committee
of CPPCC; Tu Guangshao, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal People’s
The Forum focuses on the depth and the actual effect of discuss which are around hot
topics of Finance Service and Finance Ecological Construction, Microcredit and
SMEs Development, Industrial Integration and M&A Finance,        Private Equity Fund
Development, Opportunities and Challenges of GEM through ways of special
lectures, senior dialogue, round-table meeting, road show, project communication and
capital connection, so as to deeply research into frontier problems appearing in the
development of China financial industry.

Awards    Ceremony-2009      China    Financial   Investment    Roll    is   also   held
correspondingly with specific awards: China Top10 New Financial Ecological Cities,
China Best Retail (Wealth Management) Bank, China Best Private Bank, China Best
Local Private Equity, China Best Financial Innovation, and China Top10 Enterprises
with the Most Valuable Investment.

Leaders of financial regulatory organs, domestic and foreign banks, domestic and
foreign private equity funds, financial intermediary service organs, investment organs,
securities companies and high-grow enterprises, and economic exports and scholars
will attend this distinguished Forum. Hereon, we sincerely invite you as our
distinguished guest to attend and support our Forum.

                   Organizing Committee of China International Finance Forum

                                                                       September, 2009

     The 6th China International Finance Forum
       Theme: Economic Growth and Finance Innovation in Financial Crisis
           Time: October 24 to 25, 2009  Place: Pudong, Shanghai

 Host Media                     Wall Street Journal          PR Newswire(Asia)
                      Financial Times                  Bloomberg
 Co-Hosts             China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises
                      Association of Certified International Investment Analysts
                      Shanghai Banking Association
                      Shanghai Securities Association
                      Shanghai Insurance Association
                      Taiwan Private Equity & Venture Capital Association
                      China Europe International Business School
                      Shanghai Private Equity Association
                      Shanghai International Culture Association
                      Shanghai Private Equity Association
                      Shanghai International Service Trading Association
                      International Association of Assets Managers
 Academic             Financial Research Institute of Development Research Center of the State Council
 Supports             Institute For Financial Studies Fudan University
                      Shanghai International Finance Research Center
                      Banking Research Center of Central University of Finance and Economics
 Co-organizers        Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable
                      Korea Institute of Finance
                      Shanghai Association of Stock System Enterprises
                      Shanghai International Cooperation Association of Small and Medium Enterprises
                      Shanghai Venture Capital Association
                      Shanghai Leasing Trade Association
                      Shanghai Guarantee Association
                      Shanghai Assets Appraisal Society
 Organizers           Finance & Consulting Co., Ltd
                      WorldCN Finance Events & Communications (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Ⅰ Main Content and Speakers
Morning on October 24, Saturday
Opening Ceremony: Economic Growth and Finance Innovation in Financial Crisis
Address:Leaders from Shanghai                Vivek Arora , Senior Resident Representative for
Keynote Speakers:                             China, IMF
  Leaders of the People’s Bank of China                  Stephen S. Roach, Chairman, Morgan Stanley Asia
  Leaders of China Banking Regulatory Commission         Manuel Sanchez G., Deputy Governor, Bank of
  Leaders of China Securities Regulatory Commission      Mexico

  Leaders of China Insurance Regulatory Commission           Jae-Ha Park, Vice President, Korea Institute of
  C. Lawrence Greenwood Jr., Vice-President, Asian           Finance
  Development Bank                                           Leon Hu, International Investment Expert

                                          12:00-13:30      Luncheon
Afternoon on October 24, Saturday
Part One: PE and M & A
 PE : Adjustment of Investment and Optimization Strategy under the New Economical
 Situation; Discuss on ‘Principal Work plus Fund’ Mode of Chinese Enterprises
  Andy Yan, Managing Partner, SAIF Partners
  Fang Fenglei, Hope Investments Management Co., Ltd.
  Huang Jingsheng, General Manager, Bain Capital
  Wu Shangzhi, Founding Partner, CDH Venture Partners
  Luca Toscani, President, Keating Asia, Inc
  Wang Qi, Executive Partner, Development Principles Group
  Yao Jincong, Executive Partner, Capital Central Gainer Private Equity
  Chen Fashu, Chairman, Newhuadu Industrial Group
 Analysis and Outlook of Industries Focused by Private Equity Fund in 2009 and Successful
 Business Models
  Li Qi, General Manager, Deutsche Bank Asia-Pacific
  Yang Zhi, Chairman, BioVeda China Fund
  Joe Tian, Founding Managing Partner of DT Capital Partners
  Cai Dajian, Chairman, Shenzhen GTJA Investment Group
 Industry Integration and Financial M & A
  Chen Xiaohong, Director, Enterprise Research Institute of Development Research Center of the State Council
  Gong Shaolin, Chairman, China Merchants Securities Co., LTD.
  Huang Qiyuan, Vice President, Polaris Financial Group
  Zhu Xinli, Chairman, Huiyuan Group
  James Chen, CEO, Hollyhigh International Capital
  Chen Jihua, Vice President & CFO, Aluminum Group of China
  Chen Shi, Chairman, Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.
 Closed Round-Table Meeting: Excellent Corporate Finance and Road Show (Additional
 application is required.)
Three Sessions: Road Show and Recommendation of Enterprises, Comments from Famous Investment
Organs, Interactive Discuss. Famous investment organs will be invited to interactively communicate
with high-tech enterprises.
                18:30-20:30 Banquet for Guests (Additional application is required)
Morning on October 25, Sunday
Part Two: Financial Industry & Financial Ecology
 Analysis and Outlook of China Financial Industry after Crisis
  Yang Chao, Chairman, China Life Insurance (Group) Company

  Mu Huaipeng, Director, Financial Market Department, People’s Bank of China
  Ji Xiaohui, Chairman, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
  Wang Dongming, Chairman, CITIC Securities
  Xia Ping, President, Bank of Nanjing
  Li Jing, Managing Director & Chairman, China Equities, JP Morgan
  Li Yi,Chairman / Presient, UBS China
  Jin Yanshi, Chief Economist, Sinolink Securities
 Construction of Financial Ecology and Development of Regional CBD
  Wang Hong, Director, Beijing Financial Bureau
  Fang Xinghai, Director, Shanghai Financial Services Office.
  Luo Guang, Director, Office of Financial Affairs of Chongqing
  Du Qiang, Vice Director, Office of Financial Affairs of Tianjin
  Zhou Jianjun, Director, Financial Service Office, Guangzhou
  Hu Cheng, General Manager, Chief Capital Group
Morning on October 25, Sunday
Part Three: Corporate Financing and Listing & Private Wealth Management
 Opportunities and Channels of High-Tech Enterprises for Financing and listing; Opportunities
 and Challenges of Chinese Growth Enterprise Market
  Liu Xiaodong, Deputy General Manager, Shanghai Stock Exchange
  Ms. Jane Zhu, President, London Stock Exchange in Asia Pacific Region
  Eric Landheer, President, NASDAQ Stock Market in Asia Pacific Region
  Michael Yang, Chief Representative in Beijing, New York Stock Exchange
  Han Chang Woo, Chief Representative in Beijing, Korea Stock Exchange
  Lloyd Loh, Chief Representative in Beijing, Singapore Stock Limited (SGX) Exchange
  Ruan Yuxing, Vice President, Stock Market Business Development, Deutsche Börse AG
  Huo Guangwen, Executive Director, Hongkong Stock Exchange
 Financial Service Agency: Analysis on Law, Finance and Public Strategy for Enterprise Listing
  Cong Ning, Investment Director, Orchid Asia Group Management, Ltd.
  Robert Dell, President, Latham & Watkins LLP
  David Liu, Managing Director, Mainland China Weber Shandwick
  Michael Diaz, Jr., Executive Partener, Diaz & Reus
  Zeng Liji, Director/General Manage, Strategic Public Relations Group
 Development of Private Bank and Wealth Management under Crisis
  Zhang Qi, General Management, Personal Banking, ICBC of China
  Dong Shaowen, General Manager, Personal Banking, Citi Group
  Wang Jing, Deputy General Manager, Personal Banking, China Merchants Bank
  Mimi Monica Wong, CEO, HSBC Private Bank Asia

                                           12:00-13:30      Luncheon
Afternoon on October 25, Sunday
Part Four: Investing Opportunities in Building Two Centers of Shanghai

                                 13:30-14:00 Meeting between Speakers
 Aviation and Shipping Financial Development & Two-Center Construction of Shanghai
  Zhu Xinqiang, Vice President, Export-Import Bank of China
  Jin Zhuanglong, General Manager, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd
  Xu Peixing, Director of Shanghai Region Leading Group Office, Shanghai International Shipping Center
  Li Changyin, President, General Manager, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation ( CSIC )
  Gao Cong, General Manager, Lloyd's Reinsurance Company (China) Limited
  Cong Lin, President, ICBC Leasing
 Financial Service Outsourcing:International Trend and Chinese Choice; Construction of
 Financial Information Service System
  Jin Minghua, General Manager, Shanghai Financial Information Service Industrial Park
  Alex Peng, Partner of Global Board, Mckinsey & Company
  Kong Xiangyun, CEO, AMT GROUP
  Yang Peng, CEO, China Data Group
 Financial Talents and Financial City Construction
  Xing Benxiu, Director of Human Resources Department, China Banking Regulatory Commission
  Gu Xiaoming, Director of Pudong Lujiazui Functional Area Management Committee
  Wang Jiang, Dean, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance of Jiao Tong University
  Chen Xuebin, Executive Vice President, Institute For Financial Studies FuDan University
 Sharing Economical Opportunities Brought by World Expo
  Hong Hao, Director, World Expo Coordination Bureau
  Senior Management of Coca-Cola Company (China)
  Senior Management of Siemens Group
  Senior Management of China Mobile Group
 Real Estate Finance Innovation and Development of REIT
  Hu Bing, Deputy Director, Department of Market Supervision, China Securities Regulatory Commission; Head of
  Asset Securitization Group, CSRC
  Hu Ruyin, Director, Research Center of Shanghai Stock Exchange
  Wei Qi, Vice General Manager, Investment Banking Department, China International Capital Corporation Limited
  Li Xiaodong, Chairman, J&J Asset Management Ltd.
Closing Ceremony : Trend of International Capital Market and Opportunity for Chinese Capital
Market in the Post Finance Crisis Era
  Leon Hu, International Investment Expert
  Li Jing, Chairman and General Manager of JP Morgan, China
  Jin Yanshi, Chief Economist of Sinolink Seurities
  Hu Zuliu, President of Goldman SachsGroupInc ( China )
  Xu Xiaonian, Professor of Economics and Finance, China Europe International Business Institute
  Xie Guozhong, Independent Economist

October 26      Visit and Investigation (Registration in Limited Interval before Conference)

Ⅱ Partial Cooperated Medias in Last Forum
 21st Century Business Herald, Money Week, Sina Finance, Bloomberg, China Securities Journal,
 nddaily, Nanfang Daily, China Business Radio, CCTV Finance, Shanghai Financial News, 21st
 Century Business Review, CBNweekly, China Daily, China Business Post, Framedia, Oriental
 Morning Post, Shanghai Daily, Talents, Accounting Messenger, Futures Daily, CEIBS Business
 Review, Global Times (Shanghai), Oriental Outlook, Fortune (Chinese Version), ASIA ECONOMIC
 WEEKLY, Moneymakers, DIRECTORS & BOARDS, The Manager’s Daily, JRJ.Com,

Ⅲ Charges
 1. Representative Attendee A:¥3,800 /person (Including dinners for two days and all materials, but
   no hotel accommodation)
 2. Representative Attendee B:¥6,800 /person (Including dinners for two days, all materials and
   two-night hotel accommodation )
 3. Honored Guest (VIP):¥28,000 /person (Not including registration fee for speaking)
    1) Attend the forum as VIP; wear VIP badges;
    2) Sit in the VIP area with the Name Tag;
    3) Attend the guest banquet, communicate with other guests;
    4) Get all materials of the Forum;
    5) Publish guest’s paper with 5,000 words;
    6) Print photo of your leader on Conference Book;
    7) Distribute materials of your company on site;
    8) Have a chance to communicate and take photos with the guests and governors in VIP room;
    9) Present you a bronze medal of the Forum as Honored Guest Prize;
    10) Provide five-star hotel accommodation for two nights.
 4. As for the detailed information about awards, cooperation and speaking registration, please contact
    the secretariat of Organizing Committee.

                              Registration Form
    Company Name
   Company Address
                           Name                              Telephone
       Attendees            Title                               Fax
                         Mobile Phone                         E-mail
                           Name                              Telephone
    Contact Person          Title                               Fax
                         Mobile Phone                         E-mail
    Please Confirm
                         □ A:¥3,800/person □ B:¥6,800/person □VIP:¥28,000/person
       Zoned √
                         □   Aim to conduct financing and listing
                         □   Project promotion
                         □   Find investment projects
                         □   Attend the awards
                         □   Brand promotion
                         □   Understand relevant information and policy
   Participant Aims
                         □   Broaden advertisement through media interviews
                         □   Attend a party
                         □   Attend Road Show
                         □   Organize signing ceremony additionally
                         □   Organize a new product release conference additionally
                         □   Set up a show stand on site
   Payment Details             Date                            Amount
   Interested Topics
   Speech (subject)
                         Receiver’s Name: Finance & Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd
                         Beneficiary’s bank: HUA XIA BANK, H.O.
 Payment to be sent to
                         A/C No: 030-1013-4056200001819100036515
                         SWIFT BIC:HXBKCNBJXXX
Signature:                                     Stamp(to be affixed):

  1. Please fax both the registration form and bank slip to the secretariat of the Forum.
  2. Participants should provide:Company introduction not exceeding 200 words and
     Personal 2-inch color photo (electronic version).
  3. Registration Deadline:15 October, 2009
 Contact:Olive Su                Phone:8610-85866966 
 Mobile:86-0-13552924215         Fax:8610-59648987   


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